Meet Joe Mauer, Your MLB 10: The Show Cover Athlete

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Ever wonder how the MLB The Show series nails all those in-game animations? It’s because the team in San Diego brings in actual players who show them how it’s done.

This week, Minnesota Twins catcher and AL MVP Joe Mauer was in the motion capture studio to, um, run around in spandex with a glove and bat. The results will be apparent when the game hits early next month.

In the meantime, Mauer took time to chat with us about his incredible 2009 season, what it’s like to show up on the cover of a game, and how some Major Leaguers use games (like The Show) to scout out opponents in advance. Oh, and working with our (M)VP, Kevin Butler.

For what it’s worth, Mauer was a really cool, chill guy; maybe not what you’d expect out of an elite athlete. Best of luck to him this season.

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  • MLB the Show, honestly one of my favorite Sony IP’s!! Keep up the good work!

  • I went to high school with Joe (GO RAIDERS!), and while I was a senior and he was a sophomore, he dressed for football games with the varsity team, and he always seems like a nice, quite kid. Not at all what you would expect from a pro athlete, but exactly what you would expect from a kid born and raised in Saint Paul. Great to see you kicking ass Joe! Have a great season!

  • MLB The Show is the best baseball videogame period. I can’t wait to get the game when it comes out on March 2nd. Joe Mauer was a good choice for the cover of MLB 10 The Show and he is in my opinion the best catcher in the AL.

  • I have never played any iteration of MLB The Show. As a Canadian, you can likely understand why. However, after reading PS.Blog posts about The Show for two years now, I just might have to give it a shot. The game really does look great…for a baseball game ;)

  • was fenways stadium fixed? there should be the cocacola pavillion and left feild roofbox seats

  • Sadly, I must trade in some amazing games like Uncharted 2 to even think about getting this game. What a dilemna… :(

  • the game looks even more amazing than last years! yes! just can’t wait..

  • What a great guy. A true baseball talent. And as I hear it, a great all-around athlete.

  • Love Mauer. Great cover choice. Glad he got signed on for this.

  • Was that video of the game or a real game? It looked too real to be a videogame but I guess it must be. Sony should hire the Batting Stance Guy. He can come in for a week or two and you can mocap every batter in baseball.


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  • I love Joe. Really seems like a legit, nice guy. Cool to see my team making the cover!!

  • GOW 3 Countdown!

  • Joe Mauer deserves to be on the cover, But as a White Sox fan I already have an alternate cover printed with Mark Buehrle on it because I cannot have a Twin on the box.

    Cannot wait for the game, but why does Battlefield and The Show have to release the same day? Not enough time.

  • Even as a Minnesota resident and Twins fan, Joe M. is so overrated and I’m 110% positive they could have picked someone else

  • just pre-ordered MLB 10 The Show from GameStop, yesterday, and i cannot tell you how PUMPED i am for this game! got my 6 classic stadiums with the pre-order, and Joe Mauer is a great choice for coverboy… i’m a Pirates fan (Forbes Field, baby! home of the ONLY world series game-winning homer), so going to the actual games can be a bit disappointing, the majority of times, but knowing i can bring my 102 mph fastball to “the plate” (clever, right?) gives us a chance every season. :) BEST BASEBALL VIDEO GAME EVER… and of all my ps3 games, this is THE GAME that spends the most time in my ps3 every season! great interview (aside from your question, “a lot of major leaguers play baseball?” LOL

    keep up the great work, Jeff! :)

  • i missed a parenthesis. dangit! :)

  • Dustin Pedroia was better. GO SOX!

  • its a week and a few days away for pitchers and catchers.

    @19 the Red Sox sucks…

    ————-LETS GO YANKEES—————-

    @12 you might wanna check major nelson blog for anything MW 2 related. don’t forget IW pony up with 360 and gave PS3 the shid stick.

  • This GAME is Freakin Sweet as ALWAYS. Heard the online franchis is improve to with full season stats and trades .


    For those that likes league and interest hit me up , You know me I play the show every year

  • Joe Mauer is the best! He and Larry Fitzgerald are the 2 Minnesotans (that I know of) to be on a video game cover. Pumped to see the Twins play at Target Field!

  • This sounded like a lot of cringworthy PR speak, Jeff…

    Mind you, being a Brit i had no idea what you were talking about for the majority ;)

  • Looking forward to seeing the Kevin Butler advert though…God i love that man.

  • This game has been a day one purchase for a few years now and this year is no different. You can tell the people developing the game love baseball! That said, I do have a question. With classic parks becoming a bit of a focal point, will we ever see Ebbet’s Field in the game?

  • Jeff, convince Joe to come to New York after next season. He’d look great in pinstripes.

  • That was a great interview on one of the best catchers in all of MLB. Twins are very very underrated and under the radar too. Can’t wait for the show on March 2nd to be out. Should be a great season.

  • is mlb 10 the show gonna have trophies…..and also when is the demo gonna come out{ps3}

    please have trophiess

  • I know this isn’t the place but I would love too see a more modified batting stance selection mode for the create a player/RTTS character, such as not only picking stace but swing type and even better the Homerun cut scene such as being able to put any type of homerun celebration to anyones stance, this would also be nice to see what each player does during the homerun cut scene because I personally like to have a cool cut scene with my RTTS player but it takes forever to find a good one that is on a stance i like

  • You guys should definitely be in the HALL OF FAME for game creating.

    Anyways please tell me when the demo comes out.I really want to know, I have benn asking since mid January.

    Although I am anxious and impatient, you guys are so good at what you do and I always wanted to join, I am very good with technlogy! :-)

  • Loving The New Pitching Stances !!!

  • This series is what got me to purchase a PS3 without waiting for a price drop any longer in 08. Definitely my favorite IP on the PS3.

    The devs do an exceptional job capturing the sport of baseball and all it it’s nuances.

    I can’t wait to see the commercials with Kevin Butler, since last year they were HILARIOUS with Pedroia.

    Mauer seems like a humble down to earth dude.

  • Forget the game I just want to see the ad.

  • Wow, looks like big graphical changes compared to the last two years. The camera angles have certainly changed.

  • Joe……… Just one reason why the Minnesota Twins don’t suck. We have had how many people like him come outa our team? Like 20 to date? most teams have only one super star player in 20 years, we have 20 in 50………

    Insane if you ask me. Also it gives my home team some major creds for him being on the cover!

  • Joe Mauer is indeed a true proffesional. I would give anything to have him on the Whitesox!!
    Wait a minute…. I’ll just Draft him!!! lol

  • I’m not a real big baseball fan, but I pick up The Show every year. This is easily the best sports game on the shelves. Any self respecting sports gamer needs to own this. Kudos to the team designing it.

  • Please Sony announce a PS3 equal to Madden NFL that will look just as good as this game while having the teamplay features, and non of the bull crap that Madden dose. I just want a quick get in and play some football, and then get out type of game and nobody makes them like that anymore.

    Also if SCEA could launch a killer App Basketball game as well to take on EAs NBA titles I think you would get a crap load of support in the US if you did. We need more compatition in the sports genire and fast! No opposition to EA means the same dribble every year! Look what it’s done to have IW, and DICE from EA go at it for the MW FPS games? Great titles, and great inovation!

  • Can someone tell me if they added rivalry mode for when you play your buddies online.This would be a sweet feature.

  • You have made a huge error on Target Field. After watching the newly released videos on I noticed that the wall behind home plate is padded green when it is supposed to be the limestone that is used throughout the park, including the facade. This truly sours the excitment I have for this game as that is a key feature of Target Field, and one that will be prominent on television broadcasts. This needs the be changed to be consistent with the level of detail that you put into this title.

  • As a Philly fan, I was hoping to see Halladay on the cover, however, Joe Mauer is my favorite fielding player so I can’t complain.

  • @22

    Chris Weinke was also on the cover of NCAA football 2002, not only another Minnesotan, but another football/baseball star athlete from Cretin-Derham Hall. (Both Chris and Joe picked Baseball first, and had “lifetime” offers for free-rides to Florida State to play QB. When Chris never got higher than AAA ball, he left the Blue-Jays system and took up the offer, winning the Heisman at 28.

  • I have one question about this game, will this game support more than just 30 trophies, like MLB 09 The Show had 30 trophies, most of them on RTTS which was really hard and time-consuming? Now MLB 10 The Show, I expect more trophies.

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