MAG Developer Tips: Direct Action

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We have returned! For today’s Zip-Tips, Lead Tester and owner of the world’s largest video game t-shirt collection, Jay Embry, walks us through the popular Direct Action class in MAG. If you’re the visual type we have this nifty Direct Action video narrated by Jay himself, followed by his handy tips. Enjoy!

Hello, this is Jay! The Direct Action soldier is invaluable to the team whether they’re attacking or defending. If attacking, it’s going to be your job to do as much damage as possible to key defensible points — like using your rockets to take out Defensive Emplacement Turrets. If defending, it’s the Direct Action guy’s job to keep key defense objectives up and running or out of enemy hands all together. Here are some specific tips to help you be the most effective Direct Action soldier you can be.

Basic Tips

  • To be Direct Action, the most obvious step is to make sure you have a heavy machine gun in your loadout.
  • Keep some kind of demolition gear with you at all times. Either a rocket launcher or mines will do the trick.
  • Always stick with your squad. Keep the Commandos covered, and revive any fallen teammates if you have the “Resuscitation” skill equipped.

Advanced Tips

  • Be sure to have loadouts geared for attacking and defending. If attacking, you probably won’t need a repair kit, so don’t take one. If defending make sure to have weapons that will best help you fend off attackers or stop a stolen vehicle from escaping!
  • Make sure to have a good variety of weapons/gear in your loadouts. Always communicate with your squadmates to make certain you aren’t leaving anything behind that could prove valuable for your attack/defense.
  • It’s a good idea to upgrade your machine gun as often as possible. Keep the red dot and foregrip on it to increase accuracy for most of your career.
  • It’s also a good idea to get the “Increased Health” skill. Extra health will keep you alive longer. And the longer you live, the more enemies you can take out with your giant man cannon.
  • Stay behind cover and move with your squad in waves. You’re not a one-man army and are meant to focus your demo on key objectives.

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