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Hello PlayStation Readers!!!

We’re here to announce that echoshift is releasing on the PlayStation Network this Thursday, February 25! This innovative puzzle game will bring a fun and refreshing style of gameplay to PlayStation Portable fans of all ages.

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For those of you who aren’t familiar with the title already, echoshift is a spin-off of the PSN hit echochrome, and shares a similar artistic design. The soundtrack to the game was composed by a new group and elegantly sets the pace for the unique game play. echoshift features a new challenge for gamers to learn how to interact with your past actions.

The game is based on solving the puzzles and gimmicks in each level to reach the exit, but within a short or limited amount of time. You’ll have to think quickly to overcome obstacles, and the game records an “echo” of your actions. This echo replays itself if time runs out before you finish your turn (we call it “cast”), and you can then try again from the beginning alongside all of your previous echoes. Cooperate with all of the echoes and actions of your past to help pass challenges you couldn’t before! Check out this trailer to see echoshift in action:

This creative approach to solving puzzles is easily learned for anyone to enjoy, and there are over 30 different kinds of puzzles to keep you occupied. You’ll have to quickly plan your actions and echoes in order to beat all 56 levels. The game also comes with three different game modes for each level, which will challenge you to find new ways to solve puzzles faster than you have before. Buyers can take all of this content on the go with them for just $14.99!

Whether you’re looking for a quick puzzle or hours of mind benders, I hope everyone enjoys echoshift. Stay tuned for future updates!

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