LittleBigPlanet: Sack it to Me – The “ZOMG, Two Million Levels!” Edition

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Congratulations to all of the LittleBigPlanet community, as we hit another big user-generated milestone with over two million levels created and posted on the “Share Planet.”

What’s New?
For all of you looking for new levels to play, check out our new widget thingy on We’ve added an “Mm Picks” section highlighting some of the best community levels around. And don’t forget about the Mm Picks page, RSS feed and Twitter feed.

LittleBigPlanet MM Picks

Community Levels
On the PSP side of things, our friend JHKthree has been uploading tons of great levels for all to see. Check out some of them over the weekend:

Scenic of the Leaves by Spark151

Zen by jeffcu28

The Shipwreck of Captain Skull by Lleonard

Workshop of the Week
On, our fans have been holding a “Sackperson Clone Contest.” Great contest guys! We can see y’all had fun with this.

LittleBigPlanet LOLZ 1

For the Weekend
“A Tale of the Sea” level creation contest at – Our friends have started a new contest and have put together a little promotional level, which is pretty cool on its own.

LittleBigPodcast is at it again with a new PS3 commercial spoof…too funny!

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  • Love those commercials.

  • I love this game, keep supporting it with dlc! I’m finally going to get a ps3 for my birthday in august and I am definately going to get this game! Bravo Sony!

  • @2 thats a loooong time from now.

  • In LBP on PS3 play all my levels if you are tired of levels created by kids or people who publish junk.

  • Thanks for cross posting our spoof Mick! Cant wait for all LBP has in store for 2010!

  • FFVII DLC news?

  • The game is so much better anything else out there. Congrats on the 2mil mark. Are there any new Media Molecule levels coming out in the near future?

  • kevin butler is hilarious

  • You got my name right this time! lol I’ll be sure to keep the levels coming!! (I got to remember to get annotations on those speech bubbles ASAP from now on)

  • “We’ve added an “Mm Picks” section highlighting some of the best community levels around.”


  • cool stuff!

  • Wow, 2 million user created levels. Too bad that I, as a person who purchased and supported this game as soon as it was released, am not allowed to play 18 of these levels . . .

  • @#12

    Dude, you never figured that out? Just find someone who hearted the GoTY levels and you can play them from their hearted list.

  • Wow must be real nice to create a level and not have it moderated for no reason like me. i bought every DLC to create my level only to have it moderated and never return. Nothing vulgar nothing rude Nothing copyright infringing. All that time and money gone. Very consumer unfriendly! Ive emailed constantly with no response for 2 months. Big con job! But u got my money i guess thats all u care about anyway.

  • Love the “Dear PlayStation” ads. Is the Uncharted 2 one on PSN yet? I was looking for it through the Store, but couldn’t find it.

  • @10, and if you are talking about cool leves, you are wrong, since its broken, over half of the levels in the MM picks were never on cool levels

  • Lbp ftw!! you rock Mm!

  • Someone try to beat my created level please. Only have one friend who passed it. Everyone else gave up and gave it bad ratings.

  • Hey Mick, Did you ever get around to playing my level?

  • I love those ads, watching them whilst i was in the states, now im back home in sunny (ha) england, brought both the ps3 and psp games on day one and still love them! Mm brought back my love of gaming and only just finally got around to publishing my second level, (literally a drop in the ocean compared to the 2 million now).

    Good work guys :) keep it up

  • Is it possible to play the PSP Levels on PS3?

  • Mick, please ask MM to incorporate the MM Picks directly in the game via a patch. It’s good they are on the website but it would be a lot more user friendly in-game. A lot more people would jump back into the game too. Would be good to be able to enter the game and go into Search Options and have the option to immediately access a hand picked Top 5 community levels. There are already 2 million levels so I’m sure there are plenty to choose from.

  • When is the next DLC that includes stickers or anything other than costumes?

    Please reply, atleast just say if there are some in the works! Thanks.

  • I really need to buy Little Big Planet.

  • Ha Little Big Podcast commented on this post

  • You guys milk this game every week. Why not just release a new one and stop gouging for DLC?

  • I hated “Shipwreck of Captain Skull” because you can’t finish it; the scoreboard is upside down! :S

  • hope you updated the mm picks on the page used by lbp on the info section page. would be nice to see that page changed to the web page used by the widget. would be nice to see that page update more often than it does. last time I checked it the featured creators was the same as it was on Nov. 2008

  • If you guy’s are wanting to talk to some of the people that created these psp levels EX: jeffcu28) then try this site out( enjoy.

  • Congratulations to MM, Little Big Planet, and the many great folks who created these levels for all of us to enjoy!

    Here is looking forward to 3 million!

  • Thats what I though. Fix the dam PS3. I wanna play the 2000$ worth of games I have.

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