PlayStation Network Status Update

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We’re aware that many of you are having difficulty connecting to the PlayStation Network this evening. Those of you with “slim” PS3s (the 120/250 GB models) appear to be unaffected.

Know that we have narrowed down the issue and have engineers working to restore service even as you read this. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, and genuinely appreciate your patience while we work to resolve this.

In the meantime, you may want to follow our Twitter account for the latest updates.

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  • Good to hear!

  • Thanks for the info.
    Also, you know the PS3 clock is set back to 12/31/1999 right?

  • Just be sure that no data gets deleted, corrupted or altered. That’s my only concern.

  • Atleast you are working on it, but please fix this. I enjoy having PS2 BC, and 4 USB slots Sony. Please fix this.

  • Can you also please confirm something about the trophies? I synced my trophies today, then I went back to play Heavy Rain later on and this event happened. Now all my Heavy Rain trophies are gone!! When everything is back to normal, will I recieve all my Heavy Rain trophies back?

  • Yeah my new 250 slim has been fine all day, played MW2 thru the outage.

    I just checked my 40gig as well and there are no issues with is

  • yea, I’m worried about my Heavy Rain Trophies too…

  • The PSN is a free service, so I am not concern with that. We are to expect downtime once in a while.

    What is F@#K up is that fact that none of my PSN downloadable games are not working, any of my games with trophies. I am not even connect to the PSN, disconnect my Ethernet cable from my PS3, and I am still unable to play. I try my brother PS3, he hasn’t turn it on since this morning, and turn it on with the ethernet cable unplug. Getting the same problem. What ever this problem is, it has to do with the last firmware.

  • Im worried about all my trophies 1600+. Thats why I never logged in yet. Not going to till this is fixed. I was watching the hockey game.
    It was on Joystiq first. This stuff better be fixed when I get up.

  • @DaRkS1LeNc3 how are you saying that your 40 gig is good when everyone that has a fat ps3 is having problems with connecting to the playstation network. You are lying, and sony dont take long to fix this problem please

  • Wow this seems fishy, is this sony’s way of trying to get us to buy the new console?

  • Thanks, Jeff.


  • I know that this is more or less reserved for the non-slims and seemingly due to an internal calendar issue, but is there by any chance the possibility that the PS forums could be tied in to this? I see that they revamped the whole thing last night and had it up for a couple hours today before seemingly going back down.

  • Jesse thats what I was thinking. And if so and they dont fix it and I have to buy a new one and they wont give me a free one. Im going to stop gaming.

  • I just earned some trophies in Borderlands today. I will be a bit upset if I lose them. I don’t sync them up every time I get done playing, as one shouldn’t have to.

    I can deal with no ps3 for a day, but I will be p.o’d if I lose trophies.

  • The ‘fix’ methinks is to wait until 8pm est on Monday.

  • at least it is being looked into and acknowledged. thanks for updating us on this.

  • How are all these problems myself and others are having strictly related to “PSN being down” or “people having difficulty connecting to PSN”?

    Every other time PSN has went down I could still play every single one of my games, but tonight I can’t play any game that has trophies (games without trophies seem to be unaffected) and I can’t play any game I bought of the Playstation store, I can’t access any DLC I’ve purchased, dynamic themes are appearing as corrupted data, my PS3 thinks its New Years Eve 1999…

    I don’t see why any of that should happen just because I can’t sign into PSN.

    Anyway, hopefully this is all fixed really soon, I want to get back to Heavy Rain!!!

  • Zezzler yea at least they did that this time.
    Some times the PSN will go down for a couple hours and nothing will be on the Playstation site. weird.


  • @16 ouch!!! Sorry to hear you didn’t sync, I hope you didn’t lose those trophies. It’s always good to sync trophies when done playing….I just hope my Heavy Rain Trophies are not gone, cause I did sync mine…if so, the world might see another Oragami Killer thanks to SONY!!! ;)

  • This screams upgrade to me. I’ve been with sony since PS1 and never had this many problems. Sooner or later firmwares and games won’t even be compatible with 60 gb models. Which is a real shame as it is still the SUPERIOR system on the market.
    Sony my faith in you has never wavered, but please don’t forget about us early adopters just to make more money. For we are your loyalists and we deserve loyalty in return.

  • Y2K for the PS3?????

  • @21 I played MLB 10 the other day at BEst Buy, and WOW does that game look AMAZIMG!!!!!

  • What caused this??Ive been eharing rumors about a severe hack or something….with MLB 10 coming out tuesday im not pleased by this, but thanks Sony for all your work to fix this!

  • @23 me and you both dude.

  • Hurry up and fix this crap Sony! I don’t like having my PS3 in the PAST (1999) LOL

  • I hope Sony says what caused all this.

  • @26…it CANT be a ‘hack’…it affects PS3s that are not even online.

  • PS3…It Only Does Time Travel

  • Mine is working perfectly fine, sweet! GO CANADA!

  • This bug is complete BS, and it really makes me wonder what Sony’s going to do if the Playstation Network inevitably goes down permanently for a successor service. The last few days I’ve been playing Heavy Rain; Bioshock 2; and Star Ocean: the Last Hope. Despite 2 of those 3 being completely offline games, I can’t play any of them because they just have to check the PSN for trophy data.

    BS! If this bug teaches us anything, it’s that Sony needs to make it a Hardware Standard that games don’t check for trophy data during loading. If the PS3 is unable to connect to the service, you can’t play your games.

  • i think you might to add the 160s to that list cuz my brothers works fine

  • It’s good to hear that this issue is being researched now.

    Many people believe this may be related to the system’s internal clock, as the problem appears to have started just as the time switched to 12 midnight on March 1 UTC. The internal clock might be thinking that it’s currently a leap year and setting itself to “February 29, 2010”, which the OS might recognize as invalid.

    Keep in mind that this is merely a hypothesis, and I don’t know for sure whether this is actually what is going on here.

  • I want reparations.

  • Spy’s sappin’ my PS3!

  • @35 thats what ive heard too….hopefully thats it but also @33 i totally agree…connecting online just for trophy ingo is complete BS…i dont even care about trophies

  • i was wondering what the hell is happening???
    thanks anyway


    Seriously, though: I expect some compensation for this snafu if it lasts longer than today, seriously.

  • Leap Y2k10 bug!!!

  • How many broken controllers because of this downtime? :O

  • Thanks for the update.

  • Yeah, I don’t think anyone will be too bothered unless stuff goes missing, like trophies and game saves etc

  • I haven’t had the chance to play today, but while we’re here, may I suggest that trophies sync automatically the moment they’re unlocked? Thanks for the update, and everything.

  • wow, very weird. Y2K PS3 style.

    Hopefully it is not something serious.

    Thanks for the post.

  • its a warning that 2012 is near!!!! lol

  • Damn it. I was totally anticipating my evening MAG session.

  • i haven’t played my PS3 today and i won’t be able to have access to it until next week, hopefully this didn’t affect my PS3 its a 60GB model still kicking perfectly but yesterday when i tried to download the GOW3 demo the ps store wouldn’t let me no matter how many times i reset and tried but when i tried darksiders it downloaded in one go… just curious if this is related to the current issue or just a problem in my ps3 or the psn?

  • @Jeff
    All I know is that what ever you nut cases did at sony that has caused my Themes to read Corrupted for certain ones and cause my DLC games (Revenge of the Wounded Dragons, Critter Crunch) to not work even when my system is not connected to the PSN needs to be resolved and never done again. I’m getting this sick feeling in my stomach that you guys are implementing some kind of crazy new DRM …. if thats the case I’m going to be pretty pissed off. I should be able to use content I purchased.

    So if anything I need a damned good explanation for this problem or you guys are going to need to start dishing out patches in order to keep me from jumping ship.

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