“Four Days”: The Heavy Rain Online Experience

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As many of you living on the West Coast of the United States know, it has been raining extremely hard during the last week. We, here, in the marketing team at SCEA wanted to let you know that this is merely a coincidence and that there is no connection to the upcoming release of the interactive psychological thriller, Heavy Rain, exclusively for PlayStation 3. While we did originally have two weeks of downpour planned as part of an ARG (alternate reality game) or viral marketing campaign for the release of Heavy Rain, we were prevented from doing so due to liability and logistical reasons (Legal teams hate it when you screw with the weather).

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However, you can experience “Four Days”: The Heavy Rain Online Experience, a live online mystery that plays out in real time across three weeks, drawing you into the mystery and lore of the Heavy Rain universe. Between Tuesday and Friday every week there will be daily tasks for you to complete (leaving you the weekend to catch up if you fall behind). Each task will lead you to the next part of the journey. At certain key stages you will be prompted, while on other occasions you will need to deduce the right thing to do. You will receive an instructional email at the beginning of each of the three weekly events, and you can always turn to the Facebook Fan Page for help and discussion.

In order to get started, just visit www.HeavyRain.com, the official web site for Heavy Rain. There you will find more information about “Four Days”: The Heavy Rain Online Experience and can register to get started. Once you’ve registered, you will receive an e-mail that will set you on a journey into the mind of a possible serial killer, giving you a sneak peek into the mystery and story of Heavy Rain. The rain is already falling – start looking there for answers…

Along the way, you may well discover some cool exclusive content. Enjoy the experience as it will challenge you and prepare you for the true mystery to come – the experience of playing Heavy Rain itself!

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  • It said if we played we get to have a Heavy Rain shirt for home and btw FIRST!

  • Hmm, seems like fun. I’ll check it out.

  • Wonder why 4 days takes 3 weeks… just saying.

  • I hate to ask the same question over and over (without getting an answer), but I will try again.

    Can Canadians participate? and if so are they suppose to enter United State when entering the site, as well as when signing up for Four Days? Thanks.

  • Definitely will look into this…

    1 question..

    Do you know when that preorder episode will become available??

    I ask cause I just left the country and though I left Heavy Rain preordered, I dont know how soon I’ll get it sent out to me. So the wait for me is even longer….

    Downloading, on the other hand, I can do ^^

    • For those that preorder Heavy Rain, you should receive a voucher card when you pick up your copy of Heavy Rain on the street date of Feb. 23rd, 2010. You can then download the first chapter of Heavy Rain Chronicles from the PlayStation Store as soon as you have the voucher code.

  • This looks to like it could be cool see.

  • dragonmagician, I am also Canadian & most of the time you have to pick the USA sign in.

  • this entire registration process is confusing. Signed up last week. its a uk site, but has U.S options. I already received a code for the HOME shirt but it did not work. Now the site does not work correctly. Just wait for the game people….

  • I got an e-mail saying it was beginning, but the link leads to a page that only has options for some EU countries.

  • You guys need to get Heavy Rain t shirts in Hot Topic… the Origami logo is just perfect for a shirt !

  • Oh wow, this is pretty cool! Thanks for the info! :)

  • lol its even raining here in montreal when its suppose to be like -10C or more its like +10C loll

    Cant wait for the full release loll but ill try this for sure

  • Great! I can’t wait for this game!

  • i work weekends, hopefully i won’t fall behind! got my first e-mail!

  • I only see a black background nothing more :(

  • Hmm is this ‘game’ working with facebook and twitter? If yes then it sucks because i dont want to register

  • Awesome. Going to register.

  • quick ? ok i got the email and it doesnt have the us as a country to pick its france uk and others but the us aint on it

  • One last thing loll

    That would be nice if you could make a ‘video’ of rain dropping on a black background that we can watch like listening to our music like the earth one.

  • I heard about this last week and was quite excited about it. I went to the site to sign up, but didn’t see Canada anywhere. So I entered the United States as my country to see if that would work. No dice. Apparently Canada is considered an important enough country to take part in this, which is quite disappointing and somewhat insulting.

  • @Tridon, what do you mean it didn’t work when you entered US? I did the same thing, and I was able to sign up. I hated to put in the incorrect country, but if that is the price to pay to see what this is all about….

  • Lack of a North American Collector’s Edition of the game prevents me from caring.

  • What about the east cost?

  • I have having problems registering on the site. I been trying since last week, but nothing. When I enter my information, check the require options, and put type in the access code to verify my info and its not a bot creating accounts, it would just load when I hit submit.

  • Same thing happened with me too #9.

  • No US :(

  • So non-US players will not get to experience this? That’s quite disappointing indeed.


  • “As many of you living on the West Coast of the United States know, it has been raining extremely hard during the last week.”

    Welcome to Seattle.

  • That’s funny. I signed up with a problem.

  • Excuse the doublepost….without a problem. I’m not understanding why you guys aren’t able to select the US?

  • yea, I signed up whenever the site went live Figured out the first clue. Is there anyway NA home can eventually get the EU exclusive shirt eventually?

  • just signed up :) this sounds interesting.

  • Can’t wait to start playing this ARG, and then the full game!

  • I need this game now!! I’m really eager to play this. Have pre booked the Limited edition! :P

  • @dragonmagician

    Seriously, it worked for you? I’ll have to give it another try, I suppose. It didn’t work before. Still though, out of all the countries listed, it would’ve been nice to see Canada included.

  • @Heavenly_King – you have to wait on that black screen for a bit before the stuff shows.

    Just an FYI – you can register from the US but when you go to play the game the US is not an option. I chose United Kingdom since it is in English.

    Why aren’t the free HOME shirts available in the US?

  • I have signed up, but how long till you get the e-mail, it has been almost 4 hrs since i signed up.

  • This looks very interesting and I’ve signed up at the sight, but before I actually participate, does this in any way, shape or form contain spoilers for the game. If it does, I don’t want to ruin the game. Thanks for your answer.

  • I got as far as picking US and now all I see is the HEAVY RAIN with water puddles. Nothin more… lame.

  • On the actual site for this program/contest (not the main page for Heavy Rain, but the subdomain where the info on the contest is) there is only options to log in from several European countries and England–are any of us allowed to participate? Should I log in under England? If there is some sort of prize will my entry/work be invalidated by me logging in under a country which I am not from?

  • Will we get any home content associated with Heavy Rain on playstation home?

  • Interesting. I loved the Xi ARG in Home, so I’ll check this out. Hopefully I can participate from the PS3 browser. Though chances are I won’t be able to. If not, no big deal. Either way I’m really looking forward to the game itself. I have it pre-ordered, and can’t wait to experience the game first hand.

  • hey guys the code is EU only, dont feel bad,rememebr that all exclusives have more sponsor at EU home becux they r made in there and not the US its typical,just like motorstorm pants.

  • @40 *** Possible SPOILERS*** There is more today than just the puddle with the rain. If you solve the message on the paper it may lead you elsewhere with more going on…

  • The code to redeem the PS Home VIP badge isn’t working. Please fix!

  • I received the Event 1 Introduction email after registering…but followed the link and realized its EU only :( gosh darn it haha.

  • I’m popping over to http://www.HeavyRain.com! Sounds like fun. Game is already preordered :-)

  • Just got the e-mail for the first day, is this europe only?!?!?

    what the crap?!?!?

  • Hey MAG is it today and i just bought a copy and its awsome, add me for we can play tepa_boy625

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