MAG Developer Tips: Squad Leader

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Now that you’ve learned some general leadership techniques in MAG from the folks here at Zipper, it’s time to specialize. Your instructor for today is Zipper Interactive’s very own Audio Manager, Mary Olson. Watch this background video first and then check for Mary’s strategies immediately below.

Hi, this is Mary and today we’re going to take a closer look at the Squad Leader role – which is the first and most active of all leadership positions in MAG.

As an SL, you’re primary focus should be good Communication with your Squad and Platoon, strategic use of Waypoints and the Fragmentary Order system (FRAGOs), and using your Command Assets wisely.

Basic Tips

  • If you don’t already, you should start playing with a headset. It will make communicating with your team much faster and more effective. Regardless of how you play, though, stay in close contact with your team – assign your squad to objectives, and coordinate. Don’t let them wonder what to do.
  • Use of Fragmentary orders is a huge part of the Squad Leader role. Learn to FRAGO strategically, and your whole squad will benefit. Plus, bonus XP is awarded to anyone in your squad performing any action within a 20-meter radius of the FRAGO’d objective. Don’t worry about marking the default objective, though, it’s automatically FRAGO’s without you having to give the order and you still get the bonus!
  • If you’re new to the Squad Leader role, start out in the simpler gametypes where there is less to FRAGO, and less going on. If you’re in a game with no SL, you can assume the role mid game, and try it out. Also, if you’re in over your head as a new SL, you can back out of the role without quitting the game.
  • If you switch your spawn point as a Squad Leader, the rest of your squad also switches to that spawn point. If you’re stuck as a squad, this is a great way to try a new angle and bring your squad along with you.

Advanced Tips

  • Use chat channels to coordinate with other Squad Leaders and Platoon Leader (Press the directional pad “Up”).
  • FRAGO outside bunkers first and work your way across the line — this way you’re only taking fire from one side.
  • Guided artillery only damages vehicles so don’t call it in on a bunch of guys running around. Conversely, your mortar barrage does not affect vehicles, so make sure to use guided artillery if vehicles are your target.
  • If attacking, use Satellite UAV first. You’ll then be able to wisely use your cluster bombs and lessen friendly kills.
  • “Platoon Leader Pause” – Once the AAA goes down, wait for the Platoon Leader to call in a strafing run or Precision Strike before calling in your own ability. Their command abilities have more impact, and you don’t want to start the cooldown timer and make them wait by calling in your assets first.

Thanks Mary, that’s some great advice. Speaking of great advice, we’ll be back again tomorrow with tips on how to become an effective Platoon Leader with Software Manager Mike Nicolino and designer Marc Janas. Over and out.

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  • Once again another thing that should have been out first, not weeks later. Thank you.

  • If people don’t know how to play the game by now then that’s their tuff luck. I was in the Beta, respecialized 3 times in 5 months. loved it and hated it all the same time. Just give us back our blog okay. I mean mag is great but maybe this should have been compiled into it’s own web site as a sort of MAG guidelines. There are alot of other games out there (HR) that should be getting a heck of alot more attention.

    your game is great, sold out in my city completely.

  • Thanks, great tips. I must admit, I wasn’t aware of the mortar vs. Airstrike differences, so its good to know.

    And excellent call on re-iterating the need for mics. Now if you could only make it so the game would pick someone with a mic over someone without one for leadership positions, we would be set. (I can’t tell you how annoying it is when 3 people in the squad are qualified to lead and have mics, but the one guy who doesn’t have a mic is squad leader, and won’t update fragos.)

  • Ohhh, didn’t now objectives were automatically FRAGO’d AWESOME!

    Really though guys most of this should have been implemented as an in-game interactive training.
    Though I guess that might have taken ages but would have been worth it.

    And also:
    “Use chat channels to coordinate with other Squad Leaders and Platoon Leader (Press the directional pad “Up”).”
    You HOLD ‘Up’ and toggle through channels via R2/ L2. Not ‘press’.
    Same for anything involving the D-Pad.

    And a question:
    I haven’t’ been a squad leader in domination/ acquisition much so I dunno but is there a way to call in an airstrike from the comman centre (the map when you press Select) instead of having to place a cursor during play?

  • Also why aren’t these posted on the EU blog?…Just copy and paste it?

  • These tips are awesome for all the noobies out there.. keep up the great work team Zipper :)
    ….. Any news on in-game DLC in the weeks to come? Thank you.

  • @ 4 yes, when map is up, press r2 to change to bomb placement map, took me a bit to figure it out, but it works :) trying to place the cursor on it while playing and not getting shot is hard as poop :) great tips also guys, now to make sure my team listens to take out left bunker instead of burnoff towers :) lol

  • aaaaaaaand on and on and on…. sheesh.

  • When you need to instruct your users how to play your game on a daily basis, then you should realize you have failed.

  • Yeah definitely an old UI, it shows “SEVER” instead of “S.V.E.R.” and you can tell these videos were made a while ago. Still good tips though.

  • @9#
    These are tips, not directives on how you should play the game.

    This game is also a lot more complex than run-&-gun MW2 (or rather, camp).
    While they could’ve put a bit more info teh manual and made a better tutorial, they did not fail, not by a long shot. This game requires dedication, it is not something you can learn to play by reading.

    But I guess you don’t want more complex games, judging by your attitude?

  • I’m getting tired of these MAG blog entries. They’re basically tips that they forgot to include in the game. If I were an employee of Zipper Interactive, I’d probably be working on a patch right now to get these tips in the game where they’re more accessible to people who play the game regularly.

  • @ ptuck874 (Comment7):
    Thanks a lot dude.

  • This needs to be patched into the game to really have any impact. But also, you needed to go into way more detail about how specifically command abilities are used. Most SL’s don’t know how or when to use them at all.

    I’ve said it before, but the documentation for this game is absolutely terrible. Why would you work so hard on a game and then not even explain all the options available to the player?

  • I love this game but can’t understand why the leadership roles weren’t explained in the manuel or in a tutorial. It’s frustrating when your SL doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing.

  • Surprised you all haven’t posted about the dynamic themes for each PMC coming to the PSN soon… check out for more info.

  • I think my brother might get this game today

  • The game should have been bundled with mics. Why is Sony so crap at marketing their stuff properly?

    As others have said, this info should have been explained in the tutorial. Putting on the blog will help, but thousands of players will not see it, so maybe you should patch the game with a brief guide or manual explaining this stuff. As it is now the game is rife with SLs getting kicked because they do not know what to do, do not set FRAGOs and do not communicate.

    Also, more maps please. The current maps are already getting stale. Even if the sides were switched on the maps sometimes it would be better.

  • One thing I forgot, if the SL role changes mid-game then the new SL should get a message notifying them. A couple of times now the SL has left or quit the role and I was made SL without realising it.

  • The mag blog has this kind of stuff up before they put it on PlayStation. I am to lazy to type “mag” into my browser though so I am content to wait for them to release it on PlayStation Blog

    Also I do believe that Heavy Rain people can post when ever they want on the PSBlog, but they don’t. Not Sony’s fault.

  • I whole heartedly agree Kenshin. SL leaving and me getting the position has happened like 3 or 4 times now and I don’t realize til I look at the squad list on the bottom right of the screen. Then Im like “Well damn, that explains alot.”

  • Even though these are tips, there are no reason why an explanation of how the leader abilities work isnt included in the game. I think that is really lame.

  • I have heard conflicting reports on this so i will ask here.

    If I am SL and Frago and lets say we are defending.

    The default FRAGO will be a burnoff tower at first.
    If i FRAGO our Bunker, we will get FRAGO bonus 20 meters from it.
    BUT do we still get get FRAGO points for the BURNOFF TOWER as well? Even if it is outside the 20m radius?

  • *edit above,
    IF I AM SL and lets say we are defending;

  • I completely agree with you Shad0force these are pointless put these in the game not just on this blog. And once again more maps i’m getting bored with playing the same maps over and over again.

  • more maps,more weapons,more accessories please?

  • @23: Yes. Both will act like separate FRAGO points, regardless of distance. It’s why anyone who knows how it works will complain if you don’t assign the FRAGO to something besides the default one.

  • Almost to my Level 60 :( not looking forward to it hehe..

  • All this developer tip stuff should have been in the manual. This is ESSENTIAL info that is not even mentioned in a pathetic 10-page manual. Pathetic.

  • Okay since everyone is doing bashing comments, I’ll just say thanks for the tips… I think people should be happy that these tips are free for people who couldnt figure this stuff out… some companies would have sold you all this stuff in a big shiny, glossy strategy guide, lol

  • Wow I love these tips! I like being a squad leader but I can’t emphasize enough, how much you need a mic if you are a leader. You are supposed to work as a team, and as a squad leader, you must direct that energy into the team and where they should go. I can’t tell you how many times I have ended up “leading” a squad because the “true leader” doesn’t know what the heck it takes. I think that your chances of getting in as squad leader should be based a lot upon experience. That is not to be confused with XP rank because some people have that rank, for the mere fact that they have no lives. Eh whatever I love being a leader in this game and I know it is my “lot” in it.

  • Love being squad leader in this game and I’m almost never a platoon leader… Really you need experience more than just reading in order to understand how these roles work

  • @27
    thank you!!

  • frig’n rite! You need to get IN THERE and get your hands dirty! I’m hating it when I see squad leaders sitting back w/ a sniper rifle not designating or helping out at all! WHY ARE THEY PUTTING IN FOR SQUAD LEADER !? !? !? !?

    Platoon leaders need to step up and take charge too, get all squads to straighten up, specially if nothing is getting accomplished (SVER defense0.o).

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