Blue Toad Murder Files Coming to PSN Thursday, March 25

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Hello fellow sleuths. We’ve received quite a few enquires and comments about when we’ll be releasing Blue Toad Murder Files in North America, so I’m pleased to let you know that Episodes 1 to 3 will be available on the PlayStation Store on Thursday, March 25. Episodes 1, 2 and 3 will be available as a bundle for $14.99 or you can buy individual episodes for $7.49.

Blue Toad Murder Files - Suspects

For anyone who doesn’t know much about Blue Toad Murder Files: The Mysteries of Little Riddle, the game is a six-episode murder mystery exclusively for PSN. Set in the quaint English village of Little Riddle, you play as one of four members of the Blue Toad Detective Agency. Can you follow the clues and find the murderer? With each step of the investigation a puzzle is played and further clues about the case are revealed. Pay attention to what transpires – you will regularly be questioned on your knowledge of the case, and only observant detectives will learn the truth behind the events of the day.

Blue Toad Murder Files - BothersomeWatson Blue Toad Murder Files - Night

We’re a British studio, best known for developing Buzz!, and Blue Toad Murder Files is our first self-published game. We’re really excited to hear what everyone thinks about it. I’ll be here for the next couple of hours (time difference permitting), so please let me know if you have any comments on thoughts. Thanks!

Blue Toad Murder Files - TablesandGentlemen

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  • So wait. $30 for the complete game?

  • I was keeping an eye on this in the UK store and it looks pretty quirky and fun. Glad it’s making its way over.

  • Forgot to ask if a Demo is planned.

    • We haven\’t planned to release a demo as the nature of our game doesn\’t really suit one. Aside from the puzzles the core experience of the game is the WHODUNNIT. You really need to play a whole episode to experience this and perfect your sleuthing skills!

  • @ TwinDad

    “Episodes 1, 2 and 3 will be available as a bundle for $14.99”

  • looks interesting! any video for it? videos help more than screenshots sometimes

  • @ Sindred.

    “For anyone who doesn’t know much about Blue Toad Murder Files: The Mysteries of Little Riddle, the game is a six-episode murder mystery exclusively for PSN.”

    Six episodes. So if the 1-3 Bundle is $15, then I was asking if I can assume the last 3 episodes are going to be priced similar. In addition, will there be a 1-6 bundle.

    • I think you\’re going to make a great detective already! As you so cleverly noticed we sneakily avoided confirming that…I think it\’s reasonable to assume that 4-6 would be priced the same as 1-3. Gold medal!

  • Jade,

    Will there be a demo? Also will each episode have its own trophy list? or how is that going to work?


    • Wow, you guys are quick with your questions – it\’s great! I need to keep up…

      We won\’t have a demo, but you can watch our video on our website, which gives you a nice taster of what to expect from our game.

      Each episode has a trophy list – I think the internet monkeys have already listed them on a few websites from our UK release.

  • “Can you follow the clues and find the murderer? With each step of the investigation a puzzle is played and further clues about the case are revealed.”

    Yes, I can. Just ask Professor Layton!

  • How much will this cost for the complete game, and will there be trophies?

  • I’ve been interested in this game since I first heard about it months back, but I want the whole thing at once, not just half the chapters. So I’ll probably wait unless there is some incentive.

  • @TwinDad

    Sorry dude, I just thought that kinda answered the question, unless of course they priced the second set cheaper (I was going by the Siren Model). I wasn’t really being sarcastic.

  • @ Sindred

    Neither was I. I appreciated the help, as you pointed out I was wondering what they would do and if it would be similar to Siren as you pointed out. I want the game but if each episode is a complete case, then I can see getting the 3 episodes now, but if they feed off each other I can see myself waiting until a complete bundle.

    • Each episode has its own self-contained case (a new whodunnit, with new suspects) but there is a story-arc connecting all 6 episodes.

      Are you sure you can wait? :p

  • This looks awesome! Can’t wait!

  • whats the average length per episode?

    • It varies between episodes, how many people are playing (up to 4 players locally) and how quick you are at solving puzzles & whodunnits. On average, between 1-2hrs.

  • Jade,

    What is the replay value? Does the case solve the exact same way each time or are there variations depending on the choices you make?

    This sounds like a great game, either way.

  • Oh ok, after hearing that each episode has its own case, that makes me want to buy the first bundle more instead of waiting. I was under the impression that you would get halfway through solving the case and then have to wait and I was afraid the time between the bundles might hinder my detective skills LOL.

  • The case stays the same each time you replay an episode – we wanted to tell a rich, engaging story with characters that develop over the series, which couldn’t be achieved with branching the story or multiple whodunnits per episode.

    However, I’ve played Episode 1 multiple times with different groups of people. I really like watching their interactions with the game and each other (plus I get to beat them).

  • Ive been interested but i thought it would come out before end of march, i will get it anyway. It looks fun and i always encourage exclusive stuff.

  • I like… it looks like a great game.

  • At least we finally have a date, although it is more than a month away. I’ve waited since last year for this.

    I’m interested to know how well the co-op works in this game.

  • Offline co-op will please the wife-y. Can you give us any more details on how the multiplayer works?

    • You can play the game competively or co-op – we leave the choice to you. You watch scenes together, so you will each have an equal chance of solving the whodunnit, although selecting the suspect is \’hidden\’ so you don\’t have to givep up the answer unless you want to!

      You take it in turns to solve puzzles and answer questions on the case. In of our focus groups, the couples tended to help each other out if one got stuck.

  • Is this similar to Professor Layton, I love that game

  • This is exciting news.

    I have been repeatdly considering purchasing the game using a “fake” UK account, but when I saw that things like Vidzone and BBC iPlayer could still recognize that I was actually in the states despite claiming to be in England I didn’t want to risk it.

    March 25th seems like a long time away especially since the free episode hits soon.

    I’d personally like to know what the long wait for US PSN store was.

    • Really happy you\’re excited by our annoucement today. We\’ve been so eager to get our game up on the US store.

      The delay comes down to very unglamourous things such as time and the size of our team working on the game. We have to make and test a different version of the game for the US, so it takes us a little longer to get it ready.

      We\’re actually still putting the finishing touches to Episodes 5 & 6 at the moment…

  • How many trophies are there for this game?
    Shouldn’t there be a set of trophies per episode because you can buy them separately?

  • FINALLY…been following the twitter feed and official website, along with the EU launch. Can’t wait to play the entire series.

  • I’m there! I’ll be downloading all three episodes tomorrow!

  • I love the look of the game; the graphics are quaint. Will this run in 1080p?

  • This game has been out in Europe since December/January and has an English(UK) version. Also if you want to know what the game play is like check out some videos on

    The UK release trailer for this game was very funny. if you could add that to the post.

  • This looks very good.

    Thank you for bringing quality content to the PSN. :)

  • @NJBill post#26

    your going to be disappointed tomorrow because it’s not going to be the March 25th just February 18th.

  • Looks interesting and my wife loves puzzle games. But with so many great AAA games coming out soon (GoW3, FFXIII, Heavy Rain) I think this one will have to wait until the full game bundle or if/when some kind of sale is offered.

  • Jade: judging from your frantic responses to our questions, I’m guessing you’re a little nervous.

    Perhaps overly nervous.

    You’ve just gone to the top of my list of suspects.

  • …wait a second…

    Is Jade even your real name?

  • Yes! I was hoping this game would make it to the US. Can’t wait to play! Thank you!

  • Does this game support saving in between episodes? or do we have to finish an episode in one go?

    • Yes dragonmagician there is an autosave feature, so you can play part of an episode and come back to it later and pick up your story where you left off.

  • LOL $30? no.

  • Finally, thanks for bringing this game to US guys :). Been waiting for ages. I was planning to get it from EU store this week since I couldn’t wait any longer.

  • First day buy for me. (Bundle)
    Thank you for the info and the informational replies Jade.


  • Thanks for all your questions and comments! I’m signing off now, but if you have anything else you want to ask me or any of our team, put a post up on our forum ( as we run it ourselves, so you can be sure to get a response from someone who works on Blue Toad.

    Jade Tidy aka LittleMissTidy

  • hi! I really like the idea of this game!!

    It’s about time we have something else to do than kill aliens and north korean soldiers, or running over prostitutes with stolen cars..

    a breath of semi-fresh air! (cuz it still has a dead body in it)

    and thanks for answering our questions so fast! it is always appreciated when the devs,marketing teams directly reply to our questions!

  • Professor Layton anyone?

    Well, hey! I like these type of games. Might as well give it a try! :D

  • LOL at people who act like this is a totally new idea. Professor Layton for the DS anyone? xD

  • Layton is for the DS!…not even a Wii version exists… hopefully now that Ace Attorney exists we’ll get that. Yet Layton is still only a portable game and there’s no quality puzzle game with actual well done plot and story on a home game console that isn’t a PC.

    Also, this has CGI Pixar like graphics, which is a big seller for me. Without that it’s just a collection of cute puzzles.

  • LOL at people who act like everyone should know about every game ever released on a competitor’s handheld device. xD

  • I’m actually excited for this. Not normally my cup of tea but I plan on buying this for sure. Looks refreshing…speaking of cup of tea.

  • Nicely priced, and looks fun. I remember seeing this in the UK store and looking forward to a US release. I think some people are always looking for 100 hour games, and personally I love the fact that this is 1-2 hours per episode. Sometimes a more enjoyable, compelling but smaller experience is all that is needed. Day one purchase for me!

  • Well to be honest I never heard of this lol.
    I really like mystery books so i’ll have to check this out.

    p.s. This a Game or show? lol
    kinda sounds like a mix, i’ll look into it.

  • first…let me say i’ve been a Buzz fan since PS2 (w/chords running all over my living room w/8 buzzers…THANK GOD for wireless buzzers!) any family gettogether or even just super bowl party, fight party, holiday bbq etc it gets competitive in the house w/whoever’s there.

    so it’s almost like a virtual interactive Clue? (not a slight at all…i love clue…just trying to get a feel for the game) either way sounds fun. can’t wait. keep up the good work & good creative gaming!

  • OH! almost forgot…can we get more DLC for Buzz in the form of playable characters? i have a lot of family & friends who miss characters from the first Buzz on PS3 that are no longer there & others who would just like more options when choosing a character. thanks!

  • I think I’m going to pick this one up, I like supporting PSN exclusives and this one looks great

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