More White Knight Chronicles Goodness + Character Creation Video

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We’re less than a week from the US release of White Knight Chronicles International Edition on February 2 and wanted to provide all of you with some updates on some of the great stuff we’ve got coming out in the next month to celebrate the game launch!

First off, we’re happy to announce that we’ll be releasing the first of several White Knight Chronicles Dynamic Themes next Thursday, February 4, on the PlayStation Store.

White Knight Chronicles 4

As many of you saw in our one-on-one with Tsubasa Inaba, White Knight Chronicles International Edition will be supporting Trophy and Home integration. As you play, through White Knight Chronicles, you’ll unlock a certain trophy that will grant you some pretty sweet stuff in Home. This particular trophy will grant you a White Knight costume, Which one is it? Pick up the Brady Guide to find out. Also, just for having your Save Data on your system, you’ll be able to unlock a Home figurine!

White Knight Chronicles Home items

Oh there’s more! Coming this February 25, LittleBigPlanet fans will be able to pick up their very own White Knight Chronicles Costume & Sticker Pack! Now you too, will be able to Play, Create and Share using character skins for White Knight Chronicles! You’ll be able to choose from Leonard, the White Knight, the Black Knight and the Dragon Knight.

LittleBigPlanet White Knight Chronicles costumes

Also, we’d like to let you know a bit more about the In Game Commerce featured in White Knight Chronicles. Those of you interested in getting ahead quickly in the Georama will have access to an Online Workshop. This is the place to purchase unique Georama parts you cannot otherwise create. These parts can then be used to upgrade your space even further!

And our last video on White Knight Chronicles’ character creation is available over at IGN (and here below). Take a look and learn more about how your avatar plays a role in the single player and online quests!

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  • This is an epic win for Sony! Looking forward to picking this up day one!

  • OH SNAP… LBP WKC… i think i’m dying…

  • this game looks good but sony why not give me sum reasons why i should get this :D

  • Will we be seeing the release of WKC Premium/Free Avatars?

  • Nice! :) Ugh now I have to buy two games…MAG and this. :( :P

  • Kudos on the integration… this is looking nice. Considering picking this up.

  • Already have my copy paid off just need it to be released.

    I stopped using Home long long ago but more DEVS need to do the stuff that you guys have done with the Home stuff, including the Trophy thing. Who knows that might actually make me check out Home again just to see the items i got from the game.

  • wish Tuesday would come faster i am beyond going crazy waiting for this.

  • I like Level 5 games. May pick this up.

    Are the dynamic themes free?

  • Wow, PS3 is releasing some great this year.

  • Wow, PS3 is releasing some great titles this year.

  • can we expect a demo today of this game as a demo will decide for me if ill get it or not

  • i’m pretty pumped up by this game. however,
    “Those of you interested in getting ahead quickly in the Georama will have access to an Online Workshop. This is the place to PURCHASE unique Georama parts you cannot otherwise create” no, thanks i think i’ll pass on this type of stuff. i think 60 bucks is more than enough to support you guys

    • Please note there are still A LOT of Georama parts you can generate using a combination of the items you have picked up during your single player mode experience.

      This can be done at the Papitaur Workshop in-game.

  • Awesome!! Thank you for the HOME integration/unlockables. EVERY PS3 game version should have this!!! It will make/steer gamers like my always pickup the ps3 version of the game.

  • Cool, can’t wait to pick this game up next week!!

  • Really looking forward to this game.

    #13 brought up a good point. Are you saying we’ll have to pay real world money to buy in game items? Are you really going down the road of micro-transactions? That’s one sure fire way to piss off a lot of people and really hurt an otherwise great game.

  • Is that theme in the first picture going to be available to us soon? It looks pretty nice!

  • WKC pwned all. I am getting the LBP content and the dynamic themes. I love WKC

  • I have a feeling this game is going to blow away everything else on the ps3 right now.

  • @13 perrandy
    YOu will be using the in-game gold currency.

  • Can’t wait!!!

  • Very cool stuff guys! Glad to see this game is getting some special attention. Hope it sells really well. Umm ..might be picking up the dynamic theme, right now I’m using the regular WKC theme on my ps3.

  • It’s a shame the visuals are so poor.

  • OMG! White Knight Chronicles Dynamic Theme?! INSTANT BUY! Oh wait, it said the first of several WKC dynamic themes…INSTANT BUYS!

    Also, I’ve only rented LBP but I think I’ll have to buy it just to get those sweet LBP costumes.

    Hopefully WKC2 doesn’t take as long to bring over to NA.

  • Also, since there are now going to be dynamic themes for WKC I’m just wondering if there will be any avatars for it too?

  • This game feels like it has been a long time coming. I know I feel like it has been years since I first saw this. I have it on pre-order and will be picking up as soon as it gets in.

  • Nice to see this game get so many extra goodies. I’ll definitely be picking this one up. Will there be any avatars available as well?

  • YEEEEESSSSSS!!! One more week!!!

    @Christian Cardona

    Please ask “whoever it may concern”, to supply the game to Amazon earlier so that our pre-orders can get Release Date Shipping. As it currently stands, they won’t even get the game until the “street date”(2/3) and won’t get into customers’ hands until 2/4 at the earliest. We’ve waited a loooong time for WKC and would like to get it ASAP!!!

  • Lots of nice goodies, can’t wait to play the game, looking forward to the sequel as well.

  • @20

    How do you know it is in game currency? How can spending in game currency help you “getting ahead quickly” since you have to play the game to get in game money in the first place.

    This is the same terminology Asian Free to Play MMO’s use for their Micro Transaction business model.

  • So glad I made the decision to buy this game! I’m going to buy all this stuff. I’m so hyped right now! I’m sure my son will enjoy the new LBP costumes.

  • Man I can’t wait, one question, will you online avatar be the same level as your offline one.

    • Yep! They\’re one and the same so your levels, gear and items will transfer between the offline and online experience.

    • May I also add that items you obtain during your online quests can be brought back into your single player campaign.

      Some items will only be available (obtainable?) by completing the online quests.

      White Knight Chronicles does a great job with the inter-weaving of offline/online game play.


  • What about the DLC for more Quest ?

  • Well, I ended up buying MAG spur of the moment, so I have to put off buying WKC for a couple of weeks, but I WILL be picking it up and I can’t wait. I love the Home integration. I use Home all the time, and the White Knight statue will be a nice addition to my Wizard’s den (and Ghostbusters) personal space. I like the costume as well, but I hear it get unlocked with the Platinum trophy, and I really doubt I’ll be able to get the Platinum in this game just due to the supposed amount of hours that has to go into getting it.

    Still, can’t wait to play the game. Especially the online since Capcom are a bunch of sell-outs and refuse to put Monster Hunter on PS3 completely LYING about their supposed cross-platform dedication (I guess cross-platform doesn’t include PS3). WKC’s online deffinitely has a Monster Hunter type of feel.

    My only request to you guys is to release a patch to lift the online time limit that I’ve heard the game has. I like to quest online for HOURS at a time in games like this.

  • Also are those LBP avatars, like the one’s we have now on the PSN or are they just for people with the LBP game?

  • @28 colstripcapn
    oh I don’t know. Maybe from the video interview on Giantbomb, or the preview from gamespot. Oh how about Online preview video from IGN.

  • Hey, anyone know where I can find an item list for the georama set up? Like what can be sold in your created place. Blacksmithing, ore, etc. I can’t find a list anywhere, so I can base my place around a specific craft.

  • Woo LBP costumes!! loving the knight and dragon. no idea about the game though :P

  • okay so not too sure bout the georama micro transaction thing but will admit looking forwarward to this game. might just pick up day one. heard about this title for a while now.

  • i am very happy this game is finally coming out. its been far to long for Sony to get some Classic style RPGS rolling out.

    i was kind of hoping the US might get a WKC Dynamic theme free, the other regions got free Dynamic Themes, but the US never did… oh well.

  • So where’s the Kevin Butler commercial?

  • I love RPGS!!! Very excited for this one. Good job Sony!!! Man, this GOW3 and FFXIII…2010 is starting of juuuuuust right for PS3 owners!!! Anyone willing to join up in this game (or any other) add me.

  • already got this game piad of waiting impatiently for feb 2nd also getting the dynamic theme looks cool hopefully u guys make wkc psn id avatars would b awesome

  • @34

    I hope you are right.

    I wasn’t trying to start anything, just want to know for sure. Micro transactions are a pet peeve of mine that gets me up on my soap box.

    Really looking forward to the game, but something like that could ruin it for me (at least the online part) so I’ll be really glad if you’re correct.

  • This game look good but im not really in2 rpg games..i like to press more than one button to attack my enemies..hence GoG oF WaR 3..cant wait for March 13!anywho yeah its pertty impressive how they are promoting this game..from lbp to home content..possibly a home space..who knows..what would be really kool is if u can use your HoMe Avatars…that woul dbe AWESOME! ;p

  • I have a question about gaining experience points for your avatar. While playing offline, if you control Leonard and kill an enemy, are the experience points distributed to everyone in your party or solely to Leonard?

    I’m curious to know because I have seen video clips that show the player having the option to control their avatar in the offline mode of the game. If I control Leonard and kill all the enemies, if Leonard gains all the experience points, then I am forced to use my avatar in order to level him up fast.

    • Good question! The XP is distributed evenly among participating party members with members who are not in use getting XP at a slower rate.

      So feel free to use anyone you want!

  • @Christian Cardona

    Also, could we have these side item’s ahead of a games release in the future. We could have been using the dynamic theme and playing around with the LBP stuff while waiting on the game. Seems like these items could have been used to stir up hype for the game instead of an afterthought. Not only that, but they would have sold better up front. Oh well, not my missed opportunity…

  • buying this day one. it’s a level-5 game so for sure it’ll be amazing. see you online!

  • Thanks for the new info on WKC. It is so close I can’t wait, I am so stoked for this game I have it pre-ordered and I am trying to wait paitently

    I know it is probably too much to ask but any chance of a midnight release or aleast get it to stores on tuesday and not wednesday?

    • Unfortunately not, it\’s a ship release which means most stores probably won\’t be getting it prior to 02/02.

  • Those LBP costumes are awesome lol i wish it would come with a WKC level pack tho.

    I already preordered this game i hope i will like it.

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