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I’m here to talk about echoshift, an upcoming PlayStation Portable title that brings a fun and different twist to the puzzle genre. echoshift introduces a new gaming concept where you will have to play with your past actions. Each level features crazy puzzles and obstacles that must be overcome in order to reach its exit door. You have a set amount of time to reach each level’s exit, and your actions are recorded as you play through the level, creating an “echo” of your past. If time runs out before you can complete the level, you start over from the beginning alongside your echo. The echo will repeat any actions you took before, which you can use to your advantage this time around to help clear obstacles you couldn’t by yourself! Cooperate with your echoes to climb platforms, clear gaps, and reach switches that you couldn’t before.

The levels are filled with so many different puzzle gimmicks that you’ll have to create multiple echoes to reach an exit. Whenever you start over, any echoes you’ve created will appear at the same time. It is up to you to strategically use these multiple echoes to help reach the level’s goal. You’ll have to think quickly and learn from your past decisions! Master this innovative game play style and plan ahead so that you layer your echoes and actions to clear each level.

echoshift gameplay 1 echoshift gameplay 2

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echoshift comes loaded with over 30 different puzzle types to solve, all within eight themed worlds based on different puzzle concepts and types. Each world has seven levels that are filled with puzzle types such as moving objects, doors controlled by switches, crumbling floors, and more!

echoshift green 1 echoshift green 2

There are three different game modes for each level: “cast”, “key”, and “illusion”. “Cast” mode challenges you to reach the level’s exit within the time limit. When you first play, only “cast” mode is available, but you unlock the other two as you clear each mode. In “key” mode, the door at the goal is locked, so you will need to find the key before you can clear a level. Sometimes the key is hidden, so make sure to cooperate with your echoes to find it! Finally in “illusion” mode, you will be able to stop the timer briefly. When you stop time, each echo freezes, but you can still advance forward, plus you don’t have to worry about gimmicks in your way! This feature can be also handy when you are running out of time near the goal.

And there are more levels coming for those who master all 56 levels! There will be additional downloadable levels, which will be available on PlayStation Network at a later date. For all those interested, a free demo of echoshift will be releasing on PSN in February!

Continue to check back here on the PlayStation.Blog for updates, details on DLC and other news on echoshift.

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