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  • UNCHARTED 2 Title Update 1.05 – Earlier this week we released one of our biggest Title Updates to the online modes of UNCHARTED 2. New medals, changes to the quit penalty system, a method to remove AFK players, a stats info crawling ticker and the highly debated adjustments to weapon damage and associated attributes.
  • Naughty Dog and UNCHARTED 2 at D.I.C.E. Summit and the Interactive Achievement Awards – We went over to Las Vegas this week to attend the highly inspiring D.I.C.E. Summit with many other developers, publishers and other industry people – many of whom were and still are our childhood heroes. Read our daily updates for a peek of what it was like to attend D.I.C.E., including video from Co-Lead Game Designer Richard Lemarchand’s session and a recap of the TEN awards we received at the 13th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards ceremony.

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  • Just bought a PSP Go yesterday since I saw the in-game promotion but after going on my PSN account have yet to receive my voucher for either Assassins or LBP… what gives??

  • I was one of the people who didn’t really like the 1.05 Uncharted 2 update at first.

    But I’ve adapted. And now I LOVE it.

    I’ve tried things I never tried before in Multiplayer. I no longer go for shotguns to get my killstreaks. I found places in maps I never knew existed. And I still end up in first place in most games.

    Everyone who disliked the update: keep playing! Eventually you’ll adapt and enjoy the game again, or much more than you did.

  • I think I may have broken the “Most comments by a single person” record as well.

  • its nice to see that the blog is John Comment Contest proof now, so more contest for the future!

  • Its been close to a couple months since a basic FW update. Is there going to be one in the next few weeks?

    Its been a year + since a meaningful significant update, will there be any of those anytime soon?

  • When is destination Playstation this year?

    It was around now I remember from last year.

  • Any contests coming up on the blog soon? Those are always fun.

  • Chris or Jeff or someone, can you help me out? I bought a PSP Go! yesterday, signed in on PSN, and i still havent gotten my code for LittleBigPlanet. :/ I dont know whats up. Do we have to wait a week or something? lol cause that kinda sucks if we do. >.< Though i guess it sucks even more if it was supposed to be immediate and i just didn't get mine. D:

  • @1
    Oh, thanks god you said that. Lol i was getting worried. >.> We must just have to wait. Did you notice the “whole “Comes with Rock Band Unplugged!” thing on the box that turned out to just be a demo? xD That was garbage. And the game isnt even on the store to buy. I was like WTFFFFF.

  • chris, i just finished white knight chronicles a few days ago.after finishing the story i didnt felt compelled enough to keep playing it online even if the online is fun to do…anyways, i liked the game despite its flaws.speaking of which,there is a bug that freezes up the game at the last dungeon. could you guys give the heads up to level 5 to see if they can fix the issue?the game froze for me totally while the background music kept on playing…

    to the rest of you that might be playing the game i have one advice save often!
    specially if you are feeling like you are getting near the end of the game :0

  • Any word on when Return to Ostagar will be put up on the PlayStation Store?

  • hey Chris or Jeff do you guys have any news on The Agency.

  • Chris,

    We, the PlayStation community, tried our best to break the blog in John D MAN’s blog LOL! We failed this time, but we still live to fight another day (next John Diamonon blog)!!

  • All good stuff.

    Chris, would be able to shed some light on the estimated date the PSN Video store will be made available in Canada?

  • Looks like no one’s gonna answer your questions guys…

  • I have 3 questions:

    1) When is Dead Nation (PSN) coming out?

    2) When will the Amazon PSN store be updated to reflect this weeks price changes?

    3) Can we get a voice cast list for God of War III pretty please?


  • Called Sony today and they told me that I would be receiving the voucher within the week but that I don’t get to pick which game I would received if you are over 17 its Assassins if you are under 17 LBP… why?

  • Guys can we please get some solid GT5 info. I’m tired of all the rumor mongering and speculation.

  • @17 wtf are you serious? The only reason i even bought the system was because i got LittleBigPlanet with it. I DO NOT want Assassins Creed. Bought the first one, didn’t like it. Rented the second and didn’t like it. I dont want Bloodlines at all.
    If that’s true then the guy on the blog lied.

    UuuuUUUGH thats garbage. Im royally pissed if thats true, like you dont even know…

  • “Do it, Rockapella!”

    Funniest [DELETED] ever!

  • Chris , we want Heavenly Sword 2 !!!!!!!!

  • Hello Chris, thanx for the update. Is there anyway you guys could couple all the replied comments in a manner where we could access them directly? That last blog from you know who, was…a tedious and timely procedure! Good looking out!

  • Thanks for the recap!

    I had alot of fun trying to break teh blog, and this time Jeff even said it was OK!!

    And i even won the Capcom Blog jackpot 5000th post!

    So it’s been a great week for this gamer!


    Anyone like to play some Age of Booty? ( a Capcom multiplayer Pirate game)

    Friend Me!

    PSN id: FritoZ

  • I love it all but only thing i wish for and been wishing for was a crushing play list or somewhere you add you add crushing in public games. mp40 would be cool see lol in multilayer. Anyway love the update fills more like a online game. Before it felt to much like a single player mode just not versing computers. The game nearly perfect for me this n madden n cod mw2

  • i need mag and a ps3 slim ima get a job and get it asap

  • @25 MAG is one of the best games ive played ever i own it and i just got level 60 with SVER and im about to go veteran and go to Valor then Raven.

    and 1 thing. i cannot get the uncharted2 DLC Map Pack. could some1 help me?? i wanna play the new maps and get the new trophies and spend my money on something but i cannot get the freaking map pack. am i just looking in the wrong spots? could some1 help me plz?

  • Can I have a refund of $2.99 for the Feb issue of Qore I purchased for the Eye of Judgment Legends demo? I purchased it based on the message stating Feb purchasers would be able to receive the demo. A day later, a strikethrough showed for that and I feel like I was fraudulently promised content I paid for.


  • You got me curious Chris, so I decided to count em all up instead of writing some stupid humanities papers.

    The final tally for me is 1,567 comments.

  • as a fan of uncharted 2, i must say that i absolutely hate the update. i have terrible internet that craps out half the time, and every time it craps out i loose a level. this means that it is now impossible for me to play the game with out loosing levels on my multiplayer score. what can i do? i can’t afford to get a better internet connection, and unless there is a patch so people can leave games without penalty if their game freezes, i will not play uncharted 2’s multiplayer ever again. please help! btw my psn is Permafry_42


  • Can we get a Pixel Junk Monsters 2 or DLC third island?

  • I know this is a bit off topic, but is there I way I can contact Sony Publishing to request a replacement case and manual for White Knight Chronicles? My originals were stolen (along with my other PS3 games), but luckily the game itself was spared since it wasn’t in the case or system. Obviously I’m not going to re-buy the game, but at the same time I’m a bit of a perfectionist/collector and not having the case and manual is very annoying to me. I tried contacting PlayStation customer service, but, since they’re only hardware, they tell me to contact the publisher. Sony is the publisher, but I can’t find any contact info (email or (800) number) for thier publishing section. Please help?

  • Question for SCEA Re: MLB 10 the Show

    Is there a reason the year-by-year stats for each player is limited to 3 years? Most other sports games display a player’s entire career.

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