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January 26 is just one day away with MAG arriving on store shelves worldwide tomorrow and throughout the week. Before you delve into your first “official” match between Raven, S.V.E.R., and Valor, though, we wanted to make sure that you knew two things:

  • What the differences between the Beta 5.0 and the final version are
  • How we implemented your feedback from the beta to affect the retail game on day one

First, let’s talk about the differences between the final game and the beta you tried out a few weeks ago – the most obvious of which is the mode and map count. Whereas before, the Beta version of MAG only offered six maps and two modes, the retail version has a full five modes with 15 maps to play. The final game also includes a handy offline training mode, unique armors, new cinematics, art galleries, trophies, and the always-popular Veteran Mode that lets you start all over again with a permanent XP bonus and the ability to switch your faction after hitting the level cap. Of course, graphical and audio improvements are in there too.

MAG Packfront Final!

But our “out of the box” distinctions aren’t all there is to talk about. We’ve also addressed a number of topics that were brought to our attention when you were testing MAG earlier this month, and will deliver them to you the moment you boot MAG up with a small in-game patch (roughly 60-80 MB depending on your region).

Among these upgrades is the oft-asked-for ability to knife an enemy while you’re reloading your weapon — in addition to a pretty significant framerate increase during player-heavy games and noticeable differences in the effectiveness of every weapon and piece of armor. Moreover, we’ve gone back and added all-new light settings for every environment and increased the amount of time you can sprint before getting tired.

For a full catalog of additions, fixes and tweaks, check out our complete list of patch notes on the MAG blog.

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  • So, you’re basically saying you’re not going to screw us over like Slant Six did with SOCOM: Confrontation?

    Great news!

  • now what about those of us that went to the MAG Event at the CityCenter Vegas that haven’t received our copy yet?? :'(

  • Can’t Wait!!


  • im going to the midnight release at walmart

  • This is great, good improvements

  • Awesome now i’ll actually consider to purchase this…

  • Will there be more unlocks? Sush as when you level up you can get more guns because you unlock them with your points.

  • I have it reserved at my local GameCrazy. I will pick it up after work (I work next door).

    Thanks for the public beta at the end there. It confirmed for me that I did in fact want this game.

  • I have to say, I find it disapointing that some sites are putting up reviews based on the beta, seems pretty unprofessional.

  • Sooo to get platinum I have to lose everything not only once but twice? Thats dumb…

  • Just like any new MMO, I’ll wait 2-3 months and see what happens. I’m not sold based on the BETA, maybe there will be a trial/demo in the Spring.

  • Great news, Jeremy!

    This is literally everything I could ask for and then some. Especially the knife-while-reloading addition.

    This alone makes MAG a much better game (though I already loved it before).

  • zomg it’s Jeremy Dunham :)

  • I’m still going to rent this one before spending my money.

  • will we see any reviews this evening or do we have to wait until day-and-date of release?

  • Sounds like great improvements. I’m debating if I want to go get it at midnight or wait and get it on my way home from school.

    Either way can’t wait to play.

  • to everybody who thinks having to start over to get platinum is [DELETED], its better than cod where all u get is a new custom class every other prestige. COD SUCKS. MAG FTW!!!

  • this is gonna be a sweet Bday present for me!!

  • Day 1. I played the beta non stop, I can’t wait to play some more.

  • Whilst I adored the MAG beta, and am picking the game up on Friday (I live in London), something you said worries me.

    You state that we have the the ability to prestige. Great.
    However, you say we can then change factions.

    Are you saying that we cannot have multiple saved soldiers, like the Beta? I was very much looking forward to having 3 saves, one for each faction, and working all of them up to top rank.

    Can I do this or not?

    Please respond, this is a real deal-breaker for me. I would simply much rather have 3 top ranked saves than have to start all over again as all 3 factions individually. I wanna be able to play as my level 20 SVER soldier one day, then my level 40 Valor soldier the next.

    • As it stands right now, you can have one character per PSN account. Sorry if that breaks the deal, but that\’s how it\’s set up at the moment.

  • @14 – it’s not really an “MMO”. It might have a persistent world and such, but there are no additional fees to play.

  • 2010 is going to empty my wallet

  • thats good to hear. still a little note here ill stick to my faction. RAVEN. i do hope the guns are reballanced. that will be nice no more loading a sver with a clip to see them turn around and 1 shot you with a pistol.
    i do hope accomodations are made to get the whole group in there were issues there as well. now i cant wait to see the full ver. and that is what makes the mag reliese so bad its in the 15 minute slowed down time warp period of reliese . this day has dragged on SLOWLY so very very SLOWLY. and i know as it closes down it will only worsen.
    Jeremy and all the Zipper team Thanks every one for such a great Masive Awsome First Person Shooter

  • Do you have to delete your character and create a new one once you reach level 60? Or can you create 3 different characters?

  • well it sounds better but the beta basically played like battlefield modern combat 2 on ps2 which was a great game but it just didn’t feel as good and it just felt quite dated. I like the concept of the game but it just didn’t feel as ‘Epic’ as its made out to be.

  • I’m picking this up tomorrow as my brother can get a head start while I play some Mass Effect 2!

    MAG is going to rock!

  • i think i just peed my pants! snipe you soon!

  • Looks like its going to be an awsome game. Hey I have a question. Please answer me this is MAG online split screen. I have been trying to find the answer to that for a while
    Thank You

  • Good to hear about the graphics enhancements in particular the fixed Muzzle flashes, and the new particle effects/higher FPS rates with lots of players on screen, and last but not least much enhanced lighting on the world maps.

    All of this was much needed IMHO. I hope that you continue to imporve the game like this over time…. Also nice job for catching those bugs! And Big thanks on the combat knife fix up! Will help big time in those massive fire fights where you can’t quite see the enemy but you shoot where your buddies do and run low on Ammo anyway.

  • Some comparison screens would have made this post a little bit more impactful.

    Looking forward to some large-scale war tomorrow (or later in the week, can’t remember what type of shipping I chose…).

  • Sweet. Glad the frame rate and hopefully the graphics are better. Thank you for adding ability to knife during a reload. Would have gave me a few more kills in the beta. Lookin forward to getting it soon and hopefully TRUE reviews are good. Ground breaking day in online gaming history happening tomorrow!

  • Will there be any new weapons of any sort?

  • Im picking mine up tomorrow after work :)
    ive always loved every beta since day 1.

  • Jeremy or Jeff,
    Will MAG also be sold with a MIC bundle? I think it would be a great idea. If there is one thing that the MAG beta lacked, it was a lot of people with mics. The SOCOM Confrontation mic bundle was great imo. Every room you join in SOCOM, there are always people with mics.

    • No mic bundle — but several retailers are doing in-store bundles and discounts on setups like that. Check out the stores you\’re interested in buying from to see if they\’re offering it.

  • The box art needs the “256” :(

    Still getting it.

  • pre-ordered ;-)

  • @18 Youre missing the point…Switching factions means losing your friends that you left on your current faction

  • Does the official game have in game music… sounds kinda silly for an online only game not to?

  • No more saving face needed. I get it; the game is “good to go” right out of the box on launch day! I’ve been sold all along; no worries from me.

  • Now I’m feeling better about picking the game up tomorrow but I have one question that I need you guys to answer. what are the 5 game modes? Is there a team death match because there is a lot of people that want that type of game mode? Thanks if you can answer those questions

    • The modes are Training, Suppression, Sabotage, Acquisition, and Domination. There\’s not a \”team deathmatch\” per se, but Suppression is essentially a deathmatch type mode.

  • Wow, from the improvements that were said here, those guys at Zipper really worked hard these past few weeks. I’m more excited for this game now.

  • Why aren’t you bundling the Official Bluetooth mic with MAG?
    EVERY other “Online only” game on PS3 has, Socom, Warhawk Etc

    With 256 players online, you’d think efficient commutation between players would be your top priority..

    Was a ghost town in the BETA, only a few people I heard using mics.

  • I loved the Beta, can’t wait 2 get my MAG tommaroz!
    2010 is all about M.A.G & BFBC2 :)

  • we should totally have in-game XMB music capabilities, just like hustle kings which is the entry under this one in the blog. Being able to kill people to heavy metal sounds appealing :)

  • The game cover should have read:




    to an outside MAG just sounds like Foxhound, Bravo Team, Insurgents…. the full title spelled out is more telling of what it is..

    looking forward to picking up my copy tomorrow..

    I hope Zipper plans to join in and play the leader roles in the beginning, i’m sure as a whole the game could use direction when it comes to teamwork so everyone gears toward teamwork and communication..

    if you leave it be, as most games are, people will just run around on their own and only clans will communicate..

  • Why do you have trophies for getting to the level-cap with EVERY faction?

    For that reason alone I will not buy this game. I’ve always been a proponent of the trophy/achievement system, and when developers can’t take it seriously and genuinely create worthwhile trophies that aren’t simply “please play our game more because it isn’t fun enough on its own merits”, I cannot support that developer. Many others feel the same. Being a trophy whore isn’t always a bad thing. Think of how much play reasonably challenged trophy games get?

    Fail Zipper. Fail.

  • Looks like an AMAZING game and I look forward to playing it, hopefully the multiplayer is as good as advertised (which I believe it will be) and there isn’t too much lag. :)

  • The changes sound good, I’m excited to see what the reviews say. I think the game is great (I played the beta a lot), but I still think the game is over-priced considering it’s online only. I think $50 would have been the right price-point.

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