PlayStation at NBA All-Star Weekend = Custom PSPgos, PS3 Games and More

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The convergence of athletes and videogames was apparent this past weekend as PlayStation once again powered up the official NBA Players’ Lounge at NBA All-Star Weekend in Dallas.

Ronny Price - Jazz w/PSP

This was yet again a great opportunity to give players and families a chance to relax, get some food and drink, and play some of the latest PlayStation games including MLB 10: The Show, Gran Turismo 5, ModNation Racers and God of War III. Of course we didn’t just leave it at that. We also brought back the custom laser etching machine to carve some customized designs into PSPgos and wooden cases to provide for the all-star players. The PSPs were painted with unique all-star colors in a variety of styles, and etched with a design of the player’s choice. The laser machine went into overtime though, as the team laser etched the customized PSP boxes, a variety of notebooks, and even random guest items like phones and laptops. Additionally, Sony Electronics was kind enough to donate some equipment to also include for the players.

It was incredibly cool to see how unique each player went with their custom PSPgo design. Can you guess whose PSP this is? (Click through for the answer)

Paul Pierce PSPgo

…or this? HINT: It’s not Dwyane Wade.

Deron Williams PSPgp

In addition to getting early hands-on time with the games mentioned above, the competitiveness of these guys also showed with players challenging each other to MLB 10 The Show, racing laps in GT5 with determination, and trying to tackle boss after boss in God of War III. To top it off, NBA 10 The Inside cover athlete Brandon Roy of the Portland Trailblazers stopped in to check out the games and spend some time with the various media that were in attendance. Unfortunately due to injury we didn’t get to see Brandon play in the game, but we did get to witness his skills at the various games available.

Current and former NBA players that stopped by the lounge included:

  • Nate Robinson
  • Brandon Roy
  • Paul Pierce
  • Kevin Durant
  • Rajon Rondo
  • Chris Paul
  • Deron Williams
  • Derrick Rose
  • JR Smith
  • Al Horford
  • Taj Gibson
  • Russell Westbrook
  • Stephen Curry
  • Dikembe Mutombo
  • Patrick Ewing
  • Brook Lopez
  • Bruce Bowen
  • Marc Gasol
  • Demar DeRozan
  • Ronny Price
  • Anthony Morrow
  • Flip Murray
  • Omri Casspi
  • Danilo Gallinari
  • Louis Amundsen

You can see all the pictures of the players and their custom PSPs in Flickr. But we can’t possibly leave without showing off a pic of LeBron’s custom PSPgo, plexi case and kicks. Enjoy!

Lebron shoes + PSPgo

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  • what no dwayne wade nor michael beasley?it sucks that there werent any representation of the miami heat in that list..hope that by the trade deadline miami does something to improve itself if not then we’ll have to wait till summer ;0

    • Looked like the Heat were gunning for Amare, but now it\’s looking like a long-shot. I have to say, with the way the Marion thing turned out, I think it\’s for the best. Let\’s hope they land something — I love when Wade is in the playoff mix.

  • Very snazzy custom jobs, indeed!

    P.S., BRUCE BOWEN!!!!
    **”nerding-out about the Spurs” sequence finished**

  • No fairsies. They’re already rich. D:

  • I really hope MLB 10 The Show Demo is coming out later today!!! :)

  • lol llllll

  • nice paint jobs on the PSPgos

  • Giving away PSP Go’s for free is about the only way you can actually move any units of the thing.

    No one wants to pay $250 for it and $40 for downloadable games. Trying the whole “look how many cool people own one” thing isn’t going to change that fact.

    Fix the pricing already, the sooner the better.

  • That’s cool. I guess. I mean, you could give out free really swank-looking custom-engraved PSPgos to people who earn enough money for five seconds of playtime to buy one. Or you could have let those, like me, who purchased a PSPgo with hard-earned money and at least given us one or two free games or something.

    No, that’s fine. No problem. At least I’ll be using my PSPgo, like I usually do, on my public transportation commute… something those guys won’t have the pleasure of experiencing because public transportation for them = a private jet.

    Ok, being dead serious now: cool looking PSPgos. But dang guys, why provide really awesome stuff for them and not your average consumer? For all you know, their custom PSPgos are probably sitting in their luggage, dead because they’re not charged up.

    This is great and all… but I don’t get the point. Just because I see Paul Pierce receive a custom PSPgo isn’t going to make me go out and buy one.

  • playin sidewayz with a candy paint psp while chuckin the duece.

  • is possible for you guys have dlc classics stadiums or any stadiums ie the fun ones from triple play series? i would like to see yankees stadium again. or any cool ones. thanks.

  • It still costs way too much.

    and for 250, it should have a second stick…

  • @#12: Sony is learning their lesson in the marketplace, where the PSP Go is barely selling.

  • I think the PSP Go could have a slightly better chance of selling if Sony allowed for this kind of customization upon purchase.

  • so they got to play GoW III already?

    we’re diehard fans on the god of war forum then they’ll be and yet they get all this stuff…

    someone want to attept to tell me how thats fair?

  • Because if there’s one thing we’ve learned, NBA all-stars are POOR! The winning players in that game only got like, $30,000 or something! But oh, the jokes on them once they start looking for games to download for their GO on the PSN!

  • What a joke.

    I can’t believe anyone — especially with today’s economic hardships — is impressed that Sony gave laser-etched, custom-cased PSPgos to a bunch of multi-millionaires.

  • I think the general feeling here–and it’s one that I share–it’s that too many consumers (often fans who bleed Sony) are getting mistreated by this company, seeing overpriced games and systems and poor support both physically and vocally.

    So, to then turn around in poor economic times and hand out overpriced, under supported junk to millionaires and then brag about it to those same struggling consumers–struggling financially and struggling to justify loyalty to a brand that overprices itself (a PSP go that costs nearly the same as the PS3?) out of a consumer range, doesn’t deliver on support for that product, doesn’t reward early adopters and long time fans (well, some Europeans I think were rewarded).

    It’s making it an easier and easier choice when I have to choose which platform gets my multiplatform support–which is sad for me because there was a time that I’d never have pegged Sony for such an out of touch–nearly Republican company.

  • So, why is it that the general public can’t get something like this?

    Why is it that the opportunity is only given to idiot sports stars?

  • They have a custom PSPgo for a basketball player, but they couldn’t make a Special Edition PSPgo for Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker. What a gyp. I was going to buy one too, but now I’ll just wait til the price drops. Or if they ever release a metallic olive drab colored PSPgo.

  • Way to make me feel less special since I got a brand new PSPgo just yesterday!!! :(

  • I have a psp Go, can i send it too you guys to paint mine like that?

  • Man, sure would be nice to have one of those especially being a die hard PS fan from the very beginning.

    Pierce and whoever else that received this must be feeling really good to get something cool like that for free when he can afford to by a whole cr@p load of them and not even effect his wallet.

  • Whole lot of crying going on in the PlayStation world these days

  • how come they dont sell pspgo’s with more color like that. it cant be too much to ask for of a $250 system since they were able to do it for all those nba all stars for FREE.

  • i couldnt agree with #7 & #8 more. I paied $249+ nyc tax =$278… then a 16gb card for it from B&H for another $87. I still have 13gb free and most space taken up is from mmovies and rss feeds because games are super slow… how i miss my m-33 days. Atleast these milionaires get the best for free. i cannot believe im losing interest in my ps3.

  • oh! ,ilk fell on it, and another $99 to fix it now for SONY aswell. They got this down packed i tell ya. DLC Games same pricing as Tangebles..humm ok.overhead’s replacement is profit.

  • Well Chris i guess you’re Blog Post is a Hit… in the face lmaoo. and yes i was a day one for my 60gb ps3 and the psp phat/Slim..skipeed the 3000, Got the go the first day, had a dead pixel had to swap it after fight with them because “if its less than 5 dead pixels its common” wth r u forreal? Plz no more blog post for the Millionaires!

  • Do you guys really think that other companies don’t do the exact same thing? They all do it, give free stuff to sports stars, movie stars, and who ever else that is famous. Really people get yourself back into reality. I bet Microsoft and Nintendo were both there giving stuff away. Now I know it’s really tough but grab a tissue and stop whining, and maybe mommy will get you a treat at the store! lmao!

  • I am jealous that they got to play God of War 3 though. Only 23 more days!!!!!!

  • @IrishPete

    Grab a tissue. I played it at PAX and I’m not a NBA star.

  • I had to grab two tissues, TwinDad. So did it blow your mind or what? I played the demo and I loved it.

  • IrishPete, I think you need a tissue more than the rest of us. With all your self congratulations and your sucking up, either you or Sony is going to need a tissue to clean up all the self pleasuring you’re doing.

  • How much does a laser-engraving machine cost?? I want one haha.

  • Should have got Kobe.

  • Man I just watched a video, I have to get one of those laser machines.

  • @chris morrel yeah it looks like we wont be landing anybody from the trade deadline thingy.and that sucks because we really need an upgrade specially at the center and a point guard position.oh also if you didnt know wade got hurt last night and it seems like he is going to be out for a few games at least…oh well,at least we got beasly and later in the year the big cap room to sign in whoever wants to come to miami…i still havent forgotten the mo’ williams fiasco though

  • @33 TheCryingSpin, are you one of the people crying about the free stuff they gave away too. While I think it is messed up to give people with millions of dollars free stuff, I am not going to go on the blog and cry about it. It makes people sound like little kids who didn’t get there way. But maybe they are just kids who didn’t get there way(I hope anyway). Have fun buddy.

  • ok. i know there all-stars, and famous and all but i dont think ANYONE EVEN THE PRESIDENT should be able to play a game o- sorry THE game GOD OF WAR 3 a MONTH be4 it came out. Thats just wrong. well, evry1 except santa monica studios (WOO!) can play it early.

  • o sorry CANT play it early


  • is there going to be roster updates for NBA 10 The Inside?

  • LeBron’s custom PSPgo…that’s just awesome.

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