LittleBigPlanet: Sack it to Me – The “Sackboy for Haiti” Edition

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Tons of new info on this post, so we’ll try to keep it short:

Sackboy for Haiti

In an effort to contribute to Haiti relief, we’ve teamed up with our friends over at and we’re auctioning off set of a Sackboy hands. These are the same hands used in our latest LBP PSP launch trailer.

LittleBigPlanet (PSP) Updates

We know tons of you were waiting for this, so we’re pleased to update all our LBP (PSP) creators with some new DLC.

LBP PSP Update

Update (FREE – Required) – First things first — before accessing any new DLC on your PSP, be sure to get the latest LBP update (either directly through your XMB–wifi required–or through the PlayStation Store).

LBP PSP Sack that Time Forgot LBP PSP Garden Costumes LBP PSP Gardens Theme

The Sack that Time forgot Theme ($2.99) – If you’re itching to create levels that take Sackboy back to prehistoric days, this pack’s for you. The pack is filled with four new costumes and 12 themed stickers. Click here for more info.

Gardens Costumes (FREE) – Get your Sack-mits on the latest fashions from the familiar Gardens levels from the PS3 version.

Gardens Theme ($2.99) – The refreshing smell of the morning garden can’t match all the goodies found in the Gardens Theme. Tons of Create materials and even more stickers will help you build Sackboy’s adventures with the original LBP Gardens Level materials.

LittleBigPlanet (PS3) Updates

LBP PS3 Groundhog Day Costumes

Groundhog Day Costumes – Popping its head out of the ground for another year is the free Groundhog Day costume. It’ll only be up for one week only, so you better head on over and download it now!

White Knight Chronicles announcement – If you missed yesterday’s White Knight Chronicles post, head on over and get a glimpse of four new DLC costumes coming in February.

Around the Web

Sackies “Level of the Year” Announced – Congrats to DarknessBear on winning the final Sackies award – Level of the Year!

“Game Changer” Update – For those of you still tinkering around with your $50,000 idea, head on over to the updated Game Changers site. They’ve just opened up a public commenting area where applicants are encouraged to seek partnerships with other applicants that make either/both proposed projects stronger. As you know, sharing is caring, but hurry — applications are due by February 15.

Contraption Challenge #9 – Over on the EU forums, they’re voting on the “Contraption Challenge #9,” challenging players to create a gap-crossing vehicle. Here’s a glimpse of the contraption finalists…pretty creative stuff.

Community Picks

This week’s community picks are from the good folks over at


LittleBigLand Crown Competition #2 (Fairytale level entries) – Check out the sheer number of levels submitted for LBL’s Crown Competition…90 in all. Lots of good stuff, and here’s a few of our favorites:

Jack and the Beanstalk by CENTURION24

Little Red Sackboy by Flabadash


Bird of Paradise by jeffcu28

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