MAG Developer Tips: Sniper

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People who play as snipers love it. People who are killed by snipers hate them. But regardless of which end of the spectrum you’re currently on, anyone can become an expert at the Zoom-in of Death with this excellent tips provided by UI Manager Steve Harris and Lead Designer of MAG, CJ Heine. But first, a video.

What’s up? This is Steve and it’s important that you know that Snipers are usually the guys supporting the rest of the team by clearing objective areas or preventing the opposing team from reaching their objectives from long range. Being an effective sniper and contributing to your squad is extremely rewarding when it’s done correctly. Here are a few tips to help you become a better MAG Sniper.

Basic Tips

  • Keep moving! The biggest mistake that snipers make is that they stay camped in one spot. The action in MAG moves very quickly, and even if you are able to take a few targets down, it’s just a matter of time until someone finds you. Dropping down, taking a few quick shots and moving again will spare you from the dreaded knife in the back.
  • Keep moving, Part 2! The second biggest mistake when sniping is laying prone, firing away at opposing players while watching the rest of your squad failing to flip an objective. Unless you are directly preventing opposing players from reaching the objective or are actively firing at enemies in the objective itself, you are not making enough of a contribution to your squad. Run in with your squad using your pistol, PDW or knife and get that objective flipped.
  • BYOH (Bring Your Own Healing). Especially if you’re the type of sniper that likes to get off of the main routes, don’t expect people to go out of their way to heal you when you’re injured.
  • Don’t waste time by scanning for players through a scope. Stay zoomed out until you see distant movement, and then zoom in. Take a few shots, zoom back out, and repeat. If you have a bipod on your rifle, only deploy it after you’ve spotted a target, as you will automatically zoom in when the bipod is deployed.

Advanced Tips

  • The marksman rifle in the default loadout is a fantastic weapon and often overlooked. By upgrading Reload Speed, Steady Aim and adding the Foregrip and Suppressor, the weapon is transformed into the ultimate offensive sniper rifle, allowing the snipers to play aggressively on objectives and moving with the rest of the squad. With this loadout, the Sniper can fire off 3-4 shots very quickly, which is enough to take down most targets, as well as zoom in and hit targets at range when needed. Just remember to finish off your target when it is incapacitated, as this weapon does less damage than the other sniper rifles.
  • The Improved Sniper Rifle in tier 4 of the Marksman skill tree deals more damage to vehicles and turrets than most other weapons, which can help your squad deal with bunker turrets, helicopters, APCs and defending vehicles. It will also kill most players with just one shot, unless they’re in heavy armor or have extra health. This is the ideal weapon for killing players as they are parachuting in, making it possible to get three or four parachute kills in just one drop.
  • Keep an eye out for sniping positions which give you sightlines on resupply points and objectives. The resupply points and objectives in MAG require a player to stand still for a few moments while interacting with the object, giving the sniper plenty of time to zoom in and get a headshot.
  • With such a big experience reward attached to resuscitation, it is common to see players sprinting around the battlefield, resuscitating other players. Take advantage of this by watching the incapacitated player and killing players as they run up to revive them. Skilled Snipers can try waiting an extra moment for the player to be revived before quickly killing both of targets.

What a great way to wrap up our class tips, thanks guys. Of course, we still have more to teach you. Tomorrow and throughout the week, we’ll be closing our MAG tip series with help for the game’s various leadership roles. Come back here tomorrow as we kick things off with Audio Lead Keith Sjoquist and his general overlord tips.

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