It’s Official, God of War III Will Be Attacking Stores on March 16th!

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God of War Fans –

There have been a lot of people asking about when God of War III is going to hit store shelves. Well, today I have some good news to share for those of you eagerly awaiting this highly anticipated PS3 exclusive. Kratos fans can get their hands on God of War III beginning Tuesday, March 16! You can pick up the God of War III Ultimate Edition on the very same day, which includes premium collectibles and digital content that is fit for any Spartan warrior. I’m also thrilled to unveil the official box art for God of War III and God of War III Ultimate Edition. Here’s a look…

God of War III

For those you thirsty for more God of War excitement, on February 11, we’ll be debuting our brand new God of War III trailer exclusively on SPIKE’s GameTrailers TV, so make sure to tune in. And if you’d like to get reacquainted with Kratos and refresh your skills before March 16, the God of War Collection is now ONLY $29.99. This epic deal gets you God of War and God of War II in stunning HD for one low price! Stay tuned for more God of War news as we move closer to launch.

GOWIII Ultimate Edition box

In the End, There Will Be Only Chaos…

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  • Can’t wait!

  • Awesome! Can’t wait, and I want that Ultimate Edition!

  • Already have the Ultimate Edition Pre-ordered. Now I just need to finish GOW II.

  • whoop whoop!

  • I already have the Ultimate edition pre-ordered. Can’t wait for it to be March already…

    Sidenote: WATCH THE TESTER!!

  • this is a blessing from the heavens.
    i thank the gods.

  • Any word on the weight of the Collector’s Edition? Pandora’s Box looks kinda heavy.

  • Great boxart.

  • Absolutely brilliant! I can’t wait.

  • Day 1 buy for the ultimate edition :)

  • im so freaking ready for this game! but im ok with the time frame, ill need a couple weeks to get through heavy rain.

  • haha That’s my birthday! Thanks Sony for the birthday gift XD.

  • I think is a good boxart, but i would have love it if your had gone with the same style as the past two.

    We all know who Kratos is, but having just his left eye zoomed in is not that great IMO. I had hoped that the boxart would be as epic as the game.

    But anyways, I love this franchise, so I will be buying it day one!

    God of War 3 = GOTY 2010

  • Glad I waited to buy the Collection. Can I get answer on the Challenge Arenas is it gonna be realeased afterward as DLC or is your only way to get it is by getting Ultimate Edition?

  • Question. Will you be able to watch the GoW
    documentary without it spoiling anything related to GoWIII, or is it a better idea to watch the documentary after you beat the game?

    • The Unearthing the Legend documentary will spoil key moments in God of War and God of War II, but it won\’t spoil anything in God of War III.


  • have it paid off already but i want some new gow3 video those last pics are too much of a tease i need something i can watch!

  • Any word on any game stop midnight openings?

    • There will be Midnight Madness events at GameStop and others stores. We\’ll have details shortly, stay tuned!

  • So the documentary is a download from the store instead of being on a blu ray disc? Kind of disappointing… ah well, it’s still pre-ordered and March 16th cannot come fast enough!

  • i like the box art

  • so does the God of War III Ultimate Edition have the same box art as the regular?

  • @6 kristophergrin
    Thank the gods?
    You should be thanking Kratos because he is about to slaughter the gods.

  • I agree with colonel007
    The boxart is ok but for a trilogy of the God of War series it looks somehow different and doesn’t really fit.

    I also think that the darker coverart on the picture of the Ultimate Edition looks a bit better.

    Nevertheless I’m glad that it will contain a flip-cover. A good decision Sony^^

  • Already pre-ordered my Pandora’s Box…I just can’t freaking wait for this awesome game!!!

  • “God of War Collection is now ONLY $29.99.”

    Wow. I feel like I just got screwed by Sony again (first time was my 60GB got YLOD). Last time I buy anything like that again when it first comes out.

  • By the Gods!

  • in the end there is only chaos

  • Looks good. Got my platinums in GOW 1 & 2 in anticipation of this. Ultimate edition is pre-ordered and now I have a calendar reminder set for release day.

  • Wow a week after Final Fantasy. Why so close. I think I’ll get GOW.

  • Is the $29.99 price for the collection effective today? I would like to pick this up and get ready for the 3rd soon!

  • Fu*k yeah.

    Thank you!

    Now just some bundle info

    and i’ll be set.

    again.. THANK YOU.

  • Aaaaaareeeeesssss!!! lol :) Now i just have to play the third part to see what destiny is preparing for Kratos…

  • Wow, that collectors edition box looks pretty rad.
    Do you know the size of that box? I might have some issues with customs :(

  • I love you.

  • has the collection down to $30 ($25 used), so it’s safe to say the price drop is in effect.

    As for people that will complain, don’t be an early adopter next time.

    Anyone with any slight marketing background knew Sony would drop the price to boost sales prior to God of War 3.

  • I think I’ll be upgrading my pre-order to the Ultimate Edition because I just realized I might not want to open it because I’m too busy staring at it in amazement.

    *Runs to go finish God of War II for the 2nd time and get that platinum trophy!*

  • This is freckin’ sweeeeet. Can’t wait but one question

    What is Pandora’s Box made of?

  • Thats just epic!
    im so getting it day 1 and the ultimate edition

  • Notice that the Ultimate Collection box art is the same as the normal one. I remember it supposed to be darker!

  • What about european release date?We are left in the dark wondering when it will be released here.
    Come on please,announce the Euro release date.

  • @Eric

    I’m just as psyched as anyone about GOW III and have my collection with the demo downloaded onto my PS3. However, do you plan to release a Home Space, Personal Space and/or and GOW III related items for PSHome? I think a lot of fans here would love to have some Kratos themed costumes and spaces.

  • Oh, the unofficial boxart (as stated in this blog) became the official boxart. I personally don’t like it, but as long as the game is good, i guess.

  • That box art sucks!
    Personally I care about amazing box arts.

  • OMG I’m not even going to be done with FFXIII yet >< evil.

  • 2 pieces of (semi-useful) information in a 10 day span…and this is what you consider ending an information drought? Good luck with actually trying market this game. You can’t even market to the hardcore PSBlog reader, let alone the mass market.

  • that box art is really lame,compared to the other 2 (3 if you count the PSP game) it’s also rather anticlimactic

  • I can’t say I like the box art, but I’m glad there’s a price reduction for God of War Collection.

  • Oh yea!! for my birthday! loll well 1 day after but still a nice present

  • @45… You’re EU, get off the US blog :P

    don’t listen to him Santa Monica, just keep teasing us w/ information and we’ll be happy :)

  • Nice work on the ultimate ED.already preordered and pd for

    I was also wandering if any home items are planned?

    and keep up the great work.

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