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So if you follow the SonyPlayStation Twitter feed, you might have noticed this and this yesterday. For those who missed it, the first person to catch the correct BioShock 2 character reference (just for clarification, only I know the correct answer and it’s fairly straightforward) in this post – and submit it via comment IN THIS POST – will get this insanely cool Splicer mask and Box, courtesy of 2K (US only). Have at it! We’ll DM the winner via PSN, and will update here when we have one.

UPDATE: And we have a winner! Thanks to everyone who followed along.

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  • Sander Cohen

  • Jacob Norris, Bioshock 2 ref.

  • no, it’s gotta be sander cohen, he’s on the box

  • Augustus Sinclair

  • Jacob Norris!

  • I played through it twice, and don’t remember a Jacob Norris.

  • Oh, man, that was a good one. I had to speed read through the entire post twice to catch it! Psyched!!

  • o well theres always next time… dont wana piss off the host lol

    • Yes there is :-) Nice try on Sander, but the actual answer (name) was in the post text. I wouldn\’t have given away the answer in the picture yesterday!

  • Ahhh… The multiplayer person names were confusing so I didn’t bother with them.
    Although, that name did stand out as I read the post, and I paused there for a few seconds. Should have Googled it.
    Good job, refinedandroid!

  • Ahhh, so close -_-
    Haha, I tried… thanks Chris

  • Just wanted to put my two cents worth in.

    Played Heavy Rain all this week and I gotta say it’s one of the best games I have yet to play.

    I had one occassion that one scene froze on me and I had to reboot, but only that one time.

    The demo was good, but the game is amazing.

  • Hey Chris Morell, I just started up flOw and Lemmings today for the first time in over a year, and noticed they now have TROPHIES!!

    When did this take place? I have not seen this news on the PS Blog anywhere, and they are not listed as titles with trophies on the PS Store when looking in the games with trophies section.

    So my questions are when is it going to be in that section so people know that they have trophies now. Why was it not discussed on the PS Blog (or when/where?), and will you guys ever find time to patch Super Rub a Dub and Everyday Shooter with some Trophies?

    Those are the oldest ones on my PSN game list that I own that never saw trophies… even though you guys did add rumble and new ducks to Rub a dub… I would love some trophy goodness.

    And seriously, you guys could even add some DTS sound to Everyday Shooter and get rid of the horrible mono sound that it has, with the staticky sounding explosions…that old game needs a facelift, badly.

    Other than that keep up the great updates guys!

  • Melissa Miller and Hogarth de la Plante

  • Brought myself Play TV a few days ago, the wifes idea, ever since she saw british tv for the first time she was hooked, she’ll be creating a psn account tonight so now i’ll have the best of both worlds, EU and US Stores, although any chance of bringing the PS1 resident evils into the EU store? i’d get them from the us but my Go! is only linked to my account :(

    Besides that keep up the good work, oh one more thing, any chance on lowering the price of Sim City 2000 for the EU? it’s £6.29 in the uk store and something like $3.99 in the US store?

    Now then, back to heavy rain….

  • Hey Chris Morell, please also answer this question.

    Now that Lemmings has trophies, I told a friend about it that lives in the UK and he decided to buy Lemmings so we can do a Trophy Challenge (to see who can get the most, the quickest, and compare).

    Sadly, this is the only game that has this problem also…. the game will not show us side by side or Lemmings Trophys. Mine is way up on the top and his is on the bottom with a “-” symbol. And it is reversed on his side. He sees that I own the game on the trophy list, way at the bottom, and it appears as “-“. They are acting like they are completely different sets of trophies for different games, but they are the same game, and use the same trophies.

    So why is it my US Lemmings from PSN wont show side by side with my friends that live in the UK? Every other game we have show up correctly even though they bought theirs in UK, and I bought mine is the US.

    Any help with this would be appreciated. I patiently await your replys. And thank you!

  • @17 i find it wired that Sony America haven’t brought Play TV to America yet. i want to buy it but i have no interest of importing it.

    Chris any chance of getting the Just Cause 2 team on the Blog.

  • @Chris Morell

    Can you kindly try to bring the flowing developers (or publishers) to talk about there games in the blog.

    1-Gaijin Entertainment Corporation- Death Track: Resurrection

    2-Team17 Software Ltd- Worms 2: Armageddon

    3-Wanako Games- 3D Ultra™ Minigolf

    4-Q Games- Pixel Junk Racers 2nd Lap

    5-Sony Online Entertainment- Groovin’ Blocks

    6-SEGA- After Burner Climax™

    7-Creat Studios, Inc- Hamster Ball

    8-Game Republic, Inc- Catan

    9-inXile Entertainment- Super Stacker

  • Jacob Norris

  • 16 days till god of war 3!!!!!

  • I like the she vampires plus themes more graphic .

  • Nice contest thingy, I like how you did it… straight forward and all.

    God of War looks good too.

  • For the Greed corp blog.

    “We think you’ll agree, the art style, which draws heavily from both steampunk influences and our love for Miyazaki”

    What the guys that did the game didn’t watch Steamboy. That’s a fine and an excellent Steampunk anime. and Katsuhiro Otomo of Akira directed it. To the guy that did the game, watch the movie. You’ll not be spoiled by that film.

  • Hey Chris,

    I noticed your name in the Heavy Rain credits. Cool Beans! I want my name in a video game I like’s credits.

    P.S. you’re hot!!! 8D

  • @25 I hope you’re a girl??????

  • Wow that changelog is huge for MAG. Can’t help by think if this is how the game was released it woulda gotten better reviews across the board.

  • This past 3 weeks have been AWESOME….

    Heavy Rain Drop and I beat it 3 times already
    The UC2 DLC was crazy Awesome …Eddy raja puto.
    march 2nd MLB the SHOW
    march 16 GOD OF WAR 3 ultimate edition

    Whats even better there all paid off…..woot woot


  • Dex_DarkDefender

    When is the dlc for bioshock 2 coming out? It was said to release on March but it hasn’t received a date!

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