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Hey everyone, Happy Monday! Mick Perona here with the “download” on downloadable content for LBP across both the PS3 and PSP! (See what I did there?)

Is your SackPerson looking for that savoir faire? Then look no further SackFolk! Check out the new trailer for DLC we offered up in 2009, and remember, this is just the beginning!

I now present to you, “The LittleBigPlanet 2009 Collection.” Ooh-la-la, so chic, so hip, so…oh you get the point

DLC UPDATES: (New this week!)

White Knight Chronicles Costume Kit for LBP PS3 ($5.99) – Characters from the awesome new RPG for the PS3 have come to LittleBigPlanet! Grab all four White Knight Chronicles character costumes in the pack and save, or choose from your favorites for $1.99 each.

LBP White Knight Pack

DLC UPDATES: (New last week – Don’t miss these for PSP!)

Wedding Costumes for LBP PSP (FREE) – Get two free costumes and get dressed up for the biggest wedding of the year!

LBP wedding costume for PSP LBPWedding Theme Pack PSP

Wedding Theme Pack for LBP PSP ($2.99) – Download a new set of costumes and CREATE materials to create your own LittleBigWedding! Wedding Theme Pack includes two costumes, 14 materials, 15 stickers, one music kit and one background.

Savannah Costume for LBP PSP (FREE) – Get a sneak peek of what’s in the Savannah Theme Pack with this free Lion costume!

LBP Savannah Costume LBP PSP Savannah Theme Level Pack

Savannah Theme Pack for LBP PSP ($2.99) – Download a new set of goodies to create your own Savannah themed levels. The Savannah Theme Pack includes two costumes, 16 materials, 15 stickers, one music kit, and one background.

DLC UPDATES: (Timed Release – Grab em’ before they’re gone!)

Valentine’s Day Mini-Pack for LBP PS3 ($2.99) – If you missed this last year, now’s your chance to get the Valentine’s Day pack for the PS3. With a special Cupid outfit, 10 love themed stickers, lots of objects and 5 different types of materials, you can make enough levels for all your Valentines this year! LIMITED TIME – Hurry, these items will disappear from the store on 2/25.

LBP V-Day Pack

Chinese New Year Costumes for LBP PS3 (FREE) – In celebrating the upcoming Chinese New Year, be sure to download this free costume pack, complete with his/her traditional costumes for this special time of year. LIMITED TIME – Hurry these items will disappear on 2/25.

LittleBigPlanet - Chinese New Year poster

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  • WKC costumes…awesome!

  • You guys are awesome!!!!! This game is by far my favorite game this generation so far, no matter how many new games come out I keep coming back to LittleBigPlanet, this game just never gets old! I can’t wait for the WKC DLC, day one purchase for me. This game was worth every penny, keep the DLC coming, cause I’ll keep buying it if you do. Thanks for making such a fantastic game!!!

    • Hey there Quark, True that! As a serious gamer myself, there are only a handful of games that I can go back and play after \”beating\” (finishing the content that ships \”on-disk\”), and still get ultra excited for. LBP is definitely one of those games! There are SO MANY excellent community levels out there and more being added every day that take the LBP experience to the next level and keep me coming back for more! Not to mention the DLC packs keeping the experience fresh and fun! (Oh yeah, and about that DLC you said to keep coming…I think you are going to LOVE 2010 my friend!)

  • 22DAYS TILL GOD OF WAR3!!!!!!!!!!

  • …more like 8 days till Bad Company 2!

  • great vid. is the cupid outfit the same one from last year

    would love it if the photo booth object could be connected to a switch so it could be turned on and offh

  • Are we only going to get level packs once a year?

    Haha, I can’t believe there was 365 days in between the MGS pack and the Pirates pack.

  • It would be great to get the Marvel and Sonic costumes soon. Also we should get Kratos, Cole (evil and good), and etc PSN icons/avatars.

  • 9 hrs till heavy rain!

  • 1 week until they post last years St. Patricks day costume for DLC.

  • “…more like 8 days till Bad Company 2!”

    LOL! There are people actually waiting around for mediocre crap like Bad Company 2???

  • nickel and diming, nickel and diming..

    i guess as long as people with low IQs and loose wallets keep buying overpriced add-ons, they will keep laughing and pushing more of it at us..


    oh, and @#10 FredPunella-

    apparently over 3.5 million have DL’d the Bad Company 2 demo..

  • “nickel and diming, nickel and diming..

    i guess as long as people with low IQs and loose wallets keep buying overpriced add-ons, they will keep laughing and pushing more of it at us..


    Exactly my thoughts. Mm starting abusing the DLC costumes.

  • Hello Mick,

    LittleBigPlanet is a game that is truly remarkable. I remember first hearing about and I thought that this game would make the ps3 look bad. Well I couldn’t have been more wrong. I just have one question though, will you continue to make DLC through 2010? Because I really hope that you guys don’t abandon this game.

    • Hey \”aken\”, we definitely have a ton of cool DLC planned for LittleBigPlanet! Be sure to check back here on the PlayStation Blog each week as the awesomeness unfolds!

  • If you guys don’t like DLC, then you don’t have to buy it. As for LBP, they’ve been perfectly fine with the DLC they release.

    Since each one extends the possibilities of the creators making levels and custumizing their sackperson. So good job Mm. Littlebigplanet still reigns as one of the best console games this gen.

  • New levels or I stop buying LBP DLC.

  • “…more like 8 days till Bad Company 2!”
    LOL! There are people actually waiting around for mediocre crap like Bad Company 2???
    mediocre??? i think Modern Warfare 2 is mediocre??? bad company 2 brings new food to the table! unlike cod which brought some new snacks, we need new meals!

  • i love this gaem. however u guys have way too much dlc. gotta pass on some for now due to all the amazing games releasing next month. my wallet can only take so much. will return soon though.

    • LBP is all about \”PLAY, CREATE & SHARE\”-ing with the entire community. For every piece of DLC we offer up, there are hundreds of new and imaginative ways we see them used to create super cool levels.
      And glad to hear you\’ll be back, as we have some SackTastic DLC planned that you won\’t want to miss!

  • So far, LBP is the one game I have bought all DLC for. The only thing I’m missing is the one week shirt that NA didn’t get. I guess if you wanna get technical I don’t have the crown or the beta tester costume.

    • Cool Vex! Hope you are creating some levels with all that DLC goodness! If so, tell us all about them, we love to check out new user created levels! (Hands Vex a virutal \”Crown\”) ;)

  • Hah, “limited time”…. Media Molecule is making it even more difficult to differentiate between newbies and those who’ve supported the game from day one. This chinese new year costume was out last year. We want more _new_ content. This valentines day pack was out last year. Why doesn’t the PS3 have a version of the valentine’s day skin released for PSP? Next thing you know they’ll have the Astronaut costume up for sale.

  • Have you ever thought about providing DLC that works for both PSP and PS3 versions of the game for us folks who have both?

  • Make some more level packs soon!! One a month would be nice…or at least 4 a year.

    And why can’t content be swapped across both games? That was what deterred me from getting the PSP version.
    In fact i canceled my preorder when i saw it wasn’t multiplayer and couldn’t share dlc.

  • waiting for the announced disney costumes.. hope they come with levels!

  • st. patricks psp?

  • LBP is a great game that keeps on getting better. :)

    btw, what happened to the Ratchet and Clank costumes (and levels) that were “announced” last year. By “announced”, I mean that they were hinted at by both Insomniac and Mm.

  • @Zonified: Probably the same thing as with the Marvel, Final Fantasy, Sonic, etc costumes/levels. They will come out later, but are being worked on/being planned.

  • also please make a patch so that when im making a level it doesnt lock up and shuts down my psp. and when i want to go back to play it it says that it is corrupt data and i have to delete it. that makes it hard for me to show my creativity with the rest of the LittleBigPlanet PSP community if i cannot create a single level. IF ANYONE ELSE HAS BEEN EXPERIENCING THIS ISSUE AND AGREES PLEASE SAY “I AGREE”

  • whats up Mick? can we have a Motorstorm custom kit pack ? i think im getting the WKC kit pack because i really like WKC , dont know wth reviewers are talking about

    • Hey there! Well, there\’s the Motorstorm costume for PS3 (still available), and PSP had one(but this was a preorder bonus).
      Now you\’ve got me curious if anybody in the community has made a MotorStorm level. Shout out if you guys know and I\’ll look too. :)

  • Get it while the get is good

  • LBP is like my favorite game ever. Gonna buy the water pack soon.

    Any word on when we get those Sonic costumes?

  • Marvel costumes would be great too, especially if Spidey got added.

  • forgot to add. Mick get amazon stocked with more LBP plushies STAT.

    • More LBP plushies are DEFINITELY on the way! I can\’t confirm an ETA at this very moment, but we have been working on this, and we should be able to update you guys with some good news on this very soon!

  • 0.o!! I’ve bought nearly all dlc, and the bigger packs on day one of their release, do i get a crown too? Pretty Please. :P *crosses fingers*

    • Optima, you get the super duper, special, limited edition coolest blogger Crown! And guess what, it\’s even invisible, so it just got even cooler.
      Oh yea…..that just happened! ;)

  • Well, the last level I published was Arctic.
    It got 2nd place for a crown contest. (So close)

    DLC used, I believe I used the Vera Bee, and x-mas stickers. I also used water and stone material from the Pirates pack. I made a cut-out of the Penguin costume aswell.

    I think that’s all the DLC I used. If you wanna check it out, its (“Arctic” by: Vex_Doppel and Uirop). It was Co-created, more of a patch than DLC.

  • Oh, I also bought the LBP dynamic theme and avatars. Very nice stuff.

    • The LBP Dynamic Theme is my favorites! Even though it was our very first one for the PS3, I think it\’s still one of the very best!

  • Thanks for the feedback on the Plushies. I have two orders at Amazon that need fulfillment. I just got Sky and Gloria shipped out on Wednesday and they are pretty nice. The kids love them.

  • Hi!

    I love the DLC I have bought pirates DLC and metal gear solid DLC and I love it!

    But did not SONY and MM announce that the Incredible s and other stuff from Disney would come out? I really would like that!

    And that stuff should be on TV spot so family’s that sees PS3 as a console aimed at adults change there mind. Every costumer I speak to that love Mario games I tell them ” Hey, then how would you like Mario 2.0?” And they say “what, tell me” and I sell yet another LBP. All the costumers Love it!

  • Why is the Groundhog Day hat attached to the gopher nose when we have a noses inventory spot? :(

  • thanks for addressing my comment Mick , i already have both customs packs lol and yes i think i have played quite a few Motorstorm Levels in LBP

  • PLEASE ANSWER!!! Ive been getting 5.00 charges from the PS Store,and I havent been purchising much.I download free DLC content or LBP PS3 when I see some. Do they charge a secret fee for downloading free DLC?? Some of my friends have told me sony is charging for Internet,but I dont know if thats true or not.If you know whats going on Id be very happy if youd tell me whats going on. Thanks!!

  • All of that PSP DLC came out last week. Does that mean that there will be no PSP DLC this week?

  • I love LittleBigPlanet!! Thanks for making so many DLC costumes (especially the free ones) so unique. Great job at everything you’re doing, keep it up!

  • @FritoZ lol, I hate people that don’t appreciate the fact the Sony is just trying to make money. After all, it is a BUSINESS last time I checked, so they have the right to place any amount they want to on DLC.

  • i always seem to show up to this too late in order to get a response from mick.

    anyways, update on FFVII DLC plz

  • hey will you guys think about this idea i have? since it’d be terrible if you made a LBP2, why not make new story DLC? New stories for more fun! =D

  • @darthlego: They skipped last week’s newspost so they had to put them here. It does probably mean that none is coming out this week though.
    @yayday: Check your purchase logs or download list. There have been no secret charges from anything I’ve purchased.

  • HEY there :)
    Love LBP PSP (sadly i don’t have a ps3).
    Will there be added functionality liek the paintinator for LBP PSP too? I’d really love to go play, create, share AND shoot/paint stuff on the go :)

    Keep up the good work!

  • Will we have more NEW free DLC for PS3?

  • Mick Perona Wrote:

    “there are only a handful of games that I can go back and play after “beating” (finishing the content that ships “on-disk”), and still get ultra excited for.”

    Except you can never really beat LBP. After you finish, ace, and collect all items from every level, there are well over 2,000,000 more levels to play!

  • Love LBP. I’ve bought every piece of content day one, for both PS3 and PSP. Even the dynamic theme and avatars. Can’t get enough! Still working on getting a crown and still hoping the NA week one shirt will still be released someday.

  • Will we be seeing any Uncharted costumes for LBP cause id definatley spend money on that

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