Last Rebellion Coming to PS3 on February 23

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Hello all! I hope everyone here is doing well!

NIS America will release Last Rebellion in a couple of weeks for the PlayStation 3!

Let me go over the basic story of Last Rebellion first. Then I will go on to the battle system. I will be showing our first battle footage, so don’t forget to check that out too!

Last Rebellion Box

It takes place in a world called Jonovald, which is governed by two gods: Meiktilia who presides over the death of all people and the destruction of all things, and Formival who presides over the birth of all people and the creation of all things. Meiktilia blesses two types of people with special powers; Blades and Sealers. Blades have the skills to destroy the physical structure of things, and Sealers use magical abilities to destroy the metaphysical, the spiritual structure of things. The two main characters are Nine who is a Blade, and Aisha who is a Sealer.

Last Rebellion Nine Last Rebellion Aisha

Formival’s power allows all things to revive and when they do, they become a stronger threat to others. These undead creatures are called Belzeds. In order to destroy them, the power of both a Blade and Sealer is required.

Since Nine’s homeland, Lorvin, was becoming a nesting ground for Belzeds, the king of Lorvin (Nine’s father) summons Nine and Aisha to save the land.

Now, you’ll play as these two main characters. You control both characters operating out of a single body. Well, in short, they are two souls in the same body. You can switch between these two characters just about anytime you want while you’re on the field, as well as in battle. As mentioned above, in order to destroy Belzeds, you will need both Nine’s and Aisha’s power. You’ll have to use them wisely and in the correct order to successfully destroy Belzeds.

The battle system of Last Rebellion is quite unique. You’ll be able to switch between Nine and Aisha on the battlefield, and you will be asked to decide what actions you will take for each character. You will fight in turn based battles, so you’ll have time to strategize your actions!

When you attack the Belzeds, you will see lists of the enemies’ body parts. There is a correct order to attack each part. You’ll have to decide which body part to attack first, and by using CP, you can attack as many body parts as you can. When you attack their body parts in the correct order, you’ll do much more damage, so you’ll want to figure out the correct order for each enemy as soon as possible. Well, there is some information about the strengths of their body parts in the list, so it won’t just be “guess” work.

Once you decide the order of attacks and which skills to use, then you execute. When the enemy has been knocked down, you will have to use Aisha’s Seal skill to completely destroy its body. Otherwise, they will revive with even more power! Also, if you use Nine’s Absorb skill before sealing the body, you can absorb MP from that monster. This skill will come in handy if you need to regain MP!

It’ll be easier to understand once you see it, rather than reading about it, so check out the battle footage!

Here is some random stuff about Last Rebellion.

  • Nine and Aisha will share one body, so they will share HP and MP values as well. When you are using Nine to explore the field, MP will gradually recover, and when Aisha is on the field, HP will gradually recover. Switch between them as you need to.
  • Nippon Ichi Software was able to get some awesome guest illustrators, such as Mr. Mikimoto, who worked on Macross. These illustrations will be shown on the loading screens!
  • If you preorder Last Rebellion at you’ll receive a bonus double-sided poster, featuring some of the guest illustrators’ artwork! This is a pretty sweet deal, so I hope you are interested in it!
  • Last Rebellion will be released on February 23! That’s just around the corner, so until then, learn more about it on the Official Last Rebellion Website!

Thank you for reading my post again! Have a great day!

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  • i can’t wait 4 this game it’s going 2 be EPIC!!!!!!!!

  • I just pre-ordered this. I have a question thou, how long will the story lasts in average? Is it going to be around 50 hours or so?Thanks

    • Hello HetZ_15,

      Thank you for preordering Last Rebellion!
      The game will be about 35 to 40 hours. Of course, it will be longer or shorter depending on how you play it though:)


  • also i really like the US box art, i think it’s EPIC lol

  • Thanks for posting Nao, Last Rebellion looks awesome and I plan on pre-ordering it soon.
    Other games that I’m curious about would include Ar Tonelico 3,Trinity Universe,and Atelier Rorona. I am grateful for all the games NISA can bring over here.

    • Hello Exion75,

      Thanks! I hope you can preorder the game at RosenQueen, so you can get the awesome poster! Our line-up for 2010 will be pretty awesome. I hope I can announce them soon:)


  • This game is on my wait and see list as I have to many games to get over the course of February and March. Being so close to FFXIII’s release makes this title a hard impulse buy especially with White Knight Chronicles and Mass Effect 2 (PC) taking up the interim.

    Still interested in this game, but the timing of it’s release couldn’t be worse. However with it selling for $40 and being PS3 exclusive I’m very tempted to pick it up before I get Resonance of Fate.

  • Hmm this looks interesting. Lackluster graphics though

  • Im really looking forward to this, i cant wait for the Uk version so i might import this – i have a question will this game have any sort of DLC or something.. THAT would prevent me from getting the US version.

    • Hello Silent_Gig,

      Last Rebellion will be released in Europe in March. There won\’t be DLC for this title.


  • Nao Zook,

    Will we be seeing a demo on the PlayStation Store? Also will you guys be releasing Premium/Free Avatars, aswell as Dynamic Themes for Last Rebellion?


    • Hello ModernYorkster,

      There won\’t be a demo on PSN. And we don\’t have the Premium/ Free Avatars for Last Rebellion at this moment, but that\’s something we\’ve been interested in doing. So, hopefully we can create those avatars, not only for Last Rebellion but also other NISA titles!


  • Got this pre-ordered on Amazon. Can’t wait to receive my copy!! So is 2/23 the “Street Date” or the “Ship Date”? Would like to know in advance so that I’m not disappointed when I find out on release day.

    Nao, what PS3 games will NISA be localizing next? Bring ’em all over, we’ll purchase them. Please make it known there that these PS3 RPG releases are appreciated. Thanks!!

    • Hello LokeSTL,

      Thank you for preordering Last Rebellion!
      2/23 will be the ship date. So hopefully you receive the game by the end of the week!

      We\’ll have some awesome PS3 titles in 2010. So please look forward to them! :)

      Thank you for your support as always!

  • Already have it pre-ordered!

    When will we be hearing about another NIS-developed SRPG?

    • Hello DeviantBoi,
      Thank you!
      NIS America will have some exciting titles in 2010. I hope we can announce about them sometime soon:-)

      Have a great weekend!

  • I was under the impression that this was a Hitmaker developed title (same team behind Blade Dancer for the PSP). Has this project perhaps changed hands since then?

    I’ll definitely pick this one up, but it’ll have to take a backseat to Heavy Rain.

    • Hello DarkParodius,

      HitMaker and NIS developed Last Rebellion.

      I hope you will have a chance to play it!

  • This is my first time hearing about this game.

  • What is the MSRP for this game? I see it for $40 at, which is an amazing price for this game.

    But the only place I can find it online in Canada is on, which is selling it at $55.

    • Hello dragonmagicial,
      It is $49.99, and if you preorder it at you will receive a bonus poster!

      I hope you can pick it up:-)


  • Thanks. Any word on when we’ll see more on Atelier Rorona?

  • I WILL BUY this game when I am finish with WKC, Heavy Rain, Yakuza 3, and God of War 3 :)

  • I’ll get this at some point. Just not this month or next.

    I do like what I see and look forward to playing it.

    • Hello SpiritThief,

      February and March will be crazy months for sure! But I hope you can pick this up eventually!


  • Great to see continued support for PS3. Please continue to support the psp as well. Any chance of spectral souls for psp being released via playstation network? Thanks for making great games.

    • Hello tj5678,

      Thank you!
      Regarding Spectal Souls, unfortunately we don\’t have plans to release it on PSN at this moment. You may already know about this, but Aedis Eclipse is on PSN! :)


  • Great. First we have no Japanese RPGs and suddenly I can’t play them all at once. *sigh*


  • Sweet. Lets keep seeing the RPG love NIS! Your working an Atelier Rorona now right?

    • Hello Tsukasa1288,


      Yes, we are working on Rorona now!

      I will definitely come back here and talk about Atelier Rorona in a couple of month:)

      Have a good weekend!

  • I used to play this type of game, but now I just dont have patience to do it. Now I want more action and less menus, like 1st person shooters, fighting and racing games. God of War and Dante’s Inferno are great too.

  • I still know almost nothing about the game, even when it’s so close to release. I haven’t seen any other characters apart from the 2 main characters and a few clips from various battles. There’s just so little of the game shown.

    Makes it difficult to know if it’s something I’d want to buy.

    • Hello ZhePrime,

      There are very nice previews for Last Rebellion online now.,, etc.
      Also, you can check out the official Last Rebellion website for more detail information. :)

      Hope you\’ll like what you see!

  • Why do you guys keep using Viddller for videos?; they’re HD loads very slow.

  • I’ll eventually be picking this game up. Sadly other games have priority. =/
    If this had been Atelier Rorona on the other hand, I would have bought it in a heartbeat.
    Hope you can give us a release date on Atelier Rorona soon. Thanks NISA <3

  • The battles alone is making me want this game. I must look into it more.

  • Even though I told myself I coulodn’t afford anymore games after God of war 3 and Final Fantasy XIII, I will have to get this. Turn based, I love it. And at $40 you can’t beat it! Keep up the RPG turn based love

  • Since it is NIS it is now pre-ordered :) I was hoping so badly that we would get this after I played the demo from JP.

  • Oh wow, this seems to have come out of nowhere. Looks like a really great game and I’ll definitely be buying it….just….probably not until a few months later as my list of “games to buy” is already ridiculously large as it is. Hopefully it won’t be super rare and impossible to find then. Make sure you print lots of copies, k?

  • Well lets see, this is from the creators of psp rpg Dragoneers Aria (HitMaker), DA was very generic game and this look with the same graphic style, i don like the crappy sound effects either, but the gameplay look intereting, i wont get this, but at least its rpgs and we need rpgs, so please guys if you like this game and had some money to spend buy it!!!.

  • Argh Pea Jee overload!

  • Sweet, awesome info, already got it pre-ordered.

  • I’ll be getting it when it comes to my base, but it won’t be played for a little while. Way too many games at the moment coming out that will get more attention.

    If only the battle system was active….Then this would be amazing.

  • I just hope this game will be more available than Cross Edge. It took me forever to find that game.

  • Gonna pre-order it soon! But just to be sure: Unlike a certain other JRPG that was, coincidentally, released yesterday – this game will have the Japanese voices, right? It is NIS America after all, gotta love them. If only other developers(*cough* Level 5 *cough*) would have done the minimum amount of marketing research… *sigh*

    P.S Where can *I* get a Raspberyl avatar? ;_;

    • Hello komori_kiri,

      There will be only English voice in Last Rebellion. The Japanese version is also with just English voice over.


  • The game looks and sounds awesome, count me in!!! 8 )

  • Mass Effect 2, WKC, Last Rebellion, then FF-XIII. Damn why do all these RPGs have to come out at once and almost nothing after that.

    I don’t know anything about this game so I look forward to hearing more and seeing reviews.

  • This is ps3 graphics??

  • Will there be any playstation home content for this?

  • I blindly preordered this last month through Amazon. What really hooked me was the art style of the game. Its marvelous. And the character designs really got into me.
    Im really looking forward to this, once I get away from this computer deck in my job xD I will look at that video, still, I wont change my purchase :D

    Keep bringing this games!!!

  • Thanks for then info, I haven;t heard much about this game.

  • Thanks for the info, I haven’t heard much about this game.

  • i wanted this game but after this i don’t know. it is a really good game????

  • i heard the japanese version only has english voice(with japanese subtitle), is that true???

    if it is true than i think it is quite a disapointment since usually most of Nippon ichi released at the west using dual voice.

    can some one confirm of this rumor?

  • This game came out of the blue! Or I been living under a rock. Looks like the game has a detailed battle system

  • I got bored just watching the gameplay demo. Nobody really WANTS to have to cycle through so many menus to play a game. Do they? Can’t these games be developed with simpler mechanics?

  • Why is this game on ps3? looks like a Ps2 game in 720p.

  • Aww i thik im late.. i had so many questions to you Nao :(.. i wanted to know if NISA will be bringing Ar Tonelico 3 to us English speakers.. pleasee!!

    by the way Last Rebillion is a must buy for me and is a day 1!!

  • Bring on the turn based goodness!

  • cmon turn based.

    i mean FF13 is on the way but this game has my attention, especially since im no longer getting white knight chronicles (God that game was a huge disappointment. but more on that later)

    its great that this is comming at a discounted price.

    the battle system is interesting from what i can see so far.
    reminds me a lot of vagrant story for PS1 (God now that was a great game)

    but there is something that worries me about these JRPG’s i dont mind the subtitles but what is it with the graphics?
    i mean this game appears to be somewhat cell shaded but it just doesn’t look very good (Graphically).

    if i pick this up, it will depend heavily on whether or not the story is good.

  • Hi, Nao! Thanks for posting the battle system video. It looks kind of confusing and weird, but I really like the animation and the colors. I guess I’ll just have to try the game out to see what it plays like. I loved Cross Edge and Disgaea 3, so I’m sure this will be another great NISA game. In light the mediocre reviews that White Knight Chronicles has gotten today (I absolutely LOVE the game, and cannot for the life of me understand how it’s gotten such low scores, especially a 5.1 from IGN? That’s totally unfair, the game is deserves so much more praise than that!) I am already anticipating that this game will get bad reviews, kind of like Cross Edge did. But I don’t care. I know to expect the critics to be harsh on these kinds of games. I loved Cross Edge and I love WKC, and I’m sure I’ll love this one too, regardless of the inevitably low review scores.

  • I’m super disappointed that I can’t get this game when it releases, especially since I want that nifty poster from Rosenqueen. Oh well. I’m definitely going to get it in the summer first chance I get. It looks really good. I love the art style.

    Also, hope you’ll come back to the blog to make posts for Sakura Wars and Disgaea Infinite when it’s closer to their releases ^,^

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