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Man, what a crazy week. In addition to a serious amount of Blog posts, the internets are talkative as usual about PlayStation news this week. Prime example — details on the next Prince of Persia game were revealed, along with shots and more. Man, where have I been? It seem like only yesterday that the last Prince of Persia (which I loved) dropped, and the next one’s already this far along. Time really does fly.

Also, believe it or not, it’s Killzone 2’s first birthday, so be sure to click through to and who knows…we might even have a few things Killzone to give out next week. Stick to the Twitter feed, will ya?

There’s obviously lots more abuzz from the week, so hit the links, share yours, and we’ll see you in 24.

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of February 15, 2010)

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  • @Chris Morell & Jeff Rubenstein

    can you kindly ask if Final Fantasy XIII Playstation Home Space and Costumes is COMING TO EU & USA.

  • cool week

    3 days till Heavy Rain.


  • @Chris Morell & Jeff Rubenstein

    Can you kindly try to bring the flowing developers (or publishers) to talk about there games in the blog.

    1-Gaijin Entertainment Corporation- Death Track: Resurrection

    2-The Behemoth- Castle Crashers

    3-Team17 Software Ltd- Worms 2: Armageddon

    4-Wanako Games- 3D Ultra™ Minigolf

    5-Q Games- Pixel Junk Racers 2nd Lap

    6-Sony Online Entertainment- Groovin’ Blocks

    7-SEGA- After Burner Climax™

    8-Creat Studios, Inc- Hamster Ball

    9-Game Republic, Inc- Catan

    10-inXile Entertainment- Super Stacker

  • Can I have a refund of $2.99 for the Feb issue of Qore I purchased for the Eye of Judgment Legends demo? I purchased it based on the message stating Feb purchasers would be able to receive the demo. A day later, a strikethrough showed for that and I feel like I was fraudulently promised content I paid for.


  • Wait, you guys didn’t read this **

    Also, can you guys try to get Level 5 on the blog? It would be nice for them to shine some light on the upcoming Quests and DLC. Like the price or when it is actually going to come out. Also, so we can give them some ideas on how to improve WKC online or help them to make the online in WKC2 better.

  • I have a question for any who knows the answer. Is the new God of war 3 trailer available in the PSN store? The one that premiered on GameTrailers TV. I know it’s on but I can’t seem to be able to download since the page is not working right in my computer. I have search in on the store but didn’t find it. Anyone word on when it will be available through PSN store? thanks in advance

  • speaking of wkc it seems that there’s a bug in the last maze that makes the game to freeze up while there’s still sound in the background. i hope level 5 will look this in to this issue because it happened to me and quite frankly its pretty annoying.anyways, i did enjoy the game despite its short story and a few flaws here and there.i cant wait for the sequel to come to NA
    speaking of rpgs, if i hadnt bad xpiriences with the star ocean franchise i would have pick it up. but alas, it wasnt meant to be for me…

  • HUSTLE KINGS: A beautiful looking game and lots of fun to be had for great price! Only $10!
    I’m still enjoying this since the launch.

  • @ Jeff

    Thanks for posting a list every Sunday, a lot of those news are really great, cant wait to get my hands on Heavy Rain and Last Rebillion on Tuesday :) tho i have a small question, will Sony be doing any TV adds for Final Fantasy XIII?? i hope so

  • One more week until Battlefield Bad Company 2!

    Thanks for the links Chris! Looking forward to this week’s PSB!

  • @Jeff
    Hey when is Destination PlayStation this year?

  • Are we going to see a Heavy Rain commercial? The past few big PS3 first party titles have had their commercials posted on the blog the Friday before they were released, but nothing was shown for HR.

  • What happend to Jeff?

  • Looking forward to :

    Heavy Rain
    3D Dot Game Heroes
    Yakuza 3


    General Statement/Question/Idea!

    Wouldn’t it be great if they changed all the PSP games available for DL on PSN into Minis, so we could also play the titles on our PS3’s like all Mini’s?

    They recently changed the PSP title Brainpipe from a regular PSP title to a Mini title, so i re-downloaded it and Wa-la! it can now be played on my PS3!

    What’s to stop Sony form doing this to ALL PSN PSP games?

    that would greatly increase the amount of $$$ Sony could be making!

    I have a PSP-3000, but it’s way more fun to play on my PS3 with a normal controller..

    I guess remapping the controls would have to be done, but still, it would increase the PSN PS3 game library dramatically!

    just an idea!

    have fun this weekend!

    PSN id : FritoZ

  • HEY where is the official God of War III fanpage in facebook? can you create one if there’s none?

  • we want Heavenly Sword 2 : Nariko’s Resurrection after God of Warrrr 3

  • hey Chris are you guys making the Killzone 3 official announcement next week? i keep hearing rumors that Killzone 3 will get announced very soon , same goes to Resistance 3 , Motorstorm 3 , Twisted Metal ps3 and Starhawk i hope they all become true lol oh by the way im really enjoying White Knight Chronicles , Heavy Rain is next then march oh my!!!! Vengeance is almost here , If All of Olympus Will Deny Me My Vengeance then All of Olympus Will DIE !!!!

  • @destiny i’m glad to hear that i’m not the only one getting the last rebellion XD

  • I’m hoping some news about the spring/summer and holidays line up start to trickle down. Game announcements have been awfully quiet for this time of year compared to last year.

  • you should make a truly ultimate God of War PlayStaion bundle. it should come with
    1 PS3
    1 copy of God of War I and II for the PS3
    1 copy of God of War III for PS3
    1 Blood Red God of War PSP
    1 copy of God of War: Chains of Olympus for PSP

  • Don’t forget to add the Official MLB 10: The Show community site launched this weekend.

  • @19, Are you serious? Do you know how much that’ll cost?

  • I am so with 15. Heavenly Sword 2 please!

    Oh and Legend of Dragoon 2 would be nice too. ;)

  • I love MAG… More people need mics in that game though… SVER FTW

  • JEFF!

    The update fails for Mah-Jong Tales: Ancient Wisdom. I bought it for my girlfriend last week and it resets the system every time we launch the title and try to update. Emailed the publisher- but nothing’s changed, so far…

  • @Chris

    I notice you did not repost the Friday announcement of free game with new PSP Go purchases. Any reason for that?

  • Re: SOCOM Fights Piracy On PSP – IGN

    I really hope this doesn’t come to the PS3.

    I have my doubts about the fighting piracy claim as from what I’ve heard hacked PSP’s can’t play online anyway. So what’s the real target here? I’m guessing the used game market.

    On the PS3, there is no piracy problem, so this definitely isn’t necessary there unless targetting used game sales. I know the article doesn’t say it’s coming to PS3, but they also don’t deny that it will either.

    In any case, I have a suggestion for Sony which will help with both your piracy and used game problem: drop the price. Digital copies of games should not cost anywhere near the same as retail copies. We’ve routinely been told that developers only see $16 per game from retail sales, so why aren’t we seeing digital copies going for $19.99?

  • Heavenly Sword was my favorite hack n slash on the PS3 until the GOW collection came out. Easily the most under rated game and all the critics could do to hate on it was say that it was too short. I would get HS2 day 1 if it came out. Another great game that doesn’t get much love is Folklore. The only thing I didn’t like was the cut scenes, all the game play was brilliant. A second part with better cut scenes would be sweet.

  • ok, im getting a little sick and tired of my PS3 web browser freezing up all the time…like, it needs a serious update or sumthin’……

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