Pre-Order MLB 10: The Show and Get Free Classic Stadiums

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MLB 10 The Show Box Art Revealed

The Show is all about bringing all the big moments in baseball to life, and the pre-order program is something we are really excited about. Pre-order the PS3 version of MLB 10: The Show at any of these retailers — Amazon, Best Buy, Game Crazy or GameStop — and get a “6-Pack” of Classic Stadiums at no additional charge. These stadiums are some of the most famous in Major League Baseball history, so the team down in San Diego has spent a great deal of time making sure each stadium is to exact specifications. So when the game launches on March 2, punch in the voucher code on your PS3 and you’ll be able to play on the same fields as some of the all-time greats.

*Stadium Pack not available for PS2 or PSP systems. (follow the links to pre-order the PS2 or PSP versions)

MLB 10: The Show Shibe

Shibe Park – When it opened April 12, 1909 in Philadelphia, it became the first steel-and-concrete stadium in Major League Baseball history.

MLB 10: The Show Forbes

Forbes Field – Opened in 1909, it was home to the Pittsburgh Pirates and was witness to a World Series-winning 9th inning homerun in 1960.


Polo Grounds – Opened in 1890, it was known for its extremely deep center field (483 ft) and unique bathtub shape. The “Shot Heard Around the World” homerun was hit here.

MLB 10: The Show Crosley

Crosley Field – Was a Major League ballpark located in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was the home field of the National League Cincinnati Reds from 1912 through June 24, 1970.

MLB 10: The Show Sportsman

Sportsman’s Park – Was built in St. Louis in 1902. Left-handed power hitters loved hitting here, including a Hall of Famer who hit two epic homeruns on consecutive days, shattering the same window in the car dealership across the street twice!

MLB 10: The Show Griffith

Griffith Stadium – Stood in Washington, D.C. from 1911 to 1965. Not only was it was over 400 feet down the left field line, the outfield took an unusual right-angled jut into center field due to the unwillingness of nearby houses to sell to the ballclub during construction of the stadium.

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