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  • UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves soundtrack in stores – If you like physical media, like that compact disc thing I’ve been hearing about, then you’ll be thrilled to know that Greg Edmonson’s original soundtrack to UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves was released on CD this week. Check the post for a link back here to the for streaming previews of 3 previously unreleased tracks. There’s also a link to an online store where you can grab the new tracks via digital download if you already have the soundtrack.
  • Title Update 1.05: Experimental weekend poll results revealed – The first in our short series about the upcoming Title Update 1.05 reveals the poll results of our Experimental Weekend from December 2009. There’s no shortage of debate about the results or what we should do about it, but we provide a little insight of what the poll helped us decide.
  • Title Update 1.05: More details about the upcoming update – The second in our short series about the Upcoming Title Update 1.05 reveals updates to the penalty system we implemented for players who leave a match early, detection and removal of flagrantly AFK players, fixes for the Level and Skill Rank reset and more.
  • Title Update 1.05: IGN’s exclusive reveal of our upcoming DLC – Just when you thought we’d go for a third post in our series about Title Update 1.05… well you’d be partly right. At first we ship you off to IGN to get the details of our new maps, new skins, new Trophies and new Medals. But if you read on, you’ll find out that the Medals will come as part of the Title Update 1.05 release, which we let you know comes out on Monday, February 15.

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  • Uncharted 2 DLC is day one buy for me!
    Nice to see some more trophies for that game too!

    Thanks PSB and Naughty Dog!

  • Hey Jeff, I went to PSXextreme and they say theres suppose to be a big PS3 announcement monday, Is it true?

  • Too bad the week also included stories about exclusive FF arrangements for consoles other than the ps3 and that Capcom again is shafting the ps3 by providing exclusive DR2 game content to the competition.

    how about announcing the DR1 will be bundled with the ps3 version. Throw a bone.

  • Those FF and DR deals will have been made months, if not years ago, pre PS3 slim and rebrand.

    Get over it.

  • flOw is FREE TODAY ONLY in the North American PSN Store, everyone go get it and admire the greatness that is thatgamecompany!

    Also, Happy 1 year anniversary to the release of Flower!

  • Nice recap

    Hey, is there any word of Jersey Devil being released as a PSOne Classic on PSN?

  • Hay Chris and Jeff
    Do you guys know the announcement that is supposedly coming on monday according to GamesRadar?

  • Alien vs. Predator demo is still unplayable.

  • Chris is there any way you can include a button/link to the EU blog?The EU blog has a button for the US blog.

    Also,can you ask thatgamecompany when flower DLC is due?It’s one of my favorite indie games and I wish there were more levels..

  • Sooo… anything special this Monday? =)
    & what ever happened to castle crashers for ps3?

  • dagg i miss the FF XIII chat. SqEn gotta be the most idiotic company to date. two failed exclusive on 360 and they still do deals with M$.

  • SWEET!!!!!!!!!!! more stuff 4 Uncharted 2, keep up the AWSOME work ND and Sony

  • The best week on the Blog ever. GoWIII footage was as epic as imagined and a nice wave of news on Friday. One of the best investments Sony has made to compliment their system.

    Need to see about getting my arse a job there, getting paid to live inside the world of PlayStation and know its secrets? If it wasn’t for the few who try to antagonise the community it would be flawless

  • I pre-ordered Heavy Rain and God of War III

  • all i can say is, WKC is amazing, i hope they’ll localize the sequel!

  • A flOw dynamic theme would be awesome, btw thanks SONY for the game flOw I love original games think I’m gonna get Flower next, also cant wait for Heavy Rain!

  • Please please answer my question…this weeks Special Offers on PSN store update has the DLC pack for Burnout P. $20 will that end next week or is it the price from now on.. thanks

  • @16 PullusPardusUS
    WKC is indeed amazing. That game has put my trophy whoring to a complete stop. I already have 110+ hours and I see no sign of slowing down.

  • When will see a price drop for Flower? Please drop the price down so I can finally buy it! $4.99 please! Thank you!

  • I’m really looking forward to Yakuza 3, also looking forward to Record of Agarest War. But the two releases bring up a question: Why is Yakuza 3 allowed a subtitled-only release on disc, while Record of Agarest War has to be download only? Aksys says it’s out of their hands, and I know SCEA used to have a policy about not allowing subtitled-only games (with Yakuza 2 and 3 being the only exceptions). Can anyone from SCEA comment on it?

  • Let me just say that if you guys release a PS2 emulator along with some of the best PS2 games, price ’em at $10-25, it would be a gold mine, and we all know Sony really needs that cash flow. That is all.

  • Life is like a hurricane…

  • i found that more freezing problem when i update to 1.03, 1.04.such as black screen at begining of the online match , that can not push any button , and press reset button to reset my ps3 is this patch will this problem ???

  • “Anyone interested in a World Exclusive PlayStation 3 announcement? Try 8am UK time Monday 15 Feb on…”

    Any hints? :P

  • Uncharted 2 NEEDS MORE than just three co-op objective levels. a rain forest one, two for shambala just because id like to see more of that location, and maybe one at the palace place you sneak into at the beginning of the game would be nice because not everyone likes the competitive modes

  • Hi Chris! I was just wondering if Brave fencer musashiden or Wipeout 2097 is getting released on the US playstation store?

  • Wow, what a terrific year. Curious about Blizzard’s plans for Playstation now that StarCraft 2 is going to be released in the next few months.

  • just finished the Heavy Rain demo last night- AWESOME!!

    if i can just get used to the control scheme of walking (and how sloooow they walk) i think i might enjoy the game tremendously!

    And Happy V-day PS3 fans!

    no gaming for me today, gotta devote it to my sweet baboo-et!


  • Any news about Capcom’s exclusive Resident Evil PSP game?!?

  • Confirm or Deny. Are you guys coming out with a limited edition PS3 slim with GOW art on it?

  • Thanks for making FLOWER $4.99 today!!! I bought it right away!!

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