Qore Episode 21 – Featuring Yakuza 3, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Resonance of Fate, and the God of War III Demo

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We know you’ve been anxiously waiting to get your hands on God of War III, and fortunately the wait is almost over. To reward our loyal fan base, the God of War III E3 demo is now available for all current Qore subscribers. You’ll find it listed in this episode’s download center.

Special thanks to the God of War III team for providing an early look at this incredible game.

Also this month, Qore‘s Audrey Cleo reports from Japan on the latest game in the Yakuza series. She takes us through Yakuza 3‘s authentic environments and intriguing characters to find out if the baddest gangster in Tokyo’s underworld has a soft side.

While in Toyko, she also takes us on a whirlwind tour of the gadget and geek paradise of Akihabara, famous for its selection of electronics, computers, manga and anime, to discover the most interesting items to be found.

These days, first-person shooters set in a warzone are ubiquitous, so how can one game distinguish itself from another? Qore visited the producer of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 to walk us through the game’s multiplayer component. Strap on your helmet — you’re in for a wild ride!

RPGs are making a big splash on the PS3 this year, with titles such as White Knight Chronicles and Final Fantasy XIII. Star Ocean developer tri-Ace is getting into the action with Resonance of Fate. Qore brings you a hands-on look at this gorgeous new futuristic JRPG.

With 2010 shaping up to be a huge year for the PS3, we asked the editors at PlayStation: The Official Magazine to give us their picks of the titles and trends we should be looking out for in the months to come. And, as always, Qore gives you a peek at the latest and greatest Blu-ray movie releases coming your way.

All subscribers and purchasers can also download exclusive Yakuza 3 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 PS3 themes this month.

Look for Episode 21 today.

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6 Author Replies

  • I hope those themes are dynamic? If not, please do dynamic themes for Qore.

  • I got my GoW3 demo code by preordering and I have an extra from the GoW collection, if anyone wants it, message me.

  • I want to MARRY Veronica Belmont ;P

  • i’ll buy this episode if they include gow3 demo, but unfortunately it’s only for subscriber, no buy for me

  • I would be excited about this episode of Qore, except that I already have the God of War 3 demo. Besides that I am not interested in any of the games they are talking about this month… so YAWN…

  • Can we expect some more coverage of Resonance of Fate later on? I’m very excited about this game.

  • Where is Veronica’s whip??

    I thought all Belmonts are equipped with an alchemy whip! Simon, Trevor, even Richter have them but not Veronica??


  • I’ve become more and more a fan of my Qore subscription. Loved the early access to bETA’s and demos last year. Love seeing the games on the system I will be playing them on and this has swayed my opinion more than once when looking to purchase. Keep up the good work!

  • Wow, someone actually responded to the criticisms of Qore subscribers.

    Nice of you to admit what you’re giving us this year is significantly worse then what you gave us last year.

    Your explanation is nonsense though. It didn’t become harder to provide downloadable stuffs for us, you’ve just chosen to not do it anymore.

    It didn’t suddenly become harder for you to give us a free first party PSone game or PSN game Kevin.

    Demos can’t be any harder, they’re demos. Quit making excuses and stack the last 5 episodes to make up for the disgracefull first 8.

  • Yea Im like 80% positive not gonna re-subscrive to Qore. Its getting lame.

    Why cant the Qore Team include freebies that are done by Sony/1st parties??? Sony owns the rights to them unlike 3rd party PSN stuff. Getting too cheap, I assume? Why cant we get a free Dynamic theme? Throw us something. A Free LBP premium avatar?

  • Qore has been a bit disappointing lately, but overall I’m not too bothered by it. One can always just let his subscription run out and then renew if/when something truly worthwhile comes along.

    “To reward our loyal fan base, the God of War III E3 demo”

    This is the disingenuous part of the announcement which bothers me the most. It’s a very old demo. Anyone who has wanted to play it likely has by now. Moreover, it’s not a very good promo piece for the actual game (bad frame rate; good, not great, graphics; wonky AI camera). The loyal fan base has been there and done that with this demo. To categorize a second bite at the same apple a “reward” is, at the very least, a poor choice of words.

  • Still LOLing at people who pay more for a “digital magazine” than most pay for a real magazine sub… especially this year.
    Oh, and I’ve been in 3 betas this year without paying a cent. How much longer before this scam finally crashes and burns?

  • I’m not quite sure I understand why you can’t get better freebies for Qore. Heck, giving away some cool dynamic themes (and not the useless premium ones) would be a step in the right direction.

    Because lets be fair, the content Qore offers is in no way unique, and any information it contains will leak on to the internet 30 seconds after its published to PSN. So the ONLY trump card Qore has, is the freebies, giveaways, and beta opportunities. This is something the Qore team has dropped the ball on for the last year.

    Its hard to imagine this was once considered a good deal. Can you illuminate any reasons that will hold us back from cancelling our subscriptions? (I”m guessing subscribership is down year over year).

  • I’ve been a subscriber to Qore since the first month it released. I WON’T be renewing again. Not because a lack of ‘freebies’ as others are complaining about as those are just an added bonus sometimes, but rather because the lack of content about the games covered each month. Every month it seems to become less informative and more of a piece about how great the game is, show a trailer and tell us to buy it when it comes out. I want to see behind the scenes info and real Q&A, not these puff-pieces. It’s like watching a commercial for these games now.

    I doubt this trend will change, which will lead to me not renewing.

  • Considering there hasn’t been 3 beta’s in 2010, you are quite full of it.

  • Just a question about the GOW3 demo.
    Is there anything different with this version of it?
    The District 9 version of it included a behind the scenes look.

    With the question up in the air,would the inclusion of psn minis or classics be a possibility? Would there be enough to get a look behind the scenes of the development/porting of these titles?

    Thanks for your thoughts.

  • I’m not quite sure I understand why you can’t get better freebies for Qore. Heck, giving away some cool dynamic themes (and not the useless premium ones) would be a step in the right direction.

    Because lets be fair, the content Qore offers is in no way unique, and any information it contains will leak on to the internet 30 seconds after its published to PSN. So the ONLY trump card Qore has, is the freebies, giveaways, and beta opportunities. This is something the Qore team has dropped the ball on for the last year.

    Its hard to imagine this was once considered a good deal. Can you illuminate any reasons that will hold us back from cancelling our subscriptions? (I”m guessing subscribership is down year over year).

  • Last question for a while.
    Would it be possible to use Qore for a gamer/developer Q/A platform?

  • Not re-subscribing here for a third time unless we get some better stuff.

  • I’m very desapointed with the second year of Qore. We have no good bonus for annual subscriber. And I renew it because of a survey rhat Sony sent me to ask if we want more bonnus and guess what? So far we have what? Nothing.

    Modnation beta was given with LBP that sony promises that it will be the only place to have it so i believed in them, now the OLD GoW Demo that I have for months with the collection AND i have it with the Blu-Ray of District 9 so yeah…real good exclusives bonnus for subscriber heh…It wasn’t for the “hardcore” at all if you ask me because since the second year of Qore you just give us old stuff. And now, you think Themes is a great bonnus?

    its too late for me, in July I will not renew my subscription. As least you could give us the english demo of Yakuza 3 or heavy rain.

    VERY disapointed with this.

  • It’s very good that you are taking your time to explain all the stuff that goes behind the scenes with Qore, mr. Kevin. I’m probably subscribing to Qore soon and I hope there is new exclusive stuff for subscribers on the way this year.

    Yakuza 3 yeah!

  • Am i missing something? we’ve only had 1 full month of 2010. Why the qore hate?! lol

  • I’m guessing this is the same old demo from last year? Why not a new one showing the newest build of the game and a different level?

  • This is my first post as a QORE subscriber.
    I had downloaded the 2 free episodes from last year to try and get a feel for what I would be getting.
    I also talked to some friends who had been subscribers last year.

    They talked me into it, I have to say that so far ( I subscribed in Jan) from the content, I’m on the fence as to a renewal next Jan.

    I was lucky enough to have not purchased High Velocity Bowling, as it was a freebie with my subscription. Yet aside from that, nothing really special has come from my subscription so far.

    Only 2 episodes into my subscription though, so there is alot of time for persuading me one way or the other, however, as it stands the only way I could recommend a friend subscribe would be if they were a bowling game fan.

  • Qore does seem to miss the mark on a few levels. with just a few small changes it’s poplular would probably increase dramatically.

    1. Give subscribers a variety, not 2 themes each episode over and over. Mix it up 2 themes this month, maybe an exclusive dynamic theme another, voucher for a free movie rental (for a experience at rental) using voucher system for a free PSone title will let them choose a game they DON’t Have,
    or A PS3 game that is not selling.

    2. Beta Codes need to be included as downloadable content, not separate codes. Too often my family’s code has not arrived. We have another PS3 with our QORE linked to it and I’ve had to track down what happened, sometimes never finding out.

  • Does this mean that Audrey Cleo is gonna interview some real life japanese mobsters? If not, than she really isn’t showing us what the underworld of Japan really looks like and her segment will be pointless.

  • It used to be that each issue of PlayStation: the Official Magazine had a code on the last page that could be redeemed for the previous month’s issue of Qore. Please bring that back!

    BTW, what’s going on at 0:29 in that video clip?

  • stop complaning you get to see veronica belmont for only 3dolla

  • kinda have a problem. i renewed in july of 2009, and i dont have a february 2010 in my download list or any remaining episodes pending for the year. im sure you can see how this is a problem.

  • Great episode as usually! :D
    This is by FAR the best episode of QORE.

  • As it stands right now, Qore should be a free service; its as simple as that. the amount of exclucise content I’ve seen in the last 5 or so issues was just pitiful. Unless this chages, I fear the amount of Qore subscribers come next year is going to plummet.

  • this might not be the right place to post but can someone help me i went to download this months qore and i have the subscription since june. this month was there and i had no problems downloading but the other three that should appear on my download list are not there does the subscription only include 9 episodes?

  • @84: Looks like they’ve changed it. During the first year I used to see grayed-out icons for the upcoming episodes, but now I only see red icons for what is available. Wasn’t it like this last month too? Can’t remember.

    I doubt it has anything to do with the length of your subscription. Just subtract the number of red icons from 13, and you’ll know how many you have left.

  • Hello Kevin,

    I’m a newbie subscriber :). I’ve got my first episode on my queue list and I can’t wait to watch it.

    The addition of the GoW III demo is nice, but I’ve already got it (twice, actually; Through GoW III preorder and my copy of District 9 Blu-ray). It’s clearly not the reason why I decided to subscribe.

    I’m always checking the store for new goodies to download every Thursday, so having another item to anticipate every month is something I wouldn’t mind. Just want to say thanks for all the entertainment and updates on the great games to come.

  • @85: yeah i’m not sure i guess i’ll find out next month, but yeah i do remember the grayed out boxes.

  • Woops! Scratch that, I didn’t get my God of War III demo from preordering GoW III. My voucher was acquired through the purchase of the God of War Collection.

  • Looking for a bit of help.

    When I got my subscription last month it just showed the episode in my list of downloads (viewed via download list through the store, as well as through download history in account management).

    This time, I’m not finding the episode anywhere…

    What am I doing wrong here??

  • Kevin Furuichi replied on February 4, 2010 at 11:29 am

    I know this year doesn’t match up to what you loyal first year Subscribers received. We were very fortunate last year to be able to provide PSone Classics and other demos. The acquisition and timing of DLC content has been more challenging for us this year as you know.

    The MAG and ModNation Racer betas worked out great as lots of you Qore subs delivered with valuable feedback.

    Uh the Betas did not work out great. You know when I got my Modnation code? The day after it ended. I too will not be renewing my subscription, here is an idea why not have the Betas in the download tab like the GOW III demo so you don’t have to send out mass E-mails.

  • Logged out of psn and back in, it showed up right away. *Making note for future reference* :)

  • I am not a subscriber to Qore as I really don’t see the value in it. Just wanted to say that it was nice to see some kind of response to some of the questions…and negative ones at that.

    They might not have been the answers people were looking for, but the acknowledgement of the issues was something RARELY seen on this blog. Kevin, thank you for your responses. It is so refreshing to see some kind of communication with your customers.

  • i want to know how to fix this problem with not getting beta codes i have called sent e mails and know one can fix this problem hello whats going on

  • LOL @ GOW3 demo. I got a code for that demo about 3 or 4 months ago for my AU acct! i subscribed once and i’ll never do it again. its a complete waste of money. i only got 1 thing that was worth my time during my 12 months, and that was the mag demo. but even that had BS time restrictions with it. and then on top of that it went public anyway. so, i paid $25 for 1 demo that i could have got for free anyway!?!?

  • HD content? They stopped doing Qore in 1080 since episode 13 or 14, now it’s only 720p. Being a 480p/1080i HDtv owner here I feel ripped off by that.

    I mean, I’m sure they’re trying to save as much money as possible, but to (secretly) drop support for 1080i and then spout on about how it’s all HD content isn’t right.

    I wouldn’t mind it so much if there was as much content as when Qore debuted. There used to be 3 videos per section AND screens or pics about the game. We’re paying for content here (not speaking of downloads), we should be getting more or at least that of what we were getting the first year.

    I still support Qore and what they’re attempting to do here, but sometimes I question myself on this more than I enjoy it.

  • My only complaint about Qore is that i cant use my blu ray remote to navigate. i usually watch qore while on my exercise bike and don’t really want to use a controller to navigate while on the bike.

    And qore yearly subscribers should get a little extra, a home item each month, an in game item, securing in game ultra rare items for games like agency, dc universe, final fantasy xiv would be a welcomed incentive.

    I enjoy qore and would like to subscribe again as long as the incentives are worth it.

    I also think Qore and Pulse should sort of merge.. making the free version more of a wrap up/sneak peak of upcoming qore episodes. I like the maturity and quality of the two shows.

    Veronica Belmont and Christina Lee are great hosts too.

    Keep up the great work.

  • I have some questions about Qore. Where and to who do I complain about not getting even 1 of the exclusive closed betas that subscribers where supposed to get? I have tried multiple avenues and have only gotten responses saying that they don’t handle that there. I have had a subscription since 11/08 and haven’t gotten one. PLEASE SOME ONE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Help!

    I can’t seem to download the latest episode of Qore… I don’t know where to get assistance episode 21 is about 1.4 gigs I have 2874 mb free it says I don’t have enough free space on my ps3… How much room do I need to download a 1400 mb file?? or is there another problem??

  • Okay I downloaded the Qore episode and went straight to the download content and there was no GoW3 demo, what the crap, the only things that were there were themes for BFBC2 and Yakuza 3. So anyone mind telling me whats going on and can I get some kind of freebie or my money back, or free PSN stuff for life?; on a side note Im an annual subscriber and after this no more will I be one.

  • I have to agree i rolled over my subscription last year because the bonus content was fantastic. I have 3 codes for GOW im a true fan i jumped at the first chance to download with the GOW collection mths ago.

    Mag beta was ok but i also had this prior to you offering it threw Qore. Mod Nations just is not for me so i’ll give you guys that one just to be fair.

    However what about Dynamic themes really how much could that cost you guys? Or beta access or demos that i can get 5 different ways. And you point about the HD content is bogus. I can go to and see 5x the amount of hd content that you provide in you episodes.

    Also just as a suggestion did you guys ever think of letting players used the art galleries as wallpaper? Ive seen some great creations but only can access them from within Qore…

    Remember guys the people downloading you extra content are us the hardcore. Why would i have waited for the GOW demo to show up mths later on Qore.

    Sorry for the rant but i feel i was tricked into buying a second year. At this point in time you will not get me again. Prove me wrong please!

  • @59 Hahaha that’s classic LOL

  • The segment in this edition that featured the Official Playstation Mag guys was horrible. Also, thank them for that mis information they published in their recent mag concerning the Indy Cars in GT5.

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