The Tester Episode 2 Featuring David Jaffe Available Today

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It’s only been a week since the season premiere of The Tester and I know many of you are already speculating about who will stay, who’s going home AND what will the remaining competitors face next. You don’t have to wait any longer to find out – Episode 2 of ‘The Tester’ arrives later today. The battle heats up this week for the aspiring SCEA game testers as the competition gets more physical and they face legendary game designer David Jaffe. As one of the most respected professionals in the industry, we’re honored to have him join the panel and evaluate the candidates in action. You don’t want to miss the insight and perspective he brings to the show. In the epic spirit of his most famous game, check out this week’s Episode 2 preview:

While last week’s premiere episode tested each individual’s ability to discern visual differences as a key skill to become a game tester, in Episode 2, the cast takes on their first ‘team’ challenge. The test this week is all about communication skills. The ability to communicate effectively is important in any job, but especially critical in game development. Who can follow directions? Who can give them? Who can do this effectively using human hamster balls, blindfolds, and a bullhorn?

If you haven’t started watching The Tester, it is a great time to start. Can Fame Girl redeem herself? What’s Doc planning? Who will come out on top?

The Tester will be available in both Standard and High Definition formats from PlayStation Store. And, remember it’s also showing in the PlayStation Home Theater where you gotta get this week’s new free T-shirt. There’s also a commemorative ‘goat chair’ available for purchase for your personal space.

Home - The Tester Barmy Shirt - GoatChair

Thanks for downloading and watching, everyone. Enjoy the show.

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  • Why isn’t this on the PSN store so I can watch it on my ps3?

    • It\’s available right now on the Video side of the store and will be available on the Games side later today when as part of the Thursday PlayStation Store update.

  • I have to say The Tester is one of the best shows I scene already. Just by the trailer and watch the first episodes you get right into it. I can’t wait to watch this episode great job Sony and PSN/PlayStation team. I hope the best has been picked!

    *PS:Could you tell one of any person from ”The Tester” to friend request me. I wana beat them in BFBC2 when it comes out on March 2! Thanks.

  • That chair is going to be the source of many nightmares.

  • I hope the viewers can have some participation maybe for the final 2 contestants.

    My idea :

    Judges are in possession of 65% of their final score and the viewers have 35%

  • It’s not live yet.

  • It is live on the video side of the store

  • Is the 2nd episode free? If so THANKS ALOT!!!


    Thought the show was to short and there not really doing anything .Need to focus more on the players . People should vote each other out to bring drama . The panel should be there for something else . I also have a question ??? Is the girly host the same girl from full house ???


  • The whole season is free, go to video>new releases>just in tv>the tester> ep. 2

  • I had my doubts, and i really liked the show to be honest. @Shadow-Man_4: Yeah of course!

    • Great to hear. Thanks for that! If you are no longer a doubter, spread the word. And each week, the show gets better and better..

  • Wow…so you guys are actually going through with it? Posting all the episodes weekly? Considering how god-awful the first episode was, why not just announce who won (for those who are actually interested), delete all the footage, and just try to forget that any of it ever happened?

    On a side note, I just received a refurbished PS3 from Sony as my last one YLoD’ed. I have roughly 300 items on my downloads list in the PSN Store. Has there been any effort to make the list sortable and more user friendly for me as I rebuild my system? Any movement on features/products gamers actually want? Or, are reality shows the new big thing over there for the foreseeable future? Is this all indicative of what the forthcoming ‘premium’ PSN subscriptions have to offer?

    Leave this kind of lame production idea to the G4TVs of the world–at least they will provide us with better looking contestants behaving in more lascivious ways for our viewing pleasure. I would prefer that the PSN’s focus is on improving my actual gaming experience.

  • I checked out the video on PSN, but I didn’t see the second episode, but the first one instead.

  • maddymad…follow steps on post #10

  • Wow, my post was deleted for spoilers?

  • Damn it! Where is an OPTIONAL SUBTITLE FOR THIS SHOW?!?!? Come on… Please make that happen!

  • I love this show.

  • Me and my friend lost 22 minutes of our lives watching this last Saturday. Since Mr. Jaffe is on this episode, I need to watch it. Will there be more episode with Mr. jaffe?

  • @ 12 Sponge-worthy

    There’s a “Download History”. Go to your account management, or the one of the little icons on the top right in the PSN store.

  • I cant wait to watch this episode. Me and my roommates love watching this show. I hope for more original PS content in the future, if possible, lol.

    Keep it up!

  • Could you post a higher res pic of the T-Shirt?

  • Cool!

  • i LOVE david jaffe …. the man is pure win

    one of the main reasons why im watching the tester lol

  • I wasn’t sure about the Tester, but it made me nostalgic for WCG Ultimate Gamer on the Sci-Fi channel last year…

    I downloaded episode one and there was CeeJay from WCG!!! Hooked, thanks… :)

    PS- Way better than WCG so far, there’s a lot less Xbox in The Tester!

  • “legendary game designer David Jaffe. ”

    stopped reading there

  • @ 19 mywhitenoise:

    Thanks for that. However, my original post is already one step ahead of you there.

  • @EmperorKorea

    David Jaffe made Calling All Cars. Legendary indeed!

  • @ EmperorKorea:

    David Jaffe is pretty cool, but I agree with you: “legendary” seems a bit much.

  • Loved the first episode, and am eagerly awaiting the PSN update to download this week’s. Also, Darksiders demo. :3

  • man this show is already entertaining as hell. i wish i would of known about it when they were casting for it.

    are you guys going to do a season 2 (i know a bit premature but never too early to ask lol).

  • while i have some space here i need help. i had a launch PS3 that eventually died on me so i replaced it with a new one about 4 months ago but haven’t been able to download any videos because it says i need to deactivate the old system (which is impossible because it wouldn’t even turn on any more).

    i still want to be able to download and view videos on my PS3 but it won’t let me activate my new system with my PSN account.

  • the new Tester video out in the video store updated.

  • @SDkngsht:

    Game sharing much? ;)

    I believe you can have five PS3s activated at once. If you only ever owned one PS3 previously, that means you have four other activations out there.

    You can either:
    1) Call up your friends on whose PS3s you also logged in to PSN and tell them to deactivate your account from their systems so that you can use yours; or
    2) Call Sony Customer Service and beg for mercy.

  • @Sponge-worthy

    cute. but actually i’ve never given my account to anyone or shared any games. i actually delete people from my PSN friends list for asking to share games.

    i had several accounts on my old PS3 for my roomate and brother to have their own PSN names and game saves but my actual account has never been logged in on anyone else’s account. thanks for wasting my time. but i don’t think your help is needed on this one since it doesn’t apply.

  • I already enjoy this show judging from the first episodes and I totally caught a glimpse of Jaffe in the teasers for the next episode at the end. Not only that it appears he’s railing someone! LOL must see, love it.

  • This article requires two words only.


  • I second Sponge-worthy’s motion lol

  • The first episode was surprisingly disappointing. They did one simple test and eliminated two people. Here’s to hoping it picks up.

  • The first one was awesome! Barmy t-shirt… I’M IN!

  • I was disappointed because I’d heard David Jaffe was in the 1st one and lost whatever 22 minutes 1.5 times faster is hoping he’d show up, but since he’s in this one I’ll download it.
    I love David Jaffe!

  • Though, in my opinion, the show is a bad version of the already un-entertaining genre of reality TV (which can be OK if done right), you have to commend the effort and what is being done here: mixing TV and video games with a social component through Home. In fact, it’s a brilliant idea. The quality of the show just doesn’t compliment it well enough. And who *really* wants to be a game tester? Yeah, sounds great when you’re 13 and “making a living by playing games” sounds like the way to go, but it’s one of the worst positions in the industry.

    Maybe something along the lines of “Shark Tank” (though I have admittedly never seen the show) would have been better; getting a group of people together with their ideas on what the next big next-gen game would be. I can believe people fighting for their ideas in something like that.

  • Amped you are gorgeous… good lord…

    Can’t wait for next week’s episode!

  • @senocular — You ever heard about “getting your foot in the door?” you think they are just going to pick some realty show winner and say your head designer or your our new particle shader effects engineer? It doesn’t work that way and would be a disaster. These people don’t know jack about coding opengl, cell mult-threading over 6spus, desinging compelling gameplay, writing, musical compesition. Creating a game is a work of art and sciene, perhaps the most ambitious work of art ever displayed as it takes talents from many differetn fields.

    If their wasn’t game testers there would 1000000s of bugs in every game, or gameplay would not feel right. These guys test for bugs, balance, fun factor ,etc… You think it just happens by itself? David Jaffe and many others started their careers this way. Its a chance to get your foot in the door and put experice on your resume. That is priceless! Especially when you can put worked for SCEA on your resume. Think about that for a second. Oh and the $5000 bonus is nice too…lol.

  • How do I get this free t-shirt in Home? I went to Theater 8 where it was playing, but didn’t get anything.

  • So much stuff missing from this episode….

    Why so short??

    Alliances??? lol i was out of the loop.

    Doc i knew deep down there was some evil in you lmao jk

  • Hi I have an important question of The Teste.
    there will be other The Tester seasons for example next please reply thx

  • David Jaffe is the man… Hope we get to see a new Twisted Metal soon.

  • seriously what’s up with the challenges in this show? they’re competing to be video game testers and they haven’t even touched a controller yet. i understand that some of the challenges are used to test abilities that apply to video game testing, but shouldn’t they also be playing video games against each other? on next week’s episode they’re going to be catching footballs…..really?! what if the person who wins the job can’t even play games?

  • Doc…ya know I love ya. You make that show!

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