The Drake’s Fortune Multiplayer Pack Releases Today for UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves

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As we revealed over at IGN two weeks ago, the new “Drake’s Fortune Multiplayer Pack” for UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves is available today on the PlayStation Store.

The “Drake’s Fortune Multiplayer Pack” includes two maps and six character skins inspired by Nathan Drake’s debut adventure, UNCHARTED: Drake’s Fortune. The six skins are available $2.99 and the two maps are available for $3.99 – or you can get all of skins and maps in a convenient, value-priced bundle for $5.99.

Check out some of the new character renders of the skins included in the Pack:


UDF-Eddy-Raja UDF-Gabriel-Roman

You can view and download the full set of character renders from the Naughty Dog Flickr page.

So, you may be thinking to yourself, “What are these skins and maps exactly?” We’re glad you asked. Read on for detailed descriptions of our “Drake’s Fortune Multiplayer Pack” content.

TWO new maps, available in all competitive multiplayer game types and in the co-op arena game types, inspired by locations found in UNCHARTED: Drake’s Fortune.

The Flooded Ruins
Based on UNCHARTED: Drake’s Fortune Chapter 10 – The Customs House, players will find themselves fighting in the midst of a thunderstorm, complete with rain, thunder and lightning. The Flooded Ruins is an asymmetrical map centered on the Customs House building, which is surrounded on one side by multiple two-story buildings and many flanking routes – you’ll need to stay on your toes and watch your back. The Customs House itself provides the advantage of higher ground if you manage to take the center sniper perch, where you can dispatch your opponents or call out their positions to your teammates. Watch out for incoming grenades!

The Facility
Based on the submarine bay in UNCHARTED: Drake’s Fortune Chapter 18 – The Bunker, The Facility is centered on a rusted out U-boat that has been left to rot in its dry dock. This fairly symmetrical map works well with all game types. Players can hide in dark corners, snipe from the control tower, or go guns blazing into combat. Look out for the moving cargo on the upper levels – it can block your shots or cut off an escape route at a very inopportune moment!

SIX new multiplayer skins based on characters from UNCHARTED: Drake’s Fortune.

  • UNCHARTED: Drake’s Fortune Nathan Drake
  • UNCHARTED: Drake’s Fortune Elena Fisher
  • Gabriel Roman
  • Atoq Navarro
  • Eddy Raja
  • Javier, the mercenary

The Multiplayer Pack also unlocks 12 NEW Trophies – 11 Bronze and 1 Silver – to earn as you play:

  • Bronze
  • Brass Knuckles – Get 100 Melee Kills in Deathmatch or Elimination Games
  • Gold Digger – Finish Wave 10 in 1 Gold Rush Game
  • I Told You I Was Hardcore! – Complete All 3 Co-op Objective Maps on Hard Difficulty
  • Made It – Finish Wave 10 in 1 Survival Game
  • Plays Well With Others – Win 50 Objective Games
  • Plundered! – Get 200 Captured Medals
  • Rapid Fire – Get 7 Tripled Medals in Deathmatch or Elimination games
  • Sneaky… – Get 50 Stealth Kills in Deathmatch of Elimination games
  • Still Alive – Win 50 Elimination Games
  • Tastes Like Chicken – Get 20 BBQ Medals in Deathmatch or Elimination games
  • Wipe Them Out… – Win 50 Deathmatch Games
  • Silver
  • Cold Blooded – Get 2,500 Kills in Deathmatch or Elimination games

Downloading the either the maps or the bundle unlocks the Trophies within the in-game multiplayer menu. You can gain progress towards completing these new Trophies in any game type that fits the Trophy criteria.

Purchasing the skins only will NOT unlock the additional Trophies.

We’ve also made sure that all our players can play from the same matchmaking pool regardless of whether they have purchased the maps or not – head over to to read about how we’re doing this and how to change your profile settings.

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19 Author Replies

  • 2 dollars a map, i can definitely get on board with that, keep it up

  • i like how new trophies were added

  • Definitely looking forward to picking this up when it shows up on PSN…. at 6:30PM EST… When I’m in class….

  • Awesome! Cheap prices, and new trophies. I know what game I will be playing tonight.

  • I know alot of people on my fiends list are still playing online with this game, i bet they will be sinking more $$ into it-

    but as for me, i shy away form add-ons and DLC…

    i guess i am one of the last old schoolers who feel that add-ons and DLC that is small stuff like this should be given away to the gamers for free to keep interest in the game and reward the loyal fanbase..

    but i’m not naive enough to think that loyal fans are more important than $$$ to the publishers..

    such are the times in which we live..

  • When can we expect DLC skins or any skins in general to be available in Co-op Arena?

    Kinda bogus that I can’t use skins I bought in the mode I play the most.

    • I understand where you\’re coming from. As far as I\’ve been able to understand from our game designers, skins beyond the ones which already show up in co-op arena won\’t be available for you to choose.

  • Awesome awesome awesome like others have said the only complaint I have is I would like to be able to use these new skins in co-op arena modes. I don’t play competitive.

    Anyway I’ll be picking up the maps today.

  • Unfortunately, I don’t have time for U2 anymore with WKC and HR out.

    Will there ever be more Co-op missions? I would buy that in a heartbeat.

  • Not big on multiplayer, in fact I kind of hate it unless it’s Warhawk. But I’d love to revisit some old Uncharted characters and map with Uncharted 2’s build.

  • Omg I forgot about my man drake. I’ve been so busy playing battle field all month. I’ll pick this up and have a blast with it and…. What’s that, bf comes out next week? Ok well we got a few days let’s get it on!!

  • Why no love for Co-op play?? That needs more too.

  • Buying today! woot woot

  • Great, Keep up the GREAT work Naughty Dog. ANd arne PLEASE accept my friend request, will you?

    Can you reply please? I never got a reply from a dev.

    • I think I\’m full up on my FL, I haven\’t had time to go through it and do some spring cleaning yet. That\’s on my to do list.

  • AWSOME!!!!!!!!! tnx
    Naughty Dog FTW!!!!!!!

  • This looks good. Really looking forward to using Eddie. Question for you Arne, do these skins have voice tracks or are they silent like the PS Heroes skins pack last month? Wouldn’t bother me if they were, but it would be awesome to hear Eddie screaming “No one messes with Eddie Raja!” from across the field.

    Keep up the great work. Looking forward to what ever else you all have planned, DLC or full game. Cheers!

  • Now this is how DLC should be. Cheap, with a lot of stuff, and the option to break it out into smaller chunks if you weren’t interested in one over the other. Nice job ND.

  • Can DLC skins be used in co-op arena modes as well as the competitive multiplayer, or are they competitive multiplayer only?

  • so yeah…i was late to work today because i was playing the God of War 3 demo after preordering it…and now you give me this?

    i’m still working on getting my platinum trophy in Uncharted 2 (Uncharted 1 was my first platinum bragging piece). i swear Sony just doesn’t want me to ever go to work or school again…

  • oh and congrats to Naughty Dog on striving to do so much w/Uncharted and it paying off w/all the recognition and awards. you guys killed it this year.

    i’d love to see a new Jak game on the PS3 but at this point i think it’s safe to say anything that has the Naughty Dog stamp will be a definite buy for me.

  • is the competitive MP still broken? when will 1.05 be un-patched? are the 2 maps playable in co-op mode? kthnxbai

    • I can reply to the last one since the other two are loaded questions ;) The 2 maps are playable in co-op arena modes (Gold Rush and Survival)

  • cant wait to get home and buy it i love this game best ps3 3rd person shooter i ever played see all u U2 players on the field
    Unknownkilla signin off

  • @Arne Meyer
    I’m kind of pissed at you guys over this whole trophy thing.

    For starters I’d like to say that regardless of Trophies I was going to buy the DLC anyway and still intend to today when it releases. I love Uncharted 2’s multiplayer as much as it’s single player and have even setup a regular meeting with my friends to play Survival, Gold Rush, and Co-op every Wednesday evening. Occasionally we get together and simply play when we’re in the mood.

    Imagine our disappointment when we completed Survival and didn’t get our trophies, what’s worse found out that Naughty Dog was pulling a fast one with the trophies.

    Do not offer Trophies with DLC unless the Trophies apply directly to the DLC exclusively.

    Keep in mind that not all of us, in fact the majority of us are not trophy whores and you’re not going to make the grab for a few extra downloads with these people.

    So I repeat, for the future if you add trophies don’t make it DLC dependent unless it directly relates to the DLC in question. It’s insulting, it’s disrespectful, it’s despicable, and completely UNACCEPTABLE!

    Anyway looking forward to get the DLC today.

    • I\’m not sure I understand — we wanted to add multiplayer Trophies as a bonus to players who actually play multiplayer (rather than throw a lot of MP only Trophies in the original game which we hear from our community is unfair to those that don\’t play MP a lot). We can only add new Trophies are part of DLC content, which is what we did. The new DLC is available in all the modes the Trophies are available in, so they are actually directly part of the DLC. It would be unfair to tie them directly to specific maps since our matchmaking has a voting system, which would slow down Trophy progression to a major grind.

  • will there be voices with these new skins?

  • can we get an Uncharted dynamic theme of the jungle scene or waterfall or something or a tomb w/torch light flickering in the back ground or something? that would be dope.

  • Any word on those Eye of Indra multi-player skins yet? It’s been months since they were released in Europe. I’d be much more inclined to spend money on those instead of characters that aren’t related to the Uncharted universe.
    Also, for future skins, make sure they have sounds, it seems like using those skins could give players a quiet advantage

  • Awesome! I hate that new trophies were added. Now my 100% is down. Why don’t they make separate Multiplayer trophy section for those of us who don’t eat, breathe, sleep multiplayers all the time. grrrr

  • Map packs are all well and good, but why people pay so much money for character skins that have no effect on the gameplay is beyond me. They could sell a skin pack with the same exact characters only with different hair colors and idiot consumers would probably still pay for it.

  • More co-op scenarios would be welcome.

  • man got to go get a PSN card today. Hey I saw that EDDIE person from Uncarded 1 runiing around in the multi player game Back when it started. Weird very weird =)

  • Wow that’s ridiculously cheap, I’m definitely buying them.
    This is part of the reason you guys are #1.

  • Sweet! This game is so fun and I like seeing the added support and updates to its multiplayer mode.

    Now just get Konami to agree to let you put Snake and Raiden from Metal Gear Solid in as playable characters for multiplayer and we’ll be all set! lol

  • Two thumbs up!

  • Freaking Awesome job guys as always, consider it SOLD!!! 8)

  • Very cool. Lots of good stuff coming oday.
    Any news on the getting the same skins that Europe got? Also is there anyway ND could patch the game so we can choose whether we want to play with post 1.05 rules or not.

  • great!!!! but were is´t i have serch de plastation store and theres nothing there
    pleas send me a link

  • i wish these bums would update the store on time. this waiting till 5 pm est crap is getting on my last nerve.

  • where is the DLC pack??? when i log in to on-line it asks me if i want to go to the playstation store to download it, but it’s not there when i do….just the heroes pack from a few weeks ago???? i’m confused

  • Definite purchase.

  • Did you guys make those trophies so involved because everyone was whining like little babies over the lack of mp trophies?

    • We added these MP-specific Trophies as a bonus to our MP community. We didn\’t include involved MP Trophies with the retail blu-ray release because we felt it would be unfair to our dedicated single-player community to \”force\” them to play MP to get 100% upon the game\’s release. That\’s some community feedback we wanted to take to heart when creating our original set of Trophies.

  • damn it! im definitely gonna get this, but I cant play it until my friend returns the game, I just let him borrow it yesterday! Why dammit WHY!!!???

  • if u think i’m gonna spend 5.99 for some skins and a couple multiplayer maps…. ur absoloutely right love the game

  • Sweet! I won’t be able to get this for a few weeks though.. anyways, any word on some Uncharted 2 avatars? It was the 09 GOTY I don’t see why there aren’t any yet

  • Where do you get a PSN Card to purchase the MP pack?

    • That\’s a question best answered by the folks who run PSN, but I believe you can get them at many retailers – I know carries them. I\’m sure others do.

  • Nooo… My Navarro isn’t that exclusive anymore.
    Oh well, at least I get Eddy Raja!

  • Thank you for continuing to support this masterpiece of a game Naughty Dog. I will buy this DLC the second it’s in the store, and you will see me using it religiously.

    I have only one question about it though…

    Is the Navarro skin pretty much the same skin as the one that came in the Fortune Hunter Edition and at Comic Con? Or is it a different variation of Navarro? I’m just curious if there’s anything exclusive DLC-wise that I received in my FHE.

  • 5pm central…come on

  • arne, when can we expect the next update? Next month?

    • No plans at the moment, although we\’re clearly discussing some further adjustments. There\’s some things we can do seamlessly and some things that require a Title Update. We\’ll be posting about it when we have more solid info to give out.

  • Can’t wait ’till the PS Store gets update here in the Caribbean. I think it’s 7PM when it updates. Awesome DLC and Hope you guys can fix all the stage glitches in the game people do online.

  • I haven’t even played with the Heroes skin pack, but I am still definitely going to pony up the dough for this pack! The game is phenomenal and I need to play it more!!!

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