MAG Developer Tips: Leadership Roles

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Do you have what it takes to lead your soldiers into battle? If the answer is yes then today’s MAG Developer Tips post is the one for you. Audio Lead Keith Sjoquist is using our platform here to introduce everyone to the world of combat management, and as always, we’re opening things up with a video:

Hi there, this is Keith from Zipper and today we’re looking at some general MAG leadership tips.

Leadership is important because MAG is just as much a tactical game as it is run-and-gun. A savvy leader can herd a bunch of noobs and steamroll a platoon full of high-level lone wolves more often than not. If you decide to opt in for leadership, that’s great – just make sure you’re ready for the responsibility.

Basic Tips:

  • Remember your responsibility! It’s all too easy to get in the habit of opting for leadership at the queue screen but then forget that there are a bunch of grunts looking at you for direction. Long story short: if you’re a leader, be prepared to give directions. Wallflowers need not apply.
  • Have a plan and a back-up plan so that you can change tactics if your original strategy isn’t working. If you find yourself in a map you don’t know well or a situation in which you feel that you’re over your head, remember you can opt out of your leadership position (just press start and demote yourself from the leadership menu). No one likes a quitter but no one likes charging headlong into turret fire for 30 minutes either.
  • Be prepared to be promoted at any time! If someone does demote themselves in-game and you applied for a leadership spot beforehand, you may be the one automatically bumped up with they quit.

Advanced Tips:

  • Communicate! I know that doesn’t seem advanced but it’s important. Coordinating your command abilities effectively can be devastating to the opposition. Squad leaders can drop cluster bombs and then have them available again immediately if the OIC follows up with an asset recharge. Different command abilities can be combined in different ways all depending on how well you communicate.
  • FRAGO! FRAGO! FRAGO! So you want to take out that AA, but why not set a staging area in that abandoned building just outside the perimeter? You can set waypoints and targets as often as you like – just make sure everyone is concentrating they’re efforts correctly.
  • Don’t spend all your time prone in the bushes staring at the CNI. This can be perfectly legitimate strategy from time to time, but remember your teammates get bonuses when in your vicinity (faster reload, better XP, etc.), so go where you are most needed and there’s always the need for another active gun out there.

Thanks Keith, that’s a good primer. Tomorrow we’ll be back with more specific tips on how to be an effective Squad Leader from Audio Manager, Mary Olson. Check back then.

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