MAG Developer Tips: Field Support

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Hot on the heels of yesterday’s medic-oriented patch, Zipper Technical Art Director and beer aficionado Steve Suhy shows off his penchant for great timing with tips on how to play MAG’s Field Support Class. But first, this nicely-presented video followed by Steve’s comments.

Cheers recruits. This is Steve Suhy from Zipper Interactive here to give you some insightful tips on maximizing your Field Support Abilities. Let’s do this!

Basic Tips

  • You always want to maximize your points at the end of a round and using your field support abilities greatly contributes to that cause. So listen to your squad leader and get those FRAGO multipliers. Is the AA down and your squad leader has FRAGO’ed it? Don’t walk, SPRINT TO IT, and grab that multiplier!
  • Use your skill points early for field support skills. These GREATLY contribute to secondary XP.
  • Heal from the field. Get a resuscitation kit ASAP. Your squad will love you for it. So will your XP bonus.
  • Improved Repairing is key! Basically another way of saying score XP faster!
  • Wanna make friends the easy way with your squad? DON’T BLEED OUT! At point of death, first use your analog stick to scan the immediate area for a medic. If one is visible, call out on the mic and wait on the countdown timer as long as possible. Your pain is your squadmates’ reward. And please say thanks – courtesy is still appreciated on the field of blood and destruction.

Advanced Tips

  • If on defense during a Domination match, and you are spawning at your rear point, flank the outsides of your quadrant and reach the forward destroyed bunkers. Repair and move on to another destroyed bunker if possible to repair. Repairing a bunker before repairing an AA will spawn teammates that can help in the job of repairing an AA. Team trumps Rambo every time.
  • While repairing a forward bunker and notice that other bunkers are destroyed, pick the farthest bunker away from your current repair. Once the repaired bunker is up, the opposition will swarm that area to investigate. If you repair far enough away from THAT focus, you’ll have a greater chance of success in getting multiple bunkers repaired. Eliminating predictability is the key to survival.
  • While repairing ANYTHING, always be aware of being vulnerable to an easy line of site from the opposition. Don’t make yourself a target. Don’t be a clothing mannequin with a target on your back.
  • Healing around ANY, yes ANY FRAGO’d targets doubles XP. Take advantage. Be an XP shark.

Awesome tips Steve, thank you kindly. As for the rest of you, we’ll be back again tomorrow with the good word from designer Christopher Burns for his take on the Rapid Assault class. See you in 24!

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