Coming to PSN Tomorrow: Greed Corp

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Welcome to the Mistbound universe! It’s my pleasure to announce that today Greed Corp, the first of many multi-genre games set in Mistbound, makes its North American debut on PlayStation Network.

GreedCorp_screenshot_8 GreedCorp_screenshot_3

Since Greed Corp is an introduction to the universe of Mistbound, I invite you to check out some of the art, screenshots and the trailer we’ve prepared for you here. We think you’ll agree, the art style, which draws heavily from both steampunk influences and our love for Miyazaki and Pixar films, is really fun and unique. As far as the gameplay, we tried to take the idea of a turn-based strategy game and add in a new twist, hence our land-collapsing mechanic, which is reminiscent of the old “Don’t’ break The Ice” tabletop game.

There’s plenty to do in the game as well. You can play as one of four factions in singleplayer mode, each of which has its own campaign and 24 maps to play on. But really, Greed Corp is about seeing how greedy you can be with your friends, so we have 36 maps to play a variety of multiplayer modes with up to 4-players online, local and computer controlled. All that and it’s only $9.99!

Greed Corp. Mistbound_Freemen_001

If that’s not enough, we here at W!Games are putting together a little giveaway in celebration of our first Mistbound Game! All you need to do is the following question about Mistbound:

1. How many square miles of land are surrounded by a mist that the sun never burns off?

Need a hint? Visit Email your answers to along with your name and mailing address for a chance to win a limited edition art book featuring over 40 pages of never before seen art from the Mistbound universe!

Now, who’s feeling greedy?

– Marco

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