God of War III GameStop Pre-Order Sweepstakes Announced

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Today GameStop announced a God of War III Sweepstakes that gives fans a shot at prizes even the Gods would envy. Want pizza for a year or the ultimate Sony Home Entertainment System? Maybe a VIP trip to a premier music festival or MMA experience in Las Vegas? GameStop is giving away four weekly grand prizes and more than 2,200 ungodly prizes through March 15 exclusively for GameStop pre-order customers.

God of War III GameStop Be the Envy of the Gods

Entering the “Be the Envy of the Gods” sweepstakes is simple. Fans can pre-order the game at any local GameStop or online at www.gamestop.com, and use their receipt code or online order confirmation number to enter. The code can be entered once a week on the website, www.gamestop.com/gow3, for a chance to win instant and weekly grand prizes.

For complete rules and additional details, visit a local GameStop retail location or www.gamestop.com/gow3. Note: Customers who pre-ordered the game prior to Feb.16 can go to www.gamestop.com/gow3 to register.

So to sum it up, if you order at GameStop you will receive the following:

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  • Is this available to Canadians using EB Games or GameStop.ca?

    Thanks in advance.

  • WOW, now THAT’s incentive to pre-order!

    Feast of the Gods, here I come!

  • So many American contests, so little Canadian contests, makes me sad.

    Still can’t wait for this game though!

  • Oh my.. And I was thinking of pre-ordering at Bestbuy because I hate Gamestop. I may put my feelings behind me for just one day though.

  • I have it through Amazon :( oh well, didn’t have a snowballs chance of winning anyways

  • Entered! Hope I win….something!

  • um where exactly is the pre-order code on teh receipt? UNDER the date and time? 6 DIGITS?

  • I’m also confused about which # on my receipt is the reservation code.

  • Offering the demo/beta access as a pre-order bonus is one of the cheapest tricks this gen.
    Please, no more after GoW3.

  • would love to know why my attempts to post under my main username do not appear (probably banned for having my own thoughts) but I guess I’ll post under this one…

    This seems like a good preorder bonus but I’ve already had my copy paid for at Amazon for months. I probably wouldn’t have a chance in winning anyways…

  • Gamestop??? Again???

  • There will be portuguese in the american version of the game?

  • screw Gamestop, i hate that store… do contests and other prizes or what not with Best Buy!!!! Gamestop is the DEVIL!!! with all what they did in the past… and you still doing these exclusive deals with them?

  • Bleh, already pre-ordered my Ultimate edition on Amazon a few weeks back…

  • sweet!!! i think i’ll cancel my preorder at amazon, sorry guys

  • this release is going to be HUGE!!!!!!!!

  • Damn, not for Canadians?
    Sucks being shafted like this over and over.

    Oh well, I have my copy of the Ultimate Edition on pre-order. Can’t wait for this game.

  • nice i just did it…hope i win…

    who am i kidding :(

    grats to the winners :)

    im really digging that tv set

  • Why are you supporting gamestop so much? Switch to Best Buy!

  • Wow I would hate myself if I won that week 3 prize? Awesome TV, Awesome stereo system, awesome trip, Pizza party.

    The other 3 winners should point and laugh at the week 3 winner.

    They can all Laugh at Canada since Canada gets diddily squat :(

  • Wait wait wait. Why did you announce this contest before the 250gb Kratos PS3 that is in one of the prizes? That’s kind of a weird way to announce a new system bundle.

  • I pre-ordered it months ago so can I still enter?

  • I don’t believe in pre-orders anymore. Not after I pre-ordered CoD: MW2 the day they announced it available and then come to find out 3 weeks later it was backordered. So yeah…no.

    Besides, I want a PS3 console with Kratos holding Hades or Zeus’ head. That would be worth entereing.

  • I must say.Unless they do something for Playstation Home in these preorders…I wont preorder.I dont care how big a prize it is.
    Mag,Pixel Junk,Bioshock,etc…got it right..

  • Oh…Ill NEVER buy from gamestop Anyways…
    Price Gougers

  • Excellent. Where on the receipt can I find my Reservation Code?

  • I’m just going to ask this since you always manage to forget this info…

    Is this avalible for Canadian EB games pre order?

  • Booo. I didn’t pre-order online, and no longer have my store receipt. Oh well.

  • Will someone please tell us where the reservation code on the receipt is? Hard to enter if I don’t know which number to put in.

  • Good for the US i guess …

  • I pre-ordered early on 11/05/09 and cannot find any reservation code on my receipt so I read the official rules and it said the code is to the right of the Date & Time on your reciept. This didn’t look right to me so I tried calling my local Gamestop & asked where the Reservation Code could be found? He said he didn’t know and I read him the code to the right of the Date & time and he told me that was only the Store # & Register # & Daily transaction #. So I decided to call Gamestop Customer Service and was told the same thing and she didn’t know either.

    So I had to guess and it in my opinion can only either be one of 2 codes.

    – The # After it says “Reserve Order Deposit”
    – Your Customer #

    I most likely think it is The “Reserve Order Deposit” # so that is what I ended up putting.

    If anybody offical knows the answer please let us know.

  • I don’t care what your incentive is, I will never buy from GameStop again. I can’t stand that store, nor its employees. I just got my GOW3 Collectors Edition pre-order from Best Buy just to show you where I will spend my money. And it is NEVER going to be at GameStop ever again.

    Switch to Best Buy! I can use my Rewards Zone card, my Gamers Club card, even my $$ back in the mail from my points, and not get treated like crap in the process!

  • Hey Playstation fans

    Wolf26Pack, I already entered the contest and I also had a hard time finding the code. The code can be found after the words “RESERVE ORDER DEPOSIT”. It should be a four number code. Next the code is the amount of cash you put towards your preorder. Hope that helps

  • @ Wolf26pack – That’s the number I entered too. I also wasn’t positive. Hopefully it worked.

  • I think the Reservation code is the 4# after where it says Reserve Order Deposit. I typed it in and it work, so i guess it is the right one =/

  • Also if your lost your receipt, you should email gamestop at lostyourcode@gamestop.com with the subject “God of War 3 Code Request” and also include your name. I think this is for email preorders.

    If that does not work then you can call your local gamestop were you preordered the game. They should be able to provide the code for you. Hope that helps

  • Thanks one hell of an incentive scheme. The only real problem is that it requires going through Gamestop.

  • good luck everyone!


  • awesome contest hope i win something goodluck to all march 16 chaos will rise again

  • just cancelled my pre-order at gamestop!!! will have to go back and re-pre-order! that’s a word, right?!

  • Guys, you dont have to preorder. Reed the rules:

    “3.) Send an email to sweepsentry@gamestop.com with “Be The Envy” as the subject line and the following information in the body of the email: First Name, Last Name, Phone Number and Date of Birth. Upon sending the email, you will receive one (1) entry into the sweepstakes”

  • gamestop makes me so mad sometimes, i only preorder to get preorder prizes and it ticks me off that they “ran out”. i gotta call ahead to see if they have the codes, the costume, and poster

  • Kratos etched PS3! That’s a sweet center piece for that already awesome setup.

  • GameStop sucks! After the absolutely horrific experience I had with their customer support, I will NEVER, EVER set foot inside one again! They have lost me as a customer forever!

  • @eddieMX07,CurlehMustache,CoudStrife2009

    Well like I said I called my local Gamestop & called Gamestop Customer Service and neither could figure it out. I also just came back from Gamestop and the Manager told me he thought it was the Feedback # on the bottom of the receipt, but like you’ve all said & I as well think it is the #’s after it say’s “Reserve Order Deposit”. So I also used that #.

    I also emailed them at the site where it says Lost your code and asked so once I get an answer I will repost the answer I get. Hopefully they will know ;-)

    until then Goodluck to all who enter

  • This almost makes me want to do business with gamestop..ALMOST

  • I would totally pre-order this game from gamestop, BUT they don’t have the Ultimate Edition, and because i bought my PS3 for this game i WILL get my hands on an Ultimate Edition, even if i don’t get into the sweepstakes.

  • Did a sweepstakes with extremely low odds of winning really warrant a PSBlog post? Come on.

  • krae_man, You are my hero. Thanks!

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