MAG Developer Tips: Domination

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What’s up MAG fans? For today’s jaunt into the world of first-person tactics, Zipper’s Chief Software Architect and Ultimate Frisbee lover, Nate Klee, tells how it’s done on the 256-player mayhem that is our Domination mode. Watch the brief preparatory movie below and look for Nate’s tips after it’s done.

Hello, this is Nate and these Domination tips will help you achieve your best.

Basic Tips:

The goal of the attackers in Domination is to destroy a rival PMC’s oil facility in 3 phases. Each attacking platoon first needs to simultaneously grab control of two burn-off towers. Once these are both held, they are destroyed and can’t be repaired. Destroying these towers also unlocks a pair of cooling towers which operate in a similar fashion. Once those are taken out, the attackers move in to take over oil pump controls and destroy the facility. The more pumps that are held, the faster you can damage the facility. The goal for the defenders is to keep the facility from taking too much damage before the attackers run out of reinforcements.

  • Try to stay near to your squad. Not only do you receive leadership bonuses but you are more likely to be resuscitated quickly.
  • Come in prepared with a loadout that has a repair kit for defending and a rocket launcher for attacking.

Advanced Tips:

If you are attacking:

  • Focus on taking out the defender bunkers and possibly the AAA before you go for the cooling towers.
  • Make sure that you take out the bunker turrets from behind cover before you rush in to plant charges on the bunker.
  • You can damage the bunker turrets with rockets, grenades, APC turrets, and even small arms fire.
  • Make sure that your squad leader puts down FRAGOs on each objective.
  • Lead objective assaults with grenades.

If you are defending:

  • Keep your bunker turret repaired. You can repair it faster with multiple people repairing at once, though there are diminishing returns.
  • Repairing the AAA is a great stall tactic since it can push back the attackers. You can often grab a motor pool vehicle and drive up to repair it with some protection.
  • You can force offensive Helicopters to fly off by damaging them, forcing attackers to spawn further away from the front lines.
  • Repairing the doors around the objectives can prevent the attackers from flooding in.

Much obliged Nate! That finishes off our MAG tips for the game modes, but there’s more to come. Drop by again tomorrow for Skill Tree wisdom from Designer Jason Olander.

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  • MAG is so repetative I want to dig my eye’s out with a spoon.How about you add more Maps and guns the game itself works just spawn ,die ,spanw ,kill, spawn, die, soooo boring after only 1 day.

  • great tips very useful when in command thanks. but i got a question which may or may not be answered. Is there ever going to be some sort of brief log in ban for players who keep quitting during a matches without finishing it? for example MGO. which i find very useful and creates an incentive to keep playing even if loose the match.

  • My god is this game is amazing.

    It makes crappy kiddie shooters like Call of Duty look like a complete joke.

  • @BigPoppa- apparently you’re not playing very tactically. And did you jump in straight to domination? New players should focus on suppression, sabotage, and acquisition. Get your medic kit and revive/heal teammates, repair bunkers and such with repair kit

  • @ColonelSeitan.
    I played more then I day I veterened from valor. I’m just bored and not inclined to be the byast map to turret sver all their turrets on their maps have height I am done looking forward to BFBC2 and i was in a tactical clan SG shotglass. It’s very good I’m not knocking zipper it’s just repetative.

  • Loving these tips posts :)

    SVER for teh win :)

  • @ 3

    I think there are a couple of millions of people that would beg to differ.

    Doesn’t matter to me, I’m not much of an FPS kind of guy nor an online only game.

  • @7

    Neither was I. Well, I like FPS single-player games, usually. But never was into online, especially online-only. MAG changed me. YMMV.

  • @8

    Excactly the same for me

  • I agree – the game gets too boring after just a few days. Especially so because of imbalance of weapons.

  • Dunham bails on IGN so he can pimp a mediocre game? Shame :P

  • I don’t get how everyone is saying SVER sucks now, I never lose in Dom. I have 62 major victories to 6 major defeats, I’m undefeated as a Platoon leader, and win Sabo almost everytime… and never lose Sabo to Raven. No PMC has SVERs contract in any game mode and I don’t remember a time when we lost our contracts. Now I haven’t Veteran’ed yet, at level 44 (I don’t play non-stop but get in at least one battle a day)… I’m not the best player but I communicate and make battle plans and put victory before personal gain. Before starting Dom my KDR was over one with no ribbons… since, 0.78 but with 27 ribbons, crazy win percentage and leadership record… I’ll admit there seems like less players like me on SVER these days but I think its a combo of veterans leaving and new players trying to capitalize on the so called op. Either way, the game is dubbed as a 256 man game, and thats Dom, and Sver still reigns in Dom… great game Zipper.

  • @8 and 9

    I did that with Warhawk and it was fun for awhile and the trophies were nearly impossible. As of now, I refuse to invest in an online only game. Especially after Socom, then again I only bought Socom for the Sony headset.

  • I don’t get why people think they’re entitled to a Platinum in every game… Trophies should be hard and only the cream of the crop should even get a sniff of the platinum. I only have one platinum, for BUZZ (WHICH has fairly easy trophies and I have a history degree so if I can’t platinum a trivia game, what good was school, lol) but for me, 30% of trophies is good, anything over fifty is awesome… and I dont play stories over once completed for more trophies, so online games are awesome for always having a new trophy to acquire… Why do u think I traded in MW2, campers made it less and less fun, and without online trophies, why bother keep playing it when it started frustrating me. And to bring up Socom which I dont play anymore, my seven per cent trophies in that make me more proud than my BUZZ platinum, now those are some hard trophies, which actually makes them mean something to accomplish them. I love when works dead and I can play around on my phone, now Im gonna get paid to play Tiger woods golf, lol

  • So Zipper does read these comments…

    How about making a “real” Next Gen Socom experience? Do the opposite of MAG, screw 256 players on bad graphics, get 16 players on amazing graphics….

    Let’s see what Zipper can really do…

    Here’s how you get started…

  • Ugh.. I like playing this but as soon as became a veteran i went to raven and omg they hella suck no offense. but they lack team work i wana go back sver. or at least valor. idk. hey zipper can u do me a favor.

  • EXCELLENT GAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Would be better though if in suppression each faction could play on all 3 suppression maps and if there were many more weapons.

    Also would be cool if in sabotage the ABC changed locations (maybe 5 choices) so that every game isn’t the same spots.

    Anyhow thank you for the great game and still no lag for me after 100 hours of game play……Can’t believe it but it’s true :)

  • oh forgot to add

    Why aren’t there any pistols other than the one you get at the beginning ???

    Why only two machine guns ???

    Seems that assault rifles and sniper have many more choices (doesn’t make sense)

    Thanks Again

  • Yes! I love reading these.

  • This game is absolutely stellar. We’re loving it


  • They should make us switch maps so SVER can prove that the only advantage we have is teamwork. People complain about the sabo map, if its so easy to defend, why cant a team hold any of the uplinks and we keep taking them back?

  • I totally love 22’s comment and want extended to all maps. Before the maps get rebalanced they should have map rotation for month.

    SVER should be forced to attack their domination site and be forced to defend Raven’s domination site. Let’s see how many SVER players still believe they don’t have a huge map advantage afterwards.

    Before anyone thinks I saying this is from losing on the Raven side. I haven’t played Raven yet (outside of the betas). Currently playing as SVER and don’t plan on touching Raven until they redo the domination maps.

  • Right now domination is my favorite game mode.

    Question: Will there ever be even more game modes maybe released in DLC?

  • I’m just about level 30 right now and I’ve only played 2 games if domination… The first one I played made me think 256 was too much… Then about a week later I played it again and I understood the game more, but lost bad (and I’m SVER!!) maybe I’ll try these tips and play it some more.. Thanks!

  • @16


  • @16

    I really hope Zipper Interactive does make an EPIC SOCOM game, but I do like M.A.G. because it’s another tactical shooter game.

    SOCOM Confrontation is the worst SOCOM, but I think some original SOCOMers who’ve been playing the SOCOM since SOCOM I or SOCOM II only decide to play it still is because it’s the only game that resembles a mere image of the old SOCOM.

  • forgot to add “franchise” between “SOCOM since”

  • so i play codmw2 alot but getting bored with it is mag worth buying

  • @16 – MAG is a perfectly good game just as it is, although I definitely agree with other people in that more map variety would make it all the more fun
    @29 – Yes MAG is worth buying, but just so you know its not as intense nor as fast-paced as CoD; it requires strategy and tactics whereas CoD is sometimes a match of who can fire first

  • I absolutely love this game! I mean incredibly fun and epic. Maybe if theres some sort of expansion, there could be things like platoon leaders setting drop points for paratroops, and there could be things like setting up barricades ourselves simmilar to repairing objectives idk. I cant wait for the new update and i hope get some new maps in the near future. Meanwhile, I’m gonna go have another wargasm while playing MAG.

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