MLB 10: The Show – Road to the Show Enhancements

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Aaron Luke here to bring you the next chapter in our series of MLB 10: The Show posts. This installment will focus on the enhancements we’ve made to “Road To The Show” (RTTS). We’ve targeted several aspects of the mode for improvements, and think you’ll like what you find in this year’s edition of RTTS.

We’ll begin by discussing player creation. This year’s PS3 Create Player system has received some new accessory additions, giving you even more options to customize. You can now select a variety of color settings to nearly every part of your player’s gear. Among many other options, you can customize three areas of your glove with different colors, set both the barrel and handle colors of your bat, and customize your shoe colors. We’ve also added a field to the General tab that will allow you to determine whether or not your player was born in the U.S. This will determine which roster you would appear on if your player were to be selected for the All-Star Futures Game.

MLB 10: The Show RTTS Create Player

After finishing up your player’s look and deciding whether to enter the draft or select your team, you’ll notice on entry of the mode that your season begins right at the start of the Double-A season. You will no longer start out in Spring Training and have to square off against MLB-caliber players. We’ve changed this flow to better mimic the real world, and to make an invite to Spring Training something that’s earned. Plus, to give you a good head start right out of the gate, we’re giving you some training points to help you get through your initial advancement goal set.

MLB 10: The Show RTTS Double A Start

Now that you’re in the mode, you should take note of some new options this year that will certainly change how you experience games. The new Game Watch and Game Completion options will certainly change how you play RTTS games, as they’ll now give you the ability to determine how much of the game you want to view. Set your Game Watch option to All Pitches if you want to see every pitch of the entire game; All Fielding if you only want to see your at-bats and be a part of every fielding play; Result Play if you want to expedite your games to see only the final pitch of an at-bat while on either offense or defense; or Classic if you prefer the old style and only want to see plays involving your player.

Game Completion is similar to Game Watch, however it only takes affect after you’ve been removed from a game. So if you’re a starting pitcher, this option will let you see what your bullpen does with the runners they inherited from you. This option has similar settings as Game Watch, so you can set it to All Pitches, Result Play, or Off. When any of these options are set, and you’re on the bench waiting for your next opportunity, you’ll also notice a new custom view from the dugout.

We’re very excited about these new options as they really add to that feeling of suspense as to whether the ball will be hit your way or not. Now, more than before, you’ll need to be on your toes in the field.

MLB 10: The Show RTTS Dugout View MLB 10: The Show RTTS Batting Practice

Among other options to note, we brought back the classic L1/R1 baserunning controls for you old-schoolers. The RTTS Baserunning option will default to New, but if you prefer the single button press style controls, be sure to change it to Classic. We’ve also added in the ability to take pregame batting practice when you’re in the starting lineup for that game. You can step into the cage and take ten swings to help get your timing down before game-time. You won’t receive any training points or attribute improvements, but this will definitely help get you into a nice rhythm. To ensure you participate in batting practice, set the Pre-Game Batting Practice option to On. Lastly, we’ve added a new Mound Warm-Up feature that will give relievers a chance to throw eight warm-up pitches on the mound, after coming out of the bullpen. Just like pregame batting practice, you won’t receive any training points for this, but it does give you the chance to get a good rhythm before facing live hitters.

Moving on to other new game features, one area of focus for us this year was to emphasize fundamental baseball. As a result, we came up with two new systems that are sure to reinforce the notion of “team first.” First we created a new mistake-tracking system that keeps tabs on what you do during a game, and will penalize you for not playing smart baseball. If you do things like throw to the wrong base, forget to cover your base on a force out, or get caught stealing with the pitcher batting to end of the inning, you will receive training point penalties. To combat the “me first” motto a lot of RTTS players have taken when on the basepaths, we’ve created a new Green Light system. When you first start out with a club, you’ll have the Green Light. From there, it’s up to you how you handle it. If you’re a slow runner, and you take the risk of stealing and get caught, there’s a good chance your manager will take away your green light. Continue to steal without it and you risk getting benched for a game or even losing your spot in the lineup. Once the green light is removed, you’ll have to improve your speed and baserunning ability to a level that satisfies your manager in order to regain it.

MLB 10: The Show RTTS Green Light

For you stat-heads, we’ve created a new career stat-tracking system that keeps tabs on your stats versus every team. We aren’t tracking every stat, only the top-level stats. For position players, we track total games played, average, at-bats, hits, home runs, runs batted in, walks, and strikeouts. For pitchers, we track your games played, won-loss record, ERA, innings pitched, hits allowed, home runs allowed, walks allowed, and strikeouts. You can view these stats at any time during the game, or in the front end. When in a game, access your career stats by pressing the select button. The in-game display has even more detailed stats than the front end, as you’ll get a breakdown of your stats versus every pitcher or batter on the opponent’s roster. The front end will display only your total stats versus each team in your current league.

MLB 10: The Show RTTS Scouting Report MLB 10: The Show RTTS Career Stats

We’ve also done some polish on the overall game flow and information presented when in a game. This year, you can now access your stat-based advancement goals at any point during a game. To do so, press up on the D-Pad and you’ll see both your stat-based advancement goals as well as your current dynamic goal. We’ve also altered the flow for presenting dynamic goals when pitching. You’ll no longer be taken to the “presentation land” to get your goal screen. Now your goal will appear out of the score bar, and the game flow won’t be interrupted. If you missed the goal display, you can press up on the D-Pad at any point to check if you have a dynamic goal.

MLB 10: The Show RTTS Advancement Goals

Not only have we included the new Catcher Calling the Game mode to RTTS, or the new Pitching/Fielding trainings (post coming soon), but also we’ve put a big emphasis on a lot of little things that have a big impact on the mode. As stated in a previous post, the All-Star Futures Game and Home Run Derby also find their way into RTTS. We’re very excited about this year’s offering, and hope you are as well. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I wish you all the best of luck on your Road To The Show.

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  • WOW!! Can’t wait. It’s sad that the “other” baseball game has to pay people to play their game. MLB the Show= classic

  • This game should win sports game of the year. Such breakthrough achievements

  • Can’t wait! I am very happy about choosing bat and glove colors I have wanted this feature for years! Thanks San Diego Studio and all you great guys on the team!

  • Looking forward to this game! Bring it on!

  • I have a question about the music mode feature. Will you actually be able to pick what song you want to play or can you only turn music mode on or off and that’s it? Such as you can’t select next song or anything. It just plays music.

  • Are these enhancements finding their way to the PSP version as well?
    Love this game and I can’t wait to play, IN FOUR DAYS!! Woohoo

  • Looks Great Cant Wait Till Tuesday Thanx SCEA
    For The Best Baseball Game Of The Century

    PS:Only 4 More Days !!!!!

  • Most excellent improvements, I can’t wait to play it!

    I might get the PSP version as well. If this doesn’t win sports game of the year I will protest silently.

  • When are you guys going to release the trophy list information? You said it would have been released last week!

  • This sounds great. I wish NBA and NHL had such deep Road to the Show ripoffs hahahah.

  • Speaking of Spring Training, has Camelback Ranch Glendale (Dodgers & White Sox) been added?

  • I have a question, how come there’s a new MLB game every year?

  • is anybody else having problems viewing things on the PS3 Browser and posting to.

  • Just played the show 10 at best buy. Its soooo sweet! By the way, best buy had no idea about the “play it first” program.

  • It looks great but a have a question are you able to customize your batting glove and is there more hair style available.

    cant wait

  • you guys just keep on improving this one! can’t say enough for the L1/R1 old school base-running controls being brought back. and all the new options as well as the focus on fundamental baseball! it’s all about the fundamentals..thank you!

  • I want to see the butler tv spot now! Were is it?!

  • alot people sugested that u should be able to spend money is there anything like that, that would make rtts more interesting because it starts to get boring afther a while.

    is there like a trophy cabinet where you are able to see the trophy you have earned during your career.

  • Ran to Best Buy for lunch today, played O’s @ Yanks and the game looked nice! RTP looks like a TV broadcast, lighting’s been improved and the crowd was lively. Checked out the create-a-player accessories and there are plenty of new options.

    Also played the following:

    O’s @ Nats: Found a glitch while playing with the Nats. Millwood threw a wild pitch with Morgan on 1st, Weiters turned around, faced the backstop, froze and didn’t pick up the ball until after Morgan scored; hope SCEA fixed this!

    Nats @ O’s: 
No Hilton hotel past LF, maybe next year.

    O’s @ Pirates: Fans in the RF bleachers looked like they were going to fall of the ledge due to no railings (I’m nitpicking).

    Phils @ Padres: At Petco you’ll see planes flying in the outfield when batting, and LF VIP area is finally populated with fans.

    O’s @ Twins: Noticed “phasing” issues, fans reaching for foul balls phased through walls. Got thrown out at 2nd and phased through the 2nd baseman. Players actually walked into the dugouts between innings.

    The game play hasn’t changed much; the Weiters glitch and “phasing” bothered me. Other than that looks like SCEA did another bang up job.

  • I play MLB 09 and 08 and07 but Icannot lond a photo to the game.4day away mlb 10 will be out and no photo I NEED HELP.

  • One Thing …….. There Is No Game Better Than MLB THE SHOW. Period .

  • im still really considering this game, its a toss between the show and heavy rain. mite wait for next year with even more features!

  • I can’t wait but I’m still pi$& off at sony

  • best buy said they have the game in stock but cant sell it till tues mite try to see if my friend would take one for me lol ill give him the money for it ill give him 80 i wanna play it sooo badddd

  • MLB the show team avatars would be sick. definitly worth it…

  • RTTS may just be the single greatest mode in all of video gaming.

  • come tuesday, i no longer have a life…last year i bought a ps3 for one and only reason,THE SHOW…MLB 10′ will only the be the 2nd game ive bought for ps3

    you guys do an AMAZING job at creating the most realistic sports game in the world…its just too bad that Longoria got wasted on such a horrible game at 2k

  • @28 i totally agree lol come tuesday my life is making the yankees roster in my rtts lolzzz

  • This is awesome. With MLB coming out next week and Final Fantasy XIII the next week, where am I going to find time to eat and sleep, much less go to work!??

  • forget ff after the show god of war 3 dude THATS gunna be bananas!!!!but forget that i cant wait for the show!!!!!

  • My favorite mode, just got better.

    Thanks for all the hard work SCEA. Only additions I would add for the stat tracker, is OBP and WHIP.

    Other than that, great job.

  • Looks like another fantastic job, Sony. I just made my arrangements to be at blockbuster at 10:00 so I can get my copy. They only main thing I wish they added in RTTS is some interviews or personal interactions with your star. This could have added some fun to it for sure. Maybe an interview after every playoff game or achievement. RTTS would be legendary if a few more real life aspects were brought to it. Nonetheless, I’m sure it will be great. I hope these new features are game changing from last year!

  • Also, I hope the recording sound bits for in-game is better. Anytime I created a fan yell, it sounded extremely quiet and if I did a chant, it sounded extremely creepy and unrealistic.

  • Hey guys, love the game, love the improvements, and i will b e getting it first day for the ps3.

    i heard from one of the members of your team that you guys don’t have the minor league players license. what’s up with that? and on that point how have you guys handled “Jesus”, i mean Straasburg? has making him for the first time before he ever throws a pitch been fun? and will i be able to play with the Yankees top prospect the catcher Jesus Montero?

  • Israel1948 | February 26th, 2010 at 3:55 pm
    When are you guys going to release the trophy list information? You said it would have been released last week!

  • what hppen if they give you the green light but you dont run… thank you

  • disappointed that there’s no demo but Sony is the one to blame. I think 2K10’s demo also didn’t come out for PSN and now 2K is really mad at Sony for not releasing it.

  • this game really looks good cant wait 2 buy it. i dont know how u can improve a game that was spectacular last year. mlb 10 the show should win game of the year

  • I would still like to see stats, schedules, and careers shared between the PS3 version and the PSP version. How great would that be?

  • One of the reason why i got the PS3… never play The Show only the 09 demo. Now i really love how this game is turning out to be and will get it on day 1! looking forward to playing it and beating all of this guys that been playing it for years! hahahaha

  • Already pre-ordered this, such a great franchise.

  • @ Aaron Luke

    In MLB 11, I would love to see hot & cold zones that change from the start of the season to the break and then from the break to the start of the following year based on performance. In Franchise and RTTS modes. Instead of the usual unchanging zones. Anyone else think that this is a good idea??? Lemme know what you guys think.

  • I’ve pre-ordered it, in fact it’s the only disc based game for my PS3, as my PS3 is used as a bluray player mostly.

    Anyway, I have a question about uniform numbers that no game I’ve ever seen has addressed.

    It’s uniform number collision. Once you start moving players around, you can quite easily get teams with multiple guys wearing the same number. What I would like to see in franchise mode is a team respect that. If you bring a player in (or up) that has the same number as a guy on the active roster, I’d love it to ask you what you wanted to do. Reassign the new guy, reassign the old guy, or work out “deals” between the players.

    Additionally, I’d love to see the teams have the concepts of retired numbers. You could start with the real retired numbers and then have the concept of a star retiring player be asked about having the number retired.

  • a huge and i mean huge improvement to road to the show

  • needs to add the hotel at camden yards to the back drop!!!!!!!!!

  • What scares me is how nothing is said about whether or not they fixed anything with the horrible managerial and general manager AI in this mode? Am I going to make a closing pitcher, and have to work on my hitting in order to pass goals?

    Did they put in the L1/R1 baserunning, because the L-stick running was so bad last year, and they just didn’t fix it? And for the life of me guys.

    I love the fact you’re trying……..but what in the world made you decide to waste your time to put in the Game watch/completion thing, and the catcher calling every pitch? You’re becoming to concerned with the minority that wants to sit around and never get anywhere in the game, just so they can watch the game play itself.

    I don’t know, I just seems like the majority of the “improvements” to RTTS this year, are things most players will skip over, and you’ve wasted time not really improving anything.

  • thats cuz rtts is 1 million times better than that manager mode only reason y i did that manager bs is to get the trophy for it …thats all rtts is wat THE SHOW is all about thats there bread and butter broski

  • how does this game not have the option of closing the roofs on ballparks with retractable roofs?? That’s not very realistic, other than that this game is awesome

  • While I was in RTTS training, I tried the Show Shop again and I was able to purchase 1000 TPs for $0.99. I then decided to see if the Stadiums were up. I went to Exhibition, picked the first 2 teams, ran through the line up and pitchers and got to the stadiums and chose Shibe Park daytime and clear skies. Next thing I knew C.C. Was pitching at Shibe!

    So they are Good To Go!

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