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Hey there Yakuza fans, it’s been a little while, but we’re back with more news on Yakuza 3 – today, we’d like to show you guys what we’ve got set up as a pre-order bonus for all of the fans who support the game by throwing in their reserve ahead of time!

Yakuza 3 Survival Battle

What’s in store for those of us here in the US? A fair bit, actually – here’s what you score when you pre-order the game:

4 pieces of DLC will be packed into the game via a special code card. This will allow players access to the following content:

• Battle for Survival – Take on all the bosses of Yakuza 3 as Kazuma
• All-Star Tournament (7 character tournament)
• All-Star Tag Tournament (8 team tournament)
• Haruka’s Request – This unique series of challenge missions will send you on a task of exploration throughout the entire Yakuza world, playing mini-games and entertaining Haruka.

In addition to this, Yakuza fans who pre-order the game at their local GameStop will receive additional content via the Challenge Pack. This will allow them to enjoy 2-player mini games, competing against their friends at Pool, Bowling, Darts and Golf. They will also be able to customize their principle characters with four alternative costumes for Kazuma, Haruka and Rikiya.

Yakuza 3 All Star Tag Tournament Yakuza 3 Harukas Request

Besides the pre-order content, are there any specific parts of the game you guys out there are interested in? Let us know here in the comments, and we’ll see what we can do to get some spotlights out there on the things you all would most like to see.

With just over a month until Yakuza releases, the wait is almost over. Until next time!

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15 Author Replies

  • Gah i hate pre-order bonuses so much…

    Guess it forces people who might not buy the game to get it day one though.

  • No but seriously, all this crap should be on the disc in the first place.
    So annoying.

  • Still can’t believe we’re getting this. Thanks, Sega.

  • custom soundtracks, 1080p visuals, dts?

  • I bet Europe will get this on disc without preordering. What’s up with US and preorders? Gamestop huh? figures.

  • I just went out and bought the first two games over the weekend to see what all the fuss was about, and damn, I was really missing out. So far 7 chapters in the first game is fantastic.

    So are we getting the special edition that has the soundtrack over here that was announced for the UK?

    • There\’s no word currently of the soundtrack being available here in the US, but I know there are a lot of us out there who would appreciate it. At the very least, I\’ll see if I can score a few for a giveaway or contest a little closer to launch.

  • Will be getting these same Pre-order Bonuses?

  • Do whatever you have to to sell the game. Yakuza is a great series.

  • Love the franchise and Sega for bringing part 3 to us.
    Still I have to ask – is it too late to change our US and EU box arts? ;-)

    • It is, but getting feedback never hurts for the future. I sent over a lot of community responses on the box art already, but I can definitely add another one to the total. :)

  • i wish this was already on the disc, it would’ve been great for people who can’t get it on time. especially if overseas :\ but yakuza IS a great game! guess i’ll wait when the dlc’s get on psn after like 8 months.

  • All those thing should be on the game already.
    But, those DLC will be available later ?
    I can’t pre-order the game, but I will buy ASAP (probably first week of march).
    Also, the game DLC will work on the European version ? I know the European version is like a Collector’s Edition and I’m thinking about getting that one.

    • Good news – I can confirm that eventually the DLC will also come out for download. Those who pre-order will have it first and for an exclusive period of time, but we aren\’t going to penalize fans by completely locking it away forever.

  • If anyone of us could not pre-order this game for some reasons- will we be able to buy those DLCs that you offered them in coming weeks, right? Or this is one-time opportunity of lifetime…?

    • As mentioned above, we will release them following the game launch, though I don\’t have full details to release regarding that just yet. But if for some reason you aren\’t able to pre-order, no worries – there will be another chance later on down the road.

  • Why do publishers continue to give GameStop exclusive preorders? They are the company that will buy your game back from someone for pennys on the dollar, and then re-sell it for 10% or original price without a nickel going back to the publisher. I understand not freezing them out completely, but why give them things that would massively improve their business? Don’t you want to reward people for shopping at places that don’t screw you over?

    Seriously, I’m wondering…

  • Thank you, Sega, for bringing Yakuza 3 to the US! I pre-ordered it the day it was announced. I have two questions, though:

    1. I pre-ordered through and the page for Yakuza still doesn’t reflect these bonuses. Will I have to cancel and re-order the game in order to get the bonuses, or will you guys arrange for the bonuses to apply to already existing pre-orders?

    2. Will the Gamestop-exclusive content become available on PSN later for sale? I don’t want to do business with Gamestop, but would love some costumes!

    Cheers for bringing Yakuza 3 over. Now please make Shenmue 3! Pretty please?

    • 1. It should apply to pre-existing orders, but I will check to make sure for you.

      2. Yes, the extra DLC will come out later. Those who pre-order will get it exclusively for a period of time after release, but we will be giving everybody a chance to get their hands on it in time.

  • Always read, but never commented until now.

    Can people just stop complaining about the DLC not being included please and ask relevant questions regarding the game?

    As #14 said, thank you for bringing this game outside of Japan.

    I am also wondering the same thing regarding Amazon and Gamestop, because I would rather not buy anything from Gamestop.


  • Is there are list of stores we can pre-order from and get the bonuses?

  • @2 – “4 pieces of DLC will be packed into the game via a special code card.”

    That sounds like it IS on the disc to me.. Here’s hoping the codes are generic and unlocked in-game (like Darksiders, Burnout Paradise, etc), rather than requiring an unlock key downloaded from the PlayStation Store.

  • People need to realize that it is very important for the developer/publisher to secure preorders more so than it is for Gamestop. Gamestop makes maybe $9 for every new game they sell.

    Every preorder that Gamestop takes in is another game sold from the publisher. Take into account that for every preorder that Gamestop gets they also increase the initial amount of games that they have for walk ins as well.

    If Gamestop can net 50,000 pre-orders on a game they will probably end up buying 150,000-300,000 copies of the game. That is very beneficial for the Developer in initial sales. Because even if the game tanks in stores they still sold 300,000.

    If Gamestop only gets 5,000 pre orders and order 20,000-30,000, if the game tanks then the developer only makes profit on those 30,000 as opposed to the 300,000.

    Support the Developer/Publishers and pre order your games if you are into them and get all the free stuff that comes with it!

  • @13 – the additional pre-order bonuses at GameStop would give people a reason to buy the New version there, rather than a Used version, right? Do you see where I’m going with this?

  • How’s the fighting scheme? Is it like the 2nd game? Or has it been update any?

    • If you\’ve played the earlier Yakuza games, you\’ll be able to follow the combat very easily. There are, however, a nice amount of little tweaks and updates that make it feel much more fluid on the whole.

      If you\’re new, there\’s also a tutorial at the very beginning that explains how it all works and can guide you through the basics.

  • Was it difficult to get the release through Sony’s certification process?

    I mean, SCEA’s track record with subtitled only games is pretty awful (See Battle Fantasia, Record of Agarest War).

    Also something to note. is offer $5 off pre-orders. Not sure if it’s only online.

  • That it’s coming to the US is bonus enough.

    Personally, I’d really like to see the “Kenzan!” title brought over — or at least a patch to the Japanese version that adds English subtitles so I could import it (and understand it).

    • I own a japanese copy of Kenzan!, and it\’s a lot of fun. Granted, not knowing fluent Japanese makes text heavy games a challenge. :)

      I\’m hoping that Yakuza 3 does well, even in the face of the challenges ahead. It is a fantastic game with amazing depth, and it\’s a shame more people don\’t already know about it. But I guess that\’s what we\’re out to change, right?

  • Awesome! I already pre-ordered actually because I’m pumped this game is coming to the U.S. However what about Yakuza 4? Don’t play with my emotions we are getting Yakuza 3 and that’s great but keep them coming. I heard that this game is getting dubbed and not just subtitles? Is that true and if so will I still have the option to switch to Japanese voices? Thanks again Sega.

    • The game will retain the Japanese voices with English subtitles. No dubbing – and I\’m actually rather happy about that. :)

  • pre order bonuses suck. Try putting the codes in only new copies of the game instead.

  • how doing what god of war 1 and 2 did buy upscaling it and offering trophies. I have a PS3 slim and really want to play the past two games.

  • First of all I am happy that this game is coming to North America and I will be buying it. I was going to buy it the first day, but I just realize that I will have Heavy Rain to beat, questing online in WKC (Addicted to this game), and God of War 3. Hopefully, I can buy this game at the beginning of April.

    Second, why do pre-order bonus? Why not do what EA/Bioware is doing with their games and including the Code with ever new games rather than pre-orders. Gamestop with its used game business is doing nothing but screwing over developers and publisher. I just don’t understand why you guys still are doing exclusive business with a company that is cheating you on every used games sold.

  • Could we get a pre-order bonus through Amazon? I don’t shop at GameStop and haven’t for more almost 2 years now.

  • Dear Sega;
    “What’s in store for those of us here in the US? A fair bit, actually – here’s what you score when you pre-order the game”

    Dose that mean Canada is not included if so Please Change it to North America and make some fans Happy ^_^ .

  • guys, guys… calm down. i’m sure you can pre-order the game and get the code, and then just not buy the game from gamestop when it comes out. tell ’em your gf bought it for you or whatever, and get your 5 bucks back. i do this all the time.

  • I also don’t shop at GameStop. I’d rather buy from Amazon.

  • Hell yea, I can’t wait to play yakuza 3! Loved the first two games. I have to pre-order to get that dlc. I was thinking about just walking in on release day and picking up the game, but I want ensure I have my copy of this awesome game.

  • What about people who haven’t played the first two games and don’t know much about the story. I know Europe is getting something that helps with this problem, but what would you suggest us Americans do?

    • All versions of the game will come with two built-in movies that detail all the major events of both Yakuza 1 and Yakuza 2. You can grab a drink and some popcorn and catch up on the last few years of the series in a single evening, and then continue the adventure directly after.

  • @29 bendeboy
    You can’t do that anymore. Now, these codes are inside special GameStop edition box. Or maybe the rapper has a sicker on it, i don’t remember. But you can’t do that anymore, they figure out what we been doing :)

  • Dear Sega,

    I have a question. I bought the Japanese version (Ryu ga Gotoku 3) since it didn’t seem likely it was going to get a North American release at the time. I installed the trophies for it, but haven’t played through the game yet (still working on Kenzan). If I buy and play the North American version of Yakuza 3, will the system recognize it as the same game and use the already existing trophy set? Or will the system recognize the Japanese and North American versions as separate games and install separate trophy sets for them? I know this might sound petty, but this is really important to me!

    Thanks in advance.

    • A very good question. I\’ve passed this on to our producer for the game, and will comment here or add it as part of a blog once I get an answer.

  • Will be buying this day 1. Got it pre-ordered the other day.

  • Gamestop. LAME!!!!!!!!! I dislike these exclusive pre-order stuff

  • will preorder this game asap loved the japanese demo cant wait to play full game and actually understand whats going on lol

  • @33 BlooodyCow
    aww shucks, i did get away with it for the
    gow skin and demo though. o well, fun while it lasted i guess.

  • Pre-Order bonuses, specifically those that are DLC, are always released eventually for free, down the line. For everyone worrying, I’m sure that this is the case. It’d be a stupid marketing move to not do this.

    If you don’t pre-order, or don’t want to do it through gamestop, I’m sure they DLC will be out on PSN eventually.

  • Pre-ordered and eagerly awaited.

    I’d like to know how the fighting engine has changed from 1 + 2 to 3. I tried the Japanese demo and found the fighting was a bit different from the first two, but more specifics on what has changed and/or been altered from the previous titles would be interesting to hear.

  • Didn’t mean to say that DLC is released for free down the line, just that it’s released down the line…wishful slip on my part.

  • What the hell ever happened to PHYSICAL preorder bonuses? An artbook, a poster, maybe a nice little figure, or even just a limited edition case? I’d throw down a preorder for any of those things.

  • I absolutely despise Gamestop. I with there was a pre-order bonus at Amazon.

  • hey Sega America give this tip to Sega Japan.

    tell the studio behind Yakuza to tech Platinum Games how to develop for the PS3. or at lest tech Platinum Games how to make a decent port to PS3.

    so at lest Platinum Games wont release another garbage port like Bayonetta.

  • will get these same pre order bonuses?

  • The US box art looks absolutely terrifying, in my honest opinion. I question how this game will sell with such an abysmal box cover. Hope that was just a prototype or a place holder cover… Greatly looking forward to the game, thought!

  • Can’t wait, but I guess I’ll be missing out on those pre-order bonus because there’s no way I’m getting anything at GameStop. It’s beyond me why they always choose gamestop for the better pre-order bonus or in this case the only store with pre-order bonus, for one thing, they should hate GS in the first place for selling used games and by now Sega/Sony or whoever knows that many gamers hate GS. I’ll be ordering at amazon without bonus I guess.

  • You had me at “Hello” Sega.

    I was at TGS when Ryu Ga Gotoku 4 was announced and I knew then that I had to be able to play Yakuza 3 with localized text or my head would explode. I adore this series. Cannot wait for it.

  • I just finished Yakuza 2. I want those pre-order bonuses.I do not want to go to Gamestop. Can you extend those bonuses to If not I will go to Gamestop. I am not a fan of Gamestop.

  • Ghey. Why do people pre-order anyways? It isn’t like all the stores are gonna run out. yet there’s still people who will say different. Boycotting pre-orders will make them obsolete.

    The people who don’t have the cash for this on release will lose out. What a shame gaming has come to.

    I have learned to only buy games on release that are worth it and that don’t do crap like this. What if I don’t like buying from GameStop? I miss out cause I don’t want to give that company my money? Guess so.

    Now that Yakuza 3 has done this, I will wait till the game drops in price. There’s plenty of other games I have done this with and I have plenty of games I can play in the mean time.

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