SOCOM Fireteam Bravo 3 Launches Today for PSP

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We’re happy to announce that SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 3 is available today for purchase on the PlayStation Network and UMD.

SOCOM FTB3 Packfront

SOCOM Fireteam Bravo 3 features a comprehensive single-player campaign with nine campaign missions and a number of new gameplay features. The single-player campaign is supported by a brand new cooperative mode. For the first time in series history, SOCOM Fireteam Bravo 3 lets you call your friends to duty with a new 4-player co-op mode available in both ad-hoc and infrastructure. With all campaign missions accessible, players can choose which missions to attempt and tackle with tactical teamwork and firepower.

And of course, SOCOM wouldn’t be SOCOM without a robust competitive multiplayer component. Continuing the franchise’s tradition of unparalleled multiplayer gaming, SOCOM Fireteam Bravo 3 supports up to 16 players in both ad-hoc and infrastructure modes. Players will be immersed in five classic and objective based game modes across eight diverse custom maps based on the single-player campaign. If you haven’t already pre-ordered your copy of the game, be sure to purchase it from the PlayStation Store within the next 30 days to secure the exclusive, new multiplayer units: the British SAS with the AS-50 BMG sniper/anti-material rifle and the German KSK with the F2000 assault rifle.

If you’re looking for a chance to get hands-on with the game prior to purchase, then head over to the PlayStation Store to download a demo of SOCOM Fireteam Bravo 3. Available now, the demo provides a sneak peek of the enhanced single-player campaign and gives players an opportunity to assemble their own 4-man fireteam via Ad-Hoc in the new co-op mode.

Still on the fence? Read what IGN, Modojo, MTV Multiplayer, G4 and Examiner had to say about the game. Better yet, see for yourself by checking out the launch trailer below:

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  • Woo, I’ll be downloading this shortly; I love me some day one digital distribution

    And the demo was a dang good time as well ;)

  • i was gonna get it but i didnt like the controls , can someone explain to me why im not being able to look up and down while im moving? why other shooter games on the system can do it and this new socom game cant? or is it me that im doing something wrong , if in fact i can look up and down while im moving then i’ll buy it today from PSN

  • Good now this is out…GET OUT AND STAY OUT of the SOCOM game makeing business SLANT 6 !!

  • Guys, please don’t derail this whole comment thread about Slant 6. Obviously they made a good game this time and won’t mess up with future Socoms so GIVE THEM A BREAK.

    Very good job on this /6.

  • When will it be available on PSN? I just looked now and it only has the online add-on for second-hand purchasers.

  • ahh…SOCOM was the first online multiplayer game i ever played back on the PS2…good memories!

    but after playing MAG, 16 players doesn’t really seem like that much! lol!

    thanks for the post

  • now Lets be a little civil and stop whining.

    if only anyone listen that is, butthurt geeks.

  • Probably buying for my brother

  • Oh! and a serious question for Jeff or anyone that knows about PSP minis–

    I was wondering how the Mini’s can be played on the PS3 but normal PSP titles won’t play on the PSP-

    check it out:

    I recently purchased the PSP title Brainpipe through the PSNstore on my PS3, and I noticed it wasn’t playable in my PS3-

    BUT! Then i saw the Brainpip title on PSN was changed to a MINI, so I simply deleted my copy off my hard drive and re-downloaded it, and now it is playable on my PS3, which is awesome!

    Are all PSP titles able to be played on the PS3 if they “switch” them to mini titles?

    even if the title isn’t mini? That would make so many games worth purchasing if i could play them on BOTH my PSP and PS3..

    in fact i bet alot of pwople without PSPs would buy PSP games just to play on their PS3’s!!

    that’s $$$ licensing revenue for Sony!!!

    just wondering, thanks for any info on the matter Jeff!

  • ^^^^^^
    Yes all Mini games can be played on PS3 and PSP.
    and that is a great idea. there is alot of PSP games that should be made to minis.

  • Ok i am currently checking both the Media Go and the psp psn store and neither one of them have the game on it only the online entitlement. some people claim that its up but many of us dont have it up. Im very curious if somthing happend and it didnt get put up properly or if it will be out l8r in the day for all of us?

  • socom isn’t avaible on on the PSn or MEdia go
    ? ?

  • not gonna bash SLANT6 since they FINALLY made SOCOM CONFRONTATION ENJOYABLE ..alot less lagg and glitches and the LONG OVER DUE DLC..fine whatever..what i AM gonna bash them for is how they can make a PSP SOCOM game with a CAMPAIGN and CO-OP..but they left all of those MUST HAVE FEATURES out of SOCOM CONFRNTATION! SMH..i was very dissapointed when i read that those features were not going to be in the ps3 MOST ANTICIPATED GAME EVER. but its never too late to MAKE THAT HAPPEN..RIGHT SLANT6? hopefully they can make the next PS3 SOCOM like combines assault-best SOCOM game i’ve ever played IMO:p

  • Never mind it was just released on the MEdia go

  • I finished the campaign on Sunday (review copy), then hopped online for a bit, very impressive for a handheld title! The online is pretty fun and the CE points thing is addictive.

  • Sweet stuff. The demo was pretty cool too.

  • Downloading now! Very impressed by the demo, guys!

    Good job

  • Awesome… Also when is it going to be available on Amazon? I still have credit there and would like to use it for this game.

  • Hey I have question, I just brought this game via voucher and it keeps telling me my code is incorrect. I see the code clearly but it’s not letting me download it.


  • Any old maps returning ? Thin Ice was a favorite on FTB1 and FTB2. Market day, Rolling stock and Cross fire was great also. How about the character customization is it cartoony like FTB2, pirate and ninja uniforms where cool.

  • @13: I think you’re bashing the wrong people. Personally, I think Slant 6 did the best they could with what they were given. Sony didn’t give them the same blank check they gave Insomniac, Guerilla and Naughty Dog.

    Sony were the ones who wrote off Socom, went low budget with it, and threw it at Slant 6.

  • @21 yeah but those are no excuse for making a game that was shafted for over a year and not one -6 employee got on here to tell us why we got our $ stolen for buying such an incomplete crap game. Sony failing us isnt anything new..they still havent added features ppl have begged for years now about..the las FW update was a complete waste of time an space it bascially said spend more money on us for nothing, i could rant on but i have things to do.

  • Downloading now… Digital Distribution win!

  • +1 for releasing the UMD and DD on the same day. We PSP Go owners love that.

  • AHEM, SOLD!!! 8)

  • My son was looking for this game and purchased the add on by mistake. Is that for online play after the game is downloaded? Any way to get the add on cost credited toward the game purchase. Nothing shows up as being downloaded.

  • Maybe this game will be the reason for me to get a psp or psp go.

  • Requiring people to register a UMD game on the Playstation Network before they have access to online play isn’t a bad idea, maybe it really will help to fight piracy. I hate piracy, and I’m glad your doing something to combat it.
    However, charging those people who will buy this game used $20.00 dollars just so they can access online play is OUTRAGEOUS!!!
    Of all the things that you could do to combat piracy, this is what you decide on?! Buying this game used is now pointless.
    If you people really want to do something about piracy, why don’t you expand the digital PSP library on the PSN store?
    Why don’t you lower the prices for some of the older digital PSP titles?
    And most importantly, why don’t you listen to what your PSP customers want?!
    I will not buy this game. I will NEVER buy any PSP game that charges people to access online play if they bought a used copy. If you do this with other UMD titles, you’ll lose me as a PSP customer.

  • is SOCOM FB3 only released on the American PSN-store?? or can i just not find yet??


  • @28 You could always do what the pirates are doing, download the game and then buy the voucher. you are still not fully pirating :P

  • Will not buy due to moronic PSN based registration designed to screw the rental and used markets. Thanks for ruining the only game I wanted for PSP so far this year, Sony!

  • @30 lulz I doubt sony think that

    I hope that this isn’t Sonys silver bullet to stop piracy because surely if they are allowing CFW PSP’s on with a $20 code that is going to ruin it for the rest of us. How? Because CFW means cheats and cheats mean the game is fail.

    I hope this game has anti-cheat detection as cheats are ruining Resistance on the PSP

  • Okay granted, graphics are nicer, and the weapon customizaton is nice, but why is this game so damn short? FTB2 played out almost like an MGS, but I just paid $40.00 for seven missions and a tutorial, WTF?! I thought Kojima was the king of the trolls, but it appears /6 has usurped his title. If this is what SOCOM has been reduced to, I’m not buying another title. I can’t belive I was actually anticipating this POS.

  • I’m not buying anything that has PSN entitlement attached. Way to punish your supporters, Sony!

  • Can we sell our PSN entitlement code after we are done using it? For example, can I remove the entitlement from my account via the XMB account management functionality somehow and then generate a code I can sell to someone else?

    If so that is cool as it could be the start of second hand PSN games.

  • How often do SONY update PSN??

  • I have loved socom from the first release & is the main reason I paid $600 for a PS3. Confrontation was a BIG let down & there have been rumors around the web about Socom 4 in development & that Zipper is back in control not Slant6. If you guys were to search the web & look at how many or your fans love & want a good Socom (mirrored off Socom 2) it may overwhelm you. Socom 2 was by far the best one you guys created the single & multi player, believe it or not but you guys pioneered how online FPS are played today. If you could please make Socom 4 like Socom 2, same game play, tighter controls & better graphics I can guarantee you my salary that you will have a fan base that far exceeds any Call of Duty or Halo game out there. Sony makes all the decisions about Socom since they brought Zipper a few years ago. Sony give Zipper the freedom it needs to make Socom the way it should be & be more active when it comes to the Socom community.



  • socom was a fun game. I had a little trouble at first ,but I got through it in the end.

  • just think how great this game would be if sony listened to their customer’s.add a second thumb stick for the love of stupidty.
    and adhoc NOOO online multiplayer yes.i mean me and 7 friends always get together with our psp’s within 16 feet and the same game.
    ok psp-go2 add a 2nd thumb stick and allow both of them to be clickable for zoom and melee.we understand that the back library won’t utilize these features.but if you did it on the go all would be good.i add this quote here, because socom is beloved and who ever is in charge of this sight forward this to Jack Trenton.

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