THE EYE OF JUDGMENT LEGENDS Free Demo Available Today on PSN

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Hi everyone! It’s Kumi again. First, I wanted to thank everyone for reading the last post announcing the THE EYE OF JUDGMENT LEGENDS. Today, I’m back here to tell you that the free demo is available today on the PlayStation Store. So be sure to download it and start playing!


Once again, THE EYE OF JUDGMENT LEGENDS is a digital card-based game that lets you collect, trade, and battle magical creatures on the move that combines card trading, magic, and adventure with the freedom to play wherever players want. Today, I’d like to inform you about the details of two exciting features!

Story Mode:
Yes, there will be Story mode in the PSP version! Story mode is the core single player mode in THE EYE OF JUDGMENT LEGENDS. The story contains an intricate plot and is divided up into a series of chapters. In the demo, you will get to experience the first three chapters of the story mode. If you play all three chapters, it will unlock a rare demo-specific card which can be carried over to the full game, so make sure to play all chapters!

Multiplayer Mode:
Both Ad Hoc and Infrastructure modes are supported in the full game. In Ad Hoc mode, you can enjoy head to head battles with other players and trade game cards. Infrastructure mode lets you battle against other players from around the world as well as accessing online ranking. In the demo, you will have a chance to experience the Ad hoc mode (excludes card-trading feature).


And another cool surprise, is that the save data you create when playing the demo can be carried over to the full game (excluding the story mode progress).

Okay, now go and play the demo today! Enjoy!

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  • Cool, thanks!

  • Yes! Can’t wait to try this, I’m an Eye of Judgment faithful! LOVE the original game. PLEASE release a Set 4 or a sequel or some other CCG for the PS3 which utilizes the EoJ technology and lets us play online. Maybe work with Magic The Gathering to develop a version of Magic using the EoJ engine and tech that is playable over the PSN? I love CCG’s but I don’t have any local friends that play, so EoJ was a godsend for me. Please do more.

    • Thank you for being a faithful fan! I\’m sure you will enjoy the PSP version as well. Please let us know what you think of the demo!

  • Awesome! I will definitely be checking this out.

  • Sweet, looking forward to checking out the demo.

  • how much its the size of the demo? i hope its not too big cuz i only have a 512 mb card.

  • Well, I paid the $2.99 last week to download it from Qore… and I was one of those that saw “single purchasers” get to download it before they did the strikethrough. ANYWAY, nice to see that it’s here and free… really looking forward to it! In fact, I actually broke out EoJ for the PS3 because I was so excited about the demo last week… such an amazing game. Thanks!

  • Looks like it is everything the PS3 version should have been.
    Please release a story mode patch for PS3!!!

  • Always good to see Sony supporting the PSP, keep it up please.

  • This is wonderful news. Unfortunately, I cannot support THE EYE OF JUDGMENT LEGENDS. During my first encounter with the PS3 version of this game, I really enjoyed it. But little did I know, the game was poorly supported, cards were scarce. Little by little the entire game became obsolete! It was a total disappointment especially after investing so much on duplicate cards.

  • how much will the full version be?

  • I am looking forward to playing the demo. Any clue when the actual game might be released?

  • Can anybody on here tell me where I can pick up series 2 & 3 THE EYE OF JUDGMENT cards for PS3? I have a tons of series 1 cards. The worse part of all this is that I cant even Platinum the game without the remaining series 2 and 3 cards.

  • Just update the store already.

  • Is the PS3 version of this game still in print? I’m interested in the game but no longer has copies available that aren’t sold by an Amazon user.

  • Eye of Judgment demo.

    hey snoy what about MLB 10 THE SHOW DEMO!!!!



  • I was heavy into Magic the Gathering for a few years and would love to get into a game like this on ps3 (Going to try the demo for psp though) but I really can’t be bothered with going out and buying new cards all the time after I’ve already bought the game. I understand it for a game like MTG but I’m always afraid I just won’t have enough cards, or cards as good as everyone else online.

  • No dout just put it out the update already

  • When does EOJL come out? I had fun with the demo today.

  • @16 (TakiFuGu)

    Look on eBay. I got all of my set 2 and 3 cards on eBay, there’s some really prolific sellers on there. Some guys sell packs or boxes, some guys sell individuals, some guys sell lots of just a bunch of cards all around, some guys sell sets like 3x full commons, or a full uncommons, and a full rares set. You can build your decks by picking the right offers from the right sellers, and you can usually get really good deals. Look around.

  • @ 18

    Poodude, THE EYE OF JUDGMENT is an awesome game, let me warn you now though. If you do find a copy, you will not be able to find the entire series card set.

  • how does this game work? in game cards?

  • @24

    Yeah, but these people are charging an arm and a leg for these super rare cards. I end up asking myself, is it really worth it?

  • Downloading the demo now! You can find it via search. If I remember correctly, it was about 372 mb.

  • I noticw we’re getting a great deal of content this week. Any idea as to when the store will actually update though. I mean its almost 8pm over here on the east coast believe it or not we do exist. I’m sorry but this store should updated by noon pst everyday. Other regions stores get timely updates and they’re doing updates in multiple languages for several countries at once. Y can’t the us store be as efficient? Doesn’t sound like an issue with the content. Sounds like plain laziness to me.

  • I was happy to get this earlier through my Qore subscription (the Feb episode was pretty empty without it), glad everyone else will get a chance to try this very cool game now to.

  • Well this is just awesome, I love card games and yugioh is too overrated now.

  • can i haz store update plz!?

  • I loved the ps3 game but i have 2 problems with it….
    1.I need one more tropghy and have done well over 100 battles but have yet to recieve it
    2.Set 3 cards weren’t sold in the US

    Still getting psp version tho

  • I loved PS3 version – cards are a bit messy, so I think this is a grest idea. The game play is short, too, making the game perfect for the PSP.

  • will there be more support for the PS3 version?

  • I will be the first at the magical midnight release day!

  • I was a jerk in the other Blog thread. Now it’s time to apologize. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • tnx will be checking it out

  • Thanks for making this game for the PSP! I loved the PS3 version, but unfortunately I hardly ever play it since I don’t have any friends who own the game anymore due to the cards being impossible to find. What I loved about the PS3 version was being able to watch the battle actions on the tv, and am disappointed to not have that on the PSP version. Also the graphics seem to be a bit blurry. I like the Story Mode thus far as it really gives the player an understanding why we’re fighting instead of just fighting to fight. And I love how you can use the money you win to buy additional cards as well as earning cards from each battle. It made me think of the Japanese anime Bakugan, which makes me think of your game every time I watch that series. Some things to think about – the text sometimes goes by way too fast for me to read, and sometimes the same text shows up on the same screen twice in two different font sizes. Thank you for allowing us to comment on your game, and looking forward to the final product!

  • PLEASE consider patching the PS3 version with the Legends ‘adjusted’ card stats and add the story mode.

    There’s a tremendous marketing opportunity here with PSP Legends to revive the PS3 EOJ and realy expand the user community for this great game.

    A portable version with patched digital cards is a terrific idea and I’m sure Legends will do well. Just please don’t ignore the original PS3 fanbase!!

    Let’s see some renewed support for ‘classic’ EOJ!!


  • Of course I agree with the making the PS3 version agree with the PSP version, For the record.

  • Downloaded the demo this morning, so far I really like it ^_^

    It’s great that you were able to capture the core game play of the PS3 version on the PSP. This will be a day one purchase for me ^_^

    I just hope that you keep updating it with content.

  • Amazing demo. I’m playing it like an addict. Hanging out on Ad-hock party waiting for a challanger to walk my way… I have to parrot some of the above posts, in hopes that these wishes will be passed along. PLEASE update the PS3 version with Legend’s re-balance. PLEASE make new cards for the PS3 version. (I’m sure there are plenty of card manufactures that would be happy to partner with you guys.) As one person above put it, this is a great opportunity to not only bring a bunch of people into the game, but a chance to revive the original game.

    Also, the info in your blog won me 10K in in-game gold. Thanks ^^

  • I really like EoJ on PS3. I bought a few packs of cards, but then moved my PS3 to a different room in the house and the lighting was less than optimal. So I couldn’t play EoJ. :(

    Downloaded them demo and can’t wait to try it out.

  • i really enjoyed EoJ, played it with my GF all the time, just couldn’t afford the cards..

    i’ll the the demo and see how i like it!

  • How did I miss this yesterday?! I’m gonna download this the second I get home tonight. Thank you for releasing a demo of this game. Any chance there are some spare Dioskuri cards running around any of your offices? ;) I really want that card but don’t really want to fork over 300 bucks for it on ebay…

    Another tournament would be an awesome way to revamp the interest in both the PS3 and PSP verisons!

  • Kumi, question for you. I’m guessing it’s the same, but if I make it to the end of the demo Qore provided, does it still unlock that rare demo-specific card? I’m guessing yes but just making sure..

  • So… when is Magic: The Gathering (and coming with a deck editor, I want my rainbow decks. No pre-built decks that aren’t rainbow AREN’T valid reasons to gimp Magic) coming to PSN like it did XBLA?

  • This was my first time ever hearing about this game, and I downloaded the demo and was pleasantly surprised.

    It has a great card combat system, and it does require quite a bit of strategy but it’s not too difficult to learn. :)

  • So I’m guessing no more support for the PS3 version then? That kind of leaves us players who went through the trouble of tracking down and collecting the cards out in the cold. What about some form of add-on patch for the PS3 version with a story mode and the new cards? Maybe even with the cards included with purchase and mailed to the player?

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