Download The Tester Preview Show on PlayStation Network Today

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Hey everyone! The countdown is on – we are just one week away from the premiere of The Tester on PlayStation Network. I have a treat for everyone – a special preview show of The Tester hosted by actor, comedian, hardcore gamer, and The Tester judge Hal Sparks. The show offers a glimpse of what you’ll see on The Tester, and plenty of stuff that you won’t see, including highlights from thousands of the hilarious submission videos we received – and there were some doozies.

Check out a snippet of the preview show below, and download the full preview show on the PlayStation Store and in PlayStation Home Theatre #8 later today.

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  • Cool, going to check this out.

  • Chris,
    EU store update was done early, any timeframe on when we can expect the US store to go live?

  • I am wondering if you are planning on adding “OPTIONAL SUBTITLE” For this show…???

    Since it is not quite fair that we HAVE TO sit this out – if not for an entire series. We’d love to be a part of this, you know to participate in topic or thread discussions based on what we saw or learn during individual episode in this series… on Playstation Forum or anything related to Playstation…

    Please make this happen for us- for deaf community and for those hearing people who appreciate by having “optional subtitle” enable on (according to individual’s preference)…


  • Sounds good…

  • On the 18th.. I’m gonna watch this show ! but wait.. is it free !?

  • @5 yes, the entire season is free

  • Great. A show about idiots with low standards testing video games. These low standards are the reason we have so many crap games on store shelves. Not to mention everyone testing games are far too young and inexperienced. Testers should be people that were playing games while these naive fools were still seeds.

  • At what time is GoW III trailer going to be shown?
    And can we expect it on the Blog by today?

  • Show is fail.

  • Hey Sony!

    You should like totally update the PS Store really early today, as after snowstorm/blizzard #2 I, once again, am stuck at home.

    Heavy Rain demo! :D

  • My favorite part of any reality competition series is the videos/auditions of all the people who DIDN’T make it on…so can’t wait to watch this. Expect tons of lunacy!

    Here’s hoping Hal gets meaner in commentary as it goes along too. Unless he’s not the snarker.

    There better be someone who snarks.

  • Do you know if the MLB 10: The Show demo is releasing today as well?

  • This series is going to be sweet! Can’t wait till next next XD

  • God of War III trailer!!!

  • God of War III News & trailer!!!

  • hi chris,
    I always say, they have so many reality shows but; never a ps3 reality game show? I thought it would be cool if they did something like that some day. so here we are my wish came true hehe. I know all of us gamers are going to love this show. thanks for the 411. :)

  • chris, so you have to buy episodes of The Tester or they all free?

  • I don’t care about the TESTER unless I could be one.So how about better things from your about the good stuff Sony is holding back for major events.We are a want it now nation and could careless for your superfulous DICE,E3,TOKYO and LIPZEG conventions trust me we the faithful are your followers.We want better services now.No new gamer says hey I say that E3 convention and really want a PS3.The casual gamer doesn’t even know their are convetions or associate them with Trekkie’s.GET SMART.And the PRESS always can find out on the wire.COME-ON

  • I subscribe to the PSN blog RSS feed and am a regular reader, and I don’t bother watching the video content you guys post anymore because it’s such a hassle. It’s very annoying that playback stops as soon as your mouse cursor leaves the video box. If I start a video, watch for 2 minutes, then accidentally move my mouse too far, there is no way that I’m going to bother with restarting the video, trying to find where I left off, etc. etc.

    Your team should fix this ASAP!

  • @ BigPoppaChunk

    I don’t care about the Tester either, but don’t go around throwing that “we faithful followers” BS. Unlike you, I have patience. I don’t identify with the twits who “gotta have it now.” You don’t speak for me or anyone else- we are perfectly capable of speaking for ourselves and if “we” want it, it will show in the sheer number of people whining about any given subject. By the way, I love how with all that ranting, the most you ACTUALLY said was that “we” want “better services.” Way to be specific.

  • Umm…. No thanks!

  • I fail to see what mashing together ‘The Real World’ and ‘Road Rules Challenges’ has to do with testing a title in a QA Environment.


  • @jeigh my point was we know what’s coming down the road why cater to casual players when we are hear supporting the system of our choice. and all the execs are thinking about is how to get new buisnsess.ok fine but what about the core that’s already hear.god sakes i’ve been waiting for cross game chat and we get sodium one and the teaster. and since you have patience could you patiently blow me. THANKS

  • @jeigh if you could take your hands off of my chunky big poppa you could use them to type your own opinion instead of commenting on mine and i wouldn’t of spoken for you if you’ld just spit the damn thing out 1 time.
    the big conventions are for the media to get the word out about new stuff and the execs have been targeting the casual. with that said the execs should stop trying to be nintendo and concentrate on better stuff.

  • What’s up everyone! Don’t forget to follow the cast of The Tester on Twitter @!

  • The only game I’m interested in seeing tested is Gran Turismo 5, on my PS3.

    Get on it, Sony – enough with the kiddie monster games.

  • #26…

    Yah…I’ll be running straight to Twitter to start following these morons.


  • Is it coming out in to the PSP psn store too? cause it would be great to watch it on the GO :)

  • I’ll check it out. I still got to check out Heavy Rain too

  • Okay, it’s like 6:40 EST right now. Update the store!

  • lmao man so far so good, the audition tapes were hilarious especially the war paint guy lol FTW! I cant believe that there were so many that auditions considering how so many people hate the series when posted on blogs and forums, wasnt expecting that.. but i guess, great job sony i dont care what people think, it’s nice to have something to entertain you other than just videogames on a console of your choice. If it doesnt tickle your fancy or ur not interested in it then why click the link to this Blog hmmmm?? lol N E Ways I wonder who will win? I’m going for Naucious lmao….

    come play wit me @ PSN: TheRealNauseous
    follow me @
    or join my page @

  • who cares get a real job or just apply, my brother use to work at activision santa monica,and it doesn’t pay all that great.

  • You know, as long as this leads to more PSN Original Video Content… I’m all for it. As long as it stays free.

    No way I’ll pay for a reality show, maybe something better, but not for this show. If you attempt to charge for it, I’ll laugh it off.

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