Pre-Order MLB 10: The Show and Get Free Classic Stadiums

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MLB 10 The Show Box Art Revealed

The Show is all about bringing all the big moments in baseball to life, and the pre-order program is something we are really excited about. Pre-order the PS3 version of MLB 10: The Show at any of these retailers — Amazon, Best Buy, Game Crazy or GameStop — and get a “6-Pack” of Classic Stadiums at no additional charge. These stadiums are some of the most famous in Major League Baseball history, so the team down in San Diego has spent a great deal of time making sure each stadium is to exact specifications. So when the game launches on March 2, punch in the voucher code on your PS3 and you’ll be able to play on the same fields as some of the all-time greats.

*Stadium Pack not available for PS2 or PSP systems. (follow the links to pre-order the PS2 or PSP versions)

MLB 10: The Show Shibe

Shibe Park – When it opened April 12, 1909 in Philadelphia, it became the first steel-and-concrete stadium in Major League Baseball history.

MLB 10: The Show Forbes

Forbes Field – Opened in 1909, it was home to the Pittsburgh Pirates and was witness to a World Series-winning 9th inning homerun in 1960.


Polo Grounds – Opened in 1890, it was known for its extremely deep center field (483 ft) and unique bathtub shape. The “Shot Heard Around the World” homerun was hit here.

MLB 10: The Show Crosley

Crosley Field – Was a Major League ballpark located in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was the home field of the National League Cincinnati Reds from 1912 through June 24, 1970.

MLB 10: The Show Sportsman

Sportsman’s Park – Was built in St. Louis in 1902. Left-handed power hitters loved hitting here, including a Hall of Famer who hit two epic homeruns on consecutive days, shattering the same window in the car dealership across the street twice!

MLB 10: The Show Griffith

Griffith Stadium – Stood in Washington, D.C. from 1911 to 1965. Not only was it was over 400 feet down the left field line, the outfield took an unusual right-angled jut into center field due to the unwillingness of nearby houses to sell to the ballclub during construction of the stadium.

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8 Author Replies

  • not a big fan of sports games, but the extra content looks cool! love free stuff!

  • WOW! This is getting better and better each read. Thanks Sony for always delivering greatness to us loyal fans ;)!

  • by the way, do the stadiums come with hot cheerleaders?! bring it! :D

  • this going to be released outside of US this year? oh well, import time again

  • @3

    LOL baseball doesn’t have cheerleaders silly.

  • Super cool stuff. I wish I could pre-order, but Jesus to many games in March please move it back until April. Seriously, this game is better than 09, I bet San Diego will release a Demo in February.

  • what’s “baseball”?

  • I take it this means that there WILL be a charge for these parks if we don’t preorder…

    • The stadiums do actually exist in the game, but you need to achieve Platinum Status in the game, aka acquire all Trophies in order to unlock the stadiums. We decided to make it easier for many people who already love The Show to get them earlier, all for just pre-ordering the game.

  • Is there a demo going to come out for MLB 10?
    I’d like to try this one out before i buy anything (although i loved the other ones)

  • …what’s a brother gotta do to get Tiger Stadium back into games? ;)

  • sweet cannot wait.

  • awesome! pre-ordering now! i had a quick non-stadium related question for the staff please. i was just wondering (since i play w/ the red sox a lot) if papelbon’s delivery was fixed since he hasn’t pitched from the windup since becoming a closer. thanks! can’t wait to play it!

  • Should have the Olympic Stadium in Montreal where the Expos played.

  • been looking forwards to MLB 10 since 09, looking forwards to the RTTS additions, especially calling the game as a catcher :D

  • Or how about you just include the classic stadiums in the game since you already created them?

    I HATE pre order incentives more then anything else. Just like Heavy Rain “Pre Order and get free DLC”. No thanks I WONT be buying that game new, I’ll get it off craigslist instead and give someone who didn’t like it my money instead of your company.

    Seriously stop doing pre order incentives and stop releasing DLC info before the game comes out its disrespectable to every gamer out there. I want to buy a game brand new and get everything with it. DLC shouldn’t come to any game until 2-3 months after launch.

    If you can have DLC released the same day of the game, then that DLC should be included in the game. This “next gen” way of thinking is beyond stupid, it’s just the “next gen” way of ripping consumers off. I’m not the only one that feels this way, and I will be buying my games off craigslist until you idiots get it right.

  • awesome sportsman park ! i just hope the online play will be better

  • To any of the SCEA guys..

    Do you have any idea on a date for the MLB 10 demo?

    I’m pulling for February 4th!


  • Is Ebbet’s Field going to be in the game as well? Will there be more additional content in the future?

    Are you guys doing this to pump up the pre-orders? These games practically sell themselves

  • I love they brought back classic stadiums, I wish they would add some more recent “classic” stadiums. I’ve lived in Wisconsin all my life and grew up watching the Brewers in County Stadium, I wish they would create and add that stadium. You also have Veteran’s Stadium (Phillies), Qualcomm (Padres), they already have Shea and old Yankee Stadium (big shock, the New York teams get everything).

  • how bout ebbet’s field or the original yankee stadium??????

  • also how bout u guys just include it in the game. you know as unlockable content like they used to do way back in the old days before dlc. like 4 yrs ago. seriously everyone should realize they plan on makin each stadium a pay to play download now. dlc is such a nickel and dime joke. why does sony keep touting blu ray as being capable of holding such huge amounts of content if they arent gonna use that space. stop with the dlc. if u want more people to buy the game put the content on the disc. no “bonus”, no “pre-order incentive” just content that makes people know ur company is just as loyal to its fanbase as we are to it.

    • Thanks for your comments improperlyaged. The good news is that if you pre-order, you get this DLC for free. And believe me, MLB 10 The Show takes up a huge amount of space on Blu-Ray already. Replicating all the little details of a great baseball experience, from the atmosphere to the crowds to the way the ball unexpectedly bounces when it hits an uneven part of the infield, makes what our San Diego Studio creates simply incredible. And they deliver a one of the best rated sports games to boot every year.

  • @#15

    Agreed man, DLC should not be made or advertised until AFTER the retail game has gone gold and released.

    DLC can be a great thing, some devs really do it the right way by supporting their already great game (example: LBP/Mm)

    OR it can be abused by 90% of Developers who think lets make a quick dime by taking some maps out and charging extra.

  • @21

    These are not on the disc. They are not unlock-able. They have to pay huge licensing fees to get these stadiums. And they are offering them for free at NO EXTRA CHARGE. They don’t have to offer the classic stadiums, because it is EXPENSIVE to license them and they will never recoup the money. They are doing it cause fans asked for it.

    And they have plenty of content every year. They adding “on the disc” new spring training and minor league parks, as they did last year too.

  • Why was it then advertised as a feature of the game in the fact sheet? It clearly said that the classic stadiums would be included in the game. I quote: “New Stadiums (PS3) – MLB 10 The Show will offer 11 new stadiums. In addition to all current MLB stadiums, five new Minor League venues are available, as well as classics parks now be available on the PS3 for the first time. The classic stadiums include Forbes Field, Crosley Field, Polo Grounds, Shibe Park, Sportsman Park, and Griffith Stadium.”
    An answer would not only be nice but it would show us some respect

    • Thanks for you comments rodperezto. Yes, the stadiums are in the game, but you need to acquire Platinum status, aka unlock all Trophies, in order to finally get these classic stadiums. That\’s very deep into the game. So, we decided to offer the stadiums free with pre-order of the PS3 version. We simply want to get these earlier to those who wanted them, and it helps the game when we can gauge how many pre-orders we get prior to launch.

  • @ improperlyaged & C-DaBurna-B

    how does this hurt you as a consumer? This is content you are getting for free for buying the game new. I see nothing wrong with companies giving away FREE content to people who take the $5 try were already going to put down on this game. Now if the only way to get this content was to preorder and pay an additional $5 for the content then I could see an issue. But as it stands now you’re just coming off as you want to find something to complain about.

  • Will this preorder be available at Canadian retailers? Please don’t forget about us up north. I love baseball and I’d definitely preorder this game.

  • Do we have to pre-order through those links? I’d rather pre-order in person at a Gamestop so I can use some trade-ins to use for pre-order.

  • @24

    It does not say anywhere in the fact sheet that these are INCLUDED in the game.

    It says they will be AVAILABLE ON the PS3. No mis-marketing at all.

    You just mis-understood what was said.

  • Dear and respected EnigmaNemesis,
    Have you ever seen a game advertising their DLC in the features of the game at a store before the game has even been released? It says:
    “New Stadiums (PS3) – MLB 10 The Show will offer 11 new stadiums. In addition to all current MLB stadiums, five new Minor League venues are available, as well as classics parks now be available on the PS3 for the first time. The classic stadiums include Forbes Field, Crosley Field, Polo Grounds, Shibe Park, Sportsman Park, and Griffith Stadium.”
    5 minor league stadiums, plus 6 classic staidums = 11
    Look, i love the SCEA guys as much as the next guy for putting out the best baseball game ever, year after year but that is clearly not a misunderstanding. That is what the features of the game state. I took that quote from a canadian online store.

  • The people who complain about free preorder bonuses are the people who mainly buy USED games.

    Preorder bonuses are the industry to try to combat used game sales by making content that. Just keep in mind when you save that extra $5 bucks(which is a huge rip off in it’s self) you ate hurting the dev of the game you love so much. I see nothig wrong with DEVS trying to find an answer for this plaque apon gaming

  • @29

    Ramone answered your question at Operation Sports.

    It was no mis-marketing at all. It does not saying included. It just says it will be available on the PS3. Does not say how.

    Case closed man. Even what you quote is plain to see in black and white.

  • I thought I’d just chime in and say what a phenomenal job you guys did on MLB 09 The Show, which I consider to be the greatest baseball game I’ve ever played — jaw-dropping realism, truly a dream come true for baseball fans like myself.

    As these are unlocked by obtaining the Platinum trophy, is it fair to say that this game will have easier trophies? The trophies in MLB 09 weren’t exactly a cakewalk … I still haven’t been able to hit The Cycle or pitch a perfect game in RTTS mode. Wish me luck! I’m not shelving 09 until I get that platinum!

  • Actually, their Jan 7 post states the PS3 game features “New Stadiums – Five new Minor League stadiums as well as classic parks including Forbes Field, Crosley Field, Polo Grounds, Shibe Park, Sportsman Park, and Griffith Stadium.”

    Doesn’t state the stadiums are hidden or that you have to pre-order to get them.

    Now, we learn we can pre-order to get them or unlock them by going platinum trophy, which will leave them unlocked for the vast majority of buyers since they will not put in the time to get the plat.

    I’m just going to wait until a couple of days before release to pre-order so I can get the free groceries without having to hold a piece of paper for two months.

  • @31
    I know. I already replied, too.
    Thanks for taking the time to answer.

  • @34

    No problem, this year’s game is going to be amazing. PLAY BALL!!!

  • wow that’s amazing sony is still surporting the ps2 epic win!

  • Chris, question. Can you get the developers for MLB The Show to make MLB jerseys for Playstation Home? I wouldn’t mind spending good money on a #5 David Wright Mets jersey/furniture.

  • This may be what gets me to buy the game. I’m not much into modern baseball, but am a junkie for the past (pre-’94).

    How about adding some classic players, too? I’d love to play this game using the stars and even not-so-stars of yesteryear!

  • Heheh I reported on this a few days ago, because the deal showed up on last week. :)

  • @ 38. There is a roster vault at the MLB The Show’s servers (in-game) and there you can find classic rosters and download them. And they are GREAT!!! You can start a season/franchise with say the mets from 86.

  • Thanks for all the work you put into this game guys! I had a question relating to last week’s feature blog. One thing that disappointed me in The Show 08 was the lack of roster activity by the CPU controlled teams in the franchise mode. I was the only one who made a trade all season!! Obviously you guys know this is unrealistic. I must admit I didn’t buy 09, mostly because I was concerned about this issue. Has this been addressed in The Show 10? Thanks for any input on it!

  • Very happy about this! I would love to see Ebbets Field. Thanks for the excellent pre-order content. Looks good!

  • oh hale yeah!

  • I am happy to see these classic stadiums. I have been wanting these for a few years.

    They seem a little sparse in atmosphere though. Stadiums back then had many adds. I would love to see more classic old ads from that period, even if they are not exactly the product, for licensing reasons. Do not include today’s ads in classic stadiums. It takes away from the atmosphere.

    A good example would be the classic stadiums DLC from 2K in MLB 2K7. They were done very well. Also, they had very realistic looking grass for those stadiums with lots of worn spots in the turf, as grass maintainence was not nearly as good as today’s stadiums.

  • would love to see Ebbets also..

  • Hey Aaron Luke don’t worry about the whiners on here complaining about not getting their free “stuff”! These are the very people who buy used stuff and tank our economy. I’m a diehard MLB Show fan and I’ll definitely be pre-ordering this game! It’s simply the best game ever created. I’d pre-order it even without the free DLC. Even if those stadiums weren’t in the game it’s a must have. Not to mention the fact that you guys at the show have the best publir relation team in the business! I mean listening to the fans? You even answered my question in the 30-man post incredible! You guys do the best job in the business!

  • I am preordering regardless from Amazon like I have the past three years, but the bonus this year is very cool. Thanks

  • Hey guys, why is there no Astrodome ball park part of the classic stadiums pack?

  • My brother just won a PS3 slim through his work. Needless to say, he’s stoked. He’s a baseball blood through and through and The Show is his favorite of all the games. Probably because it’s the best. I’m sure he’ll be excited to hear about this. Free classic stadiums are always a nice addition ;)

  • @48

    Astrodome is an “expansion era” not classic.

    Classic Era:

    Original Yankee
    Ebbetts Field
    Baker Bowl
    Tiger Stadium
    Original Comiskey
    Braves Field
    Cleveland Municipal

    Expansion Era:

    Jack Murphy
    Milwaukee County
    Fulton County
    Three Rivers

    Another reason is, they have to pay licensing for every classic/expansion stadium. And they are very expensive. And each stadium takes 3-6 months to build of work time. So it is not only a long process, but expensive one.

    I am sure more will come in the future.

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