MAG Developer Tips: Direct Action

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We have returned! For today’s Zip-Tips, Lead Tester and owner of the world’s largest video game t-shirt collection, Jay Embry, walks us through the popular Direct Action class in MAG. If you’re the visual type we have this nifty Direct Action video narrated by Jay himself, followed by his handy tips. Enjoy!

Hello, this is Jay! The Direct Action soldier is invaluable to the team whether they’re attacking or defending. If attacking, it’s going to be your job to do as much damage as possible to key defensible points — like using your rockets to take out Defensive Emplacement Turrets. If defending, it’s the Direct Action guy’s job to keep key defense objectives up and running or out of enemy hands all together. Here are some specific tips to help you be the most effective Direct Action soldier you can be.

Basic Tips

  • To be Direct Action, the most obvious step is to make sure you have a heavy machine gun in your loadout.
  • Keep some kind of demolition gear with you at all times. Either a rocket launcher or mines will do the trick.
  • Always stick with your squad. Keep the Commandos covered, and revive any fallen teammates if you have the “Resuscitation” skill equipped.

Advanced Tips

  • Be sure to have loadouts geared for attacking and defending. If attacking, you probably won’t need a repair kit, so don’t take one. If defending make sure to have weapons that will best help you fend off attackers or stop a stolen vehicle from escaping!
  • Make sure to have a good variety of weapons/gear in your loadouts. Always communicate with your squadmates to make certain you aren’t leaving anything behind that could prove valuable for your attack/defense.
  • It’s a good idea to upgrade your machine gun as often as possible. Keep the red dot and foregrip on it to increase accuracy for most of your career.
  • It’s also a good idea to get the “Increased Health” skill. Extra health will keep you alive longer. And the longer you live, the more enemies you can take out with your giant man cannon.
  • Stay behind cover and move with your squad in waves. You’re not a one-man army and are meant to focus your demo on key objectives.

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  • thanks. what about dlc

  • Might be an odd question, but about mines, like the anti personel mines, do they explode if anyone steps in front of them, or only the enemy?

    It would probably help me use them more if I knew.

  • yes please tell us of any DLC coming some fans a lose’n interest ( not me but some) and @ashend only the enemy can trigger those

  • I am not a one man army.
    I am not a one man army.
    I am not a one man army.

    Definatly the tip I forget the most, hopefully its solidified in my brain now.

  • this doesn’t have anythng to do with mag but about G.A.P. i would love to be a part of it and i know they send random emails but i was hoping that maybe if they saw this they would give me a holler or at least talk to me about it my psn name is tmach23 my other profile is FYUR_Tmach23 feel free to send friend request or message about it or post something. i would really like to hear from someone. thanks

  • @ashend: they only explode on enemy proximity and they dont hurt you or squad mates if they explode while near them. (it happens all the time your just planting a mine and an enemy come to you, the mine explodes, you get your kill and your fine.)

    that is what most players forget unfortunately.

    this is the path I chose, its so cool to destroy an enemy apc, kill 4 or 5 enemy’s, get new rockets, hit a gun turret kill more enemy’s and just unleash hell on your opponent. very nice. thanks for the skill tree tip btw.

  • Wow! This continuing series is going on for 3 weeks (is that what you had said)?

    So we’re on 7 out of 14 (due to the holiday)?

    Looking forward to all of these. Thanks for the continuing support and all of the responses on

  • I find it funny that this game is not even a month old and already people are demanding dlc.

    I mean do you guys just want the developers to leave stuff out of the game at launch just so that you can pay money for it a week later? You should be happy that Zipper isn’t screwing you over.

  • good point Azure-Edge! i think DLC is one of the worst new advents associated with the new Digital Gaming Age for the reasons you explained..

    but hey at least people are enjoying it so much they want more! I know of alot of unpopular games where they shovel unwanted DLC at us from the launch day!

  • Hey dunnhamus,

    *Repairmen should get more XP.

    and you should be able to get the same ribbons multiple times in the same match.

  • Nice tips. I think overall people need to learn to communicate more in squads. The fun factor to M.A.G shoots WAY up when things are getting done.

    Does GAP even exist anymore since the underground is no more?

  • I am a hybrid. I AM a one man army hahahaha
    Specs in sniper, commando and skill at direct action = mass pwnage.

    and @Tmach23, GAP is really just blogs for the most part, I was so excited to get in but there’s nothing that special other than the occasional beta and some news a couple days early

  • mag is the most amazing game and the devs are making sure it stays that way.
    never saw a company take this much pride in a game to fix things for us along the way like the update today…

  • I have to ask, why are the machine guns overpowered? There are too stable,add no sign of weight to the player,the stats surpasses the assault rifle in every way. Its crazy the AK-103 feels more of a machine gun then the first lmg you receive. If you see people sniping with a lmg and they are getting headshots you know there something wrong. Its like the goddamn shotguns in MW2 you can one hit kill a guy across the field.

  • @Azure-Edge & FritoZ

    Just FYI, I don’t think people are requesting PAID DLC. More like free maps like BF:BC.

    Personally, I hope they work on gliches before patching in new content. Monday I was trying to heal a few guys as the slid across level ground. Also saw a guy fly like superman after getting killed on top of a rock. When I spawned as squad leader the first time in a battle and set a way marker on the map, I came back out of the map function to find out that I was under the bunker. I could actually move about and see the guys spawning and running over my head. Just couldn’t get through a wall even though I could see through them. Thankfully I had grenades in my current loadout and could suicide.

  • Also more important than more content to me would be the ability to save a character profile per faction. If you don’t want everyone flip-flopping on command, just lock it down to where you can only use one faction profile within every XX days. Hell, make it so no-one can switch until the beginning of each month. But don’t make me kill off a veteran for it. Even if it meant I had to reach veteran in one faction before I could create a character in another.

    Anyway, this game is fun as hell and sucking up all of my free time. I have even started eating, peeing and communicating with family during loadings. Tried v1.02 before work today and loved the medic changes. Can’t wait to get out of work so I can get back to it.

  • A few requests to my fellow players:

    1) Get a headset people. If your money is tight, get a $10 cheapy off of Amazon. I’d rather hear you over a crappy mic than not be able to communicate with you at all.

    2) I hear a lot of people insisting that people follow orders from command. This is good, but also works the other way around. It’s often that someone gets SL and is aimlessly wondering around the battlefield. Are we going to go where you marked on the map or what?! You wanna lead the squad or just get your 8 points after we get it together without you. Lead or be lead is what this game is about. And don’t act like you can’t answer, we can here you breathing into your mic and your wife yelling at you in the background.

    3) Somebody please make a clan in each faction for people that don’t want to team play. So sick of the three or four guys that stick to the directive and the rest of the team is just looking for a random guy to shoot at. I’m nothing close to a pro at this, but would still like to make the attempt to win with like-minded players.

    Think that’s enough for now before I get lynched for wall-o-texting. See you all on the servers.

  • I heard a rumour that you can only play mag if you have a headset. Hope that is true because i hate playing with people who don’t have headsets trying to come up with a game plan when only one other person in your squad has a headset.

    S.V.E.R = THE BEST

  • ***BUG REPORT***

    Hello Zipper,

    I experienced an issue last night while playing with a full squad of 8 players. After a match, I was viewing the game stats (where player needs to press START to continue) and was unable to exit the screen.

    Directly after the match was over, the group leader immediately joined our group to the wait queue for the next match. While he was doing this I was browsing the stats using the L1 & R1 shoulder buttons as well as the d-pad Up & Down buttons. I noticed we had joined a queue by looking at the left side panel. The problem was pressing the START button did nothing. I was still able to communicate with my group even after they joined a match and were waiting in the pre-game lobby. Once the match started I was no longer able to communicate with my group/squad and I was still unable to exit the end-game stats.

    Ultimately I had to quit the game.

    If I can reproduce this again, I will provide you with exact steps.

  • Hi guys, i just got this game a couple of days ago. its amazing online, up to 200 and more in one online match, its like a real warzone. i like it when you get to parachute down into the map after you respawn. i think the online gameplay is much better than MW2, i dont think MW2 is as good as COD4 i dont think eneybody will be able to beat COD4 it is a legend, im 10th prestige on it. if you have MAG add me and i will play you on it, because i havnt got meny freinds hew have got it at the moment, also i am on team sver. i will see you on the battlefield comrade.

  • Forget being a commando! Im gonna respec and get extra health!

  • Great post… Not as exciting as yesterday though… What’s tomorrow’s gunna be about?

    Add me If you on SVER and got a mic.. I got a pretty big clan that anyone with a mic can join

  • I bought MAG and resold it just to support you guys, if you want it to be a good game that ill rebuy, add vehicle combat. It is a war after all, im surprised there are no planes.

  • snipe you soon, b*tches! hahaha! thanks zipper for an awesome game!

  • mkisoo7 we dont need u we need team players mag rules

  • you need to make the cost of respecing your charactor less please

  • I have friends that are girls and they keep asking me if there will ever be any girl avatars in MAG. So my question is will there ever be an update for more avatarts, guns or map’s comeing to MAG?

  • There’s one thing, and potentially very useful thing I’d like to be added.

    The “A to J” and “1 to 10” used in topography maps; “x,y” coordinates would help out a lot with pointing out things on the map to other teammates especially for platoon leaders and Officers in Charge.

  • mkisoo7, ACPs, 4x4s, choppers. These are vehicles. Did you only play Sabotage?

  • Love this game and it’s eating up all of my free time since launch, but had a rough go last night. I’m tired of guys that don’t seem to want to go after the objective. Please go play MW2 if you just want to kill people, cause you ruin the game for the other people in your squad. Oh and for gods sake don’t apply to be squad leader if you have no intention of setting Fragos.

  • Mr. Jeremy Dunham:

    I just got a copy of MAG yesterday & like the game & the concept, however my heart lays with socom. I have loved socom from the first release & is the main reason I paid $600 for a PS3. Confrontation was a BIG let down & there have been rumors around the web about Socom 4 in development & that Zipper is back in control not Slant6. If you guys were to search the web & look at how many or your fans love & want a good Socom (mirrored off Socom 2) it may overwhelm you. Socom 2 was by far the best one you guys created the single & multi player, believe it or not but you guys pioneered how online FPS are played today. If you could please make Socom 4 like Socom 2, same game play, tighter controls & better graphics I can guarantee you my salary that you will have a fan base that far exceeds any Call of Duty or Halo game out there. Sony makes all the decisions about Socom since they brought Zipper a few years ago. Sony give Zipper the freedom it needs to make Socom the way it should be & be more active when it comes to the Socom community.



  • I <3 Direct Action!

  • Do you guys think rapid assault or direct action is better? I like direct action but the grenade launcher seems good…

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