The Tester: Cast of the First-Ever PlayStation Network Reality Series Revealed

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In September, we announced an open casting call for The Tester and the response has been tremendous. I want to thank everyone for your submissions! We heard from thousands of PlayStation fans from across the country, all eagerly vying for a spot on The Tester and a chance to compete to win a gamer’s ultimate dream job – an official PlayStation game tester.

Today, I am pleased to be here on the PlayStation.Blog to introduce The Tester cast. In all, 11 contestants were selected for The Tester. The cast ranges in age from 22 – 36 years-old and stems from all walks of life – from a student, to a paramedic, to a used car salesman. While a seemingly diverse bunch, this group is united in the passion needed to be the next PlayStation game tester.

The Tester Cast

To produce The Tester, we teamed up with one of the biggest names in reality television, 51 Minds, the dynamic production company that is the force behind hit series such as The Surreal Life, Rock of Love, and many more hit TV shows. The Tester, to be by hosted Meredith Molinari, model and host of multiple online music shows, will follow the cast over eight episodes as they battle it out in a series of physical and mental challenges in a fight to win a position at Sony Computer Entertainment America. We have also lined up a distinguished panel of judges, including Brent Gocke, Release Manager from Sony Computer Entertainment, and guest judges such as David Jaffe, Director & Lead Designer of God of War and Twisted Metal.

Over the past 15 years, PlayStation has prided itself on not only offering great entertainment, but creating it, including blockbuster franchises and award-winning titles built from the ground-up, like Gran Turismo, God of War, UNCHARTED, LittleBigPlanet and many more; PlayStation Network has continued that tradition with a huge catalogue of original games, including critically acclaimed franchises like flOw, Flower and Fat Princess. Add to that thousands of movies and TV shows, hundreds of digital comics – and of course add-on game content, PS one classics and more – and it becomes clear why PlayStation Network has become the premiere source for digital entertainment at home and on the go. Moreover, the availability of original and exclusive content such as The Tester is just one of the ways PlayStation Network will get even better in 2010.

Stay tuned – we’ll be announcing a special celebrity judge and more show details on The Tester soon. In the meantime, go to check out more information on our cast and panelists and watch audition videos.

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  • Cool, a reality show gamers can get into. Game testing is a dream of mine, topped only by Game Developing. Let the drama begin!

  • Nice….should be interesting.

  • cool! i guess we wont get to watch this in Europe

  • Is this going to cost money to watch? And also, will Canadians have the privilege of watching?

  • This is an ambitious approach to an already stale genre. Don’t believe me? Two words: Jersey Shore. Good luck, Sony.

    P.S. This better NOT cost money

  • I wonder how all those Sony QA folks who got canned last year feel about this.

  • By the way… that’s me on the far left :)

  • Get so bummed when i see the info about this… I signed a 32 page contract for this show, i was one of the last 2 people that got dropped. :( quite a bummer, but much love to all the contestants!! Check me out on PSN guys 37 Plats and counting!.. Jah Bless- stay strong Haiti!!

  • I used to test games for Vivendi and it’s not as glamorous as some might think but it is fun to test new unreleased games, the downside being you’ll loathe that game as it’s released. You just need great communication skills to write bug reports and a explorative personality.

  • lol, uncyrus I was gonna ask you later which one you were.. i was guessing the middle dude, LOL

  • Still dont understand the point of this show(well I know the point of the show is marketing).

    Its not like being a tester is a glamorious or high paying job. The winners not getting a 6 figure sallary or anything.

    love the perfectly diverse group too.

    Women make up about half the group? Check
    Black person? Check
    Asian? Check
    Hispanic? Check
    Attractive person? Check
    Plus size person? Check
    Slightly older then the rest person? Check

  • lol…that girl on the top left was on that MLG show

  • A true representation of the playstation player demographic :P

  • damn it… i was just a year young when they started this… i hope there’s a second season…

  • Game testing isn’t as fun as people think. They have to spend hours upon hours trying to duplicate a glitch that only happened once. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great way to get your foot in the door for the game design industry, but as a dream job?

  • @12 I was thinking the same thing. Good to see some diversity in giving people a chance at a once in a lifetime opportunity.

  • will watch because of Jaffe…

  • Yey, there is not PSN Video service in Canada so I do not have to watch this garbage.

  • PS3, It only does everything… In the U.S

  • Stupid. Now our playstation is going to become nothing but a MTVreality machine.

    Enjoy it now guys. In less then 10 years the PS3 won’t play games anymore. Only do this crap.

  • @jaybib

    I was actually making fun of it.

    The selection process for reality show casting calls is comical.

  • seriosly, i asked for cross game voip ages ago. and im gettign a big brother clone that i will definatly NOT watch. SONY: PLEASE STOP TRYING TO EXPAND THE PS3 INTO NEW AREAS (which we arent interested in) AND CONCENTRATE ON MAKING A GREAT GAMING EXPERIENCE!!

  • The problem with ‘testers’ is that their standards are so incredibly low…the reason we get terrible games of ultra low quality.

  • clearly sony are so interested in not offending anyone. so you guys can have my bookies tip of the year (garunateed to make some money).. here goes;


  • SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET oh wait only for us as usual

  • well,well we are finally out, kik a$$

  • You do realise that Sony already said that the UK, and Canada will get PSN this year right? So stop going here to whine already you have your own website and blog use it! This is the SCEA blog. IE A For America they can’t help you on this blog.

  • I’m usually behind whatever you guys are up to.. but this is pretty bad.

  • Nope, no tons of movies or TV shows at all here.

  • @UNCyrus….Why so serious?

  • you guys choose these clowns over me!!! =\

  • thats me in the bown shirt, I look like a giant tootsie roll, lol

  • Game testing is an awful job, trust me. You will hate games and all living things by the time the game ships and the meat grinder is through with you.

    Also ‘The Tester’ is an incredibly unoriginal sounding name.

    I think this could have been really cool, if they offered the people instead, a chance to work alongside a smaller (or internal to sony) game studio as associate game devs to try and make a game for PSN… even if it is just a casual game.

    People don’t get into the games industry to be testers, they get into the games industry to make games and experiences.

  • @Gunwing Sony hasn’t said Canada is getting a PSN video store this year. They have said they are working on a video store for Canada and the video store will be coming to more regions this year.

    That’s not quite the same. I’m sure Canada is getting a video store at some point this year.

    UK has the EU blog, Canada has this blot. Kyle Moffatt or whatever(SCEC’s PR dude) posts on this blog so we’re not going away.

    Deal with it :)

  • …Yay…?

    Ah, reality television: lowering the bar of quality entertainment since 1995. Seriously, I’d rather have a “fake reality show” in which everything was scripted, since the intent would actually be to entertain rather than to hope that the participants somehow do it themselves. (Often by throwing objects and hissy-fits)

    Some shows can at least approach the concept of “art.” Hell, even some commercials can. Reality TV is essentially broadcasting footage from surveillance cameras. Nothing artistic about it.

    Of course, this is all my opinion and as is the case for most issues on the blog, we all have the option of not utilizing what we don’t like. I shall use that option here.

  • That Ciji chick already lost a video game contest and now Sony brought her back. I hope she loses again, she sucks at video games.

    What the fudge?

  • @27, do you have a link to the Canadian PS Blog? I don’t recall there actually being one….

  • wish they would of done 20 and up, any chance for a season 2 casting later in the year,susan?

  • wow, this looks soooooo laaaaaaammmmmeeeeee!!!!!! Who would be dreaming of being a game tester. Its not like you can just play any game you want. You have to do stupid tedius work, that truly doesnt make this a dream job. Besides, you don’t even get a good pay.

  • Just what we need is another “reality” tv show…

  • Dude on the couch on the far right is a good buddy of mine, Danny. He’s also been on “So you think you can dance”.

  • I wonder how many of the participents have SAG cards.

  • I can’t wait to watch Ciji play again, I always liked her.

  • OMG NOOOOO!!!!! its that starslay3r girl…. goes from game to game depending on whats hot (GH3, SF4 etc.) trying to get everyones attention “ima gurl and i paly gamez!”. she auditioned for fragdolls but couldnt get in lolz

  • I wish I could have applied for this, but it would be too huge change for me, not to mention I’d have to quit my job, which I love too much.

    Good luck to everyone on the show! I hope it’s successful enough for a second season!

  • That’s a nice politically correct group you guys have selected. So predictable and so typical of Hollywood garbage these days.

  • why do they always have to have blacks in everything?

  • The hate is relentless – BigD

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