Heavy Rain Demo Forecasted for Thursday

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Norman Jayden - Heavy Rain

While this might be true for the weather in some parts of the country this week, the game demo for Heavy Rain will be available worldwide through the PlayStation Store on Thursday, February 11, 2010. Mark this on your calendar! This PlayStation 3-exclusive demo will feature two full chapters from the game, in which players will immerse themselves in the roles of Norman Jayden, a FBI profiler brought in to help local law enforcement find and capture the Origami Killer, and Scott Shelby, a private investigator hired by families of past victims to bring their killer to justice. Gamers will finally get the chance to try this psychological thriller where players make choices that will determine their story, all in the hopes of uncovering the mystery of Heavy Rain. If you’re experiencing heavy rain this Thursday, feel free to stay inside to download and play the demo of Heavy Rain.

Scott Shelby - Heavy Rain

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  • CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!

  • Is this the same demo as the one given as a reward for the ARG Four Days?

  • Crazyyy Stufff.. Cant Wait

  • Yeah… already got this one from EU. Thanks though.

  • Cool can’t wait to check this out.

  • I have already played the Four Days version. I assume this is the same… sounds like it.

    All I can say is…. IT’S AWESOME. I preordered immediately after playing. It might not be everyone’s style, but it’s exactly what I’m looking for – something fresh.

  • I already played this on my European account, its AMAZING.

  • Sweet!!!

    Pre-ordered it already.

    One Question for you:

    What PS3 exclusives are coming after God Of War 3? Any hints?

  • I already got this, thanks to the Four Days challenge. It’s awesome! Love the investigation scene especially!

  • Uh.. Guys, you know can get the US demo now…


  • I must say the game by the description and pictures doesn’t catch my attention too much, but with this demo i will be able to give the game the chance it deserves :)

  • ill be experiencing some heavy snow in DC this week, will there be a Heavy Snow demo too?

  • Is there a place I can print something out to make that origami figure? Would look awesome on my desk.

  • Thanks but no thanks. I don’t want to know anything before I play this.

  • @13

    There aren’t any real spoilers in the demo. You’re thrown into (presumably) the middle of the story with little details about anything.

  • I actually want this game, it’s different. I always get the same types of games but I like this because it’s unique. Excellent job on maing this game.

    @8 It must be some pretty good exclusives than.

  • @Cristian Cardona, thanks for the reply! For anyone who hasn’t played this demo, it should pretty much sell you on the game…I know it got me to pre-order on Amazon! :)

  • @ Response to #8

    That sounds painful…

    Also, seeing as how GT5 probably wont see the light of day this year, again…, can you at least tell us if there are some unannounced exclusives after GoWIII this year at least?

  • Like. :)

  • This demo is amazing, and Heavy Rain is apparently the next best thing coming to PS3; or shall I say the market in general.
    Can not wait for the game to release already.

  • I think I s**t my pants when I saw that 5 dollar bill getting picked up :O Great job, Quantic Dream staff! :D

  • Why do you guys have a God of War 3 Countdown? Switch it to a Heavy Rain countdown then after Heavy Rain releases put the God of War 3 one back

  • the demo was great. wasnt going to buy it because im pretty broke(college) but gonna spend my birthday money on the game. birthday is valentines day if you wanna just send me the game as a present lol.

  • I can’t seem to get sound to work in the demo.

  • I forgot to do the 4 day thing was planning on it just was to busy oh well I can’t wait until the demo comes out though

  • I got the demo last week. It was very very good. Fantastic attention to detail. You had my friend (who is a PC gamer) actually admit that it had the best graphics he has ever seen on any platform. That is a feat coming from him.

  • The game looks cool but will it have an online? I mostly play online games since getting online in 2004 with the offline being secondary..I have been gaming since the 70’s and playing a computer just gets boring.

    Medal of Honer:Rising Sun was my 1st online PS2 shooter but Socom has been my addiction since 8/04 :) 3rd person is my favorite since Tomb Raider on PS1 is this game a true 3rd person or OTS [over the shoulder]? I find way too many games are OTS or 1st person these days..OTS makes me feel like I’m walking sideways and having to switch shoulders is a pain…

    • No online on this title, but theres plenty for you to experience here. I wouldn\’t pass it up for that reason alone. Make sure you try out the demo tomorrow if you haven\’t already!

  • When I first saw this game I thought it looked kind of boring. After playing the demo it is for sure a day 1 buy for me

  • Will the US see the Collector’s Edition of Heavy Rain? Or is it just for EU?

    This is my first comment ever.

  • i see a forecast of turential heavy powerful rain in the very near future cant wait to get flooded by heavy rain XD

  • lol i’ve already had for several days – four day challenge :) It’s brilliant btw :D especially fight scene

  • Two days is torture by the way, just so you know. I was sold on this game from the moment David Cage said it was going to be a “mature title.”

  • Please give us the God of War 3 demo too! Why is it only Qure members get it!? If both this and GOW3 where in a store update people would not whine at all for a while.

    Also how about some news on HOME for those fans? And last but not least some more Video Game Trailers, to shut up the BC crowed how about two new PSone titles, and last but not least a kick butt reboot of Gex!? I want more Gex games!

    Also how about An announcement trailer for Jack & Daxtar now that R&C is finished for good.

  • Can you please release another demo with Madison Paige and Ethan Marrs? I LOVE this demo, but i want more! And i’m not old enough to play the whole game so the demo is the only way i can play it. I vote for a demo with Madison and Ethan!

  • Sorry, we’re getting ‘Heavy Snow’ where I am – Which sounds like a name for a sequel, spin-off, or… fanfic D:

  • Cool stuff, I think that the description of the demo is a tad off though.

    “This PlayStation 3-exclusive demo will feature two full chapters from the game”

    First off, I would HOPE the demo/full game is PS3 exclusive, but you never know these days. I think it’s really just a buzzword though, so I’ll let that slide.

    Secondly, if that demo really does include 2 whole chapters of the game, that game better be 55 chapters long, because it only took me about 10 minutes to blast through the demo, especially after I knew what I was doing. The two “chapters” as you call them were a horrible tease (which yes, I will be purchasing the full game) and I don’t feel that they were complete chapters by any sense of the term. I would say they are more ‘segmented experiences’ due to their lack of relevant information to the key storyline. Which is good, for a demo. BUT I just felt your words are misleading the people. Which will burn you. These people carry their torches close at all times.

    • You\’d be surprised how many people might not know if a game is exclusive or not. As far as chapters, it\’s accurate. Just like chapters in a book, some are short, and others are long. You won\’t be disappointed. :)

  • Already Pre-ordered!!!!!!!!

  • I have a question! Would you recommend I play the dlc pre order episode before the game or after?

  • Why is everyone saying this game is so different. Its just an Adventure game?. Will buy though

  • Any word on if the glitch in the investigation part of the demo, has been patched in the full version?

  • Oh man you guys are making it REALLY difficult for people who want to stay 100% spoiler free!

    I will chop off my hands from this Thursday until launch to avoid downloading this demo!
    (they can easily re-attach hands nowadays can’t they?…)

  • Can you guys please release the Heavy Rain soundtrack in the States? Please

  • Had this on preorder for several months now, only a few more weeks.
    Its awesome that it has a demo, to pull people who are still unsure if they will get the game, I’m sure once they try it they will be hooked.

    I personally wont download the demo though, I want every sight, sound and experience from the game to be fresh and have its full impact on me as I play.

    Heavy Rain was and still is my most anticipated release of 2010…cant wait for the downpour to start!

  • The demo was great! The game went from a possible rental to a launch-day buy! I can’t wait to see more of the story!!!

  • I played the reward demo and I can definitely say that if this demo is a promise of things to come, this game is going to suck your soul in. Great job guys! I can’t wait to play more.

    Not really a spoiler, but I love how if you leave a character standing with choices of what to say above his head, you will get an impatient response from the other character. Unlike most games, these NPCs aren’t going to wait for you to talk, hehe.

  • For those of you wondering, this demo doesn’t really spoil anything, it just gives you a feel for the mechanics of the game, while showing how freekin’ amazing the attention to detail is.

  • Well after God of War 3… theres Modnation Racers, GT5, The Last Guardian and AGENT, but of course more games will be announced

  • in 14 days…. Rain will fall really Heavy :P

    Got to play the demo and the Review of GI (9.5/10) make me wanna get this now!!!

  • Since it started to rain in Los Angeles yet again, today I pre-ordered Heavy Rain (since it rained today). I hope it rains all this week in Los Angeles, so I get in the mood for this highly anticipated game!!! Can’t wait for Demo, then game!!!

  • @ Response to #18

    Very clever, very clever indeed :)

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