Gravity Crash PS3 Patch, Sale and PSP Update

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Hi Everyone,

Hope you all had a great holiday season? At JAW we had a fantastic holiday, and we owe it all to you guys for showing your support for Gravity Crash; your appreciation and feedback has reminded us all why we’ve been working so hard over the past 18 months, and it’s nice to see that so many of you guys think like we do – there truly is something special about retro inspired arcade blasting! And hopefully we’ll see a bunch of new creations soon, because Gravity Crash is currently on sale for half-off, only $4.99. You have to hurry, though, since the sale ends tomorrow.

Something I specifically wanted to thank you for is the levels you guys have been making. So far we’ve seen over 1,400 levels and there are some real gems out there! Shining brighter than most I’ve seen are the levels by “E-T-E-C” and “RubiconAlpha”. Their levels are exceptional and I would highly recommend you check them out. They are clever, challenging and enjoyable in equal measure, and perhaps they’ll spark your imagination and inspire you to create a new level yourself – who knows, it could even lead to your efforts earning a mention in my next post!

I’d also like to thank you all for the feedback you’ve given about the game so far, and give you a heads up on a patch we’ve been working on to improve the game based on your comments and suggestions. One thing that came up regularly was that it wasn’t entirely obvious that you can rate another players level (which is a shame considering how good a lot of them are), so we’ve made a change to this and added the “Vote for Creator” option to the post mission screen. Now, when you finish playing the level, you can cast your vote right there, and hopefully more of those amazing levels you dedicate a lot of time to will get the recognition and the credit that they deserve.

The v1.02 update, which will be released soon, also features the following changes and improvements:

  • More intuitive voting for user created levels
  • Improved menu navigation
  • Fixes to sound fx playback
  • Hi-scores can no longer be posted from the Trial version
  • The hidden level “Umbria” is now correctly unlocked in the Campaign
  • Polish language now available

Another thing we’ve heard a lot of you asking for over the past few weeks is information on the upcoming Gravity Crash for the PSP, so here you go…

  • Same exciting retro gameplay as the PS3 version
  • 35 challenging levels in campaign mode, each with unique objectives
  • All new Survivor mode exclusive for PSP, offering even more gameplay
  • Create and share your own levels with others

Gravity Crash PSP screenshot 1

Gravity Crash PSP screenshot 2 Gravity Crash PSP screenshot 3

As well as all of the above, we are still working hard away on some things which we’ll reveal more on a little closer to the time, so keep an eye open for more blog updates from us in the near future!

Thanks again for your ongoing support; we hope you will continue to enjoy Gravity Crash and we are looking forward to seeing even more high-quality levels from you in-game. Please continue to share your feedback, thoughts and suggestions about the game with us, and feel free to give your favorite creators the recognition they deserve in the comments and on the forum, too – we’d love to give some of them a shout out next time! And if you haven’t picked the game up yet, now’s your chance to get in on the action because it’s half-off for one more day!

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  • I think I may have to pick this one up! Thanks for the Sale!!

  • I just got this game last week on sale and I have to say at 4.99 it’s a bargain !

    Tnanks for the update Stewart.

  • I enjoyed Gravity Crash. Some of the gems were hidden quite well (or took some figuring out how to obtain). Getting all the trophies was a good challenge. I liked the fitting names of them, too.

    Hopefully people will pick up this fun game and take advantage of the great sale price. It’s too bad the PlayStation Home promotion didn’t make it to NA but was EU only.

    I look forward to your future offerings.

  • Wadatah!

  • Instead of a PSP version I just wish the game used the Remote Play feature. I think it’s a very underutilized feature, and while it wouldn’t work great with all games I’d much rather see developers implement it before going with a straight out PSP port.

  • I may pick this up before the store update. I liked the demo but still wasn’t sure if I’d really enjoy the game. That and well I have a million and one other things I wish I had time to play.

    I will however be grabbing the PSP version for sure:D On the go retro is FTW in my book.

  • When is the PSP version launching on PSN? (no pun intended, I guess)

    : )

  • When’s the release date of Gravity Crash PSP?

  • create and share levels on the psp??? i’m buyin!

  • but when is it coming out?

  • Great game, I’ll have to skip out on the PSP version as I am dedicated to the twin stick method of control. Kudos on continued support and thanks for making such an enjoyable game.

    • Hi,
      I thought I\’d take a moment to reply to your point about the \”twin stick method of control\”. We\’ve actually added this to the PSP version, in the same way that Super Stardust did it.

      E.G. The right stick is replaced by the PlayStation buttons, where pressing Triangle will fire in an upwardly direction but in random spray fashion.

      And to be honest with you, it works really well like that.

  • To be honest, I didn’t realize this game has user-created levels. I may pick it up because of that. It’s too bad the sale ends tomorrow though, because I just bought MAG last night and don’t have money for another PSN card until Friday. Oh well. I’ll probably still consider it at full price.

  • I really enjoy Gravity Crash! Thanks for the update! I wish more people knew about this great retro game. It’s like asteroids, defender, moon lander & a Vectrex got blended together into a fun little arcade game.

  • I played the demo and was interested, but didn’t pick it up until the sale. Good deal!

    I’m confused, though…the menu says I have an option to continue a game, but it’s always greyed out, and I can’t find an option to save a game in the middle. If I’m playing a campaign, in particular, is there a way to save where I’m at and come back later? Where is that option buried??

    • This has been confusing some people. You can continue if you quit out of a campaign game.

      We save progress after every level, so if you quit out with 3 lives whilst playing Zeeta, you will be able to continue at the start of Zeeta next time you play.

      So whilst there is no option, it\’s done automatically after each level is completed.

  • Yes, it would definitely be nice for the North American fans who are Home users to get the same goodies as in Europe. Same goes for the Heavy Rain VIP badge Home item. The lack of coordination between SCEA and SCEE marketing is ridiculous, at best. (Where the hell is Blue Toad Murder Files, already???)

    I really enjoyed Gravity Crash, even though it didn’t quite deliver the ‘electric’ feel of Geometry Wars. (Colored sparks/explosions don’t react with the colors of the other surfaces, etc.) That being said, 1080p and decent sound were really great.

    I would gladly pay for more content if additional trophies and 24-bit music came along with it.

  • Love it! I haven’t had much time to continue on the PS3 version. But on the go the PSP version is perfect! I really hope there are different controls to choose from cause I had to use Dual analog on the PS3, I just hope there’s a good setup I can use for the PSP version.

  • this game isn’t really too good for a console. This kind of game just needs to be portable

  • Does v1.02 update fix the game save corruption bug?

    • We are aware of an issue that has reset peoples progress, but we are also aware the some people have been confused by the Game Over screen, where it asks you to “Continue” or “Cancel”, some haven’t realised that if you choose “Cancel” then your only option is to Start a New Game, you CANNOT continue from this.

      If you have experienced something different, then drop us a line via our own website which is at or directly to Sony’s Customer Service dept.

  • thanks for the info… looks like it will be lots of fun.

  • I hope that in a future update we can change our control settings. I would love to play this game with my arcade stick. :)

  • First off, great game! Just, please, grant me my wish for custom soundtracks, please and thank you. JAW ROCKS!

  • Does this patch fix also the trophy unable to sync error after deleting the demo from the ps3.

    Had to reinstall the demo to fix the problem.

    • I hate to say it, but that has nothing to do with us. We have absolutely ZERO control with Trophy Syncing, as that is done at a system level by the PS3 Firmware, sorry.

  • Cool, thanks for the update and the sale this week. Couldn’t pass this up at 5 bones.

  • Honestly, when I first saw this in my RSS feed, I really thought that it was talking about an actual PSP update (ie FW).

    Turns out I was fooled…

  • Bright colorful retro space action? Funky techno tunes? Super custom level editor? ON SALE TODAY!?


    So I just tried to purchase this game on Playstation network VIA my PS3 with my ma’s credit card, and it’s INSTANTLY saying that my credit card info is incorrect… despite everything is exactly as it should be…

    I tried getting it on Amazon (I bought “Marvel VS Capcom 2” with no problem that way) but it turns out that it’s 10 dollars…

    I need some help!

  • Well, thanks for the feedback. I tried inputting my information in every way possible. Seems as if I won’t ever be purchasing anything with a credit card from the Playstation Store… The sale ends tomorrow? Like, as soon as the clock turns 1/28?

    I’ll buy a 20 dollar Playstation points card from Gamestop or wherever they sell them and buy the game tomorrow if it’s still 5 woolongs…

    I seriously want this game… LOL! I’ve played the demo so much that I’ve managed to destroy the boss. Despite the fact that the game starts to fade away as soon as your ship enters firing range.

    What a drag.

  • Yeah I got this last night. Couldn’t stop playing it. Love it.

    But needs custom soundtracks. I really hate what is on there now. I ended up playing most of the game on mute. Drove me crazy. Then I turned on the stereo for some good old blues metal.

    Down III Over the Under
    That’s the way to play it:D

  • I will almost certainly get the PSP version. But I have to wonder if it’s going to be playable on older PSPs, due to all the ghosting on the screen (especially red colors). Going to be very blurry anyway.

  • Get this game!!! Great game foe a $5 purchase! Cool and fun! Gravity Crash earns the IcedDice 777 Seal of Approval.

  • LOL! In my boredom, I’ve managed to play the demo and destroy the Boss on AKWIA and make it into the Wormhole before it faded to the “Buy Now” screen…

    I hope I can get my hands on this soon. I need some new levels to play!

  • As a general comment to those asking about custom soundtracks, because you don’t like our Soundtrack, you can switch off the music in the Options menu ;-)

  • I just wanted to chime in again and say this. Although I always want custom soundtracks on shooters and such, the music in Gravity Crash is not only suitable but very well done and thoroughly enjoyable. You cant please everybody but I absolutely love it. If you enjoy electronica, then you will love this!

  • I think I got a trophy bug.

    My second campagin after a game over. I only got like 3 artifacts on the first.

    So on my second, I started on the 3 planet down the list. Breezed thru it. Then I entered the new one it unlocked. The dark map where you need the lights. And the trophy for collecting all artifacts and time for 10 maps popped up. I haven’t even play 10 levels unless you count user made let alone collect enough artifacts.

  • How can you not like the Gravity Crash soundtrack? I think it is one of the highlights of the game.

  • When does it release for the PSP.

  • Love your game, however, there need to be some kind of way to categorize the player’s levels in difficulty(easy/normal/hard will do). That way if you want to play some lay back levels you don’t have to search through death trap marathons when you’re too tired and just want to unwind.
    Hope there is some kinda DLC on the way! More music tracks in the same vein would be just splendid. Oh and it would be neat if your lava/water could produce waterfalls etc.

  • Thanks Stewart Gilray for the nod for my created levels and for such a fun game!

    Being able to create levels is such a bonus to an already great game.

    I’ve enjoyed all the feedback and hope to create more soon.

    Also, thanks for the patch update. Looking forward to the improvements and future additions.

  • Dang it. I missed this sale. I’m not biting for $10.

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