Coming to PSN this Week: Hustle Kings

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Hello all! My name is Aaron Orsak, US Producer of Hustle Kings, and I’m here with some good news. The wait is finally over…Hustle Kings hits PSN this Thursday, January 28 for $9.99! Developed by UK-based VooFoo Studios, in collaboration with Sony Computer Entertainment, Hustle Kings is undoubtedly the most realistic and entertaining billiards game available anywhere…period. I don’t say this lightly, as being a tournament 8-ball player myself, it takes a lot to impress me. Well, color me impressed, because I can’t stop playing this game! From just straight-up pool to intensely complicated masse, swerve, bank, and spin shots, Hustle Kings gets it right from top to bottom. It’s so realistic that I’ve yet to find a shot that could be done on a real table, even shots I’ve seen the old pros pull off, that couldn’t be pulled off in Hustle Kings. Not one! Oh yeah, and did I mention the game is beautiful?

But Hustle Kings isn’t just a straight sim. VooFoo and Sony have packed it full of fun and unique features and stimulating game modes. Features such as uploading your best shots to YouTube, XMB music so that you control the jukebox, and game modes such as Career, Tournament, Trick Shot modes, and even online and local Tournaments!

And, of course, for all you trophy fans out there, we’ve got something special for you! There’s been a lot of discussion internally about how we can do something a little different with the trophy system, and we finally decided to make one of the silver trophies stand out from the rest of the bunch. This trophy can only be unlocked by playing online and beating someone else who already has it. Sounds simple enough, right? The catch is that the developers are the only ones who will start with it, and that means the only way to get it is by beating them at their own game!

Hustle Kings Screenshot 1

Hustle Kings Screenshot 2

So for all you pool fans out there, the wait is almost over! Stop by the PlayStation Store this Thursday and grab a copy for yourself. You won’t be disappointed!

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  • I love that Silver Trophy idea. Glad you think outside the box.

  • One question – will there be snooker?

  • i second that idea, im glad the wait is finally over

  • will there be a demo?

  • Cool lookiung game.

    This has camera support right?

  • wow the silver trophy idea is amazing.
    Like Domino style trophy lol


  • Yes!!! I have been waiting for HK since it was announced! Guaranteed buy! On a different note….could sony please update the borderline functional PS3 browser? i’m tired of the constants freezes/crashes while using it. Thank you.

  • Thank you so much devs. I just watched a video of it for the first time and I’m amazed. Thursday can’t come sooner!

  • YES!




  • Awesome! I’ve been waiting for this game for months now! Thank you thank you thank you!

  • looks cool but arent there enough games like this on psn. i mean u guys have several bowling, poker, pinball and billiards games. lets try some varioation. with that said i might get this anyway just cuz it looks great and seems to have amazing gameplay.

    • This is the first billiards game built from the ground up exclusively for PS3. Having said that, I\’m a tough sell, and I can\’t get enough of this game!

  • lol. I wont be getting it cause i’m not really a big fan of pool, but the game definitely looks great. That trophy idea is pretty awesome too.

  • Sold. I’ve been waiting to get my hands on this game. It looks amazing.

  • Good, it’s finally here, but what’s the big deal about that silver trophy? There are a handful of other games that already have the same kind of trophy. GTA IV and Borderlands are a couple of them.

  • Will this be available to purchase through the PSN store? I have some credit on there I need to use up, and I’d love to use it on this game.

  • game looks good and only 9.99 epic win!

  • Finally! I’ve been waiting for this game since it was announce! Oh nice name you have there, how about everyone named Aaron gets a free copy of the game? hahaha

  • blah these posts really need an edit button. I meant announced*

  • $9.99 is a steal!
    I can’t wait, this game is going to rock!
    Been waiting for an awesome pool/billiards game.
    We got a great bowling game and pinball game and now the most epic pool/billiards game!
    Will it run native 1080p by chance?

  • Everyday I’m hustlin’ …


    Nice game

  • Speaking as someone who bought this on the European PSN, I advise people to read the following:

    This game is cheap. I mean that in both ways. Yes it’s $10. However, this only gets you the basic game. In the game you get regular Chalk, however you can buy special chalks to improve accuracy or power or both. You buy these with real money, and they have limited uses. Also, gamemodes are not included, including Snooker. These will come later as DLC.

    Not mention that the AI is generally screwed. Able to pot three balls with one shot and then somehow deliberately miss the next.

    If it were possible to get a refund, I would have done so. The description in the post is accurate, and it looks amazing. However the physics are just a little bit off in many little ways. Not to mention the outright deception in selling a game which is supported by micro-transactions, without disclosing so.

    In my opinion, stay away. But if you do buy it, be aware that in order to get the complete experience you will need to shell out more money.

  • I love that trophy idea!!

  • Thanks Aaron…been waiting for this game.

  • Umm, viral trophies aren’t really new, but alright… anyway, I love me some billiards. Will there be a demo available for us? Looks great, but I’m pretty picky!

  • Im totally sold to this game since firs announcement, not at $9.99 this is a first day purchase for me!

  • Will there be offline 2 player?

  • Oh, one addition to my comment above:

    No voice chat. At all.

    It’s 2010, and there is no voice chat in this game. Blooming disgraceful.

  • @26 SpitelordDekka

    Damn, I was looking forward to playing this with friends. That SUCKS!
    Although it’s a failure from the top, Sony should have had voice chat built into the OS and mandatory not dev implemented, just like XMB Music should have been.

  • Wish I could trade in that YouTube feature for voice chat!

  • Uncharted DLC and now this =)
    I want to use those trophys as Avatars. Plaese!!

  • No voice chat?!

    That’s crazy for an online game of this nature.

    I’ll pass…

  • ABOUT DAMN TIME, 1st day buy!!! for sure

  • Please tell this is in 1080p. If so I was going to say it’s a must-buy for me, but after reading SpitelordDekka’s post/review of the game I’m very hesitant.

  • Took you guys long enough with this one. I can deal without voice chat since I get custom soundtracks, but I’m really just happy to finally have the game.

  • Question, I know I saw on the Tokyo Game Show PS3 Motion controller list that this game will be patched to include that controller, is this still happening? Since it has been delayed, the controller that is.

  • No offline co-op, no voice chat, only 720p, real money for chalk and a very unforgiving AI = me being mad I bought this weeks ago. The game is fun for about 20 minutes until you start to realize everything that is wrong with it then its just another game taking up space on my hard drive waiting to be played again

    • Hustle Kings supports offline co-op (up to 16 players) and, as stated above, we\’re running in native 1080p.

  • @25 TriangleOffense

    It’s not that the AI isn’t unforgiving (because it often is,) it’s that it’s completely schizophrenic. One minute it’ll be on a 7-ball run, and then on the next shot rocket the ball between two cushions. It’s so unbalanced overall that it’s just not worth playing against it.

  • Well you guys had my money the moment you announced the game. I look forward to beating on of you devs.

  • Wow, what a day of surprizes

    1st it turns out the every single MAG review that comes out is based on one single 2 hour play-session in which all the reviewers took part. And these reviews have NO depth. They don’t talk about maps not in the beta, graphic upgrades compared to the beta, they don’t even talk about the most revolutionary feature which is the Chain of Command system!! (And how could they when every single review is based on ONE SINGLE 2 HOUR PLAY SESSION?)

    THEY SHOULDN’T EVEN BE SCORRING THE GAME!! Every single person in the beta has more experience with the game than the reviewers. Most reviewers aren’t even disclosing this fact. They are just passing off 1 single 2 hour play session as a complete review. Gaming Journalism is now officially a disgrace. It’s a complete joke at this point. Now with MAG they are just giving out random scores wwihout even playing the game. Unbelievable. This should be all over the news how every gaming journalist is misleading consumerswith their MAG reviews.

  • @38 Darth-Krayt

    I think you’re in the wrong post …

  • oh yeah! looks to be a great game!

  • thank GOD I been waiting on this forever. A buddy on my friends list has been playing this since it came out in Europe before christmas lol

  • …… and now on top of the “All MAG reviews are based on 2 hours of gameplay” scandal, it turns out Hustle Kings not only doesn’t support online chat but is also a micro-transaction game in which a player who buys extra chalk has a big advantage online over another player who doesn’t? Is what comment #20 says true, or is he full of balogna?

    I’ll tell you, this is a very aggrivating day for me. I am not a happy camper. But it’s the MAG review situation that’s really grinding my gears. It should be making headlines that the majority of gaming journalists can absolutely no longer be trusted to give us gamers informed, truthfull and fact based reviews. Every single review, of the gigantic game that is MAG, is based on one single 2 hour game session that all reviewers took part in.

    There should be outrage and backlash by ALL gamers.

  • wasn’t this game supposed to have “VIDEO CHAT” built in?

  • Please make a demo, i buy games sometimes if i enjoy the demo

  • @39
    LOL, no I’m not in the wrong post, I just had alot to say.
    I have a major weight on my chest todaay when it comes to this MAG situation. And this Blog is a good place to get it off, and maybe bring some public attention to the issue.

  • I’m definitely getting this. I just hope there is some kind of tutorial or training mode, because I certainly can’t pull off a lot of the moves seen in that video, though I’d very much like to learn how. This should hold me over until I’ve saved up enough for a real table.

    — I just read that someone said there’s no offline 2 player mode? Is that right?

    Also, I heard that this is going to be one of the games that will later be patched to support the new motion control device. I thought they were going to wait on releasing it until the device was released, but with the recent announcement that the controller won’t be out until the fall, I’m glad they went ahead with Hustle Kings.

  • Since I saw the video for this game I was already sold. I have lots of friends who would like to play something like this.

    I will recommend it for sure.

    Thanks a lot. I hope the gameplay doesn’t disappoint me.

  • Great idea for the trophy, like the one you get in Brutal Legend from playing against the game’s creator :)

    Couple of questions:
    1. what’s the native resolution? does it use some kind of AA?

    2. what is the quality of the audio assets? 24-bit? lossless? will it output as LPCM without going through a encode/decode cycle?

    3. does the online play include voice chat? video chat?

    4. when will a demo be available?

    5. is there offline multiplayer? my friends and I love playing Zen Pinball’s “hot heat” local multiplayer mode.

    The trailers look great, I’m excited to hear about these details to figure out if I’ll purchase it or not.

    Thanks in advance for answering questions!

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