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Pretty deep reading list this week, including some nice nuggets about game updates, as well as GTA Episodes from Liberty City coming your way.

If you can take a break from this busy gaming season (feels more like October than the end of January), see if you can’t add something to our list in the comments. See you online!

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of January 25, 2010)

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  • ps3 browser video fix soon? also cant wait to pick up my copy of white knight cronicles

  • chronicles*

  • Any word on new premium avatars? My Sackboy avatar is getting kind of old.

  • Hello Jeff, I was wondering if you guys could create/add a Heavy Rain or God of War III countdown meter like the good old days? ;-)

    Killzone 2, inFAMOUS, and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves countdown meters really got me pumped up… Since then, I haven’t seen any other.

    • The truth is, we\’re working on some redesign elements of the Blog, and we don\’t wanna make them twice. That being said, we may just go ahead and throw a GoWIII countdown on there since so many people have asked.

  • Thats good news about the GTAIV DLC. Like a lot of people, I was pretty angry that it was 360 only. So angry that I didn’t even start playing GTAIV until recently. Maybe now, by the time I finish the game, the DLC will be out.

  • Nice news week. Really excited about buying White Knight Chronicles next week.

    Hey Jeff, do you know if Insomniac is planning to reveal their new game anytime soon?

  • Good to see the GTAIV DLC coming to the ps3, will probably get it.

  • Now we just need a surprise link for God of War Chains of Olympus 2 that shows the back of an instruction manual from God of War 3 promising it’s impending release in March 2011.

  • Jeff, can we get a GOW3 countdown here on the blog like you guys had with Uncharted 2? That really helps time go by quicker.

  • It would be funny if they put a link to where the PS3 got hacked by Ge0Hot

  • That would be nice to get other music backgrounds like the earth one even if we have to pay for them.

  • You need a God of War 3 countdown on the blog like you guys had with Uncharted 2, InFamous, Killzone 2. Only 45 days left, make it happen!

  • cant wait to visit liberty city again, great news!

  • Question for Jeff!

    Can we see or expect Rockstar to appear in the blog anytime soon? Maybe to explain if there is gonna be any differences for Gta IV DLC for the PS3/PC version or bring any news about LA Noire or Agent?

    I didn’t get Gta IV but I’m thinking of getting it due to this announcement but it would be cool if Rockstar would just release all of it on one blu ray disc like a Goty edition.

    • I\’ve talked recently with Rockstar about the blog, and they\’re aware that they\’re welcome here. I\’m sure they\’ll come visit at some point soon.

  • I’m still busy playing games from last year! Trying to finish Borderlands.

  • Will Battlefield:Bad Company 2 single player trailer be up on the playstation store on thursday?

  • Talk to Square-Enix about Final Fantasy Versus XIII, please!!!! I want some more info on it!!!!!!!!!

  • Any thoughs on The Saboteur, Jeff? I thought it was a fun enough game.

    Also, can you get EA on the blog to talk about Mirror’s Edge 2 please?

    • EA won\’t be talking about any games before
      they\’re even announced!

      Never got a chance to play The Saboteur, casualty of the holiday game rush.

  • Am I missing a reply? I only see three red messages but the counter says 4…

  • @24 same here.

    On topic though.

    Jeff are we going to be seeing any God Of War 3 news this week too?

    • The next time I anticipate GoWIII news is when the next trailer hits. That\’s Feb 11th, as we announced earlier this week.

  • Where are the WKC ad’s Jeff? Sony needs to market this game because its one hell of a game. Please Sony, don’t let this game suffer the same fair as the other Sony games such as Killzone 2 and inFamouse with your lack of marketing.

  • WKC this week (finally). GOTY for me…so far.

    Feels like this game can sell a lot if people know more about the features (like online), but it doesn’t look like there will be too much ads for this game.

  • Hey Jeff, tell me what you think about this idea. If it’s good enough can you pass it up to the guys in charge. Anywhere here it is:

    I’m thinking that since playstation has introduced these digital comic readers if we can get something in the likes of magazine readers. I would like for their to be an option to subscribe to the official Playstation Magaine on the playstation store. So that we have the option to read the magazine on our HDTV.


    Links in next post..

    • Well, it\’s certainly an interesting idea. I think, with Qore, that you have something of a video magazine.

      Perhaps, with the ascendance or e-readers, we\’ll see more variations on the typical printed magazine.

  • hey jeff, is playstation going to have a Super Bowl XLIV AD? i think there very funny…. we dont want M$ to win out do we…

    mabe a god of war ad or mag….or just an ad about what the ps3 can do.

  • tick tock tick tock the clock is ticking for wkc launch XD

    anyways, jeff i dont know if you can help me here. but, here it goes…i received a message from atlus this last monday 18th on my psn telling me that i won the metal slug contest..okay, i e-mailed atlus back with my info this past friday 22nd and i still havent received any word from them.jeff, can you please contact aram jabbari to see if that was legit? because i’m feeling a little bit paranoid right now…any help would be more than welcomed and apreciated,thanks

  • I too am interested to see if Rockstar is going to provide the complete Ballad experience as DLC, or only offer it on the disc like the 360 version.

  • I think that all these is great but one thing that ps3 has NOT fixed is changing PSN IDs or let us log in to the old account with a new one and be able to lick the 2 and replace it that way ( it’s just an idea ),i have always had a ps3 since the fist that comed out and always been rally good at fixing their problems but now it’s taking a little to long and on top of it on Xbox 360 you can change it at a cost of about 6.00 dollars and i am sinceraly considering just giving up on ps3 and got to my 360 and i know a lot of ps3 owner out there are in the same boat and have a 360 2 i say these so that it can be fixed before every one like me gives up on ps3

  • thanks for your help

  • @Jeff Rubenstein in response to #20

    You know he is talking about Final Fantasy “VERSUS” XIII right?

    Just hoping you didn’t misunderstand him because nobody cares about Final Fantasy XIII as the import reviews basically said it was a mediocre game/flop. We want FFvs13 news (you know, the GOOD one).

  • I’ve been hoping for the GTA DLC announcement. I absolutely loved GTA4. I’d love to see Rockstar on the blog.

    Here’s hoping Mass Effect is the next one to make the jump to PS3.

  • It doesn’t feel like October at all!
    i never remembered any snow in October (even up here in Canada!)

    Nice week of announcements though.

  • Jeff, you do understand that we mean Final Fantasy VERSUS XIII and not Final Fantasy XIII?

    • Ah, Versus? SquEnix ain\’t gonna talk about that with FFXIII coming up so soon, I know that much.

      When they\’re ready to start talking Versus (and I don\’t know when that is), I expect you\’ll be seeing them here to address you all directly.

  • Quick question: Why isn’t the mini Yummy Yummy Cooking Jam playable on the ps3?

  • Hi Jeff.

    Some days ago I posted here about me having difficulties displaying this site after you said that there was a migration to new servers. Mainly the problem was that this site was taking too long to properly display, and some times, just displays the “404 not found page” and prior to the servers roll over, I didnt had any problem at all.

    Well, I can see that is improving or something because is taking less time than before, but still continues to take some time(2 o 3 minutes to properly display).

    Like I said before, I’m a network Engineer, I say this, because I know this is not a problem of my local network or even my INTERNET connection, I know what i’m talking about.

    Just want to let you know since you told us on another post (the post when you said about this servers change) that if we continue to have problems, we would let you know it.

    I hope you continue to improve the online quality of this site. Thanks.

  • Jeff,


    I’m sorry.

  • You had me excited with that Versus tidbit for a second there, Jeff.

    Too bad it was just for Final Fantasy XIII. Not that I don’t like it, but Versus XIII is much higher on my anticipation charts.

  • Mr Rubenstein for President!

    I don’t have anything special to say but i do appreciate you taking the time to respond to community questions.

    Ok heres one. Is Sony ever going to release Legend of Dragoon on the PSN? It is a Sony developed and published game. Why not? One of my favorite PS1 RPG’s ever. I hope they develope a Legend of Dragoon 2.

  • I’m interested in seeing Square on the blog, and I hope they share more about FF Versus XIII soon.

  • Jeff

    this is an important question and i know a lot of people already asked about it but i’ll just go ahead.. would you please send Namco a message telling them that we seriously want to see Tales of Vesperia in NA? im not sure why they haven’t announced a thing up till now but at least a maybe will do… heck even a No is fine.. why just let us wait?
    i want to play the game :(

    sigh anyways getting WKC, SO4 and last rebillion day 1!!!

  • Hey Jeff, unfortunately, you made the news with your reply on Versus 13 (I’m always surprise how fast these blog replies become news articles).

    It’s making its rounds in the internets. The only way to fix this is to actually get some news on FFv13 :). Just kidding.

  • Jeff, what the hell? Why not respond to messages, even if they’re not easy to answer, instead of deleting them?

    Are you the new GameFAQs moderator?

  • Hey Jeff have you played WKC at all? If so shat did you think of it? I’m gonna try and get it and MAG ASAP, just waiting for the taxes to come back haha.

    • I\’ve only created my avatar (she looks like Juri from SSFIV). I\’ll be jumping into the game more later this week.

  • i mean’t what* not shat lol X]

  • Thanks Jeff :) You are ever so amazing.

  • yes jeff i included my psn name on my e-mail.again,thank you for looking in to the matter

  • Jeff I would love to know if there is any plans on releasing Vagrant Story on the US PSN. As we all know, it’s on the EU PSN since december 22 and we had no word about this one comming to the US.
    Thanks for the attention!

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