MAG Developer Tips: Suppression

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Now that MAG is roughly two weeks old and players have familiarized themselves with the game and its mechanics, we’ve decided to help all of you take the next step towards becoming MAG superstars. Specifically, every day over the next three weeks we’ll be offering a bevy of developer facts and strategies from the team right here at Zipper Interactive. With inside info like that, you can expect to learn plenty of tips, tricks and tactics that should make you all the more prepared for becoming masters of MAG’s game modes, character classes and leadership roles.

First up, is a closer look at the game mode Suppression as explained by lead designer, CJ Heine. Watch this introductory video first, and then look for CJ’s tips listed directly afterward.

Hey everyone, this is CJ Heine from Zipper and I’m here to give you some valuable info on how to maximize your time in Suppression.

Basic Tips

For players that are new to MAG, Suppression is one of the first game types they can play – keep these things in mind as you get your feet wet:

  • Wins and losses in Suppression do not count in the Shadow War, but you may also find Suppression missions less stressful because you don’t have to worry about impacting the war as you learn the game.
  • Remember to stick with your squad. You will improve your survivability while learning how to fight alongside your team.
  • There are no vehicles or objectives to repair in Suppression, so modify your loadout appropriately (no need for the Repair Kit or Anti-tank Mines).
  • Learn the locations of the Resupply Points as they’ll refill your health and ammo, so knowing the way back to these quickly will keep you alive longer. They also tend to be player magnets, and can often become the center of combat.
  • Most default loadouts contain a First Aid Kit, so practice using this on yourself when your health gets too low. If you have upgraded to the Medical Kit or have the Resuscitation skill, seek out wounded allies and try healing them.
  • Don’t bleed out if you’ve been killed! Get familiar with the incapacitation and bleedout mechanics in Suppression, and see if there is anyone available to revive you before you choose to respawn.

Advanced Tips

  • Go easy on the low level guys! They’re in Suppression trying to learn and gain their first few levels. You are all in the same PMC, and taking the time to help them and answer their questions could make the difference down the road in a Shadow War mission.
  • Suppression is a great place to experiment with your new skill unlocks. The Suppression missions are small and time to combat is quick, making them a great source for practice targets. Use this closed environment to experiment with things like anti-personnel mines, items from the Electronics skill tree, new weapon upgrades, etc.
  • Right on the edge of your next player level but short on time? Often times, it’s faster to play a quick Suppression match instead of a full Shadow War mission for that last bit of needed experience.

Thanks for the help CJ! We’ll be back again tomorrow with Producer Alan Van Slyke’s tips for Sabotage – see you then.

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6 Author Replies

  • MAG is awesome! Just wanted to let you know that my friends and I have made the move from COD to MAG and cannot go back. MAG is just so engaging and feels like you make a difference.

  • Awesome.

  • kill em all lol sucks i cant play cuz i got the ylod c u all when my ps3 comes back to me

  • I am loving this game, and I don’t generally gravitate towards online games. Well done, Zipper!

    I think these tips are great ideas, but it’d be nice if this was in the game itself, or had a better, more robust training available, especially for those who are hitting the leader levels and don’t know how to use the new abilities.

    But I’ll take what I can get, and pass it on.

  • Balance out SVER and make the maps more balanced. Other than that, love MAG. So awesome.

    • We are always working on the balancing for all three factions — this is a job that will never truly be done since there are so many contributing factors thanks to online play, new strategies, creative exploits, etc. Don\’t expect us to stop looking for things to adjust for a long, long time.

  • MAG, the only game that doe overkill lol.

    Anyways I joy this game an hope their more new things that will get added for this game, maybe more skills or newer weapons.

  • Q. when will DLC come, i hope with in the next 2 months, a could u add flash bangs to the game?

  • Now this is cool. I love MAG.

  • What about people getting disconnected? Is this something you are looking into or it’s considered as an isolated issue? So I know if I should keep my copy or selll it.

    • Any disconnection issues that are within our reach (i.e. not client-side) are things we will always work to eliminate as much as possible. PM me with your details and I\’ll see what the deal is.

  • I love the beta and I love the game. I don’t believe I’ve had the chance to play the Suppression mode. I’ll get around to it soon enough I suppose.

  • Of all the modes this one probably needs the least amount of explaining – it’s pure death match versus your own faction. The training ground should probably be expanded upon further though, especially when one unlocks the command structure. When new comers can start leadership roles they need to know how to set frago’s, call in mortar strikes, etc — stuff that is vital to winning.

    I would like to see MAG develop into a more persistent global war. Right now the battles feel like isolated and ceaseless conflicts on the same battlefields from the same positions.

    There needs to be a greater ‘end-game’ objective for your faction to strive for, like capturing enemy territory or assassinating the enemy PMC leader.

    I would also like to see the idea of a global turf war expand into capitol cities. It would be neat if Valor’s capitol was New York City or some other North American metropolis, and SVER was based out of Moscow or Beijing, and RAVEN out of Paris, with the ultimate goal being to conquer all territory and achieve the bonus contracts.

    It would give more purpose to the battles. I think the core gameplay is good but I think MAG needs a greater persistent objective.

  • There should be tiers or cut offs in this mode. Level 15-20+ should not be able to come back and own new players. It’s not a very enjoyable experience for new players.

  • I have been loving MAG since day 1…sitting at level 36 right now, and hope to move up a few ranks later tonight!

    These “Tips” are appreciated, and I might argue needed. I am sure you have read all the reviews, and the general consensous is that MAG has a steep learning curve…and I concur!

    I cant’t tell you how overwhelmed I was early on, and then again when I got to be a leader. I won’t lie; the domination maps can still be a little scary! :-)

  • I commend Sony and Zipper for just not trying to push the envelope but for wanting to shred it when it comes to console shooters. But i’m Sorry…..I bought MAG, I tried to like it but i just couldn’t get into it. Traded it for WKC. I’m still waiting for a TRUE SOCOM title….by Zipper.

  • Really enjoying MAG and although fairly limited game mode and map wise i can’t get rid of it because of what the future holds for this game.

    Get leveled up and get to know the game as it is now because i’m dam sure Zipper have some big things planned for this game.

    I want to see war on an artic based map ! :D

  • MAG is awesome. I truly believe they will have dlc’s to make it even better. Quit complaining about what MAG doesn’t have and enjoy what it does.

  • @joostin I made the switch from MW2 to MAG as well. The 256-player Domination matches are tits. They truly feel like you are in a massive war and sticking to your squad’s objectives can turn the tides.

    I just made squad leader yesterday and got right into issuing directives and dropping soft-shell and vehicle mortars (even without a headset, which I hope to get today). My goal was to keep the battle moving so that SVER (my faction) won, but also keep the directives near my squad so they could get FRAGO bonuses. For positioning I usually hung back, but not too far, so my squad could get the leadership bonuses my character emits.

    If any SVERs want to play tonight (PST), hit me up with a DM.

  • @16

    I don’t think anyone’s truly complaining, and if I were a dev, I’d be happy and excited that people want more of my game – that’d be like, mission accomplished, I’d think. I can’t see this being the end of MAG anyhow, so people voicing their wants should be looked at as justification for DLC and continued support.

    I know that MAG has changed my own plans – instead of spending $60 on Bad Company 2, I now plan to spend it on pizzas and burgers and future MAG add-ons.

  • If this game was $40, I’d maybe buy it.

  • How about fixing the balancing so that SVER doesn’t win EVERY SINGLE TIME!?!?!?!?!

  • @TakiFuGu: Too cheap? Too bad. It’s well worth the price of admission.

  • @Jeremy:
    It’s been fairly well documented with the same person playing they do considerably better when logged in as a SVER.

    • Anytime there\’s the an overwhelming perception that there\’s a balancing issue that needs to be addressed, we\’re committed to looking into what the facts are to determine what needs to be adjusted, followed by applying those (or not adjusting things at all depending on what we find) as soon as we can.

      Point in fact, our next few in-game updates are going to sport a number of significant balancing adjustments that should impact the game quite noticeably regardless of who you play as.

  • There are a ton of people in this game that have no clue what they are supposed to be doing. The manual is not very helpful. There needs to be more training and more video tutorials and help in game, on the PSN and on the web.

  • SVER the best

  • Hi Mister Dunham, still appreciate the game sssoooooo much, i agree with #9 the disconnect issues are soooo bad happen to me only once, and to few friends in squad, really frustrating when you have a lots of point. And please, please and please again release a demo for people dont get the chance to try the beta like my brother i try soo much to convince him to buy the game, but he dont know ….. so with a demo he can see how amazing the game is. So keep up the good work and me to i hope dlc will come :)

  • the only problem that I see in MAG is the MAPs. They are bias on SVER, especially in Domination. I never been in a mission that defeated their teritory.

  • MAG is a very cool game indeed. If I have to choose between Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer and MAG. I would choose MAG for many reasons. Zipper, what you did was creating a game that is superior to Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer. Although Modern Warfare 2’s campaign and Spec Ops was what kept Modern Warfare 2 intresting.

  • FIX THE GLITCHES. Especially the ones where bullets turn corners and go through walls. And YES they do happen, and NO it isn’t lag.

  • @adolson, #18 I agree with you about Bad Company 2. I played the demo and had a good time, but that was before dipping into MAG. Now it’s dwarfed in comparison.

    As for future content, MAG has tons of potential for new maps, character customization, and Shadow War expansion. I personally would like to see a world map similar to Risk that gives your faction bonus perks for holding specific land masses. I don’t know if this would work in practice, but in theory it sounds rad.

  • i <3 Zipper :)

  • How about an option to “not join a group where squad leader does not have a mic” or to “only join squads with mics” (so everyone in the squad has a mic). It is annoying when the people with mics are coordinating the squad b/c the squad leader doesn’t have a mic. Then the SL get the exp, how is that fair? Eventually (when enough people lvl up) everybody will apply for Squad Leader just for the points. MAG is awesome, I just with more peeps had mics…

  • Zipper, you guys made an outstanding game. I’m always hesitant when it comes to new IPs and shooters aren’t my favorite genre, especially realistic ones (I like resistance). But this game just keeps proving to be a lot of fun. I like how every mode truly feels different and how you must adapt your playstyle to it.

    And don’t listen to those crappy reviews, this game deserves a ten for accomplishing a technical feat no one else would even dare to try.

    I would like to say though that an update to make the groups bigger than 8 would be highly appreciated. Maybe go up to 32 so that a whole platoon can be a group that can go in together. I know some of the bigger clans would appreciate it.

    Anyways keep up the good work guys, this is my first game from you all and I’m loving it.

  • Thanks zipper for a great game. I am addicted in a good way. I think that sver has a advantace because of some of there maps not because of there armour or weapons.
    This is by far the best mp i have ever played and would like to thank you for the risk you took.

  • congrats on a great game but you guys should make the domination sver map harder to defend lol!

  • Thanks, is this the first of the MAG Devloper Tips? or did i miss out on prior ones?

  • Zipper ! Listen to person number 11. He has a great idea about the shadow war and how to make it more integrated into the battles and score. Make it feel more like a war between these factions!

  • All I wanna say is MAG is freaking awesome. Me and my entire clan are loving. Not to mention its very deep and VERY addictive.

  • great explanation but it needs to be ingame. i was disappointed on how u guys explain the game.

    there is about 30-40% of the community dont know the command abilities or set up frago.

  • Great tips! Also, there’s something wrong on the Raven training. When you repair the vehical, it kills you after it has been fully repaired.

  • looks like MAG is mad fun. Awesome stuff! Thanks for the tips!

  • how about adding the machine guns back to the Vehichles for attacking.

  • or how about adding the feature to link groups like MizzSmartyPants and Ben BOTH said would be looked into, like they said in the BETA. Or make it so you can drive the APC’s in more places in the map ie beta 1.5. And why would you block the SVER side of the map in Aquisition (the side with the bridge) so all the APC’s can do is drive up to the gate and get blown up. I mean seriously, wtf do you expect them to do? When you can go NO WHERE

  • Hi,

    First off, great game, have played a bunch since launch!

    I have a question about the Shadow War and the persistent world concept.

    I thought it was mentioned that MAG would support a persistent world and each PMC’s actions in battle would be reflected in said world. So far I don’t see any way to tell how things are going for any PMC.

    Can you clear this up?


    FGUMP2112 – Valor

    • Sure thing — the most obvious way to tell who is doing well in the Shadow War is to check each game mode\’s contracts. Whichever groups own the contracts for those modes tell you exactly how well they\’re doing — you can also tell by the vertical colored bars that are lined up next to each other on the game mode screen — the higher the bar, the closer that faction is doing towards earning its next contract.

  • Bought MAG this week after being in the BETA 2 group… and LOVE IT (especially nice to play in DC as we have the major snow storm). Can’t wait to see what else you have in store and I’ll be reading these info posts as they go up.

    Thanks for a great game that’s easy to hop on and play. My one request in future patches would be to allow a quicker startup. I know you want to display company logos and disclaimers, but since there’s only 1 character allowed can’t you log us on the server in the background? There’s a lot of waiting around involved with booting up the game.

    See you online!

  • Also, are these servers global? I know there are some different rules there and it’s probably easier to keep them split, but this game’s success is pretty intertwined with the size of the community. I wouldn’t mind seeing some Aussies and Brits on the server. Maybe just group them by language, not continent/regions.

    • They are both global and regional. That is, we have servers in every major region but players can and do still play together everywhere.

  • MAG is the bees knees… keep the tips coming. I need all I can get.

  • as soon as Im done with AC II im diving in to MAG

  • I have a tip, Don’t get this game unless you enjoy spending half of every game running to your objective. You shouldHave called it MRG (Massive Running Game) because the spawn points are horrible!

  • I’ve been enjoying the game. My only issue is with the ease that LMG are getting headshots from ridiculous range. In general, sniping really doesn’t seem to be useful in the game except in a few scenarios that rarely happen.

  • MAG is awesome.

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