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  • 1st. Whens the new FW update? <LOL!

  • This week was 20x better haha nice, loving the sale too! Any FFXIII news next week?

    • 20x better, eh? We must be doing a good job! Can\’t guarantee anything, but we\’re hoping to have some FF info in the near future. Stay tuned!

  • we want Heavenly Sword 2!!!!!!!!


    Chris better check is spelling

    • Ha, who needs spell check when you have dedicated readers to call out my errors ;-) Maybe it was a subconscious reference to Snow\’s \”Informer.\”

  • Pretty Good Week

  • The GOW3 pics and Uncharted DLC news were real nice.

  • great week, keep up the good work Sony. and can’t wait for your upcoming games :]

  • Jeff/Chris/New Friend- Personal Request!

    It’s funny that we haven’t heard anything about the Last Rebellion thus far. I’ve only seen screens on various websites. Any chance we could get the Nippon Ichi to deliver us up a healthy serving of info? Releasing so close to giants like WKC and FFXIII, it really would be in their best interest to get some publicity out on it, especially since RPGs are PRECISELY what fans are wanting. (And there’s apparently a giant prinny involved!)

  • yeah i found out about last rebellion’s prinny just a few days ago.@8 i think we might have to wait until some gameplay vids hit youtube because nisa is keeping a low profile on this one… could it be that its because hitmaker is involved in the developement that they are beign low key about it?

    anyways, just one week away from wkc XD

  • Good week. It would be nice to get a Castle Crashers update sometime soon. Guess your saving it for after all the releases in the next couple months.

  • Jeff/Chris

    Just here to ask a few questions regarding PlayStation Blog, and In 2009 SCEA rolled out a few features on introducing the PSN ID, Friends List, and Trophy Tracking. These features where stated to be only the start of PS.coms roadmap for features. Seeing as John Koller of SCEA has been stating the PSN is Sonys main focus in 2010. Will we be seeing more improvement and features for

    Also what are your opinions on Cross Game Voice Chat and Voice Messages? (Would you like to see them added to the PSN, and are they something you would personally use?)


  • @11 Of course everyone wants cross game voice chat. It’s the #1 feature we have asked for since launch (besides PS2 BC) and Sony has completely ignored it for 3 years now.

    Also this good week has ended on a sad note as IGN posted a 9.6 review on Mass Effect 2 Xbox 360 and PC gets. It’s a shame Sony isn’t pulling semi-exclusives like this to PS3, if M$ can pull something like FF-XIII to them. The loss of Final Fantasy will ultimately lose this gen console race for PS3as it woulda sold millions of consoles in NA (literately). Getting ME2 woulda helped a bit :-/

  • Then again… we did get Demon’s Souls, that pretty much 1ups everything else.

  • no lbp update? (sad face)

  • I can’t wait for the Uncharted 2 skins! And that MAG commercial was hilarious. Also anyone know how I’m supposed to pronounce S.V.E.R?

  • @15 You pronnounce S.V.E.R. as if you were saying sever.

  • @15 say the word ‘swear’ with a Russian accent

  • When are we going to get more info on The Last Guardian?

  • I really want to know anything that is going on with the GAP, anything at all. We’ve been horribly ignored lately.

    Also, I would really like to see something on Bad Company 2 come in, as well as the return of the “Pick Your Question” interviews.

  • I am not going to lie, as soon as i heard the new character skins for uncharted 2 would not have custom voices, i just lost all my excitement for it. i mean playing as cole isnt the same without his grungy voice. if they don’t patch it or anything, i will be DISAPOINT!

    But it is still kinda cool

  • I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but a lot of people would really appreciate (myself included) if you could add more SE PSP games to the PSN…

    Also, Chris do you have any info on the US version of Tales of Vesperia? It’s been listed on several retailers and there’s rumors that it may finally be coming. Can you get Namco Bandai on here?

  • yea sver is sev ver ok also known as aka weak handed a win noobish. but to me i mostly call them victems. glad to see MAG getting alot of attention. this will be gamings biggest moment sense breaking the 54 color barrier wich funny enough was 256 color now it will be 256 player. glad to see Sony having so much sucess. never again will there ever be another betamax disaster. Great work evryone.

  • You guys should consider improving the mobile Webpage of your blog. Things like search, an easier way to sign in, proper dimension fitting of images and videos, etc.

  • Chris, I have you on my Friends List… But you never reply back or accept game invites :(

    I wanna see if your good at MW2 Spec-Ops!

    NEXT TIME click (JOIN)

    – BTW… Can we please get the Buzz Dynamic Theme & MotorStorm ( REALLY OLD ) Dynamic Theme.

    European PSN Store has them!

    and Is there a way I can help out with getting Avatars out? I can make them royalty free.. If you guys let me ?

  • Keep having sales. Steam deals made Steam. Steam deals break my wallet.

    See my point? Keep doing it every week.

    Also, try using PSN more for the PS3 and not the PSP.

  • Here’s a couple random firmware things I’ve been meaning to mention…

    First, the unopened message counter on my XMB has never worked.

    Second, what happened to DLC trophies being separated from trophies from the main game in the trophy list? I thought that was a feature of FW 3.00. I believe it was mentioned in the preview video but nothing ever happened with it. Just curious.

  • Can we get and update on Dead Nation? That would be nice… that and a Demon’s souls dynamic theme :)

  • when can we hear more about The agent? announce in E3

  • Has anyone from Gamer Advisory Panel gotten the GOW3 demo. I was hoping they would have given me a code since i am on the GAP team.

  • lol at post 25. ok thief your post psn more for PS3 less for psp. now where do you see the psn more for psp and less for PS3. ha ha ha you obviously do not use the online services much or have any idea what you post or posting about if you think the psn system is more for the psp. it surounds the Playstation systems both of them seen and unseen online systems for both systems exsist. the whole setup ties both together. it is a bit stringent. making both tie to an account and being required for internsal working both boast free online gaming both have store sections with the PS3 holding acctually more acctual choices in some section and psp in others. now the pspGO requires game dl. there is no umd port. so you post is a bit funny seeing as movies add ons themes wallpapers avitars. acctually are more PS3 heavy. more games online well thats debatable in most cases psp games have online there is just no one online. so PS3 wins there. movies both can do that. psp dose have the new dl comix yes but PS3 has Home. so where is it psn is more for the psp. lol

  • you guys need to get more games on the psn network for the go, like fifa 2009 and pro evo soccer!!

  • I’m so worthy to be on The Tester. I must become a Tester… Whatch out for my name I tell you. . . .

  • MAG is finally out yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just bought a copy and its all I’ve been playing so ADD ME FOR WE CAN PLAY, I also have MW2, DiRT 2, UNC2, FIFA 09, NBA 2K10, and more so ADD ME FOR WE CAN PLAY A GAME ONE DAY, IM ON EVERY DAY, ADD ME

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