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Happy Valentines Day (to those who don’t write it off as some kind of greeting card company conspiracy). While some of us [cough] are committed to dinner and a chick flick, I know that some of you are lucky enough to have significant others who are really into games.

We’ve heard that couples are definitely fans of PixelJunk Monstersbecause you told us. In the time since we asked, have any other games become co-op couples favorites for you?

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of February 8, 2010)

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  • I’ll be having a nice dinner.. AND night of videogames. Life is good.

  • Happy Valentines day everyone. And is there any way that there will be a GOW 3 demo for the whole public off the store, or will there not be such a thing.

    Thanks, and ready for a new jam packed week.

  • heaby rain was good… is there a bundle or for tht n gow 3

  • Square Enxi Releasing photoshopped FFXIII images and then responding after they been found out: **

  • Jefff, Please tell me we’ll see some FFXIII Ads with the Playstation logo, it only seems right :).


  • Question
    Jeff, do you know anything about the suppose announcement tomorrow morning? said there is going to be a worldwide PS3 exclusive announcement. I was just wonder if you guys know anything about that.

  • level 5 to open a NA branch according to …ah i forgot, i think i read that either on kotaku or joystiq or maybe both XD

    really,jeff what about that announcement that we are supposedly getting tomorrow? is it true or is it just rumours and speculations :0

  • sorry for the double post but please fix the ps3 browser or get a new one althogether(sp)…
    cuz the freezing ups cant be good for the console

  • New Uncharted 2 DLC – GiantGamer
    New God of War 3 Trailer – GiantGamer
    New Red Dead Redemption Trailer – GiantGamer

  • Flower is now $4.99!!!


  • PS3 sold like hotcakes in recent months. Nice, Keep it up!

    PS3 HOME needs it’s issues to be addressed.
    It needs to truly evolve instead of just
    bloating with content.

    I hope they don’t us to use the currently free services on PSN but instead
    offer additional features in a premium package.

    About 3D, I’m far from being ready for
    thas. I just spent a lot of cash on a
    new HDTV like many others. 3D should
    have been kept for PS4.

  • I hope they don’t charge us to use the current
    free services on PSN but instead offer additional features in a premium package .

  • @ Jeff

    I was wondering why Sony haven’t showed any videos with Final Fantasy XIII for PS3 yet?? seriously so far videos everywhere show the 360 version which is kinda not right seeing i’v always played FF games on a PlayStation console.. at least market the game a little on PS3.. i know Sony need to focuse on God of War 3 but FFXIII is also a big game for PS3.. anyways cant wait for the game

  • Jeff I am really pissed at Sony marketing once again. Can you please explain to me why on the NBA All-Star game it was being sponsored by Xbox-360 instead of the PS3. Do you guys know how many people were watching that game that are gaming incompetent. People will say “Oh wow, Final Fantasy XIII is exclusive to the Xbox 360” and Boom you’ve lost roughly 2 million people to the Xbox. Jeff Please pass on our frustration to the marketing team.

    Also on a lighter note, Congrats Jeff!Your name was in the ending credits of White Knight Chronicles under Special thanks to SCEA Marketing.

  • ps3 browser video fix and new firmware update that actually improves gameplay ty

  • How bad is the tight PS3 supply going to be…not bad enough to disappoint those waiting to buy a PS3 for God Of War III I hope… :P

  • 3D? Not already? We just got our HDTV’s!

    PSN: Please keep the online gaming and basics Free of charge.

    PS3 HOME: Quality over quantity please.

    New “arc” controller: Sounds interesting.:-)

    Games: A lot to look forward to. :-)

  • can’t wait to get heavy rain

  • @katsuo7171
    I also notice Jeff Name, but I was confuse because there is not marketing for WKC.

  • @13/14

    I highly doubt you will see ANY ad for FF with the PS3 logo on it.

  • Hey Jeff, when will you be on Podcast BEYOND! again? Greg has challenged you to be on again on the latest episode check it out lol

    Also any news on the next firmware for the PS3/PSP?

    • He told me that he called me out and I downloaded the episode, but I haven\’t listened yet. Will have to do that today.

  • Awesome week Olympics and God of War III Trailer! Jeff have you guys thought about doing Developer Blogs here? where they can talk about the challenges of being in the gaming industries, etc? Kojima Productions does something like this and it is very interesting for those that are considering a career in the gaming industry.

  • smells like another great year 4 playstation 3

  • so sony confirms the arc name.

  • @Jeff

    how many fan complaints does it take to bring Tales of Vesperia ps3 port stateside? I’m sorry to bother you with this again, but I’m losing all hope. Is it that hard for Namco to bring it overseas? They did it for Eternal Sonata.

  • I agree with #14! Sony you must expand your marketing, it’s non-existent during big events!!! Why not show Gran-Tourismo at the Chicago Auto-Show??? Or help sponsor the Olympics like in Vancouver or the Summer Olympics, people are glued to their TV’s during events like that!!!! Or MLB The Show at the MLB All-Star Game or NBA The Inside during the NBA All-Star Game!!! Which reminds me you need to make more First Party Sports Games and then make like you made MLB The Show, it is truly a beautiful game!!!!

  • What the heck am I gonna do with my “old” Hdtv? Cuz there is no way I’m not gonna have the 3d Bravia if they start making 3d games… you guys are killing my freakin wallet… I love you guys, but you’re killing me

  • I watched dear john last night and had sushi with my gf…

    movie had the worst ending I ever seen

  • “Whoops, forgot we had this at launch.”


  • hey jeff i just saw your name on the credit of WKC!

  • I have a question but I don’t know if you would have the answer Jeff. I’m just gonna post it here cause I’ll probably forget later.

    In the Heavy Rain demo theirs a poster for a tow truck company in the Norman Jayden scene and it has a phone number on it. I called the number thinking it was a joke and I would get a Heavy Rain ad but a real person picked up and said it was a tow truck company. So is that a real tow truck company and what’s it’s connection to Heavy Rain? or is it just some intern sitting by a phone waiting for people to call and acts like he works for a tow truck company.

    • Ha, that\’s a great question. I have no idea – but I know we don\’t have any interns fielding calls here for that reason.

  • Thanks for answer the question Jeff. I have another Question or rather a suggestion.

    do you know if Level-5 is creating a patch for WKC? If you don’t know, can you ask them. There is a bug where you get kick from online quest either during or after a quest and loose all items and ex you collected from that quest.

    • Can you explain this bug in more detail (what quest did it happen on, what was the circumstance?), do you know of it happening to others, etc?

      The more you tell me the easier it\’d be for the team to diagnose. I\’ll pass it on.

  • Hey jeff,
    Do people that work for SCEA, like you, get to try out the cool tech (like the PS motion controller, etc.) before any of the media gets to see it.


  • its my birthday. but i didnt get my present from sony lol. expecting like 10 dollars added into my sony wallet lol.

  • Nice themes guys… ‘Will you be my 1.99 virtual Valentine?’ Really, how trite can you get? You’ve truly encapsulated the spirit of Valentine’s Day, in not the slightest commercial way.

    Am I the only one here who feels their intelligence being insulted? Instead of featuring or having a sale of top Co-op games to play with your loved ones, we have cheesy sleazy themes, targeting the lonely pathetic pervert.

    Perhaps that’s your goal, keep your target audience sad and lonely so they keep buying your games to fill the void? Why go out with a real live woman when you can spend your V-Day in your room with a box of kleenex downloading fake women.

    This sad attempt to celebrate a day of love is just embarrassing. You truly disappoint me Playstation…

  • @35….

    I agree on the sleaze ‘themes’ (really…wallpapers) and think that they sully the SONY brand…but to call out some one for making Valentine’s day into a commercial venture is kinda missing the point that Valentines IS a commercial venture.

  • Hey Jeff, couple questions:

    One, will we see anymore FFXIII news on the blog in the coming weeks?

    And two, sort of an odd one… about how many people tend to visit the blog each week? Just curious.

    • Not much in the \”news\” department – don\’t know that there\’s too much more to announce, but we\’ll have one or two more posts on FFXIII.

      As far as numbers, several hundred thousand visit the Blog weekly, and we serve up a couple of million pages weekly to those readers.

  • @36

    Read in the article: (to those who don’t write it off as some kind of greeting card company conspiracy)

    Just pointing out the hypocrisy. They decry the opinion that Valentine’s Day is merely a commercial ploy, and then use the day as a mere excuse to sell pathetic garbage with little creative thought involved. Double shame on them.

  • admit it, everyone who rags on V-day:

    a)has no girl/boy friend, is therefore sad and lonely, hence the rage directed at those who aren’t on this day of love

    b)is married, and therefore rage at all those smart enough to stay unmarried and free to actually enjoy relationships without the dream crushing reality of being with the same person forever

    c)has diabetes, therefore rage at all that candy you can’t have

    *Dr. Frito has left the building..*

  • Hey Jeff do you no when the MLB 10 the show demo comes out cause this game is lookin super good with the gameplay videos that are out.

  • @39

    Thanks for the expert relationship knowledge Dr. Phil… er…. Frito, but please speak for yourself. Valentines day, like any holiday is all in what you make of it. People who make fun of it clearly make little of it.

    Some of us are very happily married, and make the most of the day with our significant other. People like you clearly make little of what ‘relationships’ you have. I feel sorry for the poor woman you end up divorced from.

  • hey jeff great work you and your team are doing i have a question if you please you know anything about Ace Combat for the PS3 at least any rumor? i know its coming a game for the PSP but anything on the PS3? tanks and keep the good work.

  • mmmm, heavy rain and god of war.

  • Hey Jeff,

    If you could provide me with an answer, that’d be great.

    Is SCEA going to broadcast any PlayStation 3-branded Final Fantasy XIII commercials? I saw the one that debuted at the NBA All-Star Game last night and it only had an Xbox 360 logo at the end and a promotion for the bundle.

    I hope Microsoft didn’t buy exclusivity to Final Fantasy XIII marketing.

  • Very dissapointed that Sony’s letting MS crap all over US PS3 owners with their exclusive FF13 marketing.

    No ads with PS3 logo, all videos outside of this blog shown using 360 controller, no bundle for PS3 in US, no special edition.

    I’m calling it now, all FF13 commercials later will have the 360 logo at the end.

  • @41

    lulz, i never said i didn’t like V-day, in fact so fart i have spent over $400 on my sweetums, i got her a Wii with the Wii fit plus and balance board, plus 4 games, a new controller and nunchuck and 3 dozen roses and a some balloons i had delivered to her work..

    i’ve been with her for 4 years now!

    Don’t make assumptions about something you know little about..

    ah “teh interwebz” i almost forgot how fun it can be!


  • MS just had X10 (or whatever its called) when will Sony have its own little party event that shows of new stuff (Sony days IDK)?

  • Ok Jeff, I am not the only one having this problem. Everyone I played with has experience this bug at least 5 times already.
    Bug Description WKC bug description
    During online gameplay with 2 or more other people, during a quest (any quest) we get a error that kick us out of the online quest and back into the single player. when this happens, you loose all the EX, Gil, and Items you collect online before you were kicked from the online quest. Sometimes, it happen after a quest is complete and you choose to go back to the Room you were in with your friends. You are kick after you elect to save or not. If you saved before you are kicked, you keep all your items, but if you haven’t saved, you loose everything you collected and earn since your last save.

    Thanks Jeff, and I hope you are still reading this.

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