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Welcome to the Mistbound universe! It’s my pleasure to announce that today Greed Corp, the first of many multi-genre games set in Mistbound, makes its North American debut on PlayStation Network.

GreedCorp_screenshot_8 GreedCorp_screenshot_3

Since Greed Corp is an introduction to the universe of Mistbound, I invite you to check out some of the art, screenshots and the trailer we’ve prepared for you here. We think you’ll agree, the art style, which draws heavily from both steampunk influences and our love for Miyazaki and Pixar films, is really fun and unique. As far as the gameplay, we tried to take the idea of a turn-based strategy game and add in a new twist, hence our land-collapsing mechanic, which is reminiscent of the old “Don’t’ break The Ice” tabletop game.

There’s plenty to do in the game as well. You can play as one of four factions in singleplayer mode, each of which has its own campaign and 24 maps to play on. But really, Greed Corp is about seeing how greedy you can be with your friends, so we have 36 maps to play a variety of multiplayer modes with up to 4-players online, local and computer controlled. All that and it’s only $9.99!

Greed Corp. Mistbound_Freemen_001

If that’s not enough, we here at W!Games are putting together a little giveaway in celebration of our first Mistbound Game! All you need to do is the following question about Mistbound:

1. How many square miles of land are surrounded by a mist that the sun never burns off?

Need a hint? Visit Email your answers to along with your name and mailing address for a chance to win a limited edition art book featuring over 40 pages of never before seen art from the Mistbound universe!

Now, who’s feeling greedy?

– Marco

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  • Looks cool. Kind of reminds me of Age of Booty!!!!

  • This is shaping up to be a good week. Alot coming tomorrow!

  • I have been waiting on this game since it’s development was first announced!

  • After reading IGN’s review (Xbox 360 version) and watching the video above this game sounds right up my alley.

    Is there going to be a demo along with the release?

  • Any chance of a demo being released?

    • We\’ve replied to this question in the previous comment, but I\’ll add it here as well. We\’re looking into doing a demo, as soon as we know more we\’ll let everyone know.

  • And there were people complaining already about lack of PSN stuff for the PS3, well now we are getting 2 PSN titles, Blade Kitten, and this! Plus Darksiders demo, and a new PSone Classic RPG…..

    PS3, and PSN updates are getting way better now! Thanks for the hard work!


  • Will there be Voice Chat? and XMB Invites?


    • Yes, voice chat is fully supported. The game supports invites as well. Within a game room you can select to invite players, and then send invites to people in your friend list. They will receive a message and they can accept that invite by going into the game and viewing the open invites.

  • Mistbound’s world is one of great variety. A million square miles of land surrounded by mist that the sun never burns off. From green hills to snowcapped mountains, from scorching desert plains to the swampy wetlands, and from rivers with the occasional waterfall to deep forests. This vast island is stunning in its untamed beauty.


    Did i do it?

  • Custom Soundtracks?

  • Looks pretty cool. Couple of questions:

    1. are the graphics 1080p native?

    2. who composed/recorded the music?

    3. is the audio 24-bit and/or losslessly compressed? will it output as LPCM over my HDMI without an extra decode/encode cycle?

    4. how many of each kind of trophy are there?

    5. any plans for a level editor?


    • 1) No, 720p is the maximum native resolution.

      2) Our creative director completely composed it himself and then recorded it with some musician friends.

      3) I had to check this with some of the technical guys, they told me that all audio is ADPCM compressed.

      4) 7 Bronze, 4 Silver, 1 Gold. 12 in total.

      5) Not at the moment, as we did our best to offer a large amount of well balanced maps that already cover a wide range of the possibilities.

  • DEMO!??!

    • We’ve replied to this question in a previous comment, but I’ll add it here as well. We’re looking into doing a demo, as soon as we know more we’ll let everyone know.

  • So is the give away random or the first 40 ppl that read post #7, instead of trying to figure it out for themselves?

    Will you update once the 40 are selected so you arent collecting everyones mailing addresses?

    Can we be sure these addresses wont get us signed up for anything? No more snail spam :)

    Game looks awesome, cant wait to see your upcoming games!

  • I was also wondering if you have looked into a Playstation HOME Space for the Mistbound Universe… lots of possiblities there :)

    • This is certainly something we\’ll be keeping an eye on. So yes, we\’re looking into it, but there aren\’t any real plans yet.

  • Looks real nice! will there be a demo?

    • We’ve replied to this question in a previous comment, but I’ll add it here as well. We’re looking into doing a demo, as soon as we know more we’ll let everyone know.

  • Ok, I have to say this now. fix the PS2 emulator for the ps3 80gb because my Star Wars BF II and Rayman Revolution copies wont work on it! If you dont do that then rerelease those games for download for like 10$ because all ps2 games are 5$ at gamestop… with a refund policy and solid value.
    So add those 2 games to the Downloadable games list. PLEASE.
    Also, I know Rayman 2 PS1 classic is on there, but everyone I know thats downloaded it cant play it on their PSP and they say it drops in framerate a lot. Thats what happens when I play revolution, it drops it framerate BUT then it will restart the stage over and over endlessly. In Battlefront 2 it just freezes up completely at random.
    So put those on there and I will be among the many buyers! Cmon! Add PS2 Greatest hits on there!@!@!!@@!

  • gonna be a good week for playstation!

  • Turn-based strategy, you say? Consider me interested.

  • I like turn based strategy games and I’m loving the art style (You just can’t go wrong with steampunk Miyazaki). Only thing I’m curious about is the gameplay…a demo would be nice.

    Also, is there an actual storyline that sets the history and lore of the mistbound universe? Specific characters maybe? Or is it one of those “Here are some levels, go play and have fun” type games?

    Oh, and is the contest open to Canadians? Or US only, due to legal mumbo jumbo?

    • Yes, there is a storyline throughout the campaign. You\’ll be playing six levels which each faction, and there\’s a text intro and outro for every level. All four storylines intertwine into an overall plot. This will tell you more about the factions\’ backgrounds and introduce some of Mistbound\’s characters.

  • looks like an awsome game

  • I always always a Cootie guy, but Don’t Break the Ice is alright too.

  • Thats it? A post and run? I think this post is now overshadowed by the HOME update post. You should have posted this yesterday for more ppl to get excited over it :)

  • looks interesting, might have to check it out

  • Looks like you guys need a hint – release it on DISC!

  • Looks like an interesting game but no demo = no buy.

    So when are we going to get Castle Crashers or some more info on Dead Nation?

  • nice! looking to be a great update this week. tna wrestling, depending on month new archer or its always sunny, and psn updates. love thursdays

  • Well… IGN, gave the game a 8.8!

    Yes guys, a 8.8. Holy Cow! I’m really interested now, but really…

    I was gonna buy Warden’s Keep DLC… Well… i think i’m getting this instead, yep, the influence of a review…

  • The art style is drawing me in, really want to give it a shot.

  • As a big fan of the turn based games like Battle Isle and History line 1914-1918, would this game be in the similar style?

  • who handled the net code?

  • i live in montreal. i cant even download the game yet. is it normal ?

  • Very nice update! thx.

  • A million squared miles of land

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