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After a three-week run, we’ve come to our final installment of our MAG Developer Tip series. To close it out Zipper’s training, vehicle and environment designer Ben Jones walks us through the biggest responsibility in the game: being the OIC. As always, we open with a video:

Howdy, Ben Jones here! With all the great tips that have come from other Zippers over the week (particularly all of the leadership-oriented bits that have come out over the last few days), I’m going to impart this small list of tried and true techniques that build upon earlier strategies and maximize your effectiveness as an OIC. Some are obvious, some aren’t, but all are helpful.

Basic Tips:

  • Your OIC abilities can be accessed by using the TCM through the D-Pad or the CNI by pressing SELECT.
  • These abilities are best used while trying to make a push as either an attacker or defender, so try and time their use with changes in the battle! If attackers have opened up their forward spawns try blockading them to give your team time to regroup.
  • Communicating with the Squad and Platoon leaders below you is essential. Maneuver through the comms channels by using the D-Pad and guide your team to victory.

Advanced Tips:

  • If most of your platoons have fallen back from their frontline defenses, consider using “Signal Jamming” to keep the enemies from using their own CNI effectively, while also using the “Blockade” ability to decrease their spawn times. Finally, use “Rapid Redeploy” to increase your own spawn time and finish the job.
  • Speaking of Blockade and Rapid Redeploy, if Blockade is used on you, you can use Rapid Redeploy in return to move the timer to normal.
  • “Tactical Strike” is essential for full-on attacks. With it, you can eliminate immediate wait times on any and all cooldown bars for command abilities within your entire army.
  • Team Broadcast is one of your available comms channels on the D-Pad. Use it sparingly to bolster the morale of your troops and praise them for decisive actions!

Thank you very much, Ben. More importantly, though, thank you to each and every one of our fans who has helped make MAG a big success for us. We hope you enjoyed our tip series and invite you check back again with us in the coming weeks for even more news from 2025.

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