God of War III Blood & Metal EP Out Now

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We are pleased to announce today the release of the God of War III Blood & Metal EP! To kick things off, head over to the Roadrunner Records’ music section and check out the music video for Trivium’s “Shattering The Skies Above!

The video, filmed during the recording sessions for the God Of War III-inspired track, gives an intimate look in to the creation of the song. Trivium’s singer Matt Heafy says about the song and how it relates to the game, “Metal is that imagery, metal is that grandiose thing, that violent energy that the game creates. Our song is inspired by the excitement of being involved with God Of War III and it’s inspired by the energy of the game.”

God of War: Blood & Metal is available for sale on today (March 2) and of course God Of War III is out on March 16. You can get the album for just $1.99 on March 2 through Shockhound here.

And hey, while we’re at, check out the entire streaming Killswitch Engage track, “My Obsession,” along with 30-second samples from the rest of the bands on our site.

Rock on!

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  • awesome sauce

  • First!

  • Hey, Killswitch Engage, nice! T-minus two weeks to CHAOS!

  • There will be portuguese in the american version of God of War 3?

  • Man, a song by Suffocation would have been awesome. Metal!!

  • igorsport, jesus, please stop asking that one question ! i have seen you do so over the course of the past few days in various threads.

    obviously not since no one has so far answered that question so please get over it.

  • Very cool stuff.

  • Don’t suppose we’ll get free Rock Band DLC for this.

  • can anyone answer this for the ultimate version of gow 3 theses song r in it that i know for sure but is it cd or downloadable codes or something someone plz reply i already have the game preordered i just want to know whats what thanks

    • gdogg666,
      There will be a code to download the soundtrack included in the ultimate version. Enjoy!

  • I still listen to “The End Begins (to Rock)” on a regular basis. Great song. Really,the GoW series has always had epic music. If I weren’t already drowning from a severe lack of money, I’d definitely get this. (Games before soundtracks, you know.)

    Don’t suppose you’re giving it away free to all people who are me by any chance…

  • Awesome!

  • bleh, I’d rather listen to the music FROM God of War.

  • Traditionally I go for music that has a “heavy” Bass and Rhythm section while requiring the lead to use a Voice-Coder…

    With that being said… I kinda like it! I guess that makes three songs from this genre that I like. The first being by Drowning Pool’s – Let the Bodies Hit the Floor, Marylin Manson’s – Beautiful People and now….this!!!

    Any chance they can slow it down a bit infuse a Dre beat in there somewhere? LOL!!!


  • oh….can’t wait for God of War III!!!!!!

  • they should have used metal songs from the 80s these bands suck donkey bawls

  • This Albums Gonna FreakN ROCK HARD MAN


  • This… Kind of seems like a disgrace to GOWIII… I hope this isn’t actually in the game… Will just kill the moment if it is >:(

  • @5:
    Don’t think so…

    Can’t wait for this awesome game and soundtrack…got my Pandora’s box paid off and going to pick it up on the midnight release!!!

  • @19:

    It wont be on the game you fool, this is just part of the soundtrack.

  • What sort of singing is that? :-/

  • When will you guys announce the winners of that GOW3 ultimate fan contest?

  • The screaming just ruins it for me, not just Trivium, but other guys like Slipknot also. Everything else is good, The chorus is normally “normal” and the guitar is pretty cool. But the screaming has got to go. Sometimes it’s cool, but some guys over do it.

  • Guys… the pandora box… is built with what? Somo kind of the same materials of a Happy Meal?

    Already pay for it..

  • Killswitch Engage rules :)

  • @ 21

    Well then, my fears have been remove, excellent. In that case I have no issue with the music, but its just not my taste like the person who commented on the screaming said, it just kills what is there.

    And if it were in the game, it would just, not fit… Like smashing your french horn after playing something by Beethoven or Bach, they just don’t fit :P

  • Good stuff! I am actually a fan of a bunch of bands under the Roadrunner label, especially Machine Head, Soulfly, Trivium and KsE!

    Who came up with the idea of doing this EP for GOW III? Give ’em a beer!

  • Awesome. This is good stuff!

  • Trivium was a perfect fix for this game i understand after playing the demo ok i love Trivium they are awesome

  • ok last question hope this gets asnwered but the codes for the music is it off the psn or what exactly anyone know on that?

  • Sick new song guys and I’m liking the new drummer. Hopefully you come back to Fargo, ND on your next tour. Mar. 16th is going to be awesome!!!

  • Ugh… just because I enjoy violent video games does not mean I like metal music.

  • This is just a terrible idea overall. I don’t think this particular brand of heavy metal fits God of War at all, and whatever kind of crazy guitar playing that could be appreciated is just drowned out by the vocals.

    I really wish a different style of music had been picked for this. Oh well.

  • Metal Core is such a crappy genre!
    bring on Dream Theater please!

  • Will the ingame Musicscore again be produced by Clint Bajakian?

    I Dont’ really care for this Metal stuff, just want a big orchestral score like in 1&2 ;).

  • The songs are only remakes of GOW in game music RELAX!!

  • Pretty good song from Trivium, hope all bands will be equally good.
    Good that i pre-ordered my copy of Ultimate Edition:)

  • oh, seriously?? this will be great!!

  • Metal is still alive (love it)!!!
    GOW3 is going to be EPIC=)

  • I want the original sound track in metal :-D

  • Holy crap this is awesome! I have my ultimate edition already paid for and will be at the midnight release! 12 days!!!

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