Aliens vs. Predator: Your Questions Answered

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Last week we called for your questions (via Twitter) on SEGA‘s upcoming PS3 shooter Aliens vs. Predator. And as usual, you delivered some good ones, covering off on all areas off the game’s single and multplayer modes, the special Hunter edition and more. Tim Jones from AvP developer Rebellion was on hand to field as I fired a list full of inquiries.

*And literally as I’m typing this, we just received word that an AvP online multiplayer demo is hitting the PlayStation Store tomorrow! So at around the 6:00 mark in the video when Tim mentions the demo, add your own mental voiceover with Thursday, Feb. 4. The demo will feature Deathmatch mode in the Refinery map, and will allow all three species to battle it out online.

What you probably didn’t know is that earlier in the week, I sat down to a solid two hours of multiplayer inside SEGA HQ, taking a shot at each of three species: human and alien primarily, with a short stint as a Predator. Going in fresh (I hadn’t seen the game in action), I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of actual multiplayer gameplay, but I knew the competitive mode would most likely vary depending on what character I chose. My first instinct was to draw Marine (hard to turn down a gun), but instead I went alien. Feeling overwhelmed by a short controls brief, I quickly settled down and learned some alien-specific moves that turned out to be incredibly devastating, including a lightning-fast lock-on “pounce” maneuver and a deadly stealth attack. It seems you really get the most out of playing as an alien if you stick to the walls and ceilings, and virtually out of other species’ sight.

As a Marine, firepower is your main offense/defense, and a handy sprint helps keep you out of harm’s way. I really enjoyed Alien Infestation, a mode where every player starts as a Marine, and soon after, one randomly selected player becomes an Alien. From there it’s only a matter of time before another Marine is killed by an alien, thus re-spawning as alien. And this continues until there’s one Marine left standing…and then it’s only a matter of time.

I think Rebellion’s done a great job of balancing the multiplayer gameplay, and the sense of Marine claustrophobia is a nice nod to the films. Can’t wait to jump into the single-player campaign when AvP releases on February 16.

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  • Is there going to be any Playstation Home content for Alien vs Predator?

  • I’m making an “O” face right now. It has me THAT excited!!!

  • Sounds great. That hunter edition looks pretty tempting…

  • “it’s a…. Great multiplayer experience” that pause there kind of has me worried.

  • Thanks Chris for always having our voices heard and questions answered!

  • Not bad for a human ;)

  • I loved this when it came out originally on the Atari Jaguar back in the day. I recall Rebellion doing that original version as well. Can’t wait to try it out on the PS3!

  • Buying The Hunter Edition for sure. Thanks for the great info. Cant wait!!!

  • sweet Pau Gasol icon my man

    • I still think Bynum should have made the All-Star team this year over Pau, but only because the latter missed a bunch of games with that injury.

  • Around What time will the demo be available for both the PS3 and the Xbox?

    • The PlayStation Store publishes on Thursday afternoons, so you\’ll know when our Store Update goes live tomorrow exactly when you can download it.

  • Looks like a good game, will be sure to try it out!

  • I’m exited to play the single player and co-op mode but a FFA multiplayer demo? ok…wasn’t expecting that. multiplayer demos don’t do well IMO because no one cares about leaderboards and it takes a lot of time digging around to have a good exiting game.

    And LOL at the marine vs marine question…he’s better off playing BF2BC.

  • *fap fap fap* o Hei Geize,.. nice game indeed!

  • This sounds awesome. As long as the story doesn’t suck balls like the AVP movies and lives up to the content that inspired them in the first place then I’m all over this title.

    What are the odds of us PS3 gamers getting a Killzone 2 skin of Sev lol?

  • Cant wait to try out the demo!! ;D

    @Chris M.

    A friend of mine wants to know if you have a girlfriend?

    • Uh oh, I\’ve played the \”friend of a friend\” game before. Let\’s just say I\’m currently dating my job/band/sleep/coffee/Lakers. If any of us break up…well, that would be a sad day, indeed.

  • Alien Infestation = win. It’s the same as Infection from Area 51 for the PS2. God I loved playing that mode.

    • It\’s rad. Seems like Alien Infestation games can either be over in a flash or go on forever, depending on how well Marine(s) can hide or work together.

  • any trophy-support for the trophy wh*res out there?! hey, why you lookin’ at me?! :\ please keep the online trophies to a minimum; don’t have to rely on someone for that platinum!

  • Online trophies to the Max

  • Hunter edition looks amazing very very tempting to get it just for the face hugger… oh man that looks sweet will definitly play demo tommorow. Loved it on pc.

  • SEGA rulz I found my SEGA Genesis recpit from back in 93 (diging for old stuff) and it was dated 10-27-03 and it said I payed $240 for a SEGA Genesis. LOL =)

    Game does look cool and I hope it does well for a movie based game and can’t wait for demo!

  • This game is going to kick alien booty, can’t wait!

  • No mention of native graphics resolution or is the audio assets are 24-bit. I’ll try the demo, but I’m prepared to be under-whelmed given the silence on those topics.

    Then again, Ghostbusters was a bit of a let down graphically and audio-wise, but the multiplayer co-op and decent story made it a great game.

    Guess I’ll have to try the co-op play in the demo :)

  • Hope the demo comes out midnight tonight so I can download it for the morning.Got Hunters Edition.If anyone want’s you can add me to play. “)

  • One Question do you no if you can play split screen at all?

  • is there gonna be lifecycle im multiplayer,like you start of as a facehugger then you face hug someone and become a chestburster etc?

  • Are there any other unlockables besides skins in multiplayer?

  • another year thats going to be hard on my wallet:)

  • Past couple of posts you have really been showing off you strengths as a game writer. Video followed up with written text and giving a opinion of the game you played. Instead of just posting a link to some random writer that liked it. Still will hold off to see if the SP has any sort of challenge to it. It seems that the feature in games that had players set there difficulty is become instinct.

  • Will the Xbox version be superior to the Ps3’s? If so do we have to wait for a patch, uhm, again?

  • i remember playing avp on my Atari Jaguar!! it was the first fps i had ever played.. it was really good too.

  • Is there alot of guns for the marines?

  • Will there be any discernible differences between the 2 console versions?

  • yea sony im so mad right now stop putting so many good game on the ps3 really all im buying this year are exclusives yea just thanks alot i still have to pick up R&C geee i need more money

  • Looking forward to checking out the demo…

    …now if they’d just get the first two Alien movies out on BluRay…

  • My question was never asked or answered!! I wanted to know if there was going to be an offline multiplayer mode. Splitscreen. Such a simple question to answer too!!

  • oh man i’ve been waiting so long for this game.. i remember playing AVP 1 and 2…. movies sucked thought :) …but aliens and predator were awesome

  • This could possibly be the best movie license game to come out this year…

    can’t wait to unlock the special skins for MP (Bishop Weyland?) Hope there is an Exo-Suit somewhere in the game also kill-streak involved.

  • So I’m all about the predators, are they going to have the nice variety of weapons that they’re known for?

    Please of please let the blade disk be in there.

  • Predator and aliens…can’t get any better than that.
    One day I plan to add this one to my collection.

  • I hear ya. Bynum is doing very well this year. The amazing part is he’s only 22 (i think) Gasol to me is just unbelivable though. He really can do everything except hit the 3 ball

  • hey man really simple question. the way tim worded it kinda confused me. can we play ranked matches with freinds or only in private matches?

  • already got this preordered but the audio on the video interview is not working properly

  • I’m actually excited to wave goodbye to another $60. By the way, will there be splitscreen campaign mode? It’s been saddening to this dissapearing from current games. With a lot of them though, their description’s been worded in a way that suggests splitsceen campaign, but I keep getting disappointed. D:

  • Chris Morell, you really don’t have a Girlfriend ? :(

    That sucks…

    You got a great job, now have some fun man, go get yourself a girl!

  • Another game thats gonna make me closer to being broke… lol

  • I love all 3 but the Marines gotta special place in my heart ever since the Aliens film. i just hope they arent 2 weak.

  • Gosh, I’m kinda tempted to get this now! I loved the Aliens quadrilogy, and this really manages to evoke the same feeling. Its graphically impressive, too. Having just finished Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena, this looks exactly like what I want to follow up on the Riddick experience.

  • Glad to see another mention of the Jaguar edition in this thread :D

    One of the first and few FPS games I ever enjoyed, and a true Rebellion masterpiece.
    If this is half as good as the Jag game..
    I’m looking forward to the demo :D

    *still shivers at the whispered ‘anytime’ of the predator when playing as a poor marine*

  • cant wait for the demo what time will it be uploaded

  • what time will the demo be out ano its today BUT WHAT TIME!!!!!

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