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Hi Everyone –

I’m here to talk about echoshift, an upcoming PlayStation Portable title that brings a fun and different twist to the puzzle genre. echoshift introduces a new gaming concept where you will have to play with your past actions. Each level features crazy puzzles and obstacles that must be overcome in order to reach its exit door. You have a set amount of time to reach each level’s exit, and your actions are recorded as you play through the level, creating an “echo” of your past. If time runs out before you can complete the level, you start over from the beginning alongside your echo. The echo will repeat any actions you took before, which you can use to your advantage this time around to help clear obstacles you couldn’t by yourself! Cooperate with your echoes to climb platforms, clear gaps, and reach switches that you couldn’t before.

The levels are filled with so many different puzzle gimmicks that you’ll have to create multiple echoes to reach an exit. Whenever you start over, any echoes you’ve created will appear at the same time. It is up to you to strategically use these multiple echoes to help reach the level’s goal. You’ll have to think quickly and learn from your past decisions! Master this innovative game play style and plan ahead so that you layer your echoes and actions to clear each level.

echoshift gameplay 1 echoshift gameplay 2

echoshift gameplay 3 echoshift gameplay 4

echoshift comes loaded with over 30 different puzzle types to solve, all within eight themed worlds based on different puzzle concepts and types. Each world has seven levels that are filled with puzzle types such as moving objects, doors controlled by switches, crumbling floors, and more!

echoshift green 1 echoshift green 2

There are three different game modes for each level: “cast”, “key”, and “illusion”. “Cast” mode challenges you to reach the level’s exit within the time limit. When you first play, only “cast” mode is available, but you unlock the other two as you clear each mode. In “key” mode, the door at the goal is locked, so you will need to find the key before you can clear a level. Sometimes the key is hidden, so make sure to cooperate with your echoes to find it! Finally in “illusion” mode, you will be able to stop the timer briefly. When you stop time, each echo freezes, but you can still advance forward, plus you don’t have to worry about gimmicks in your way! This feature can be also handy when you are running out of time near the goal.

And there are more levels coming for those who master all 56 levels! There will be additional downloadable levels, which will be available on PlayStation Network at a later date. For all those interested, a free demo of echoshift will be releasing on PSN in February!

Continue to check back here on the PlayStation.Blog for updates, details on DLC and other news on echoshift.

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  • Diabolical!

  • whoa. looks real trippy :-)

  • sounds like the time puzzle part of ratchet and clank crack in time

  • Kinda sounds like the way the Clank puzzles in A Crack in Time worked. Very cool.

  • Finally! :)

    Can’t wait to give this some play time. Sounds like it will be as hard as echochrome if not more so. If only there were a freeplay (no timer at all) mode… Well regardless of difficulty I’m game.

    On another note it would be pretty cool if you guys would take the 2d echochrome found in Playstation Home and turned it into a PSP Mini!

    • Looks like we have a loyal fan here. Thanks for the support!

      We hope you will enjoy another one of our mind twisters.

      \”echoshift\” falls under the \”echochrome\” franchise umbrella, but clearly with a new and different game mechanic.


  • This game is going to hurt my brain from thinking….AWESOME!

  • This is the game that used to be called “echochrono” in Japan right?

    • Correct. In our earlier phases (I believe it was E3 2009, we had a prototype name of echochrono).

      Regardless, as mentioned above, we hope you will enjoy this time-themed puzzle/strategy game!

  • I really love these timeshift type games.
    If it’s implemented as well in this game as in A Crack in Time and Braid, it should be a smash hit. Bravo to SCE Studios Japan and Artoon for creating these innovative games.

  • I played this game the first time when it was called Echochrome. Hated it then and I’m gonna pass on this watered down version. I thought the PSP was capable of better graphics than this?

  • surely there’s a PS3 version in the works. Echochrome and PixelJunk Eden were my favorite games to demo my PS3 when I first got it. The abstract look, modern atonal music, and great level design was truly innovative.

    Please bring it to PS3 with 1080 native visuals and 24-bit lossless audio!

  • A Free demo “On February!”?

    I cant wait :p

  • Looks like fun. I was a fan of the first one, and this one looks to have even more thought provoking challenges ahead!


    • Remember fans, this is not a \”sequel\” to \”echochrome\”, but they are family :-p

      However, if you liked \”echochrome\” I\’m sure you will enjoy the mind bending \”echoshift\” as well.

  • Woohoo… I’ve always marked this as an instant buy and now I’ve got an approximate date (Feb)?

    Loved Echochrome and as soon as I heard about this I knew it was an instant buy.

    As long as I don’t have to make levels or play around with a level editor… I’m really bad with that kind of stuff.

    • Fortunate for you, maybe unfortunate for others, \”echoshift\” does not have a level builder in the game.

      You will, however, notice the levels included have been cleverly designed both from an art-style, and from a puzzle solving point of view.


  • AWESOME!!! I love Echochrome, i bought both the PSP and PS3 versions. This is truely something that i have been waiting for! Thanx guys!

  • Day one purchase from me. I don’t care if gets a sale the next day because I’m getting it ASAP. I absolutely loved the Japanese demo; I spent a good 30 minutes or so figuring out the ideal solution for the 3rd puzzle, and when I got it, I felt like celebrating.

    Also I hope this NEVER comes to UMD… or PS3 for that matter!

  • im a big fan of ur playstation company i i new about this game because i started to order ur issues and it gave me a brief on the game including the screenshots
    KEEP IT UP…you rock

  • Can you make your own levels?

    • I take it you are a fan of echochrome? The level creator was certainly a great feature! Unfortunately there is no level creator in echoshift. While echoshift shares some similarities with echochrome, it is definitely a unique, full-featured game that comes with 56 great levels already! The levels will really challenge you to approach puzzle games differently…and don\’t forget there\’s 3 different modes for each level!

  • hey i know that this may not be the spot 4 this post but i just want t2 be
    i was just wondering when any would have a general idea on or about when we could expect some new maps for COD:MW2 ( call of duty: modern warfare 2)????
    i know that i am not the only one who is also wondering the same but i have not heard any1 else ask about as of i am just wondering if we will see some soon ???? i check every time before i turn the PS3 off for the night & have not seen it on there,but i do see other things being put on.

    if some would be so kind as to give me answer or an idea my PS3 I.D. is “evilherbie”
    i will be looking for some kinda responce from anyone who may know or have an idea as 2 when.. thks

  • thanks for the info,been waiting for this news.Can’t wait to try it out!

  • I’ve been waiting for more info on this, looks great. Most likely a day one buy for me

  • Please tell the people over at SCEE to release version 1.02 for Echochrome ps3. (the webcam / youtube update) It got released June 2009 in the US, but Europe is unfortunately still without. Thanks

  • It was a damn shame that Europe and Asia got Echochrome on disc, and North America got discriminated against.

    I hope you don’t make the same mistake with this game.

    Disc or no sale.

  • will we see a two-pack sale on the psn. I would love to play both on my PSPGo :)

  • @ Einhander138

    I’ll take a $10 download over a $40 UMD any day. Don’t foll yourself into thinking that the game would only be $10 if it were to be released on UMD.

  • no version for psn? bummer…

  • @24 I would still rather have the UMD

  • Great demo. I struggled through Trial 3 many times to clear it under the three star rating condition… This is going to be a tough game to crack!

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