Kratos Fury Invading Local 7-Eleven Stores

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Hi all, my name is Evan Brody, the Marketing Manager for Slurpee and Big Gulp Brands. Basically I’m the guy who gets to work with cool properties like God of War III to create promotions for Slurpee drinks. For those of you who can’t get enough of Kratos before the March release (let’s face it, that’s most of us), I’ve got some exciting news to share! For the past few months we’ve been busy working with our good friends at Mountain Dew and at SCEA to formulate the perfect blend of ferocious blackberries and frosty limes to create “Kratos Fury,” the featured Slurpee flavor for the months of February and March at your local 7-Eleven stores. And to sweeten the deal, this vengeful delight will be available in one of four exclusive God of War III Slurpee cups. The limited Kratos Fury flavor and exclusive God of War III cups will hit 7-Eleven stores across the U.S. starting next week, but I’ve got your first look at the artwork below:

GoW III Slurpee Cup Images

*While supplies last

Between February 1st and March 31st, you can stop into any participating 7-Eleven store to quench your thirst with a one-of-a-kind fruit flavored Slurpee drink and pick up one (or more!) of four God of War III cups to collect Slurpee Nation rewards codes that can be redeemed at for exclusive God of War III and Slurpee-themed downloadable content. We also pulled some strings to give you a sneak peek at some of the goods:

GoW III Morpheus Armor Kratos

GoW III Dynamic Theme

God of War III Promo Shirt Kratos Male God of War III Promo Shirt Kratos Female

God of War III Creating the Chimera

While you’re at 7-Eleven, you can also pick up a 2 Liter or 20oz bottle of Mountain Dew to score an additional voucher code that can be redeemed for a Mountain Dew hoodie or God of War III virtual t-shirt for PlayStation Home.

We’ve got more updates coming, so here’s a tip – start building up your brain-freeze tolerance now and check back next week for more details from the PlayStation team.

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  • thats great but id rather have a contest to win the special edition of the game. but thats just me

  • this looks great!

  • SONY c’mon people outside United States want more screenshots and videos from God of War III! Dont’t do it with us!

  • I would like a promo like that in Mexico’s 7-Eleven stores.


  • Those cups looks like movie posters, but with the free-vouchers and all that, that’s amazing,now that’s how you advertise.

  • This sucks. Here in Houston,TX we have no 7-Eleven around here. :(

  • There is a 7-11 right across my college. I will be buying these for sure. Will the theme be dynamic?

  • that’s freaking awesome, I want ALL of it!! signing up on now (I want that t-shirt!) looking forward to more GOW posts on the blog in the coming weeks, good job guys :D

  • Great Job on marketing Sony and 7-11 :)

  • Are those promotions happening in Canada too?

  • is that theme dynamic?

  • When does the Mountain Dew promo start? for the items? feb 1st?

  • Awesome.

  • 7-11? SWEEEET!

    Oh, wait, no it isn’t. There are no 7-11s in the state of Minnesota, so I don’t get to participate at all.

    Wonderful. Guess I will just have to pay $50 per cup on eBay and forget any downloadable content.

    SONY’s Marketing team is doing a great job with GOW III.

    Looking forward to this game.


  • i want those!!!!

  • Very cool idea, no pun intended. I haven’t had a Slurpee since July 11th, 2008, but this is the perfect opportunity to get acquainted with an old friend.

  • 7-11 never seen one where I live. probly never will. LOL :)

  • Good Morning Jeff.

    Any word on a patch to fix the freezing issues for the God of War Collection that seems to affect launch 60gb systems?

    Here is the thread from the official GoW forum:

  • i would love to get the stuff but the neartest one to me is four hours away

  • I can’t believe there are people actually complaining about this, seriously. I’m not American, I don’t live in the US, there is no 7-11 in my country, but hey what the hell? I think this is a fantastic idea.

    So many fanboy collectors buy those “Final Fantasy Potion” drinks and I’ve never seen anyone [DELETED] at Square-Enix for releasing it. On the contrary, all I hear is people complaining that this sort of fan-service never comes to the west side of the world. When it DOES come, people complain about it anyway. Just stop it :/

    Go for it Sony and Slurpee. The idea is great and the vouchers providing awesome extra content just make it even better. I’d be all over this if I were in the US.

  • I’ll be buying all 4 today, this is awesome :) I cannot wait for the game, it’s going to be insane!

    Plus I really like that you guys chose blackberry and lime, both are quite delicious, and usually videogame themed drinks are insanely too sweet, luckily blakcberries and and limes both have a hint of tart/sour.

  • @Jeff

    No July 11th is 7-11 day for obvious reasons. And on 7-11 all of my local stores give small Slurpees away to customers. I remember that instance because the little lady and I visited 4 different stores to take advantage of the promotion.

    Chalk it up to early-20s cheap-skate-like-behavior

  • That’s not fair. There’s no 7-11 in this entire state.

  • Canada has 7-11s too, what no love.

    Also Jeff I was wondering if you could help me out with something. I bought a LBP PSP network card on December 18th and I still get an error code every time I try and use it. I have been in contact with customer service for over a month and it still hasn’t been resolved. Is there anything you can do to help out a strong supporter of the Playstation brand? You can contact me via my PSN email address if you can help.

  • Cannot participate since I’m from Canada, but the theme is pretty awesome. I hope it will make it to the PS Store.

  • Awesome idea, but I hate slurpees… They were fine when I was in college, but now I care about my body. I’ll probably buy one or two, but I’m hoping there’s another way to get the cool DLC.

  • Sweet! I’m going to be giggling like a little school girl when I’m slurping my slurpee and playing my GoWIII ultimate edition.

    Can you tell us if there will be any special Kratos straws to go with our GoWIII cups?

  • 7-11? Really? That’s where all the sketchy people hang out around me.

  • Odd choice to have 7-11,

    Can we just buy the theme from the PS Store? Seems like a better idea too me, being we are always asking for more.

  • I’m getting them all. muahahaha

  • Alright! im excited to get all the codes and cups. I like to collect the cups from cool movies and now one of my favorite franchise has their own special cups! When I play GOW3 come march 16, im gonna be in my living room whooping some greek monsters and sipping out of my Kratos cup! CANT WAIT!

  • WOW. This is the greatest marketing I have seen for a PS3 exclusive and I am glad GOW3/Kraots is getting it. This game deserves this. I will be buying slurpees and Mts. Dews all month long thanx to you SONY to get all my DLC!! Great work indeed!!

  • No 7-Eleven’s anywhere near me. *sigh*

  • Is there any other way to get the Kratos skin or theme, there are no 7-11 were I’m from

  • Hey jeff, can we get a GOW3 countdown? It really helped make time go much faster for Uncharted 2. It was 100 days away, soon 50, soon 20, then here!

    • We\’re going to build one, but there are some internal web architecture things that we have to roll out before it can debut.

  • Looks like Sony is serious right now with their marketing. I haven’t seen them advertise anything like this.

  • In the end, there will be only chaos… and slurpees :-)

  • This is a good and bad marketing tactic.

    Good because there are quite a bit of 7-11s in the country.

    Bad because there are not enough 7-11s out there.

    My suggestion? Go with one of those pizza franchises. How about Papa deliver some DLC on that meats pizza? I’ve even got a name for the pizza–The Chaos Special. Why chaos? Chaos is a theme for this 3rd game. And chaos will be a theme for the pizza because of the unlimited toppings! ;)

    I was going to say BK or McDonald’s, but Kratos simply cannot hack it at those kid friendly labels. However, I think pizza would be a better fit.

  • I am currently out of the country and how do we get our DLC? Any suggestions?

  • Anyway you can order a Slurpee over the internet and have it shipped to you? LOL. No 7-11 near me here in U.P. of Michigan so I will miss out even though I would love to have all 4 cups.

  • So…what’s the Ultimate Edition Pandora’s Box made out of? (Material wise)

  • For those outside of the USA, is there any possibility to get one of those themes?
    I’m from Germany and there are no 7-Eleven stores here, is there another way to get a (dynamic)theme? :(

  • Will this be avaiable in the 711 in Canada?

  • Well not everywhere in the world we have 7-11.
    I’m interested about the themes.Will they be available to purchase on PSN?
    Please make option for purchase/download them!

  • The Home tees should be sold in Real life as well. I hate that there are only a few playsttion branded tees on the market.

  • Which languages are in the American version?

  • Kind of a dumb question but…do you need to be 17 or older to buy?

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