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  • UNCHARTED 2 PlayStation Heroes Skin Pack available – Of course, we let you know that the first DLC content for UNCHARTED 2 was available, but to sweeten the deal, we also linked you to a Flickr gallery of character renders we created just for the occasion.
  • UNCHARTED 2 Title Update 1.04 – We released a Title Update to UNCHARTED 2 this week. This Title Update brings some good news to players who were unable to play due to a “error syncing player data” message in multiplayer.
  • Unleashed: The Art of Naughty Dog at the Gnomon Gallery – We’re extremely proud to let you know that nineteen artists from Naughty Dog will have their own group art show! They’ll be displaying a broad variety of their own art, nicely printed and displayed, at the Gnomon Gallery—which is affiliated with the Gnomon School of Visual Effects.

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  • First! whens the next firmware update <Lol

  • GTA IV episodes \m/

  • Hey Chris, those God of War III news were fantastic, except the box art which was a huge disappointment. I still remember when Ken Chan replied in a comment when they annaunced the Ultimate Edition, saying the box was not final.. But we still get the same old art cover!!!

    I hope they make epic box art next time.

    • Well, if you don\’t like it, take some solace in the fact that the game will undoubtedly kick A. But alas, I really like it — incredibly iconic to me.

  • I heard a rumor that MAG will require headsets to play. Is it true?

  • @ TRIX_BOL (3)

    Yeah, I wasn’t terribly fond of the GoW3 cover either. Compare it to the previous three and it’s pretty sad. Actually, it seems like a lot of the US boxart lately has been miss and near-miss. Perhaps these things need their own focus groups now- never did before, so I’m thinking something’s changed.

    Still, good games are good games, regardless of the box they are carried in. God of War III especially is a game that can be forgiven.

  • Hey, Jeff!

    Disgaea Infinite News:;title;4

    Shame, though. I thought it was going to be a full-fledged Disgaea sequel. The PSP would be the perfect platform- can’t really complain about the graphics on a handheld (especially due to the lack of loading times) nor the countless hours of gameplay. I salivate at the thought.

  • TRIX_BOL, go and read

    There’s a reason why the cover is the way it is. Jeff, I want to see this link on “What We Read” tomorrow hehe :P

  • Can you please pass on an idea to the firmware team please.

    I would love to be able to access the XMB and the psn friends list, messaging etc whilst watching dvd’s, blu rays and playing ps2/ps1 games.

    I cant have a game downloading in the background whilst watching a movie. Its crazyness!


  • I will ask again… Though I try not to spam or get annoying.

    Just wondering if there are any plans for GAP. A new design, or new things to add, anything.


  • I personally LOVE the GoW3 cover. Not only do I think it looks really cool, but from a marketing perspective it’s PERFECT to really stand out on the shelves of stores. Every single hack n’ slash action game on the market basically ripped off the first 2 GoW covers designs, and they all look pretty much the same. The GoW3 cover looks different and will really draw the eye of potential buyers.

    But even if you don’t like it, I wouldn’t worry about it if I were you. Both previous GoW games had alternate covers on the back side of the sleeve, I’m sure GoW3 will be no different.

    I KNEW that MAG story about mics being required was BS. I didn’t even need confirmation, I rolled my eyes just reading the title. I can’t believe the article is still on N4G. Rediculous propaganda.

    Can’t wait for Heavy Rain!!!

  • I’m really lovin’ the GoW3 box art <3
    Sorry gentlemen, 'another' GoW trailer question. When it is first aired in 2 weeks will it be available for download from the PSStore in HD the same day? If not would you please make it available for download from the Blog?

    As epic as the 'fear nothing' trailer was, I always wish I seen it in 1080p glory the first time & not on my laptop

  • Such a great week for Playstation. I picked up Gravity Crash in that sale, and MAG is such an awesome experience. The Uncharted 2 skins are awesome too, I love running around as a Chimera. Can’t wait for next week when White Knight releases, too bad my backlog of games is too big to start it right away.

  • Still awaiting a GOW 3 Custom PS3 Bundle… 1 more month hope I don’t end up dissapointed!

    IMO the box art is “different from previous ones and other games, but it looks good… kinda made me wonder if Kratos would get some crazy eye skill like Juri from SSFIV

  • Yeh, I too can’t wait to see what the firmware teams are working on.

  • Could you tell them to please change God of War III cover art…

  • any castle crasher news?..

  • The GOW3 boxart is great

  • MAG should require headsets to play as it, for all intents and purposes, requires a headset to play.

    It’s not fair to people who do have mics and take the game seriously.

    Not that I’m one of ’em.. Maybe when they figure out where Canada is on a map. Valor is the most hilariously pathetic thing Sony has ever devised. Go look a map you fools.

  • Sweet Gasol avatar. I like the GOW3 boxart too btw.

    • Thanks! Though with Gasol missing so many games from the injury, I honestly think Bynum should have made the all-star squad. Oh, well. Guess there\’s always next year, and I have no issues with any purple and gold making it.

  • I recently just purchased Rayman 2: The Great Escape from the Playstation Store and it’s great… on the ps3. When I play it on my psp it suffers from unplayable slowdowns. Is there any update by any chance?

  • I think you should require headsets on MAG…

  • Any news on the Podcast that you guys were going to make?

    • We\’re getting there! Don\’t have a specific launch date yet, but we\’ll probably have some news in the next month. Stay tuned…

  • Why should they require somebody to use a headset? Why would Sony or Zipper shoot themselves in the foot with a restriction like that?

    It made no sense when the original story was posted. It goes against good business sense and on the simplest level, common sense.

  • Guys this God of War III cover art is way better.

  • If there not going to change the God of War 3 boxart, I hope they let us pick new ones like they did with Resistance 2.

    But I guess it just goes to show that if they had to pick the original ‘not final boxart’ boxart, then they must be really busy making God of War 3 as perfect as they can get it.

  • I think the box art is stunning. I would’nt change a thing. Keep up the good work Santa Monica! :D

  • Hey, you guys at Sony, check this out!
    Do you know what this is? it’s an incredible opportunity!!!!!!!! Shenmue is one of the most requested games for a comeback, and Sega are apparently offering it as an exclusive for the console makers in return for funding, Sony should pick this up, with the strength of Sony’s incredible marketing of late, this game would be a huge success on PS3, but best of all, Sony would be the ones who could make it possible for all those gamers from ages ago who have yet to finish this epic series, please Sony, make us proud, don’t let Ryo stay trapped in that cave forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  • When is Castle Crashers coming?

  • Whats Castle Crashers?

  • Background Download should not stop while playing a Disc game, should be added as an update as long I’m not playing online it stay downloading the content! imo

  • I’m sorry, but if you have bought a PS3, MAG and currently pay for a broadband internet connection, the lack of a microphone of some kind is pathetic. They don’t need to restrict the kind of microphone, just that you use one. Use a $5 corded USB mic.. it would work fine. Your teammates will hate you, but at least you can respond when necessary.

    If I played MAG, I would command any and every loser I ever encountered without a mic to do the most, inane or suicidal objectives possible.

    Yes, if you don’t own a headset for your PS3, you are a loser.

  • About the GoW3 box art, I noticed a couple of PS3 exclusives have their artwork like it.

    Metal Gear Solid 3
    Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time
    Killzone 2


  • i was trying to play cod modern warefare 2 and wen i put the game in it says i have to download a software update but everytime i try to update it starts the update then gives me an error code 80710723. what should i do

  • yes would be nice to know when Castle Crashers is coming out.

  • when are they fixing the blog video issue on ps3?? and can we get a post on the people who didn’t get the Raven armor for MAG?

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