God of War III Vengeance Trailer

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Just wanted to tell everyone how excited we are at SCEA Santa Monica Studio to release this new trailer for God of War III. Considering it has been almost a year since we have put out a new video, this is a really special time for us and we hope everyone enjoys it!

Just to give a little perspective on what we were going for with this trailer, we really wanted to sell the high action of the game and put together snippets of several of the big moments. Everything is pulled straight from the game – there is no trickery, etc. Everything is running in “real time.” There are no “cinematic” sequences here, meaning this is all gameplay.

Towards the end of the trailer we reveal some of the moments from our January media event. If you look closely you can see Kratos on the arm of Gaia fighting against the “Leviathan” water creature, giving a sneak peek of the scale in our game. I am very proud of the work our team has done and how this trailer showcases it. The final game has a ton more that is not shown here and I can’t wait to see what everyone thinks about it!

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  • WOOO STIG!!! Trailer was 1:30 mins of EPICNESS can’t wait for this to come out

  • this is so sweet, PLEASE make sure to put this up on PSN next week so i could see it on my TV ^_^

  • All game play!? You’ve made my eyes very happy Sony Santa Monica…

  • I have no more words left to express how much I want this game!

    And yes, please put it up on PSN soon!

  • I need some Kratos in my life…now 8)

  • Looks EPIC!

    Great to see that Sony Santa Monica are going all out too. Great jobs guys/gals!

  • I’m sorry I just can’t believe what I was looking at just now ..

  • Man, the scale of this game is just… epic. That really is THE word to describe the God of War series, isn’t it?

    Can’t wait to play it next month. Thank you Stig and Santa Monica!

  • Jaffe created him. Balrog made him a legend, and I can already tell Stig has immortalized Kratos in gaming history. Props to you and all the hard working people at Santa Monica Studios!

  • Great work Mr. Stig Asmussen and the Santa Monica crew. I got to say that this is an epic trailer. This trailer makes it seem like I am watching a PS4 title. You all have put a new meaning on pushing the limits. Keep up the awesome work.

  • Epic… Nothing else to say!

    Thumbs up sony for the great games you give us

  • 32 days away.

  • P.S PS3 Custom God of War III Bundle?

  • Thanks for all the hard work on the game Stig & Sony Santa Monica!

  • Awesome trailer, pre ordered this and Heavy Rain today! Oh and you can go home now Jeff :)

  • God of War 3 will drop more jaws than any game ever.

  • SOoooo….when can we expect a New and improved PS3 browser to replace the currently BORDERLINE functional browser?

  • Thank you Santa Monica!

    I can’t wait to play GOWIII,and I also can’t wait to see your next game on the PS3,I hope it’s a new WRPG.


  • Absolutely amazing !!

    I really hope this will be up on the store with 1080p goodness.

    BTW nice seeing you post on the blog finally Mr. Stig ;)

  • Thanks a lot for the HD video.
    Please tell me where can we download the video in 1080P? The video will be on PSN anytime soon? Thanks.

  • Man this sucks. I am very dissapointed…..Not in the game..the fact that I still have to wait till next month to get my hands on this greatness…Kratos FTW

  • just wow. i’d like to see a game in E3 top this masterpiece. just how God of War 2 looked unbelievable for a PS2 game. this is what i call next-gen.

  • Some say he actually works for Sony in his spare time, and he likes to deliver epic HD trailers of Spartan warriors who want to kill the gods. All we know is… he’s called The Stig!

  • No school March 17th confirmed.

  • Stig you guys have outdone yourselves bravo i never thought the trailer could be this good but you just blew me away. I cant wait till march.

  • jaw drop to floor….pick it up
    I just want to thank you guys with my $100 for the purchase of the Ultimate Edition :)
    Have a few questions.

    1)Will this video be up on the PSN store in Full HD?
    2)Will there be new God of War avatars for the PSN?
    3)Will you unlock content for home or theme for you PS3 by playing the game?
    4)Should I go into hibernation now or man up and wait for the release of the game?

  • My god, really awesome!!! PS3 Custom Bundle NOW!!! XD

  • Is this all in game?

  • @29 Blkant
    Can’t you read?

  • Day 1 since it’s been rumored!!! I’ve seen the trailer like 5 times and I still can’t believe my eyes!!

  • I forgot something
    The music for the video, will it be on the Blood and Metal soundtrack or was it created just for this trailer? I really like it :)

    Also, thank you guys for selecting Killswitch Engage to be one of the band on the soundtrack. Huge KSE fan.

  • WOW.. please release this trailer 1080p version on the PSN store next week.

  • I’ll pay double if I can have it now.

  • Awesome I cant wait. I have paid Heavy Rain in full, but I’m $20 short for the GOW3 Ultimate Edition.
    Three days after my birthday(13th), “CHAOS will rise, again” and vengeance will be mine.

  • OOOOHHHHHH MMMMMMMYYYYYYY GGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i Need this game!!! it’s no longer a want. If i cant have it I swear i will go crazy. I will bring chaos myself if the game is not in my hands March 16th. Remember you have been warned!!!! Ha Roo!!!

  • PURE AWESOMENESS All The God OF WaR 3 team You Guys Rock :-)


  • you should be very proud…!

    but show more stuff and promote,gow fans will get it for sure,its new customers you should want…

  • Holy crap!!! stig I am possibly one of the biggest god of war fans out there and I must say I am very pleased of what I just saw march cannot come any sooner for this Kratos fanatic

  • GOTY 2010…

  • Please please upload the 1080p version on psn asap. Pllllleeeassseee…

  • First off……..wow…….that’s all I need to say about that!

    The community can’t wait until you guys make your way to the forums. There are a ton of questions that we all have

    once again…………wow

  • Thanks SCEA, Santa Monica Staff, thank you all!

    Release this trailer on the PlayStation Store ASAP, please. :)

  • The trailers of late showing actual game play for exclusive titles have just been awesome and you guys just made them all look ordinary! Spectacular job!! I can’t wait to pick up my copy!! Thank you :)

  • Truly awesome! =)

  • WTF!!! I can’t believe I can’t watch this on my PS3 browser!! I’ll have to go check youtube to see if I can find a lame version there. I want to see this trailer SOO bad. I was pretty disappointed with the GTTV trailer. I had to sit through 30 minutes of a 360 game I couldn’t care less about and commercials to see a trailer for GoW3 that seemed to go out of it’s way to not show me much at all.

    For anyone whose seen it, is this trailer better than the lame GT trailer?

  • Oh man! Are you serious Stig? All in-game? That “Leviathan” water creature is the sickest “character” I’ve ever seen in a game! NICE JOB!

    Oh man I’m so happy my two oh so kind brothers pre-ordered (payed in full) the Ultimate Edition for my birthday :D. As a student I’m broke and limited on time but for this game I’ll freakin make some time. SICK! Please put this up on PS Store! I’d love to have this trailer on my PS3.

  • OOOOMMMMMGGGG!!!!! Im in shock! This little snippets is just melting my brain!!

    Neeed MORE!! The graphics is AMAZING!!!! This is SHOWING the POWER of the PS3!!

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