UNCHARTED 2 Soundtrack in Stores Today

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Music is an important component in our games; with it we can set the right tone within any given part of the game and help our narrative elements evoke the proper emotions. When I first played through UNCHARTED: Drake’s Fortune, I thought Greg Edmonson totally nailed the action-adventure cinematic feel that is the foundation of the UNCHARTED series.

It was a pleasure – and great news for the many Edmonson fans – that we were able to “get the band back together” and work with Greg a second time on UNCHARTED 2. We couldn’t be happier with the results.


As of today, there are not one, but two ways you can get your hands on the original soundtrack to UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves. While the soundtrack has been previously available on iTunes, we’re glad to see the original soundtrack released on CD TODAY and it is available at stores around the US and on your internet retailer of choice.

You definitely don’t want to miss this release, as the CD version of the UNCHARTED 2 original soundtrack includes three previously unreleased tracks:

Take That!
Tunnel Vision
The Heist

If you haven’t picked up the soundtrack yet, this CD release with the additional tracks would probably be a good time to do so. We hope you enjoy it!

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  • This is pandemonium!

  • Cant see too many people actually buying this. I bought one song from the first game off iTunes though, so maybe ill hear something i like again from 2. >.>

  • cool, how much…..and when is uncharted 3 lol jk……

  • So going to buy this if BESTBUY Canada has it!

  • Aw, this is some good stuff right here, beautiful. I don’t know about you guys, but the Uncharted theme song always sends chills down my spine. =)

  • I bet this makes driving around town or running or biking or…well any activity sound absolutely EPIC! :)

  • Now that I finally gave in and bought the soundtrack on iTunes….hopefully I can get these tracks separately somewhere.

  • The best videogame soundtrack ever

  • Phenomenal soundtrack, should have won in the VGAs, but anyhow.

    Definitely Hollywood quality of a big blockbuster film.

  • can i download it from the playstation store the same way i got the street fighter free tracks?! that would be awesome!

  • Awesome loved the music on Uncharted 2!

  • Not Cool I wish I knew about this sooner. I day one’d the purchase of this off iTunes and would have much proffered the discs, but now I’m getting shafted with 3 unreleased tracks. Wish you guys had said something sooner instead of making me buy the soundtrack twice. Shame on you naughty dog.

  • I didn’t read thouroughly, I just bought the album off iTunes a few minutes ago.

  • I wish the soundtrack was on Amazon… I would buy the download from there…Itunes does not usually play on my psp so I don’t buy from there.

  • I love Uncharted 2 OST! “Reunion”, “Marco Polo”, “Breaking and Entering”, “Desperate Times”, “The Monastery”, “Refuge”, “Among Theieves”… All great tunes!

  • iTunes is garbage. You guys need to get this up on Amazon MP3.

  • Nice! I need to get this soundtrack! I bet it’s going to sound beautiful once I blast it on my sound system. The music is classic, I love it. Thanks Naughty Dog!

  • I’d like to know where can i submit my music (instrumentals) to Naughty Dog

  • This sucks!! I bought the soundtrack from Itunes. I love it to death. But now I am pissed I cant get the 3 extra songs.

  • What ever happened to the Flower soundtrack? I thought that was going to come out :(

  • Freaking sweet! I was like WTF when you guys got robbed at Spike VGAs by Halo. What the frick?!

  • Great-I loved the music in this. U1 might be better though.

    Jeff, when are we going to hear/see more on the motion controller? Those videos last year were great.

    When are we going to have our PAX/PS Blog northeast meetup? (NYC, Boston)

    I killed 5 guys with one AT missle, blew up a helicopter with a 40mm(Got the tail-it was far too), and sniped a guy when he was in air on a ATV(headshot) in BBC2-I’m ready for my copy!

  • Damn, that’s beautiful. Absolutely stunning. Makes me even more pissed that I already bought the soundtrack on iTunes and letting it ship from the USA to Europe is far too expensive. Is there any chance that unlucky bastards like me will be able to buy these songs (or this album) in the (near) future?

  • How about releasing it through the PlayStation Store? that would be awesome!

    Then no one would have an excuse to not get it :P

  • Can you guys please do this for Heavy Rain and WKC too please? WKC and Heavy Rain has amazing sound tracks and it would be a crime not to release them. SO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE release them…PLEASE.

  • @24 Zezzler

    As much as I love Uncharted and it’s music. My excuse is that it’s $16 too much.

  • This is amazing, I’m ordering it as we speak, can’t wait to get it!

  • Excellent. Were you guys reading my mind? Now if I could buy the soundtrack to Drake’s Fortune in a media other than iTunes. Also would it be too much to ask for you guys to do this to Little Big Planet. I think its a crime that the soundtrack to LBP isn’t availible in this kind of release.

  • thats cool news, i really like the music in uncharted 1 and 2

  • MAG should get a tactile Home space.

    You guys have to incorporate motion controls into Home when the motion controller comes out!

  • That would make Home interesting!! I bet that would ramp up the population in Home. Keep it free though!!!!!

  • buying it

  • @28

    LittleBigPlanet uses a lot of licenced music, may be some copyright issue.

  • One of my favorite original videogame soundtracks of all time, excellent.

  • im not super stoked about this..there could be better news …like about when we are going to see new multiplayer maps an how thers an update for uncharted 2 so we are able to use the skins we BOUGHT for single player mode.This is the kinda news i know would get everyone pumped to play the game again and again!..music..aah im into hip hop…anything else stays out of my SONY WALKMAN MP3- :/

  • I have other question – you released soundtrack on iTunes and now we can buy it in stores… But wouldn’t it be possible to sell U2 soundtrack on other sites selling music, like 7digital for example?

  • Cool. i wish i could get my uncharted 2 fortune hunter edition sometime, that i won. so i can listen to it.

  • Will it be in PSN Store ?

  • Here’s the thing. I have 2 iPods, but I’ve NEVER used iTunes to buy music. And my biggest disappointmen is that everyone who puts out a soundtrack on iTunes, they don’t offer an alternative. Like, say… Amazon?
    That’s where I buy all my mp3’s. Either that, or CD.

    So. When you say, “available at stores around the US and on your internet retailer of choice,” do you also mean Walmart and K-mart? I live on an island, and those are the only two big stores here. Otherwise I would have to drive almost an hour to get other big retailers. I could order it online, but then I would have to wait a couple days. Otherwise I can run out and buy it right now.

    Here’s a better idea, Sony. You should have a music section on the PSN store.

  • So I have a question– was this CD just now released? Was it ever part of the Fortune Hunter Limited Edition?? Curious if those with FH editions had this before us…

    • The retail CD was just realized. We did create a FHE promotional only version of the soundtrack, without the booklet, case, extra tracks and UPC/other things associated with a \”real\” release.

  • Arne, can you pleeease release some female villain skins for multiplayer? As cool as my Comic-Con exclusive Navarro is, I’d really like to play as a girl!

    In the Best Buy Reward Zone dev chat on October 10th, Neil Druckman hinted that a certain villain’s sister would be available as a villain. http://forums.bestbuy.com/t5/Gaming/UNCHARTED-2-Among-Thieves-Live-Chat-Session-Transcript/m-p/62089

    Unfortunately, she was thrown on the heroes side for some reason AND she’s currently only available in EU. Please put her on the villain’s side where she belongs and bring her to NA!

    Or at least release a female version of the Playstation heroes and villains add-on. It could include Nariko, Kai and Whiptail from Heavenly Sword, and possibly some female God of Way characters.

    Ladies love Uncharted 2 too!

  • No Best Buy in my area (Seattle) has received a copy of this.

  • What ever happened to the Canadian contest winners…? Was that ever announced…

    Anyhow this soundtrack looks great, might think of getting it.

  • our local walmart supercenter didnt have this either.

  • yeah what @43 said. ant to know about that too.

    also I love the music; got it from itunes, but kinda bummer that we need to pay extra for those 3 songs. you guys should make those available for free for whoever bought the soundtrack already from itunes. I am sure you can do that and will show us that you care for those who support you.

  • Two weeks ago this album showed up for pre-order in my iTunes “My Alerts” before promptly disappearing a few days later. Will it ever be released iTunes?

    I bought the twenty-track Uncharted 2 soundtrack as soon as it was available; I’m really excited about the three unreleased tracks. How’s the booklet look for this CD release, if you don’t mind my asking?

  • Since Arne’s already responded to where you can get the extra tracks I wont ask. Anyways we need more Uncharted 2 DLC because I can’t get enough of this game! It’d also be nice if we got some info on in game changes (like gun strength) instead of having to find out ourselves.

  • I really like Greg Edmonson’s work on the Uncharted series. It really gives the games a greater sense of discovery, fear, or whatever mood that is supposed to be portrayed. I especially liked the music in the beginning of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune during the Sir Francis Drake quote! Does the soundtrack include the music from the Heroes DLC Pack trailer (if the music was made by Greg Edmonson)? Keep up the fantastic work Greg Edmonson!!

  • THIS I did NOT see coming and is my DREAM COME TRUE. If I knew about this, I would have not bought the one on iTunes!!!! But THANKS this is a dream come true. I’ve always preferred getting my music in physical media, since you can own them in CD quality and rip them at whatever quality you want. I wonder if these unreleased tracks are the ones left out of the other release, ’cause there were so many tracks missing from the soundtrack.

    And I also hope you guys do this for Drake’s Fortune, too ’cause that was the first and firsts’ are always important. That said, it had a great soundtrack to begin with.

  • I already had it from iTunes the 2nd day after it came out, also have it from part one. Thank you guys!

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